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05 Dec 2022

How To Respond To A Bad Review (+ Templates)

How To Respond To A Bad Review (+ Templates)

Online reviews will help your customers make a decision. Should they buy from you or not? In fact, reviews can increase your sales by up to 18% because reviews are social proof.

But what if you get a negative feedback? I'm sure getting negative reviews can make you worry because it might affect your business.

And I'm here to tell you... even big brands receive negative reviews! Also, purely positive reviews can make your potential customers doubt whether they're genuine reviews.

So, don't fret! Because you can turn negative reviews into a positive experience for your customers!

So, read this blog to learn...

  • Why do you need to respond to a bad review?
  • 5 Ways to respond to bad reviews
  • 3 Templates to help you respond to bad reviews

Are you ready? Let's get started.


Why do you need to respond to a negative review?

Why do you need to respond to negative reviews?

You need to respond to negative feedback to...


1. Acknowledge the concerns of your customers

When unhappy customers leave negative online reviews, you need to acknowledge them. Why? Because that will reassure them that you notice their concerns.

And not acknowledging them will make your customers feel worse about the situation. So, simple reassurance and acknowledgment can make your customers feel better.

Responding to a bad review also shows that you, as a business owner, can...


2. Reassure your customers

You should also show that you're taking responsibility for turning their negative experience into a positive one. Reassure them and tell them you're at it.

For example, customers said they received the wrong orders. Be responsible and tell your customers you're working on resolving the issue.

This will also make your customers feel at ease because they know you're resolving it. It also helps...


3. Show potential customers how you handle issues

Prospects read customer feedback before purchasing a product. And sometimes, bad reviews will give them second thoughts about purchasing.

But a negative online review can't break your business if you handle it well. Because if prospects see how efficiently you handle the problem, they can still trust your brand.

They would know that whatever happens, you are taking responsibility for any issues that may arise during their transactions with you.

So, let's get to the most exciting part of this blog...


5 Tips for managing and responding to negative customer reviews

5 Tips for managing and responding to negative customer reviews

When you receive a bad review, you first need to remember to...


1. Don't delete negative comments

Sometimes, receiving negative comments can make you feel bad... especially if you know you did everything to give the best customer experience.

But it's important to note that even if you think you did everything on your part, you should not delete negative feedback. That will not be good for your online reputation.

What you're going to do is address the comments. Tell them you're thankful for the time they spent on leaving the reviews and what you're going to do to make it right.

Deleting comments should never be an option unless it violates your website's conditions.

For example, there are inappropriate images and explicit words that can make other customers feel uncomfortable. Your eCommerce website should be a safe space for everyone.

You should also...


2. Respond in a timely manner

This is important because customers expect an immediate answer if they leave a negative review. But wait... I'm not saying you should respond within minutes.

Because you need to assess the situation to ensure you're doing the right thing. Remember, the quality of your response is more critical.

So, when you receive negative feedback, take some time to reflect on the issue. Take some time to draft the perfect response... but don't take days or weeks to acknowledge them.

Being responsive is also another way to present excellent customer service. And don't forget to...


3. Be respectful

Be respectful when responding to negative reviews. Don't let emotions get to you, even if you think you did everything to meet their expectations.

You should also apologize for not satisfying your customers. This will make your brand look sincere and show that you take bad reviews seriously.

Empathizing with them and choosing the right words will make them feel better. Say "Thank you," too... even if the review you got was negative.

You also need to...


4. Tell them the next steps

So, your customers got the wrong items... what should they do next? Even if you apologize, customers still want their concerns to be resolved.

For example, you should state what actions they need to take next. You can tell them to wait for your direct messages or to contact a hotline.

If you do this, you are not leaving your customers wondering what to do next. You should include the necessary steps in your response.

And surprisingly, you can also...


5. Turn negative reviews into opportunities

Receiving bad reviews doesn't mean it's the end of your business. Because if you're handling it well, you can turn them into opportunities.

But wait... I'm not telling you to be transactional when customers are concerned about their orders. You should only do this if the concern fits the opportunity.

For example, you're selling skin foundation. A customer wants a darker shade to match their tone. This is an opportunity to tell them you're working on more shades and make them anticipate.

See? Receiving negative feedback isn't bad as long as you handle it right. And to make your life easier, here are...


3 Templates to use when responding to negative reviews

If you're not sure how to reply to bad reviews, here are some negative review response examples to help you.

Make sure to edit and personalize the template based on your business's customer concerns and details.


1. When the products didn't reach customer expectations

Sometimes, customers expect a product to look a certain way... but when the products arrive, they don't meet their expectations. Here's what you can say:

Hi, [Customer name]!

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry the products didn't meet your expectations. Rest assured, we are taking note of your feedback to improve our products. If you wish to return or refund the products, kindly send an email to [email address] so we can assist you further.

2. When buyers order the wrong items or sizes

When customers buy something, it's possible that they ordered the wrong items or sizes themselves. You can show them alternatives and ask if they want to return the products to solve this problem.

Here are some examples:

Hi, [Customer name]!

Thank you for leaving a review. If you wish to get a different variation of this product, we can help you process your returns. We also suggest that you look into [alternative products] to see if they work for you. Please email us at [email address] or contact [phone number] so we can discuss the next steps.


3. When the orders arrived late or were damaged during shipping

These things may be out of your control, but you should still reassure your customers about what you're doing to avoid these in the future.

Here are some examples:

Hi, [Customer name!]

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize that the products were damaged during shipping and delivery. We assure you that we will take extra measures in packaging the products to keep them safe. Kindly wait for our direct message to see which actions you can take to resolve this issue.

Hi, [Customer name!]

We apologize the products didn't arrive on time. We will coordinate with logistics to ensure your orders arrive on time to prevent this from happening again. You can also track your package using the tracking link we send once the order is confirmed. Thank you for leaving a review.

With these templates and tips, it's easier to look at negative reviews as a good thing instead of letting them affect your business badly.


Turn negative reviews into opportunities to boost your eCommerce brand!

Receiving a few bad reviews will not tank your eCommerce brand... unless you let it happen. That's why you need to be strategic in handling and generating customer reviews.

The good thing is... Debutify Reviews will help you manage and turn bad reviews into positive customer experiences.

So, don't miss out!


Download Debutify Reviews to manage customer reviews seamlessly!

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