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14 Dec 2022

Guide To Debutify Reviews

Guide To Debutify Reviews

Good reviews are a powerful tool for attracting new customers and improving your brand reputation.

Social proof plays a significant role in converting your website visitors into paying customers. That's why displaying and collecting reviews is crucial to encourage more prospects to buy.

And to succeed in doing that, you need a review app that will do it for you. So you can make more sales while focusing on other areas of your business.

That review app is no other than Debutify Reviews.

You're probably here because you want to...

  • Learn more about Debutify Reviews before installing it
  • Learn how to navigate the features
  • Answer some questions you have about the app
  • Deep dive into each feature or setting

This guide will answer all your questions, and after reading this, you'll know how to use the app even before installing it.

Spoiler alert: It's not complicated!

So, let's start!

Know Debutify Reviews

Know Debutify Reviews


Before anything else, let me introduce you to Debutify Reviews.

Debutify Reviews

Debutify Reviews is the perfect app to serve as your right hand in managing reviews. It allows you to manage, collect, and request reviews without the hassle.

This app is for you if...

  • You don't want to spend so much time filtering reviews
  • You want to save time while reaching out to your customers after a purchase
  • You want to convert more target customers into paying ones by showing the best reviews
  • You want to protect your brand image despite getting negative reviews
  • You need to be supported when you have concerns

If you ticked off a few things from the list, you need Debutify Reviews to run your eCommerce brand.

Before we move on, let's talk about the pricing.



Debutify Reviews Pricing

There are currently 3 plans available in Debutify Reviews.



This plan is free forever.

You get access to the review management dashboard. You can curate and collect text reviews, display a product reviews widget, sort and filter reviews, and import reviews from other platforms.

If you're not yet ready to invest in a review app or if these features suffice your business needs, this plan might be for you. But if you need more features, you can go with our next plan...


STARTER ($19/month)

The Starter plan gives you access to the features in the free plan... but more.

You can send 300 email review requests and collect photo reviews. You can also have all review widgets, personalize email templates, send follow-up requests, and offer rewards.

If 300 review requests aren't enough, you can add another 300 by paying an additional $15.

Ready to go all out in your reviews? Try...


PRO ($39/month)

The Pro plan is your best option if you're determined to generate more reviews and strengthen your eCommerce brand's social proof.

This plan gives you access to all Starter features and...

  • 750 email review requests so you can collect more reviews
  • Photo and video reviews to reinforce visual reviews of your products
  • Profanity and spam filter to protect your brand image
  • Verified purchase to build review credibilities
  • SEO snippets and social sharing so prospects can see what others say about your brand without going to your eCommerce website

Now, if you run a large catalog and 750 review requests aren't enough... you can pay an additional $15 for 300 more review requests.

Before paying $39 a month, you can get a 30-day free trial to see if this plan is the best for you.

So, I know you want to know more about Debutify Reviews. But before we deep dive, let's have a quick glimpse of what it can do for you:

Debutify Reviews benefits and features


  1. Import your existing reviews from other apps or platforms
  2. Customize your widgets or templates to amp up your brand
  3. Collect text, photo, and video reviews
  4. Manage all your reviews in a single dashboard
  5. Send review requests to your customers automatically
  6. Protect your brand from spam
  7. Filter reviews with profanities
  8. Publish and curate reviews automatically
  9. Give discount codes or coupons to generate more reviews
  10. Highlight the most helpful reviews
  11. Integrate Debutify Reviews with Klaviyo and SMS marketing

You can't miss out on these essential features of Debutify Reviews. If these are the things you're looking for in a review app, let me help you get started.


Install Debutify Reviews

Install Debutify Reviews


To access the features, the first thing you need to do is to install the app. You can start by visiting Debutify's website or the Debutify Reviews page. You can also go directly to Shopify App Store.

So, here's how to install Debutify Reviews.


1. Go to Shopify App Store

Go to Shopify App Store

You can go to Shopify App Store and search for "Debutify Reviews." But to make your life easier, you can also go straight to Debutify Reviews.


2. Click "Add app."

Add app

After that...


3. Click "Install app."

Install App

Once installed, you'll be redirected to this page.


4. Click "Let's get started."

Get Started

See? It's easy to install Debutify Reviews. After clicking the "Let's get started" button, it's time to set it up.


Get started with Debutify Reviews

Get started with Debutify Reviews


Note: This is an initial setup. After getting started, you can update the settings, customize more details, and choose more options on your dashboard and settings.

You will see this page after getting started. You need to change the settings based on your preference and strategy as a brand.

