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22 Dec 2022

How Debutify Reviews Works To Promote Authentic Reviews With These 5 Features

How Debutify Reviews Works To Promote Authentic Reviews With These 5 Features

Debutify Reviews is committed to giving both brand owners and customers an authentic review experience.

Why? Because reviews help you build an excellent brand reputation... which can help you gain more customers and drive more traffic to your eCommerce website.

But of course, there are still times when customers wouldn't be 100% satisfied. And that doesn't mean it's the end of your business.

Because Debutify Reviews is here. It will help you turn negative reviews into a positive customer experience.

And indeed, you want to promote honest and genuine reviews of your products as a brand owner. So, in this blog, we'll talk about...


5 Debutify Reviews features that promote an authentic review experience

5 Debutify Reviews features that promote an authentic review experience

First, Debutify Reviews can send...


1. Review request emails

Debutify Reviews will send review request emails to customers. This feature ensures customers who purchased the products will be able to leave reviews through personalized or direct email.

This feature promotes authentic reviews. How? because you're reaching out to customers who made a transaction with you. Not fake ones.

The best part? This is automated. You don't need to ask for reviews manually. This is an excellent feature because you can reach out to your customers even after their orders arrive.

When you send review requests, and customers leave their feedback through that email, they will get a...


2. Verified Purchase Badge

A verified purchase badge ensures that a review came from an actual customer. It means this review is reliable because prospects can be sure it came from customers who purchased the products.

So, how does this work?

After a customer receives a product, they will be sent an automated review request to their email. Once they click the "Leave Review" or any CTA you used in your template, they will be redirected to the product page.

And when they write a review on the product review widget, that review will be verified. It means an actual customer wrote it because they were sent a review request.

This way, potential customers and brand owners can ensure the review's authenticity. Another way to protect the legitimacy of customer reviews is through...


3. Spam Guard

Sometimes, there are people who'd leave multiple reviews, especially out of frustration. At the same time, some might be competitors trying to ruin other businesses' brand reputations.

To avoid your eCommerce website from being spammed by these reviews... Debutify Reviews has a Spam Guard feature.

Let's talk about it.

Spam Guard can protect your brand reputation because once the same IP address writes malicious reviews, they will be marked as spam.

When a user with the same IP address posts three reviews within a minute and one or 2-star ratings within a week... they will also be marked as spam. Not only that, but their IP address will also be blocklisted.

Debutify Reviews wouldn't let comments with malicious intent infiltrate your site reviews. See? That's also one of the reasons why Debutify Reviews has this feature...


4. Review curation

Receiving negative feedback happens to every brand owner. And let's be honest, you can't control every aspect of your business, especially once the package or orders aren't with you anymore.

This feature allows you to take control of the reviews you receive. You can automatically publish them, set a minimum rating to publish, or don't automatically publish reviews.

Once a review is published, you can also unpublish it through the dashboard. But wait... this shouldn't encourage you to hide negative reviews or leave them unacknowledged.

Curating reviews is the perfect opportunity to turn negative reviews into something positive. You can deal with their concerns without negative feedback affecting your brand image.

That's also a great way to promote authentic reviews because you'd know if some reviews are genuine or not... and you have the ability to manage them.

And, of course, customers are the ones who can speak for your products. That's why this feature is also helpful...


5. Voting

When a customer leaves a review about their experience with your products or service... this feature lets other customers upvote or downvote the review.

This is another fantastic way to promote authentic reviews. Wondering how? Because other customers can support a review that resonates with them.

Voting also helps prospects read the most helpful review voted on by existing customers.

You see, these features are made to ensure that brand owners can enhance the customers' authentic reviews experience.


Collect and promote authentic reviews with Debutify Reviews!

There are so many things to consider when choosing a review app. And making sure that it promotes an authentic review experience is one of them.

But that's why Debutify Reviews exists. It helps you generate authentic reviews to elevate your products and brand.

Aside from the features I mentioned, here are some things you can do with Debutify Reviews...

  • Customize your email templates
  • Filter profanity
  • Import existing reviews from other apps

These features will benefit your brand because they can enhance your social proof. So... what are you waiting for?


Boost your social proof. Download Debutify Reviews — Easy to set up and free for 30 days!

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