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16 Mar 2022

How To Create Compelling Testimonial Videos That Boosts Your Sales

How To Create Compelling Testimonial Videos That Boosts Your Sales

Yesterday, I was scrolling through my Facebook. Then I saw a video shared by my friend.

And it made me pause.

I scrolled back and hit "PLAY".

There are puppets talking about their workplace ⁠— Dropbox. It was cute and funny!



It was only after I finished watching that I realized... I was already checking out the story shared on their home page.

The cute video is a unique way of showing testimonials from Dropbox employees.

And that's how you should go about with your testimonials, too!

Your loyal customers' praise and adoration can help you increase brand awareness.

And that ultimately leads to boost sales... if you do it right!

Read on, and we'll go through the process of creating testimonial videos... that increase sales!

Let's start with...


What Are Testimonial Videos?

A testimonial video features existing customers who share their honest experiences with your brand.

In a nutshell, it is a customer testimonial about your product or service. Testimonials as video content heighten the persuasiveness of your social proof.

Plus, video testimonials give off authenticity more than written ones. Potential customers can see more emotions and genuineness through your happy customers' expressions and tone.

Yep, video testimonials can be a powerful marketing tool to add to your marketing campaigns.

Here are more reasons...


Why Should Video Testimonials Matter To Your Business?

"Video testimonials? I don't know... it sounds good, but should I really invest in it?"

You might have thought of that by now. And you're right. It needs your utmost effort to create a powerful customer testimonial video.

Let me tell you why it's worth it.

Testimonials are persuasive social proof as gives extra credibility to your business. 88% of shoppers trust online testimonials as much as their friends or family's recommendations.

And making testimonials in video form can provide in-depth information for your potential clients and customers.

How so?

Well, think about all the online reviews you read before you buy something. With video testimonials, you can hear, see, and better assess the previous customer's opinions.

In addition, you can feature positive feedback from satisfied customers.

This means you can filter through the negative reviews. As well as actually ask the right customers for their experience.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Let's move on to the styles of customer video testimonials you can create...


What Are The Types Of Customer Testimonial Videos You Can Produce?

All video testimonials are similar in their essence. It shows your website visitors how awesome your business is.

But each video testimonial has its own style and story.

The first one you can do is...


Results-focused Video Testimonials

This type of video testimonial starts by asking your customer about their original pain points. They can tell their story of how they found your product or service. Then, you can showcase the experience of your happy customer.

You can also complement the video with data and statistics. You can show the positive results that come from your products or services.



You can also create more personalized video testimonials with...


Narrative-based Video Testimonials

This is one of my favorite types of video testimonials as it tells a particular customer's personal experience. Add your brand's story to the mix, and you have an engaging video testimonial.

What makes video testimonials like this compelling?

It provides social proof that viewers can relate to. It's also a means of advertising without being too obvious.



You can also show your potential customers...


Buyer Journey Video Testimonials

Here's the formula for this type of customer testimonial video...

First, introduce your customer's initial problem. You can show their everyday life and the decisions they make. Then, show how your product or service solved their problem and improved their life.



A video testimonial does not have to be just about one person. You can do...


Multiple Customers Video Testimonials

What's better than one satisfied customer?

That's two... or three... or more satisfied customers!

You can exhibit short clips of customer testimonials. Focus on the similar problems they experience. That way, you can create a theme around your business helping them.



Of course, you can mix and match these styles of video testimonials. So let's get to the main event and learn...


How To Create Testimonial Videos That Boosts Your Sales


1. Ask The Right Candidates

Ask The Right Candidates

The first thing you need to do is look for customers who are willing to be on a video testimonial. Create a shortlist of the names you chose. Try to look for people who you think have a good camera presence.

You can create a criteria based on these things: eloquence, skills in presentation, and can be an enthusiastic advocate.

Keep in mind that your video testimonial is all about your customer's story, not just your product.

Then, you can reach out to them yourself. It's better to call them rather than email them. You can give more details and answer any questions they might have.

Here are some tips to help you ask your customers for testimonials:

  • Ask at the right time. Preferably, your candidates are the ones who remained with your business for a few months (or longer).
  • Thank them for their previous feedback. Then give a short explanation of what you're asking for. Include all the details and assure them that there's no pressure to immediately say yes.
  • Do not offer an incentive. Your customers can consider it as a bribe. This can lead to biased testimonials.

Once you have a list of customers for a video testimonial, you can now...


