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16 Dec 2021

The 5 Keys to Creating a Killer Value Proposition for Your Ecommerce Store

The 5 Keys to Creating a Killer Value Proposition for Your Ecommerce Store

Let's play a game!

Are you familiar with the classic game, "Where's Waldo?"

Basically, you have to find the guy who wears a red and white striped shirt in a crowded photo.

I will give you 5 seconds. Ready?

visual game


And 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Did you find him? If not, you're not alone!

Because finding Waldo among a horde of other things is nearly impossible!

But that's exactly what I want you to realize.

The same is true when it comes to ecommerce...

It's not easy to stand out when you have thousands of competitors!

But today, I will show you how you can create a value proposition for your ecommerce store that will make you stand out from the saturated market!

So, are you ready?

Let's deep dive.

What Is A Value Proposition?

A value proposition in ecommerce is a message you're putting out there. And the purpose of this statement is to grab your potential customer's attention.

It's not just a tagline. It's more than that.

Your value proposition is what sets you apart from your competitors.

Because here's the thing...

If you're selling the same products as your competitors, you're claiming the same thing. You have to show what value you can offer to them to make your brand unique.

To sum it up... your value proposition covers the benefits of your product and how they make you different from the competition. So, think of it as your unique value proposition.

Now, let's take a look at this illustration. This is also helpful when creating your digital marketing plan.

What Is A Value Proposition?

This is called the Value Proposition Canvas. This shows that your marketing strategy should focus on your customer's pain points.

Let me elaborate. Here are the definitions for the Value Proposition:

  • Gain Creators. This means what the products have that will make your customers happy. It's called "gains" because it refers to the value your products can give your customers.
  • Pain relievers. These are how exactly your products will resolve their "pain points" or problems.
  • Products and services. These refer to the products or services that will solve their problems.

Now, let's talk about the Customer Profile.

  • Customer jobs. What do your customers need to complete and resolve the problem using your products?
  • Gains. These are what your customers expect from you. What can they gain from your products? You have to be precise.
  • Pains. What are the "pains" they experienced as they tried to do the customer jobs?

Since you already know the Value Proposition Canvas and how it can help you put your customers at the heart of your strategy... let's talk about...

What Do You Need To Create A Killer Value Proposition?

What Do You Need To Create A Killer Value Proposition?

There are three elements you need that will help you showcase your brand's value proposition.

Here are the common parts you need to build a strong value proposition: Headline, sub-headline, and a visual element.

Let's take a look at one of our value proposition examples:

Value Proposition Example

Image Source

As you can see, there are the elements I mentioned above. The headline is "The Active Flask," The

subheadline reads, "For the perfect sip - whatever your adventure." Then there is also the visual element.

JOCO Cups' value proposition shows that their target audience can bring their flasks with them - whatever adventure they have.

You can also put your value propositions on landing pages, category pages, or product pages. Not just on the home page.

So, now you already have an idea of what it is... let me elaborate on the benefits of having one.

Why Do You Need A Value Proposition, Anyway?

Why Do You Need A Value Proposition, Anyway?

1. To Set You Apart

As I mentioned above, your competitors also promise the same thing.

But having a powerful value proposition will make you more noticeable than your competitors. It tells your customers why they should buy from your ecommerce store. And why you have the best offer out there.

To sum it up, a killer value proposition will make your brand distinctive.

And another one of its key benefits is...

2. To Gain Loyal Customers

If you think a simple catchphrase or tagline alone can build brand loyalty, you're wrong.

You might think that you understand them based on your customer personas. But customers need more than that.

They need to see the value of your products or services to encourage loyalty.

So, if you want to increase your customer loyalty, you should have a solid and efficient value proposition.

The next reason why you should have one is...

3. To Increase the Conversion Rate

One of the sole reasons you need a strong value proposition is to increase your conversion rate.

Of course, you're doing this to increase your sales, right? And having a value proposition can help you with that because this is where you can sell the benefits of your products. Or what makes you distinctive from your competitors.

Now, you're probably wondering... how can you create a good value proposition? Here are some things to take note of.

5 Keys To Creating A Killer Core Value Proposition

1. Solve An Important Problem

This is an essential element in creating a good value proposition.

Why? Your customers will buy from you because your brand has the potential to solve their problems.

