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17 Dec 2021

Follow These 10 Steps for a Winning Holiday Customer Service Strategy!

Follow These 10 Steps for a Winning Holiday Customer Service Strategy!

The holiday season is always an exciting time for ecommerce businesses.

According to 2021 Deloitte holiday retail survey, 62% of Holiday spending is expected to happen online.

So it's an excellent opportunity to gain new customers, retain existing ones, and increase revenue.

On the other hand, the festive season brings challenges.

And for most ecommerce businesses, an increase in orders becomes challenging when orders for products or services suddenly increases

Because a spike in customer service requests can affect your customer support team in a big way.

That's why you need to get ready.

And no doubt, a comprehensive plan, and solid preparation are required to come out on top.

That makes this blog worth reading.

So let's get the ball rolling!

Here are 10 steps for a winning holiday customer service strategy:

1. Find revenue opportunities.

It must have taken you countless hours to optimize your storefront for SEO, load speed, etc.

You should spend more time and money optimizing conversion rates. Additionally, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, Google cost-per-click, and retargeting. 

You might not know it, but all those hours and dollars you spent can go to waste.

So the best way to avoid this is to...

Identify revenue opportunities within each of your marketing channels.

Consider these questions before you begin:

  1. What happens to your customers when they arrive at your storefront?
  2. How are you engaging customers with your messaging?
  3. How is your marketing activity going right now?
  4. Can you use any information about your customers to your advantage?

Now, the holiday season offers distinct revenue opportunities that are more targeted. 

And the majority of holiday campaigns focus on promos and discounts.

You can focus on promos such as BOGO, bulk discounts, free shipping, free gifts with purchases, etc.

And you should align your holiday campaigns with your holiday season promotions. Even in your communications calendar, holiday landing pages, email segmentation, and frequency strategies.

You should also consider the impact that campaigns have on your customer service.

Here's an idea.

Why don't you try to give incentives to returning and new customers when you run a holiday marketing campaign?

For example:

You run a Facebook ad where you give customers a holiday gift for every item they buy.

Make sure you have a clear and concise plan for what you want them to do. As well as, what they can expect when they click your ad and visit your ecommerce store.

But even when a customer clicks your ad, it can still be challenging to convert them.

Why? Because customers have different expectations.

And that's where customer service comes in.

Next step...

2. Engage in a conversation with customers.

Engage with your customers so that you know where they are coming from and what they want.

Did you know that...

You can redefine customer expectations while also providing a pleasant shopping experience. You can do this by using live chat.

Good thing, live chats have evolved.

Now customers are able to gain insight into the customer experience in such a way that they can transition from a simple message to a conversion.

Today, there are many customer service tools you can use. It will let you trigger automated responses.

By using these automated conversations, you can provide personalized service and follow-up.

This prevents revenue opportunities from slipping through the cracks.

The third one is interesting...

3. Find out how to use Google Analytics.

Find out how to use Google Analytics.

To stay on top of important metrics, you need a tool.

Almost every business owner can enjoy how easy and useful Google Analytics is.

Did you know that you can use Google Analytics to track your ecommerce store's performance?

With Google Analytics you can track key metrics of your online business immediately.

You can use the data you get from Google Analytics when you optimize your campaigns to get a higher return on investment.

Always remember...

The right tools are crucial to success in any digital marketing strategy. And having them in place before you begin will ensure you get the results you want.

It's not yet too late. You should get started with this tool before the holiday rush begins.

Some of the benefits of Google Analytics to your Shopify Store are:

  • You learn to understand user behavior
  • Online and offline Tracking
  • Track online traffic
  • For conversion tracking
  • Innovative Business Ideas
  • Performance metrics for ecommerce

Moving to the next step...

4. Make sure you plan ahead.

When planned, brand customer service can reduce repetitive tasks during the holidays. This includes finding order details and verifying loyalty points.

This frees up more time to build valuable relationships with customers.

You'll be glad to have access to your customer data in one place during the holidays.

We are halfway now so hold on to the next step...

5. Provide personalized AOV boosters via chat automation.

Provide personalized AOV boosters via chat automation

It is vital that you understand the lifecycle of your customers.

And know how they evolve through every interaction so that you can increase your average order value (AOV).

