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22 Dec 2021

Google Ads Strategy: 3 Ways To Drive More Sales To Your Ecommerce Store This Holiday Season

Google Ads Strategy: 3 Ways To Drive More Sales To Your Ecommerce Store This Holiday Season

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

And holiday shoppers are already preparing for the holiday season...

They want to spend their money and give something to their loved ones. Or just buy things to make them happy.

So, it's safe to say that they are always on the lookout for online stores to buy from these days.

But what if your products are nowhere to be found on the internet? ?

That means... poor sales! And we don't want that! Right?

That's why today, I will talk about Google ads strategy for ecommerce this holiday season!

After you read this blog, you're ready to create smart shopping campaigns and boost your sales.

I won't keep you waiting... let's deep dive!

What Is Google Ads?

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is where you can advertise your ecommerce store through Google's search engine. But you can also show your ads to other relevant websites.

Advertising in Google is also referred to as Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click. But aside from these, there are still other types of ads you can use (which I will talk about later ?).

But usually, it's to improve how searchers can see your ecommerce store on various websites and SERPs or Search Engine Results Page.

You can create Google ads for ecommerce that will showcase your products and services to increase your sales. Not only that, but you can also manage your ad campaigns online.

This is how Google ads usually look like:

Google Ads

This is the results page when you search for certain keywords. As you can see, there's an "Ad" label beside websites that are running ads with the keywords I used.

You can use different types of ads on Google, but I will show the 5 most common ones.

  • Search  – these are regular search ads in the form of text, which you can see on the search engine results page or SERPs.
  • Shopping – these are the Product listings on Google that you can see once you search for products.
  • Video – Video ads are usually advertised on YouTube videos, which is a product of Google.
  • Display – These are ads in the form of images that you can display on various websites.
  • App - if you have an app, you can also promote it on various websites.

Now, you already have an idea of what Google Ads is. Let me tell you why you need this.

Why Do You Need Google Ads?

Why Do You Need Google Ads?

1. Target People Who Have an Interest In Your Products

Unlike other digital marketing campaigns, only people who might have an interest in your products or website can see your Google ads.

Why? Because they need to input the relevant keywords themselves if they want to look for something before they see your ads. Or, they might have searched for similar brands. But it shows that they're already exerting effort to know more about your industry.

And this means you can capture leads and make sales easier.

Amazing, right? But here's another incredible reason why you should try Google ads for ecommerce.

2. Budget-Friendly

Google Ads is budget-friendly... because there is no minimum amount to spend.

Yup, you read it right! You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get massive results.

It means that you can start with a low budget AND still get results. But that doesn't also mean that you'll get a chunk of sales on a low budget.

So, this is a great start if you're not yet in the position to spend a sum of money on your holiday ads.

Next up...

3. Build Brand Awareness

There are many ways to build brand awareness, and Google Ads is one of them.

Some potential customers might know about your industry or the products they're looking for... but not exactly about your brand.

And one of the best ways to build awareness is by online advertisements on Google. Imagine putting your website on top of the search engine results page? Or your potential customers coming across your search and shopping campaigns while browsing?

Those are such powerful ways to increase your brand awareness!

Now... it's time to find out how you can smash your Google ads strategy this holiday season!

3 Google Ads Strategies For Holiday Season

1. Use Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a tab that you can find when you search for something on Google. This is also referred to as Shopping Products Tab.

This is one way to increase your sales through your holiday ads... because potential customers can see your product listing when they search for your product names.

Let me show you how it looks like:

Use Google Shopping

This is very convenient for your customers. Because if they see your products on the Shopping tab, they can just go there and compare the products between your competitors. They can also click on the item they prefer, and you can redirect them to your website.

Sounds incredible, right?

But if you want to promote your holiday campaigns more, you can try Product Listings Ads. It puts your products in front of your target market's eyes.

Make sure to check out Google Merchant Center to learn more about Google Shopping ads.

The next holiday campaign tip is...

2. Bid On The Relevant Keywords

Do you want your Google Ads to end up in vain? Of course, not.

