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11 Nov 2022

The Importance of Visual UGC For eCommerce Businesses

The Importance of Visual UGC For eCommerce Businesses

Since the eCommerce industry is booming... you have more competitors in the industry. And it's important to stand out so more target customers will choose you over them.

This is where you need to step up your game. You need to convince your target customers that you are the best option through your marketing campaigns.

The good news is... you can encourage customers through visual user-generated content or visual UGC!

If you're curious how, read this blog because we'll discuss...

  • What is visual UGC?
  • What are the benefits of visual UGC for eCommerce businesses?
  • 3 Quick and easy ways to use VUGC for social media

Let's get started, shall we?


What is visual UGC?

What is visual UGC?

Visual UGC or visual user-generated content refers to photos, videos, or any visual content from customers or users. In short, they are customer content created for your brand.

So, what's the difference between UGC and visual UGC?

UGC or user-generated content is content created by users, like reviews, star ratings, testimonials, text posts in community forums, and more.

While some examples are customer photos or videos uploaded on social media platforms or your website. Visual reviews are also an example of visual UGC.

Now, you're probably wondering...


What are the benefits of visual UGC for your eCommerce store?

What are the benefits of visual UGC for your eCommerce store?

Some benefits of visual marketing are...


1. Strengthen brand credibility

When your target customers see user-generated visual content, they know they can trust your products even if they haven't purchased from you yet.

They will see what the actual products look like, and your brand will look more credible. Why? Because target customers trust your existing ones.

Even if you market the benefits of your products, they still need a little push. And visual UGC can encourage more customers to buy from your eCommerce store.

You see, visual content from customers is great social proof. Aside from strengthening your brand credibility, you can also...


2. Boost sales

Some potential customers need to research the products before buying them. And that includes reading reviews before purchase.

When they see the quality of your products, you can encourage them to buy from you because they can see what your customers are saying. They have comments and photos to vouch for you.

And, of course, increasing your sales is one of the biggest goals for your business. This is why VUGC is a fantastic way to boost your sales.

Not only that but visual UGC can also...


3. Build brand advocacy

Your customers are your brand advocates. They're willing to create content for your brand if they feel appreciated and valued. So, you can get more visual reviews while building brand advocacy.

And the good thing is... they are more trusted because they're posting authentic content. They are not paid to say good things about your brand.

You can encourage customers to post more videos and images by offering discount codes, conducting a rewards system, and more.

Another benefit of visual UGC is...


4. Increase customer retention

You can increase customer retention with visual UGC. How? Because you can maintain your brand's credibility and gain the continuous trust of your customers.

And the more people post about your products, the more customers will be willing to return to your eCommerce store.

And lastly, visual UGC can...


5. Strengthen marketing efforts

Sure, you can post promotional content for your business. But it's different when customers who actually purchase from you will create content to showcase your products.

You can use customer photos to show prospects the actual look of your product. You can post them on your social media pages but don't forget to ask permission.

If prospects see your products' efficiency while using social media... you can acquire more customers!

Speaking of which... how can you strengthen your marketing efforts by using visual user-generated content?


How to use visual UGC on social media?

Here are some ways to strengthen your marketing efforts using visual UGC on social media channels.


1. Use branded hashtags

Potential customers can see all visual content about your brand or products through a branded hashtag. This also helps you see all content posted about your brand.

Also, having a branded hashtag makes your customers feel like they're part of a community. Having one will also show how many people are talking about your brand and posting authentic content.


2. Interact with your customers

More customers will post about your brand if they feel appreciated and seen. You can do this by interacting with their content... such as liking, commenting, and reposting.

Reposting or interacting with your customers and their content will make them feel valued. This also helps you build customer relationships.


3. Highlight the visual UGC

If you're using Instagram, you can use the highlights feature to highlight the visual user-generated content. This will also make it easier for prospects to see reviews in one place.

You can also post the visual content created by your customers on your website and other platforms. But again, make sure to ask for permission.

So... what are you waiting for?


Take advantage of visual user-generated content!

Visual user-generated content will help your business a lot. If you're not taking advantage of it... you're missing out!

You need to know how to acquire more of them. But don't worry! Here are some examples to inspire you.


Gain more user-generated content and see examples of brands that are killing it!

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