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18 Jul 2022

LinkedIn For eCommerce: How To Find Your Ideal eCommerce Clients On LinkedIn

LinkedIn For eCommerce: How To Find Your Ideal eCommerce Clients On LinkedIn

LinkedIn For eCommerce: How To Find Your Ideal eCommerce Clients On LinkedIn

What comes to mind when you think of social media platforms? 🤔

Well, there's Facebook and its sister, Instagram. YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok comes next.

Let me ask you...

Is LinkedIn a part of the list you just thought of?


You see, most people only see LinkedIn as a platform for business professionals. They might think it's just for a company to look for new employees.

But LinkedIn offers more than that, especially for online store owners like you.

Its strength as a social media marketing platform can greatly benefit your business in finding eCommerce clients.

Are you curious about how LinkedIn can help you build relationships... and, in turn, help your business find success?

Let's keep rolling as you learn...

  • Reasons why you need to leverage LinkedIn for your eCommerce business
  • How to find eCommerce clients on LinkedIn
  • How to leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • What to do after you find eCommerce clients

Let's jump into it...


Why Should You Use LinkedIn For Your eCommerce Business?

Just like other social media channels, LinkedIn's purpose is for people to connect.

It's for building relationships with people in the same industry as yours.

First and foremost, LinkedIn gives you opportunities to network with industry-related colleagues. You'll be able to find new leads who can be potential clients for your brand.

Plus, if you want to expand your business, you can also identify vendors and suppliers. Networking with them gives you a higher chance of finding more clients, too.

LinkedIn also has features that offer social media marketing services. When you properly leverage LinkedIn Ads, new clients can find you instead.

Here's more.

Having a LinkedIn profile can help with your search engine results ranking. This will let eCommerce clients find you!

That's right... The advantages of using LinkedIn go beyond the platform itself.

But for now, let's focus on finding clients on LinkedIn...


Step-By-Step Guide On How To Find eCommerce Clients On LinkedIn

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Find eCommerce Clients On LinkedIn

The whole process of finding new clients starts with...


1. Craft Your LinkedIn Business Page And Optimize It

It's simple... Not having a LinkedIn profile means new leads won't get to engage with you.

So, as part of your marketing strategy, you need to have all your relevant information on your page. That includes a link to your eCommerce website, other social media channels, and contact details.

You can also leverage testimonials from previous clients to show potential clients what you can offer. Doing so helps build trust and improve your brand image.

And remember...

Keep your business page looking professional and updated! It's a good practice to entice more clients.

You can find the ideal client when you...


2. Clearly Know Your Audience

Listen... Without knowing your target market, your marketing strategy will be all over the place. You would not know what you are specifically looking for.

And depending on what your niche is, your potential clients want to know your angle.

So, the more you know and understand who your new clients are, the better your profile and lead generation strategy will be.

A good strategy to identify your clients is to find organizations that are similar to yours. You can get up-to-date intel from their posts and followers.

Don't forget to take into account your brand's buyer persona when you find clients. This saves time when looking for potential clients.

The next step to finding clients is to...


3. Add Connections And Begin Networking

Add Connections And Begin Networking

It's time to start connecting!

After all, that's what the services of LinkedIn are all about.

First, connect and talk with your existing clients. Sending connection requests to a few people with help you find new clients.

Here's how that works.

Once you have connections, LinkedIn suggests different profiles you might know.

Yep, having connections can create more connections. One contact gives you access to a second one; your second one leads to another, and so on.

After connecting, make sure that you include an introductory note. Clients are more likely to read your message when you personalize it.

This gives them a better reason to engage with you.

A warm pitch means they'll remember your company and visit your profile. They might even visit your eCommerce store to check your product or services.

You might even want to give LinkedIn access to your email list as part of your email marketing strategy. It will help you build on your brand to grow further.

As a bonus, you can retain your clients when you connect with them through LinkedIn. You can stay in touch and ask them for recommendations.

That's how you get more clients through your old ones!

Companies use the next step to get more clients...


4. Use LinkedIn Automation

This platform can also smoother your sales funnel to convert potential clients.

