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11 Apr 2022

Getting to know Debutify's Shop Protectors And How They Can Protect Your eCommerce Store

Getting to know Debutify's Shop Protectors And How They Can Protect Your eCommerce Store

Did you know that 29% of website traffic is bots?

Yep. They're trying to cause harm on eCommerce websites, such as hacking, committing fraud activities, or stealing personal information.

And as an eCommerce brand owner, it's your job to protect your online store.

You shouldn't allow your website visitors to steal your content or commit any fraudulent activities on your website that would damage your brand's reputation.

Because in business, protection should work for both customers and your eCommerce store.

That's why these Debutify Shop Protectors will help you protect your online store and use them for eCommerce fraud prevention.

Of course, using a functional theme is one thing to attract your customers.

But using these competent tools will help improve the protection of your eCommerce store.

Why don't we dive right in?


Why You Need To Protect Your eCommerce Website?


1. To Boost Credibility

Before you can protect your customers, you have to protect your eCommerce store first.

Why? Because your customers will give their information to you, such as card and personal details.

So, you need to make sure to boost the credibility of your business.

This is one way...


2. To Increase Customer Loyalty

If you value your online shoppers' safety in your eCommerce store, then you can increase customer loyalty.

Your customers have already tried making transactions with your online store.

They already know the terms and conditions and which data you're collecting from them.

And as long they're not experiencing any problems, they trust your business and will continue purchasing from you.

Another reason is...


3. To Avoid Fraudulent Activities

Website visitors shouldn't be able to download your website's content.

Aside from they're your properties, you can avoid your website content being misused by people who are trying to commit fraud to others.

Remember, it's not good for your business. It can affect your credibility!

That's why having an eCommerce fraud prevention plan in place is a must.

And these Debutify Shop Protectors will help you.

Are you ready to find out how? Let's deep dive!


How To Protect Your eCommerce Website Using Debutify Shop Protectors?

How To Protect Your eCommerce Website Using Debutify Shop Protectors


1. Verify Your Customers' Age

Age verification plays a big role in your eCommerce business.

It stops your underage visitors from accessing your products and content.

And this is more important if you're selling restricted products on your eCommerce store, such as alcohol, tobacco, or any products that are suitable for specific ages.

So, how to solve this?

Using Debutify's Age Check Add-On, you can verify the age of your visitors. It's a pop-up form that verifies the age of your visitors.

They can also input their birthday to confirm their age. And if they're at the right age, they can access your content and products.

This is how to activate this Add-On.

  1. Go to Theme Settings.
  2. Head to Debutify Add-Ons.
  3. Select Age Check.
  4. Customize the Add-On.

For the customization, you can select the minimum age limit, add the texts and your business logo.

You can also choose if you want your customers to insert their birthday or just answer "Yes" or "No" to your question.

After customization, you're good to go! You can now protect your eCommerce website from visitors who don't fit your required age.

Debutify's Age Check Add-On

So easy to activate, right? ?

Let's see another one...


2. Ask Them To Agree To The Terms And Conditions

I'm sure whenever most people see this, we just check on the "Agree" button without reading the whole thing.

But Terms and Conditions should be a vital part of your eCommerce store.

You need this on your eCommerce website because it can protect your eCommerce store from misunderstandings and liabilities.

And agreeing to Terms and Conditions means your customers understand your eCommerce store's rules.

So, make sure to include everything your customers need to know on your Terms and Conditions before they purchase from you.

How to have this on your website?

Well, Debutify has an Agree to Terms Add-On that your customers need to tick before they can check out their orders.

This is how to activate this Add-On:

  1. Go to Theme Settings.
  2. Head to Debutify Add-Ons.
  3. Select Agree to Terms.
  4. Customize the Add-On.

ou can change the text of the Add-On based on your preference.

Agree to Terms Add-On

Once activated, your customers can now agree to your terms!

What a way to protect your eCommerce store.

But that's not all!


3. Add A Cookie Box On Your eCommerce Website

Adding a Cookie Box on your eCommerce website is important in making your business GDPR compliant.

Okay... there are terms to unpack here, so let's break them down.

First, what is GDPR?

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation regulates how businesses all over the world handle the personal information of individuals in the EU.

So, you need to comply with the GDPR to avoid hefty fines and protect your eCommerce store while protecting your customers' data.

And it includes adding a Cookie Consent on your eCommerce website.

Now, what is a Cookie Consent or Policy?

Internet cookies are used to remember users' preferences and activities.

If your customer accepts your "cookies," they can come back to your eCommerce website without re-entering their preferences, such as their language or region choice.

And to be GDPR compliant, you need to have a Cookie Consent on your website.

This is to confirm if your customers are willing to share their data. This also enhances transparency because you're informing them of what data you're collecting.

That's why you should have Debutify's Cookie Box Add-On on your eCommerce website.

Here's how to activate this:

  1. Go to Theme Settings.
  2. Head to Debutify Add-Ons.
  3. Select Cookie Box.
  4. Go back to Theme Settings.
  5. Locate the Cookie Box Add-On.
  6. Customize the Add-On.

Feel free to change the drawer colors, customize the texts and button labels.

Debutify's Cookie Box Add-On

Think that's all?

We're down to the last one!


4. Protect Your Website Content

Content stealing is rampant in the digital world, unfortunately.

And your eCommerce website is not safe. Unless you protect your content, trademarks, and copyrights from unauthorized actions.

Because as a business owner, you need to protect your intellectual property.

This is also one way to avoid unauthorized users from downloading and using your content for their own benefits.

Sounds frightening, right?

But the good news is... there's a way to protect your images, articles or blogs, product descriptions, and other content on your website from being stolen.

What is it?

It's Debutify's Shop Protect Add-On!

How to activate this Add-On:

  1. Go to Theme Settings.
  2. Head to Debutify Add-Ons.
  3. Select Shop Protect.
  4. Go back to Theme Settings.
  5. Locate the Shop Protect Add-On.
  6. Customize the Add-On.

You can disable images, product text, and article texts from being copied as well as disable the drag and drop feature for images.

There's also an option to disable the best-selling collections.

Debutify's Shop Protect Add-On

So, what is your next step?


Protect Your eCommerce Store And Customers With These Add-Ons!

You see, running an eCommerce store is not that easy.

You need to protect your business from unwanted situations, and that's what Shop Protect Add-Ons are for.

So, if you're already using the Debutify theme, it's your lucky day because you can easily activate these Add-Ons.

But if you're still hesitating, you need to get it now because your life will be easier...

With over 50 Add Ons, this eCommerce theme can help you maximize your profits, conversion, and AOV!


Protect Your eCommerce Store And Try Debutify For Free - Today!

14-Day Trial. 1 Click Installation. No Credit Card Required.

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