2. Prepare Your Questions

"What does my target audience want to see from my brand?"

That should be the question you need to consider while thinking of relevant questions. So, take a look at your sales funnel.

Make sure that your questions are also what your prospective customers are looking for.

Some questions you can ask are:

  • What were the problems that made you try our product or service?
  • Why did you choose our brand over others? 
  • What's your favorite part about choosing our business?

Don't forget to send your questions to your interviewees beforehand. It can help them gather their thoughts before filming.

And now it's time to...


3. Conduct The Interview

Conduct The Interview

Where and when you conduct your interview matters. First, you have to...


Find The Ideal Location

The spot needs to be comfortable for your customer. You want them to be open and candid with you, after all.

Make sure that your filming crew is also familiar with the space you choose. As long as it's quiet with few distractions, then you're all set. That goes the same for remote video testimonials.

After you have the location locked and loaded, you can set up your equipment.


Set Up Your Camera And Lighting

There are a lot of options when it comes to how your testimonial video should look.

Your interviewee's line of sight is preferably just a bit to the side and not directly to the camera.

Take note of lighting when deciding when to film. If you're planning to film outside, check that your interviewees' faces are visible.

Are you ready to film your customer video testimonial? Go ahead and...


Roll The Camera

Here's a super useful tip: Let the camera roll from start to finish.

You never know what candid moment you can capture for your testimonial videos.

The best tidbits, such as a genuine laugh or reaction, can happen between takes. And it will also make your customer feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Start with the basic questions, like their names and personal information. Use your questions as a guide to creating a cohesive storyline.

And let your customers speak candidly!

Do not interrupt their train of thought. Remember, the focus of your testimonial videos is your customers.

Lastly, avoid yes-or-no questions. It can be hard to ask follow-up questions. And even more challenging to get usable responses for your customer videos.

Let's get to the fun part of creating a video of your customer testimonials. You get to...


4. Edit, Re-edit, And Edit One More Time

You now have quality content that can put other video testimonials to shame. So, your final video should mirror that!

Post-production editing can seem daunting. Other brands use services such as Testimonial Hero. Others have an in-house team for filming.

Whatever you choose... Don't fret; the following tips can help you polish your testimonial video:

  • Edit out repetitive parts. Moments like these can disrupt the flow of your video.
  • Trim your video to be under 2 minutes. You can engage prospects only for so long. People now have an attention span of eight seconds. Make each second count!
  • Include b-rolls for context. That covers establishing shots such as your surroundings, office, or product shots.
  • Use relevant graphics and animations to make your video pop. Use your brand colors for coherence.
  • Be careful with your sound effects. Make sure that your background music doesn't overpower your customer's voice.

And that's how you create testimonial videos that highlight your customers and your product's benefits... And improve conversion rate!

Next, you now have to present your user-generated content to your target customers.

Keep reading, and you will figure out...


Where To Post Your Customer Testimonial Video?

Where To Post Your Customer Testimonial Video

Your user-generated content can get the spotlight on multiple channels of your business.

With testimonial videos, you get direct targeted traffic to your...


Landing Pages

Other businesses use video testimonials and reviews on their product pages. That gives your visitors a variety of social proof.

These can be more than enough to smoothen your sales cycle.

Another landing page you can put videos on is your testimonial page. Your potential customers usually check other customers' reviews.

Other than new testimonials, new videos can amp up your testimonial page.

More and more customers prefer to interact with brands on social media. So to boost sales, focus posting on...


Social Media Platforms

Almost everyone is on social media. What's more, they are hungry for new content all the time.

So, make it a habit to share videos on your social media accounts.

But be careful before posting! Change the format of your video to fit each platform.

A potential customer can view your appealing video testimonial... And they can persuade other customers to watch it by sharing.

Lastly, you can also use video testimonials for your...



Testimonial videos make for a compelling advertisement. You see, your customers are the ones talking for you.

As long as your ads are high quality, you can experience an increase in visitors and conversions.

There you go! It's up to you and...


Don't Miss Out On Customer Testimonial Videos!

The perfect testimonial video tells your customer's story through your eyes. So it's up to you to make it visually appealing.

And you can create one that is influential enough to bring more customers, and more reviews... and grow your business.

Keep this blog as a guide for you to effectively show off your hard-earned social proof.

Speaking of social proof... Debutify Reviews can help you collect photo and video reviews in an easy way!


Try Debutify Reviews and manage reviews for your eCommerce brand!

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