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22 Mar 2022

Discover How Debutify's Conversion Trigger Add-Ons Can Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate

Discover How Debutify's Conversion Trigger Add-Ons Can Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate

Imagine this...

Your customers added a lot of products to their cart.

And that's a good thing, right?

But what if they just leave their carts without completing their transactions with you?

In short, they abandon their carts!


That sounds like a problem, especially if it's not only one, two, or three customers.

But that's what we'll talk about today.

You don't have to worry because if you have an eCommerce theme that has terrific tools to help you, you're lucky!

And if you're already using the Debutify theme... these tools are just one click away.

If not, you’ll see how these Add-Ons will help you reduce your cart abandonment rate and boost conversion on your eCommerce site...

And you'll want to revamp your website and change your theme.

So, let's start!


What Is Cart Abandonment Rate?

Cart "abandonment" means your customers didn't finish their transaction with you.

They added your products to their carts but didn't checkout.

Consider it as shopping at a physical store, then abandoning the cart at a random stall.

That's cart abandonment. And there are many reasons why it happens to business owners.

Let's see what are those.


What Are The Common Reasons For Cart Abandonment?


1. Complicated Checkout

If physical customers won't line up for long... then this is the same thing for online customers.

A long and complicated checkout process might annoy them.

Even if they're willing to complete their purchase, they might not do it because they hate hassle checkouts.

That's why you need an uncomplicated checkout process because it makes your customers' lives easier.

And it's a win-win because you also get sales.

Sounds amazing, right?

Another reason for cart abandonment is...


2. Unexpected Fees

Surprises are supposed to make someone happy...

But surprising and unexpected fees don't. ?

In fact, 60% of customers abandon their cart because of unexpected costs.

So, if you want your online shoppers to complete their transactions with you... you need to avoid hidden or unexpected fees.

The next one is...

3. No Discount Codes Or Free Delivery

Customers love discounts and free delivery.

Well, 60% of customers expect free shipping when shopping online.

That's why expect them to abandon their carts if you're not offering them free shipping or discounts!

Now, you're probably wondering...

Why should you be alarmed if you have a high cart abandonment rate?


Why High Cart Abandonment Rate Should Alarm You?

Why High Cart Abandonment Rate Should Alarm You?


1. You Might Not Have Enough Loyal Customers

If you have a high cart abandonment rate, it's time to reassess your current customer base.

Because customer loyalty is important in growing your business.

So, ask yourself... are your customers coming back to your eCommerce store?

If yes, do they proceed to checkout and complete their transaction?

If not, you need to think of ways to improve your customer loyalty.

You have to check every aspect of your marketing strategy and website because one of them might be affecting the results.

Another reason why cart abandonment should alarm you is...


2. You Will Have A Low Conversion Rate

As a business owner, one of your goals is making sales, right?

But having a high cart abandonment rate could also mean you're having a low conversion rate because customers are not completing their purchases.

And we don't want that for any eCommerce store!

That's why as soon as possible, you need to curb your cart abandonment rate to boost conversion on your eCommerce site.

And lastly...


3. Your First-Time Customers Might Not Trust Your eCommerce Store Yet

If your shopping cart abandoners are mostly first-time buyers... this is probably one of the reasons why.

And this is one of the most common problems for first-time buyers.

Of course, they're not going to trust your eCommerce store yet.

But you see, this is totally normal for first-time buyers. Because they either want to try your eCommerce store firsthand or see actual product reviews.

You need to gain their trust... and you'll find out how later! ?

So... how can you reduce cart abandonment rate through Debutify's Conversion Triggers?

Let's deep dive!


How To Boost Your eCommerce Conversion Through Debutify's Conversion Trigger Add-Ons?

How To Boost Your eCommerce Conversion Through Debutify's Conversion Trigger Add-Ons


1. Offer Discounts

One way to boost your conversion is through offering discounts.

I mean... who doesn't love discounts, right?

To gain more customers and ensure they complete their purchase with you, you can offer discounts upon checkout.


By using Debutify's Cart Discount Add-On. So, what is it?

It allows your customers to use a discount code in their carts before checking out.

Here's how to use the Cart Discount Add-On:

Debutify's Cart Discount Add-On

Think that's all?

Nope. Because you can also reward them with discount codes when they share your products on social media!

More customers will come back to your eCommerce store and you can also increase your brand awareness!

Sounds amazing, right?

Yep, because you can do this Debutify's Social Discount Add-On.

This feature will not only boost customer loyalty and brand awareness... but can also reduce your cart abandonment rate.