Review Requests

If you don't see this, you can go to your Shopify Store's Admin dashboard > Apps > Debutify Reviews. You can also set up your Debutify Reviews app there. We'll talk about it later.

So, first on the list is the "Review requests" tab. That's what you need to set up first.


1. Automate review requests

Automate review requests

As you can see, there are two sets of automation. One is for your domestic customers and another for international ones. The reason is international orders take longer to arrive than domestic orders.

You can change the number of days you're going to request reviews after receiving their orders. You also need to select if you want to send a follow-up if customers don't respond to the initial request.

If yes, you can set the number of days you will send a follow-up and choose if you want to send it if they don't click or open the initial request. You can also opt not to send a follow-up.

Remember, you can change this setting anytime in the review request settings. After that, click "Next step."

Debutify Reviews


2. Curate reviews

Curate reviews

This is where you choose if you want to automatically publish all reviews, publish reviews with minimum ratings, or don't automatically publish reviews.

If you don't want to publish reviews with 1-star, you can do that by only publishing reviews with good ratings while you address the issues with customers who leave bad reviews.

For example, you can choose 3 stars as the minimum rating to publish automatically. If a customer leaves 1 star, that will be hidden as you address the issue.

That will help protect your brand reputation while fixing the problem. Now, after that, let's go to the next step.


3. Set up rewards

Set up rewards

This is the next thing you need to set up because rewards can help generate more reviews. Luckily, Debutify Reviews also makes it easier for you to offer rewards.

You can change the coupon code and the coupon discount type. If percentage, it's suggested to be a 5% discount, so it doesn't hurt your profits.

You can also choose a fixed amount as a discount. Make sure to change the currency depending on your location and promotion.


4. Set up review widgets

Set up review widgets

Next, you need to set up your review widgets. You can select "Open Shopify" and toggle Debutify Reviews. And once you're done, click on "Next step."


Import reviews

Import reviews


Next, you need to import reviews from your other review providers. You can proceed to the next step if you don't have reviews to import.


1. Select the review app to import from

Import Product Reviews

Debutify Reviews support imports from:

  • Debutify
  • Loox
  • Yotpo
  • AliExpress

If your reviews are not from any of these apps or platforms, you can import customer reviews as long as you exported them in a .csv file.


2. Import reviews from AliExpress

Import reviews from AliExpress

For AliExpress reviews, you can enter the product URL and title to add reviews to. You can also set the maximum number of reviews and minimum star rating to import.

And to avoid review duplications, you can ignore already imported reviews or only import with visual media.


3. Import reviews manually

Import reviews manually

You can import your reviews from other platforms by importing a .csv file. This is important to remember. So, when you're exporting reviews, make sure to export them in a .csv file.

Here's how to import manually:

➡️ Go to Import & Export Reviews from your left sidebar, or you can do it here during the initial setup.

➡️Upload the .csv file by clicking Add file or drop it

➡️ Check if the review field and CSV column name are accurate

review apps import manually

Double-check if the CSV column name and the review field match each other to ensure the accuracy of reviews.

➡️ Select "Next" then Import

debutify import product reviews

After importing, you'll need to wait a few minutes to import your reviews fully.

Click on the next step to finish importing. And when you're done, you'll see this...

debutify reviews successfully installed

But that's not where it ends! Because there are still other features you need to learn. So, click Continue to Debutify Reviews and meet other features.


Get to know Debutify Reviews features

Get to know Debutify Reviews features


In case you missed it, you can access Debutify Reviews if you go to Shopify Store's Admin dashboard > Apps > Debutify Reviews.

Shopify Store's Admin dashboard


1. Dashboard

The dashboard is where you'll manage everything in one place. If you weren't able to fully set up Debutify Reviews earlier, you could access everything here and more. Here's what you can see.


Basically, you'll also see the ones we set up at the start. But again, this dashboard allows you to update settings and customize more.

You can also have an overview of the statistics. This is where you can see how many emails were sent, scheduled, opened, and read.

So, what would you like to do now? Let's start by exploring the review request features.


2. Review request

When you click "Set up review request" on the dashboard, you'll be redirected to this. You can customize your setting on the initial setup we did earlier.

Review request

Here's an important reminder. Make sure to check your email because Debutify Reviews will ask you to confirm your email sender's signature.

You can edit your email information in this setting, like the sender's name and address. You can also edit the email templates, request timing, and review notifications.


Email templates

There are ready-to-use email templates for different purposes. But if you want to make them on-brand, you can edit the email templates by clicking Edit email template to go to the template editor.

Email templates

The content of the email can be customizable, which means you can edit the columns, headings, text, images, buttons, and dividers and insert HTML tags.