To improve your order value, consider using automated customer support tools:

  • Tell your customers they're $10 away from free shipping if they have items worth $20 or more in their cart.
  • In case a customer abandons their cart, remind them that they are $10 away from earning benefits.
  • If a customer is viewing product A, you can tell the customer that many people also bought product B.

You could also use on-site chat automation to gain more customers during the holidays.

By setting up automated chat for your store. You should have no problem engaging holiday shoppers.

But, what should you do when customers start contact with you?

6. Enhance customer service during the holiday using chatbots.

In answering customer questions, chatbots can increase AOV. Improve customer satisfaction, and reduce response times.

Want to know what makes chatbots great?

It is a combination of Natural Language Understanding and machine learning. This helps you create a better customer experience.

Interesting? Proceed to the next step...

7. Provide customers with proactive support.

When you provide proactive customer service, you're ahead of the game.

That's why it's important to map out your customers' journey. Your goal is to help your online customers before they run into an issue.

For example, a customer visits your shipping and delivery page.

One thing you can do is to...

Add and configure a help widget so that FAQS and solutions articles are visible on your page.

Another example is when a customer was not able to complete their transaction.

So what you do is have a proactive outreach by sending automated emails to them.

Besides serving as a reminder to complete the transaction. The email you send leaves the customer feeling valued.

All these approaches will be a big help to your customers. Plus, it could reduce the number of support tickets you receive.

That will save you a lot of time and effort, right?

Did you know that Debutify can help you optimize your store? And make it more proactive?

It also has Newsletter Popup Add-On that can help you capture your visitor's email.

Awesome, right?

Next up...

8. Enhance sales through customer service.

As you plan your holiday sales strategy, your customer service team should be a key component.

Customers should be able to contact your customer service reps.

Your customer service reps should be able to answer questions about the products your customers are looking at...

Be ready for customer service requests. And be able to spot opportunities to make a conversion.

It is also important to consider repeat purchases.


Positive customer service experiences are 4x more likely to lead to repeat purchases.

So if 10% of your customers have a positive experience, it will result in a 30% increase in repeat purchases.

This is a sure way to retain customers and turn them into loyal advocates of your brand.

Let's move forward to the 9th step...

9. Send holiday messages to your customers.

Send holiday messages to your customers

How do you tell a customer about a holiday? Send them emails.

As you know, emails have a high open rate and you should utilize this very effective marketing tool.

During the holiday season, you can promote your marketing efforts with your support message.

Announce your holiday ecommerce special offers.

Also, adding a personal touch to your messaging will help you stand out from your competitors.

It is always nice to inform your customers about your holiday offerings.

Let them know there is someone who is grateful for doing business with them.

Go ahead, get in touch with your customers.

Now, we're down to the last one...

10. Offer incentives for early orders.

Encourage customers to place orders early by giving discounts, freebies, or free shipping.

For example:

"Buy your holiday gift by December 15 and receive free shipping."

Or "Buy a $25.00 gift card for $20.00 if you buy before December 15."

Now, you have 10 steps to follow for a winning holiday strategy!

But wait! There's more...

Bonus: Connect with customers on channels they prefer.

As your ecommerce business grows make sure you are visible on many channels.

Don't limit your communication channels to email and live chat.

Doing this might make your customers run to your competitors.

Here's what you need to do:

Connect with your customers via phone call, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, and Twitter.

Statista states that 65% of customers feel it is easy if they are able to call a business. Some 39% of respondents, but, find that social media is more convenient.

There you have it...

Communication Channels Easy to Use in Customer Service

Follow These 10 Steps for a Winning Holiday Customer Service Strategy!

And enjoy the ecommerce holiday spirit with your customers!

Without a shadow of a doubt, excellent customer service offers a competitive edge.

It is one of the ecommerce trends that will prevail no matter how saturated the market gets. No matter what the season is.


Set up a strong foundation by using the right tools. And use the right customer service strategies this holiday season.

So what are you waiting for?

Manage holiday customer service by looking after your customer's requests. And resolving their issues.

Extend the extra mile to give your customers happiness they will remember for long.

By taking care of your customers this holiday season. You will reap rewards you never thought possible.

Debutify not only adds beauty to your store but also helps you maximize sales for the holidays. Boost your conversions, increase AOV, and generate more profits with over 50+ Add-Ons.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction this Holiday Season by Downloading Debutify!

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