To use this feature, watch this video:

Another way how Debutify conversion boosters can help you is...


2. Show How The Discounts They Saved

Again... who doesn't love discounts?

Showing how much they saved is another way to entice your customers to buy your products.

Because if they liked a product and see there's a decrease in price, that will encourage them more to check out their carts.

And maybe add more products!

So, you can show them how much they saved on the product pages through the Discount Saved Add-On.

Discount Saved Add-On

This Add-On shows the on-sale products to your customers.

I mean... isn't it enticing to see how much you save every time you add more products to your carts?

Then pair it with other Add-Ons to...


3. Create Urgency

Did you know that 60% of customers make purchases because of FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out? 

Yep, so more customers will complete their purchase once they see you're urging them to check out their carts now.

But... you have to implement it effectively.

By creating a sense of urgency, you're driving more customers to check out their carts!

Another way to boost your eCommerce conversion is...


4. Make Navigation Easy

I'm not just talking about your overall website... but you need to drill down to more specific parts of your website.

And I'm talking about your product pages.

To reduce your cart abandonment rate, adding products to the cart should be effortless.

Not only that but redirecting your customers to checkout should also be a seamless process.

Why? Because customers love convenience. They want to have a flawless shopping experience in your eCommerce store.

So, how can you achieve this with Debutify Add-Ons?

One is through the Sticky Add-To-Cart Add-On.

What is it?

It means that your Add-To-Cart button stays wherever it is, even if your customers scroll down the product page.

This is helpful because you're presenting them with the option of adding the product to their cart. Even if they're just browsing.

They don't have to go all the way to the top to add the products to the cart. It's just there for them to see and use.

So, this can also increase your conversion rate.

Here's the step-by-step tutorial on how to add the Sticky Add-To-Cart Add-On to your website:

Sticky Add-To-Cart Add-On

Another Add-On that will give your customers a smooth shopping experience is Debutify's Skip Cart Add-On.

This Add-On redirects your customers to the checkout page when they click on the add-to-cart button.

And this can reduce your cart abandonment rate because you're already leading your customers to check out the moment they add the products to the cart.

Want to add this to your website? Here's how:

Skip Cart Add-On

Well, the next one is very important...


5. Strengthen Trust And Credibility

How important is trust in consumers?

81% of online shoppers are concerned when buying on eCommerce websites they're not familiar with, according to a study.

That's a huge number!

So, remember... It's normal for customers to feel that way, especially if it's their first time transacting with you and they need to input their payment details.

But does it mean you can't do anything about it?

Nope! Because Debutify's Trust Badge Add-On is at your service! ?

This Add-On shows that your eCommerce store is credible because it assures safe and guaranteed checkout.

You can add and customize payment icons based on your payment methods.

Now, this will boost your eCommerce conversion rate because customers know their details are safe with you.

To add this to your website, follow this tutorial:

Trust Badge Add-On

Aside from gaining trust, another way to increase your conversion is to...


6. Offer Upsells

Before anything else, upsells mean offering a more "premium" item than the initial order of your customers.

For example, you're selling frozen and healthy pizza boxes. They buy a medium size, but you offer them a large one.

Or it can also be through encouraging them to add more items that go with their initial order, like extra dipping sauces.

That's upselling.

So, how does this help in reducing your cart abandonment rate?

It's because you're offering them a good deal.

If they see that a more premium or expensive product has a lot of perks, they can go with it.

Or if they can get bigger discounts by adding more products, that's also another way to entice them to check out their carts.

Lucky for you because upselling is easy with these Debutify Add-Ons.

The first one is the Upsell Pop-Up Add-On.

This triggers the pop-up whenever your customer clicks on certain products with upsell options.

Of course, you need to customize your offers to make it work. Here's how:

Upsell Pop-Up Add-On

The other one is Debutify's Upsell Bundles Add-On.

When a customer adds a product to their cart, you can show other items that are perfect to go with it.

You need to follow this step-by-step tutorial if you want this for your customers:


Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate With These Add-Ons!

You see, you need to pay attention to details when setting up your eCommerce store.

It's not just about the looks of your eCommerce theme.

You might think they're already pretty on the outside, but there are still lots of things you need to do to make your customers purchase from you.

Luckily, Debutify can help you.

So, using these Debutify Conversion Trigger Add-Ons with a wonderful theme? You can totally increase your sales!

And if you haven't yet...


Try Debutify For Free And Boost Your Conversion Rate With Conversion Trigger Add-Ons - Today!

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