You can edit the blocks, colors, and images on the right side. Using your branding to enforce brand identity through emails is essential for colors.

Don't forget to check the links and buttons to make sure you'll redirect customers to the right landing pages. And, of course, save your template.

You can also click Collect reviews on the left sidebar, where you can see all your existing email templates.

Collect reviews

Here are the types of email templates you can create:

  • Request email. This is the template you can use for requesting reviews.
  • Follow-up email. This template is for asking for follow-ups if they didn't send reviews after the initial request.
  • Coupon email. This email template is for sending coupons.
  • Review update email. This is the template to allow customers to update their reviews.
  • Review public email. This is the template when you comment on customer reviews.
  • Review private email. You can use this email template when you receive a bad review.

Again, you can customize the templates for each of their purposes.


Review notification

You can enable your review notification setting if you want to keep updated with the reviews you receive.

Review notification

You can set the minimum rating of reviews that Debutify Reviews will notify you of.


3. Import reviews

If you didn't get to import reviews during the initial setup, don't worry! Because you can still do it by going to the import and export setting.

Import Product Reviews

Once you click the Import & Export Review setting, you will see this...

Import and Export Review setting

As we discussed earlier, you can manually import your reviews if they don't come from the platforms mentioned. Just make sure it's a .csv file.

Aside from importing the reviews from other platforms and apps, you can also export your existing reviews.


4. Widget customization

Another way to establish your brand identity is by customizing your review widgets. You can access this setting by clicking Settings on the left sidebar.

Widget customization

The layouts available for widget customization are:

  • List. This option displays the reviews as a list.
  • Grid. This displays customer reviews in a grid layout.
  • Carousel. This displays reviews in a carousel layout.

Widgets are highly-customizable. You can edit the colors and change them to your brand colors. You can also change the layout, and different fonts are available.


5. Review widget

Review widget

Let's go over each section.


Review curation

Review curation

There are three options for the auto-publish setting:

  • Do not automatically publish reviews. This means reviews will not publish on your review widget.
  • Automatically publish all reviews. This option publishes ALL reviews regardless of their rating.
  • Automatically publish reviews with a minimum rating. For example, if a customer leaves 1-star, you can hide them in the meantime.

If you do the initial setup, you probably already set the minimum rating to publish automatically. But you can update the setting if you haven't yet or have changed your mind.


Spam Guard

Spam Guard

You can protect your brand from people who spam reviews. Spam guard will mark a user as SPAM if they post 3 reviews using the same IP address within a minute.

Another factor is if a user only leaves one or 2-star ratings in less than one week. If they do these, their IP address will be blocked.


Profanity filter

This feature allows you to hide negative phrases and profanity in your reviews, which works wonders for your brand reputation.

So, how does this work? You need to list the keywords you want to add to your block list.

Profanity filter

The keywords can be negative phrases about your products or obscene language. You can also opt to disable the profanity filter, replace the blocklisted keywords with asterisks, or automatically hide them.

Let's talk about these options.

  • Disabled. This option will disable the entire profanity filter feature.
  • Replace blocklisted keywords with *'s. This option will not hide reviews with obscene language or negative phrases from your blocklist but will replace them with asterisks (*).
  • Hide reviews containing blocklisted words. Reviews with blocklisted keywords will be marked as Hidden. But you can manage the reviews and publish them on the Reviews Page.




This feature will help you showcase your most helpful reviews, helping potential customers decide if they want to purchase your products.

Voting allows customers or users to upvote or downvote reviews they find helpful.


Verified review badge

Verified review badge

This will make your reviews more reliable because this badge will verify customers. You can enable this if you want to display a verified review badge on review widgets.




You can interact with your customers by replying to their reviews. You can do it by replying publicly through the widgets or sending emails.

You need to enter your store name and an avatar. The avatar can be your logo. You can also change the email templates when Debutify Reviews alerts users about your replies.


Review Date

Review date

Review Date will show or hide the date of reviews on review widgets. If you enable this setting, there are different date formats to choose from:

  • (12/30/1990) mm/dd/yyyy
  • (12/30/90) mm/dd/yy
  • (30/12/1990) dd/mm/yyyy
  • (30/12/90) dd/mm/yy

You can choose based on your preference and what suits your brand.


6. Coupons

Coupons will help you generate more sales. So, let's deep dive.


This is where you can customize the settings of your coupon codes. First, you need to enable it.

enable coupons

Once you have enabled it, you can manage the Review coupons setting.

review coupons setting

You can select the coupon discount type, discount value, coupon code, minimum requirement, and more.