So, make sure to bid on relevant keywords your audience can use to search related to your products during their holiday shopping. This is smart bidding and will ensure that your search campaigns can perform well.

For example, if you're selling White Sneakers for women, you might want to add relevant keywords related to the holiday season... such as "holiday," present," and the likes.

But there are different types of keywords:

  1. Broad match. Potential customers will see your Google ad when searching for a broad keyword. For example, if you're using "Christmas sweater" for your campaign. They might still see your holiday ads if they search for keywords like "Ugly Christmas sweater."
  2. Phrase match. Your potential customers will see your holiday ads if they search for relevant phrases. For example, your keywords are "Christmas sweater online." If they input the keywords "Prada Christmas sweater online," they can still see your Google ad.
  3. Exact match. These are phrases your target market can see when searching for the exact keywords.
  4. Negative match. If you don't want to show your holiday ads to irrelevant searches, you can use specific keywords. For example, you don't want your products to show when people search for "cheap." Google ads will not show your ads to potential customers searching with that keyword.

The key to increasing your awareness is ending up on the right keyword result! And another way to help you is...

3. Check Out Keyword Trends Or Volumes

To support my previous tip, it's also important to check out the trends or volume. This is to see how particular keywords are performing on Google search and help your shopping campaigns.

You can use Google Keyword's Planner to search which keywords perform the most. But if you have no time to set it up yet, you can also check out Google Trends for a quick glimpse.

Here's an example.

As we can see, there's a spike in terms of the keyword search "Christmas sweater." Obviously, because it's timely. You can see which month it started booming, and when it went down.

So, if you notice that more and more people are searching for your keywords, it's time to put up some holiday campaigns!

But I know you're wondering now... how can you smash your Google Ads holiday campaign?

3 Tips On How To Create Powerful Campaigns

1. Offer Special Holiday Offers

Offer Special Holiday Offers

It's the holiday season... and what Christmas gift can you give your customers?

Of course, discounts, promo codes... right? This is one of the reasons why many shoppers love Christmas shopping!

So, to increase your sales, you need to give them the best deals. Remember, thousands of other brands have Christmas sales, too! You need to stand out to attract customers.

Here are some ways how:

  • Offer discounts. As I said, who doesn't love discounts? Shoppers want to maximize their budget when Christmas shopping. They would love it if you could offer them the best discounts or some coupon codes.
  • Free gifts. If your business is in no position to offer massive discounts, you can include some gifts! It can be from your previous inventory or collections. Your customers will enjoy it.

My next holiday strategy tip is...

2. Check Your Analytics

Check Your Analytics

When you're running a holiday ad, it's crucial to check how your campaigns are performing. So, if you don't want your effort and budget to vanish in thin air, you need to check your analytics.

Let me show you what to do:

  • Check what's working. Let's say you are running multiple shopping ads for the holiday shopping season... you can check on your Google ads account which holiday ads are performing well and not. And from there, you can...
  • Optimize your shopping ads. Once you see what's working, it's time to adjust your Google shopping campaigns. Optimizing will help you reach your goals, especially if your current ads aren't working well for your target market.

And my last BUT very important tip...

3. Optimize Your Website For Holiday Shopping Season

Optimize Your Website For Holiday Shopping Season

This is one way to entice your target market from shopping on your ecommerce store. So, put on some holiday-related designs!

And here are other ways to optimize your website this holiday season:

  • Show your holiday offers. You can do this by adding Christmas banners or popups to your online store. This is helpful if you want to put your offers out there.
  • Put conversion triggers. Since your goal is to increase your holiday sales, it's perfect to add some conversion triggers to secure the bag!

Bonus tip: If you use the Debutify theme, conversion triggers are just easy to add! You can customize them based on your liking. These are great to drive more sales because your target market will feel more urgency to check out their carts.

So, what are you waiting for?

Increase Your Sales This Holiday Season!

'Tis is the season to be jolly... and it's also the time to boost your sales!

But here's the catch...

Even if you smash your Google ads strategy, you might still have a hard time bringing in more customers if your website is bad.

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