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27 Jan 2022

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Sustainability Marketing And How To Successfully Use It In 2023

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Sustainability Marketing And How To Successfully Use It In 2023

"Sustainability has to be a way of life to be a way of business." - Anand Mahindra

The concern for social and environmental issues is increasing. So do the sustainability efforts of consumers.

Did you know that 57% consider the environmental impact of their purchasing habits?

And 71% of consumers would pay a premium for brands that can provide them with it.

So, here's the big question...

How can your brand do sustainable marketing to reach your target audience... That is becoming more and more environmentally conscious?

Today, you'll learn everything you need to know about sustainability marketing. As well as how you can successfully leverage it for your marketing practices.

Let's start with...

What Is Sustainable Marketing?

Sustainable marketing is a way to promote products, services, and brand values that looks out for the environment and society. It also means communicating to customers about preserving both natural and human resources.

Isn't that incredible?

That means you are not only promoting a product or service. You would be promoting a mission.

And that mission comprises of three pillars:

Three Pillars of Sustainable Marketing

So, sustainable marketing means fostering marketing strategies. Like taking care of the environment, social equity, and economic growth.

Now that you know what sustainable marketing is all about, let me show you what it isn't.

Sustainable Marketing Vs. Green Marketing

Green marketing is often confused with sustainable marketing. But these marketing strategies are two different things.

So, what is green marketing?

It focuses on promoting the eco-friendliness of its products or services.

Green marketing is just one aspect of sustainable marketing. The latter also focuses on preventing the depletion of supplies. As well as how it affects social and economic issues.

Sustainable marketing is also more innovative compared to mainstream ones. Its marketing efforts are still focused on customer success while using sustainable practices.

But the real question is...

Why Should You Turn To Sustainability Marketing?

Why Should You Turn To Sustainability Marketing?

Sustainable marketing has a lot of benefits. Here are some numbers to keep in mind:

70% of Millennials spend more when a company has the same brand values as theirs. And because of this, there is a 50% growth of the sustainable market between 2013-2018.

That's all because of sustainability.

Are you also aware that without sustainable marketing, you can lose your customers?

Here's how:

People are drawn to brands they like. Brands they can relate to.

Did you know that 54% of Gen Z assess a company's sustainable initiatives before purchasing their product?

So when you don't give your customers what they want, you won't be able to build customer loyalty.

And customer loyalty is key to customer retention and acquisition.

But before you can take action, you need to know...

What Are The Five Principles Of Sustainable Marketing?

What Are The Five Principles Of Sustainable Marketing?

How do you succeed as a sustainable brand? You need to adhere to these principles. Use them as a guide for your sustainable marketing strategy.

1. Consumer-Oriented Marketing

Do your business decisions have your customer's point of view in mind?

Then you're on the right track. Your products and services should solve your potential customer's problems.

Like good business leaders... Be customer-centric!

That also means you need to focus on...

2. Customer Value Marketing

How do you create sustainable growth for your profits, too?

By improving your product value with customer value marketing.

What this means is you can reflect that through your product's quality. As well as the convenience and solutions it provides your customers.

And when you create value, it helps you boost loyalty.

Thus, more loyalty, more sales.

Up next, sustainable marketing should also be...

3. Innovative Marketing

Innovative Marketing

Do you know what sustainability pioneers have in common?

It's that they never stop innovating.

And when you constantly create new things in this constantly changing world... Well, your customers will love you even more. And get you new ones, too.

So never stop looking for ways to develop your products and services.

Now, doesn't implementing sustainable practices a good way to do just so? ?

Don't leave out...

4. Sense-Of-Mission

Instead of just focusing on a specific product mission... Why not look at your brand's mission in a broader sense?

Let me explain what I mean.

Do you recall Dove's marketing strategy? Their company focuses on their social responsibility as a digital marketing campaign. The "Dove Real Beauty" campaign promotes body positivity among women.

Just like Dove, you can focus on a broad mission. You can take on environmental and social initiatives, rather than just focusing on your product.

That way, your ecommerce brand has a long-term goal.

Lastly, focus on...

5. Societal Marketing

Ask yourself, "How can my sustainable business practices benefit my community?"

You see, your customer's perception of your sustainable marketing matters a lot. It goes without saying that you should consider their interests, too.

Look into how your customers perceive you. And how you can improve your brand's image. That's how you do societal marketing.

Let's deep dive into how you can use sustainable marketing strategies.

How Do You Make Sustainable Marketing A Part Of Your Ecommerce Marketing?

Changing your business model to be a part of the sustainability market isn't as easy as it sounds.

So, you need to take the following sustainability practices into consideration.

Design Your Products To Be Sustainable

That's right... Sustainability doesn't just deal with your marketing strategy.

It means you should also have sustainable products. That includes your packaging sources.

Plus, think of your product's life cycle. What are its social and environmental impacts? Did it come from natural resources? Was renewable energy used?

Work with your product developers to ensure sustainable development.

You should also...

Be Authentic In Your Branding

Be Authentic In Your Branding

News flash... When you're not authentic, sustainable marketing won't work.

Let me give you an example.

You might remember Volkswagen's claim of "Clean Diesel".

Volkswagen's claim of "Clean Diesel"

Volkswagen issued an ad campaign that claims their diesel emits fewer pollutants. It means that their diesel isn't bad for the environment.

But the truth was far from that. It turns out that they used software to cheat in their emissions tests. Their "sustainable marketing" caused them $14.7 billion in the settlement.

Here's the lesson... Make sure your efforts are transparent...

And ensure that your sustainable marketing claims are genuine!

No, you don't need to be perfect. But you can be transparent and real.

That way, you can...

Plan For Long Term

Most ecommerce brand owners focus their digital marketing efforts on instant gratification. Their marketing assets focus on paid ads such as Google Ads and content marketing.

These are awesome ways to generate leads. But, it won't necessarily boost loyalty on your customers.

With sustainable marketing, nurturing customers on their entire journey is a priority.

Educating your audience is a good start. Make sure your social media channels post are about sustainability marketing.

Sustainable marketing goes beyond your seasonal promotions. Why wouldn't it? Social and environmental issues won't go anywhere soon.

Let's go over remarkable examples of sustainable businesses.

Sustainable Marketing Examples



Nope, I'm not talking about the rapper. I'm talking about the well-known rum brand.

It's a known fact that plastic packaging takes hundreds of years to degrade. But Bacardi managed to create a biodegradable bottle. And it only takes 18 months to degrade!

When you talk about sustainability, Bacardi doesn't easily cross the mind. But now, they are one of the sustainability pioneers with their product.

That's taking sustainable marketing to the next level.

When talking about sustainability marketing, you can't leave out...



Want to experience Antarctica without leaving the warmth of your home?

Pangaia offers an immersive VR experience that transports you to the south pole. This is to launch their sustainable jackets created from flowers.

Doesn't that make learning about sustainability fun?

And what's more fun than...



LEGO aims to make its bricks sustainable by 2030.

The LEGO bricks will be made out of sugarcane plastic. That makes it in line with World Wildlife Fund's guidelines.

Add to that, they devised a 12-year sustainability strategy. That would mean they would need to maintain their sustainability marketing that long.

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about sustainable marketing.

Keep in mind that...

The Future Of Marketing Is All About Sustainability!

Sustainability has one ultimate goal...

To bring both businesses and consumers together... towards a better future.

Not only that, but it also humanizes your ecommerce business better than ever. And that can give you a competitive edge over your peers.

Doesn't that sound amazing?

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