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25 Aug 2020

How To Use Personal Post-Purchase Videos To Make More Ecommerce Sales

How To Use Personal Post-Purchase Videos To Make More Ecommerce Sales

There are many ways to follow up with customers after a purchase. Email. Social media. Even SMS. Sadly, most of these can come off as lifeless sometimes. Not forgetting, they are easy to ignore.

Personal videos sent to customers after a purchase can be more engaging. Those who feel more connected to you are vital. They’re more likely to return. Revisits are key. Especially from those who have already bought.

They are great chances for you to sell more. Have your site set up with the right theme to get them through to that next purchase.

Download Debutify, the highest converting free Shopify theme. Here’s how to use post-purchase videos to get more conversions:

Come Up With A Sequence

List the major things you’ll include in the video. Organize them in a series. Here’s an example of a series for a post-purchase video:

  • Thank the customer. Mention them by name. Be sincere. Let your message show what their purchase means to you.
  • Give an update on their order. Let the customer know when their purchase will be arriving. Inform them if they have to sign for it.
  • Advise the customer on how to reach you. This makes the handling of complaints smooth. It gets you valuable feedback. You can also put the customer at ease when they know how to handle delays and such.
  • Notify the customer about your other offers. New listings. Promotions and discounts etc.

Keep the video more about them than you. Make sure the information about your store included is of benefit to them.

Choose Some Good Tools

Choose Some Good Tools

Don’t approach these videos the same way you would for a normal YouTube video. Get an instant micro-video platform. These are designed to help you quickly record and send videos to customers’ phones.

They also have added features to make changes to these videos and simplify communication. Some examples include Bonjoro, Loom, Acquire, and BombBomb.

Give Exclusive Access

Show the customer parts of your business that aren’t available in your store. It can be a packaging room. An office. Even a kitchen. Let it be something that speaks to your standards.

Something that shows organization, safety, and hygiene, attention to detail - anything that wins you the trust of the customer. Preferably something relating to the handling of their order.

Be Natural

You don’t want to sound too much like a politician giving a speech. Or a company spokesperson. Outline your major points on the side and memorize them. Imagine a face in front of you.

Speak like you’re in a real conversation. Don’t over-script it. The last thing you want is the customer feeling manipulated.

Get Their Attention Quickly

8 seconds is enough for a viewer to tune out. Start with the most important bits. This is why mentioning their name and order is key. The product is on their mind. And of course, saying someone’s name is a sure way to hook them. Keep introductions brief. Don’t spend too much time mentioning company details. An example; “Hi Daniel, thanks for buying the LG microwave. This is Sam from GT Electronics, letting you know that your order will be delivered in 2 days.” You can include the “so much. We really appreciate…” much later. Use as few words as possible. The best way to learn is by watching other people’s business videos. Test how long you can sit through a YouTube ad before you skip. Write down everything you remember. This can help you understand what’s important.

Make Them Take Action

Include a powerful call-to-action (CTA) that the customer can take on after watching. Ask for a review. Suggest newsletter signup. Point them towards a discount or free trial on your store.

Request them to join your community. Here’s more on how to place CTAs in videos. CTAs should be supported with good experience in the store.

Those returning must feel how they did before. In fact, better. Have a theme that makes them continue to the checkout. Download the free Debutify theme, it's beautiful, the highly customizable layout can help you secure repeat sales.

Boost Video Quality

You may be using a phone. Get one with the best camera you can afford. Check the video settings. Try different ones. Compare the results.

Get some good light on you. Go outdoors if you have to. Pay attention to what you’re wearing, your face, and hair. Pick a nice background. Always watch the video before you send it.

Speak loud enough. Don’t accidentally cover the microphone. Smile and be positive. Make sure that the video fits well on mobile devices and other screens. Everything displayed must be visible. Your videos shouldn’t lag.

Brand Your Videos

Use some editing software to add logo watermarks. Or be subtle. Have them recorded with a branded item in the frame? It could be a mug. A sign on a wall behind. Maybe even the color of the furniture in the shot.

A company T-shirt. Anything that appears regularly and can be associated with your business. Here are some quick tips on how to brand your business videos.

Capture Them Through Thumbnails

A thumbnail is that picture you see before you click on the video to play it. The software usually produces one. Mainly from a certain time in the video. Many of these can be changed.

Use one that quickly gets the customer’s attention. Take race highlights for instance. The thumbnail may be two racers side by side. Or a crash.

Tutorials and news usually have some big words. “BREAKING NEWS: BOMB BLAST” “Bitcoin to 100K”. Something that will make you click to open.

In your case, it can be a colorful logo with some explosive graphics around it. Try friendly faces.

Switch Formats And Delivery

Where necessary, go extra with a video call or live video chat. This can help you answer a question that couldn’t be fully explained in the video.

Acquire helps with this. It’s a good way to conduct a demonstration. Connect your video communication to other platforms. On top of the email, BombBomb allows you to combine with LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc. Bonjoro helps you do the same with Mailchimp, Patreon, and other business tools.

Measure Your Work

Measure Your Work

Find out how well your videos are doing. Here are some numbers to watch:

  • Watch rate – this is how long people play the video before they stop. It tells you about how important the content is.
  • View count – a view is usually counted after a few seconds have been watched. This tells you how strong your introduction is.
  • Click-Through – this tells you how many people followed your CTA. It helps you pick a better one. When you get a high click-through, pay attention to your site.
  • Conversions – This is the endgame. The more you’re converting, the more sales in your store.

Your store needs to turn those clicks into orders. A theme with powerful add-ons that reduce abandoned carts can help. Download the highest converting Shopify theme - Debutify for free, to do just that.

Go Beyond The Order

You thanked them for buying. But that’s not all there is. Some customers may have given you a good star rating on the post-purchase page.

A nice review. Valuable feedback. Throw it in there. Those who sign up for newsletters. Join loyalty programs. Share on social media. Any action from a customer that benefits your store.

Find a way to squeeze that in. “We appreciate the 5 stars and hope you’ll enjoy our loyalty program”. “Thanks for sharing our listings on Facebook, you can follow our page for the latest updates”.

Refer to a goal they helped you reach. “Hey Jessica, thanks for buying our 100th eyelash brush”. Make their purchase feel very special. This shows that you pay attention to more than just the sale.

You’re aware of everything else they do.

Point Them To Great Tips

Personal videos may not be enough to give customer support. Briefly mention a good source for helpful information about a product. A blog. A YouTube channel. How to assemble a product.

Maintenance and spare parts. If a customer knows they can always get useful recommendations, they may buy more. Especially for complex products. Even a buyer of a makeup kit can be directed to a good makeup vlog.

Finally, always remember the two major parts of personal post-purchase videos. First, the look. Your appearance. The background. Lighting. Colors and props. Logos and all. Second, and very importantly, the message.

That is what to say. How to say it? The order in which to arrange it. Invest in the best tools you can afford. Once you get your content and look right, your watch rate and view count will rise. Don’t rejoice just yet. Pay attention to your click-through.

Replace your CTAs with those that make customers end up on the site. Many may not have another purchase in mind. Just don’t let their presence go to waste. Bring your best stuff close. New products.

Promotions and discounts. Games with prizes. To present all this properly, you need a good theme. Lastly, it is much easier to use post-purchase videos to get more eCommerce conversions when you have a great theme for your store.  

Download Debutify, the best-performing Shopify theme – it’s completely free!

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