Let's discuss the minimum requirement options.

  • Minimum purchase means they need to achieve a certain amount before using the coupon. None means users or customers can use the coupon without any conditions.
  • Minimum quantity of items means they need to purchase a certain number of items before they can use the coupon.

Coupon discount type options:

  • Percentage off means customers will get a percentage off their purchase when they reach your minimum requirement.
  • Fixed amount means you can choose if customers will get $10 off their orders when they reach your minimum requirement. You will set it based on your currency.

coupon validity

You can also change how many times a coupon can be used, who can use it, and when it is valid.


Reward conditions

Reward conditions

If you're not yet able to reward all your customers who leave reviews, you can set your reward conditions.

  • Any reviewer. This means you will give coupons or rewards to any reviewer.
  • Verified buyers. Only verified users who leave reviews will receive rewards.

You can also choose which types of reviews to reward.

  • Any review. You can give coupons for any review.
  • Any review with title and body filled in. The user must enter a title and body before receiving a reward.
  • Any review with at least one photo or video. You can reward customers who leave at least one photo or video in their review.

Setting your reward conditions is vital because it gives you the advantage of choosing who is eligible for rewards.


Coupon email

Coupon email

After setting your reward conditions, you can modify the email your customers will receive.

You need to highlight the coupon code, reward conditions, and how much they need to spend to avail of the rewards. This way, it's easier to grasp what they need to know.


7. Integrations

To go to Integrations, go to the left sidebar, and you'll see this:


There are different integrations you can do with Debutify Reviews. There's Klaviyo under Marketing & Conversion, Aftership under Orders & Shipping, and Weglot for Store Design.



You can use automation flows when you have positive or negative reviews. You can also send review requests through Klaviyo.


Here's how to integrate Klaviyo with Debutify Reviews:

  1. Go to Klaviyo Admin > copy your API key in Settings
  2. Paste the Public API Key or Site ID in the field above

There are two options for this integration:

  • Send review requests through Klaviyo. This option allows you to send reviews through Klaviyo only.
  • Send review events to Klaviyo. This only works for new reviews. But this option pushes an event if you receive new reviews.

You can also choose the threshold for positive reviews, which can be all reviews or two up to 5-star reviews.



Timing is crucial in review requests. And Aftership can help you schedule review request emails according to the actual delivery dates instead of Shopify orders fulfillment.


Here's how to integrate Debutify Reviews with Aftership:

  1. Get your Aftership API key
  2. Paste it in the text field, then enable it.



Do you have customers worldwide? This integration helps you translate reviews to provide a multilingual experience to your visitors and customers. The best part? You can do it yourself!


Here's how to integrate Weglot with Debutify Reviews:

  1. Go to Weglot Project Settings and copy your private API key
  2. Paste the API key in the text field
  3. Test to verify if it works
  4. Click Enable

If you encounter any problems with integrations, you can contact support... which we'll get into later.


8. Manage Reviews

Manage reviews

This is where you can manage all your reviews. You can see different settings when you go to your reviews.

You can see the ratings, reviews, date, source, and status of the reviews. You can also see the actions you can take under Manage.




Under the Manage drop-down, you can choose to unpublish a review, mark it as spam, and save it as a shop review. You can also view, move, export, and delete a review.


Results per page

Results per page

If you want to see hundreds of your reviews on a single page, you can select if you're going to display 25, 50, 100, or 200 reviews.




Debutify Reviews lets you sort your reviews based on your preference. You can sort reviews based on date (oldest first or newest first) and star rating (highest first or lowest first).


Advanced Filters

Advance filters

You can go to Advanced Filters if you want a more granular sorting. In this setting, you can filter reviews based on...

  • Product
  • Date Range
  • Star rating
  • Status
  • Review sources
  • Visual media
  • Verified purchase

Advanced Filters will make it more convenient for you to manage your reviews.


9. Support


Debutify Reviews can support you if you have questions, too. You can get community support by joining Debutify Community's Facebook group. Or, you may also visit Debutify Reviews FAQ to get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the app.

You can also get an account and technical support through live chat to help fix your problems.

Did these features excite you?


Collect and manage reviews seamlessly with Debutify Reviews!

There's nothing quite as satisfying as reading great reviews of your work. Any feedback will help improve your eCommerce brand.

And powerful review app will help you manage and generate reviews seamlessly. So, look no further than Debutify Reviews.

Debutify Reviews is easy to set up, with different plans available perfect for your needs. The good news is you can contact support in case you need help.

So, make it easy for your customers to leave reviews and easier for you to manage and generate more!

Download Debutify Reviews Now — Free for 30 days!

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