Remember, your customers are at different stages in their customer journey. If they're already at the stage of looking for solutions, you need to be there. And value propositions can help you present the key to their problem.

For example... you're selling hair dyes for women. But your ideal prospects are torn between hundreds of brands that claim these dyes wouldn't hurt their hair.

So, to stand out... you can strengthen your unique value proposition by solving another problem they have in mind... like positioning your products as hypoallergenic, especially for sensitive scalps. Or that your hair dyes can't cause hair loss.

To include these in your positioning statement, make sure to introduce the problem. And tell them how your products can help in solving it.

The next tip is...

2. Understand The "Gains" You Could Offer Your Customers

As I mentioned in the Value Proposition Canvas, your customer should be at the center of your value proposition.

Yep, not entirely about you. Or your brand's aesthetics. Because you need to provide value to your customers to buy from your ecommerce store.

When creating your value proposition, you must know how your products benefit your customers. You should be able to answer it by heart.

This is how you can make a great value proposition.

So, what should you do? You can start by identifying how each of your products can benefit your target market. Do not solve many problems at once because it might get too overwhelming for them.

For example, you can list the colors available for your hair dye. Then you can state how easy it is to apply. And that it's chemical-free and cheaper than other options out there.

Now, it's time to put your detective hats on and...

3. Check On Your Competitors

What's wrong with peeking? ? Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with doing this.

Remember, your value proposition should make your brand stand out.

If you're selling the same products, you need to check on your competitors to see their claims. Then from there, you can optimize your value proposition.

These are some questions you could answer:

  • What is their positioning statement?
  • How do they spread their message on their online store?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses that you could use as opportunities?

But let's say your product benefits are the same... how can you stand out?

There are still many ways. And one is by offering excellent customer service. Let's say that while fulfilling their customer jobs, they encounter a problem... at least you're one call away!

My next tip is...

4. Be Clear Of The Benefits You Offer

One way to strengthen your value proposition is by making it clear.

Some customers don't have a long attention span. That's why to make it effective. You need to make your value proposition short and sweet. They must understand how your offers can benefit them.

So, your messaging has to be clear and straight to the point. Also, don't use too much jargon. Don't make it hard to grasp for them.

For example, a target customer is looking for chemical-free hair dye. Tell them it's safe for their scalps and would not cause hair loss. Don't use terms they don't understand.

Last but not least...

5. Test Your Value Proposition

Test Your Value Proposition

This is something many business owners overlook... are you guilty of this?

After you finish your value propositions, you must test them first. This is one way to see if it will be effective in the long run.

For example, you can conduct A/B testing. This is where you're going to show two different value propositions to a different target audience. Then based on the results, you can go for the more successful one.

The thing is, you need to optimize your value propositions from time to time. It's not a one-time job because your customers' needs are changing.

Now, it's time to check some amazing brands with killer value propositions!

5 Examples Of Brands With Killer Value Proposition

1. Staples


As you can see, Staples' value proposition is simple and straight to point. They have great gifts and great deals. The best part? Even greater savings.

You can also see how much their target customers can save when shopping on their online store.

Another example is...

2. Shwood


This is one of Shwood's category pages. As you can see, they claim that their collection is the perfect blend of durability, sustainable style, and affordable prices.

So, if their target market is looking for these three categories... Shwood is already the answer.

Next up...



Since it's the holiday season... there are so many gatherings, and we tend to ear irresponsibly. But PRESS includes the specific benefits on their value proposition.

It's very timely, and their customers can see their value right away!

Another brand example with a great value proposition is...

4. Minaal


This is from one of Minaal's product pages. Their extensive details about a particular product definitely show its value to their customers.

Their value proposition solves their target market's problems, such as protection from the rain and device sleeves that will fit big laptops.

And last but not least...

5. HelloFresh


Stress-free meals? Yes, please!

HelloFresh's value proposition is clear, direct... and honestly, exciting. Who doesn't see stress in meal preparation as a pain point or problem, right?

So, what are you going to do now?

Give Value To Your Customers!

Are you ready to give value to your potential customers?

If yes, then it's time to write that value proposition!

I know it's not as easy as it sounds... but if you have a customizable theme that allows you to write anything according to your liking, you wouldn't have a hard time.

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