All you have to do is use the LinkedIn automation tools to do the work for you. This will save you time reaching out to clients.

Wondering how?

For instance, you offer pressure washing services for retail businesses in San Francisco. You want to reach out to clients around your area and increase eCommerce sales.

A quick search on LinkedIn lets you find 100 companies around the area. You want to engage with them and pitch your services to them.

And without automation, you would have to look into each profile just so you can write a personalized message.

Taking relevant notes means spending countless hours!

But with automation, you can schedule the process with just a few clicks. It can send messages to different audiences depending on predefined requirements like company, age, gender, etc.

The tool will show all your pending tasks like connection requests and messages. It also shows you the list of completed tasks.

Not only that, but it also generates a report of your campaigns so you can easily measure their effectiveness.

Use other tools and find the perfect solution when you...


5. Leverage Paid Sales Tool

Hold on to your hats... The interesting paid ads tool we will be talking about is worth using this social media platform.

You see, it is efficient when customizing based on job function, industry, language, skills, etc. It lets you target clients on a deeper level.

Reaching niche clients won't be a hardship. You can increase your leads to your eCommerce site.

I'm talking about LinkedIn Sales Navigator!

For example, you are looking for clients within your niche. You can use the keyword "eCommerce" and job titles of decision makers like "owner" or "manager".

Input your chosen keywords in the Lead Search bar. You can include other details like your industry or your products.

Plus, it also lets you cross out irrelevant companies from the search. Just exclude keywords like "software" or "platform" to avoid them in your search.

The search will give you a list of companies you can target.

The Sales Navigator also lets you curate the list on an Account List tab. Go back to the automation process we talked about to reach out to them.

Now wasn't that easy as pie?

Keep finding clients and...


6. Participate In LinkedIn Groups

Different groups will let you reach and attract clients. You can find out what they talk about, which will help persuade them to interact with you.

Here's a good feature...

You can message the group's members without having to connect with them on the platform. They are also free and have the same benefits as paid ads when it comes to marketing and targeting.

If you want, you can also create a group on your own. You'll be able to interact with your ideal prospective clients.

And yes, having all of them in one place may feel overwhelming. But as long as you properly strategize your marketing strategy, you'll benefit from it in no time.

All you have to do is make the group a perfect place for discussion. Make yourself an authority in your industry by showing your value and knowledge.

Then, center your focus on your clients. Subtly prompt your sales message in, and it won't sound like a spam.

Of course, it helps your company if you...


7. Post High-Quality Content

When it comes to marketing, you know how crucial it is that you create content that is high-value.

Everything you do on LinkedIn will go down the drain when you don't.

So, make sure that your content shows how you are a thought leader. It should also effectively engage clients.

Marketing includes distributing it on ads, groups, and your profile itself. Publish articles or create a blog post to spark conversations.

Here are a few tips for creating great LinkedIn content:

  • Limit your content to 1000 words. Long articles are time-consuming.
  • Write posts that are relevant to your industry to help grease conversations.
  • Use SEO to optimize your content.
  • Be consistent on your publishing time.
  • Engage with the comments on your posts.

Your dedication to finding clients on LinkedIn will keep you from listlessly going to Google searching for them.

And once you find the perfect clients, getting a relevant email address is easy.

Here is...


How To Find And Export Contact Details?

Of course, you have to foster your new connections. To get customer insight...

  • Click on the My Network icon at the top of your page.
  • On the left menu, click on the Connections tab.
  • Tap on the name of your client to view their profile.
  • Click on their contact info from their introduction card.

You can export their email addresses on a CSV file for convenience. It stores all your contacts in a single spreadsheet. To start...

  • Go to your My Network tab and click on Connections.
  • Tap Manage Synced and Important Contacts at the top right.
  • Click on Advanced Actions, then click export contacts.
  • Tap on Request archive.

You'll be able to receive the file at your primary email address with a link to download the list.

That's how you...


Find Clients And Build Connections Using LinkedIn!

You just discovered the vital tools LinkedIn offers that can extremely help you gain clients.

So, ensure that you leverage these opportunities so you can convert more clients... and boost eCommerce sales!

And don't forget to nurture your leads! Here's what you need to do...

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