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23 Feb 2021

Eight Powerful Tips To Choose The Best Name For Your Dropshipping Store

Eight Powerful Tips To Choose The Best Name For Your Dropshipping Store

Once you have chosen your dropshipping business niche, the next step is to create a store. At this point, you may also want to pick the name of your business.

What’s in a name? If this is what you’re thinking, just like many other new sellers, then wait. We have something important to disclose in this article.

At first, glance, naming your store might seem like a pretty simple task. For some of you, it might seem to be too petty to take this aspect seriously. After all, you have many other priority tasks in a queue that need your attention before anything else.

But you can’t make bricks without straw.

Just imagine Adidas named Sports Shoes 99 or Apple as Orange. The names these brands have are an integral part of their success.

There is already a lot of competition in the dropshipping sphere. Businesses that want to achieve real-time success need to make efforts to stand out from the crowd.

In this post, we are going to highlight eight powerful tips for choosing the best name for your dropshipping store. After reading this article, you will be able to create a brand identity that people will remember for years to come.

Why Is It Important To Name Your Dropshipping Store Correctly?

Just like your own name, the name of your store represents your unique brand identity. Integrated with your marketing efforts, the name you select will be stuck with users.

When we hear the names of any of the big brands like Apple, Amazon, Walmart, or Nike, it won’t take us a minute to know what the other person is talking about. 

People call and remember brands by their names.

Businesses with visionary names immediately grab the user’s attention.

Choosing The Perfect Name For Your Online Business

Now that you know why it is critical to choose the right name for your dropshipping store, we can have a look at some of our tried-and-tested tips for choosing the best name for your dropshipping store.

1. Use A Business Name Generator

If you’re clueless about your business name, then business name generators can be your safest bid. There are both free and paid options available that you can use to find the name of your online business.

All you need to do is fill in a keyword related to your business niche, and they will show you an array of options that you can use as inspiration.

For example, if you sell mineral-based cosmetics online, you can type ‘mineral makeup’, and you’ll get a list of awesome dropshipping business name ideas related to your niche.

Almost all prominent ecommerce platforms, including Shopify and Oberlo, also offer business name generators that help owners find ideas in 10 seconds or less. 

2. Keep It Simple, Short, And Memorable

When you start a new business, it is advisable to keep things simple and straightforward.

And that’s true when you’re choosing a name for your dropshipping store.

Keep the name of your business simple and memorable so that your visitors can remember it without any difficulty. For example, instead of selecting PetsssFood, you must stick to PetsFood. Why? Because it will be difficult for people to remember the total number of ‘s’ you have used in your title.

Avoid using special characters, such as $#&@, as they are not allowed in the domain names.

Also, these characters are hard to pronounce and difficult to remember.

3. Choose A Name that Is Unique And Related To Your Niche

The name of your dropshipping store represents your unique brand identity.

For this, you have to conduct market research to identify the names already taken by your rivals. Never name your store the same as your competitor as it can confuse the customers. For instance, if your competitor has named their store as Cakes&Desserts, avoid using the name Desserts&Cakes for your business.

The key is to choose a name that reflects the unique nature of your business. Make sure you’re aware of your unique selling proposition (something that differentiates your brand from your competitors) before you finalize the name of your store.

For example, if you sell appliances and gadgets, you can differentiate your brand by avoiding conventional names like ABC Technology or XYZ Electronics.

Another tip for dropshipping businesses looking for unique names is that they should not choose anything that sounds offensive.

Let’s take an example of a brand BiC here. The French firm is famous for its pencils and razors. The CEO named his company after his name Marcel Bich but decided to go with BiC instead of Bich.

Why? Because his goal was to target international markets, including the USA.

Since Bich sounds offensive in American English, he preferred to play safe.

Dropshipping is an international business model that needs owners to choose strategies that are focused on global buyers instead of a local audience. So just ensure you choose a name that is acceptable for international audiences.

4. Think Big When You’re Naming Your Dropshipping Store

When you are launching a new store, you are probably thinking about achieving different milestones.

There is nothing worse than changing your store name once you have launched it officially. Try to choose a business name that has the potential to grow as your business grows.

For example, if your current product range includes a variety of dog bowls, and you plan to expand your product range in the future, choose a name that you can use even if you add more dropshipping products to your collection. For example, instead of using 'Premium Pet Bowls', you can opt for 'Premium Pet Products' or ‘Pet Supplies’.

5. Check For Trademark And Copyright Issues

Check for legal issues, including trademarks and copyrights around the business title that you selected.

Trademarks give owners an exclusive right to commercially use the business name. Also, it enables business owners to ensure that the name they have picked will not be used by any other business.

Do not use business names that are already circulating in the market. Here, the key is to choose something unique, relevant, and above all, original.

Never choose a name that includes a trademark of any famous brand. For example, do not go with ‘AppleGadgets’ or ‘NikeShoes’ as these names already have trademarks of other brands.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to register your brand name as a trademark so that you get exclusive rights to use it commercially.

6. Check For Availability

Another thing you must keep in mind when choosing a name for your dropshipping business is to check whether your ideas are available.

Yes, you got that right. We’re talking about domain names. Again, there are many tools available online that you can use to confirm the availability of your chosen domain name.

Try to secure the .com domain, especially if you’re targeting the US audience or other English-speaking countries.

The .com domains have been around since the inception of the internet and they are trusted by international audiences. Also, almost all prominent brands and famous dropshipping stores use the .com domain for their businesses.

Pro tip: When choosing your domain name, make sure you find relevant social media handles for your brand too.

7. Think Up An SEO-Friendly Title

Did you know you can have tons of free traffic if you create a dropshipping business name that is SEO-friendly?

That means if you sell mineral-based makeup online, you should mention that clearly in your business name. Try to use the keywords ‘mineral’, ‘mineral makeup’, and something similar to let people know what to expect from your brand.

The main idea is to let visitors know what your website is all about when they read its name on search results.

Another benefit of having an SEO-friendly business name is that it enables your business to rank better on SERPs.

Pro tip: Carefully look at your business name. If you feel like you wouldn’t click it, then it’s a clear indication that nobody else is going to click that too. Choose something unique and memorable.

8. Aesthetics

The name for your dropshipping business should be a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and technical supremacy.

Repeating syllables are not only easy-to-read and remember, but they sound and look appealing too.

Dunkin Donuts and Coca-Cola are some of the many examples. You need to use your sense of creativity to create such interesting names, But if done right, these names create a rhyming beat in the listener’s mind.

Also, buzzwords like Boom and Swoosh will add an eccentric touch to your brand name.

Final Words

Choosing the right name for your dropshipping store is critical for the long-term growth and success of your business. Check out your competition, conduct market research, and brainstorm to choose a name that is unique, memorable, and relevant.

You can also ask friends and family to help you choose the unique name for your dropshipping store. Make sure you create a list of ideas, organize them, and then sort through them to find the best options.

Last but not least, you can also use free business name generators if you’re finding it challenging to pick any name on your own. All the best…

Ricky Hayes

Ricky Hayes

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