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28 Jun 2021

Top 10 Online Payment Methods For Your eCommerce sites

Top 10 Online Payment Methods For Your eCommerce sites

The ecommerce sector has progressed tremendously in recent years. Because of the advantages linked with the ecommerce business model, millions of customers have ditched the traditional in-store shopping experience and switched to online buying. 

Hundreds of business-minded people enter the ecommerce world daily. According to research, there are more than 12 million ecommerce websites around the globe. 

Needless to say, only businesses offering the best user experience stand out amongst the crowd and outperform their competitors. 

The first step to starting an ecommerce store is designing a user-friendly website. Your ecommerce site is the heart and soul of your ecommerce store.

An ecommerce website not only will show directions to your customers but also help them complete the checkout process without any friction

There are many factors involved when designing an ecommerce store website, including online payments. 

To run a successful ecommerce store, you need to accept online payments from your buyers. 

If you don't have ecommerce payment methods set up on your site, then the main goal of running a business online will go down the drain. Yes, you guessed that right. We're talking about generating revenues and driving conversions. 

If you have questions regarding the checkout step of your conversion funnel and available ecommerce payment methods, you have come to the right page. 

In this post, we'll walk you through different online payment methods available for ecommerce websites. So let's begin.

What Are Online Payment Gateways?

Online payment gateways have become an integral part of the ecommerce industry. Today, many companies offer these services to online merchants and customers. 

The goal of payment processors is to connect you and your customers to third-party institutions, such as banks. 

What online payment gateways do is make your ecommerce checkout process fast and stress-free. How? Let us explain. 

Present-day customers hate waiting. The average cart abandonment ratio is around 70%, and interestingly, this figure includes those people who showed clear intent to buy a product or a service at the start. 

Benefits Of Using Online Payment Gateways

One of the biggest barriers to conversion is limited or complex payment methods. With online payment gateways, you can ensure your buyers complete the checkout without the hassle.

Moreover, these payment gateways also offer encryption to keep your buyer's sensitive information safe and protected.  

Why Is It Essential To Offer Multiple Payment Options?

Did you know many customers abandon their carts last minute only because they couldn't find their favorite online payment method listed on the site? 

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how many online payment methods you can have on your site, giving your customers choices is definitely a good idea. 

Having multiple online payment options allows your customers to seamlessly checkout by logging into their favorite payment gateway. In some cases, they don't even have to log in if they have their details already stored on their devices. 

Different Types Of Ecommerce Payment Methods

If you want to take your ecommerce store to the next level in 2024, you may consider having some of these online payment methods on your store. 

Credit/Debit Card Payments

Gone are the days when you needed a wallet full of cash to pay for your transactions. Today, customers prefer cashless transactions over anything else. 

Card payments have especially gained massive momentum in recent years. Many people use their credit cards to make payments online. Credit cards are not only easy to use and secure, but they also allow customers enough time to repay their bills.

Debit cards are another popular ecommerce payment method ideal for buyers who want to shop online without crossing their financial limits. 

Bank Transfers

Bank transfer is another fail-safe online payment method preferred by many online customers these days. With bank transfers, customers can make online payments without having to pay for debit or credit cards. 


E-wallet is another trending online payment method that requires registration from both the seller and the customer. 

Once an e-wallet account is open, both the merchant and buyer have to connect it with their bank account to receive and process payments. 

You can even link an e-wallet to your mobile wallet via NFC to further streamline the payment method. 

Cash Payment

Although modern customers are inclined more towards making cashless payments, cash is still the king when it comes to ecommerce payment methods. 

This online payment method is specifically popular in developing countries, such as Brazil and India. 

Also, cash payments are the only option for those who don't have cards. 

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are another effective alternative to credit/debit cards that come in varying stored values. 

This option is usually adopted by minors and those customers who don't have a registered bank account.

Direct Deposit

With direct deposits, customers can transfer the money directly to the merchant's account. 

Since there is no third-party involvement, direct deposit is a fast and efficient way to transfer money online. 

Electronic Checks

Electronic checks, popularly known as E-checks, work more or less in the same way as regular bank checks. Using them enables the buyers to authorize the transfers directly from their bank accounts. This method is widely popular in Europe. 

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are another fast and secure way to transfer funds online. To set up a mobile payment system, all you need to do is download software and link it with your credit card. 

Top 10 Online Payment Methods (Tools) For Ecommerce Sites

No matter what ecommerce payment method you choose for your store, it is critical to invest in the right tools to ensure maximum safety and convenience to your customers. 

1. Paypal

Paypal is a famous American company that helps more than 17 million businesses with payments and other credit solutions. 

The official company website has more than 254 million active users. Paypal enjoys a reputation that speaks for itself. 

If you're starting out, Paypal is certainly the best online payment solution both in terms of reliability and ease of use. Also, it gives your customers a sense of security that the world's renowned payment company has their back for payment security. 

Paypal allows ecommerce store owners to accept credit/debit cards, Venmo, and Paypal/Paypal credit. The payment fee isn't much either. Each transaction will cost you up to 2.9%+$0.30 per transaction. 

2. Payoneer

For international funds transfers, there is no online payment option as effective as Payoneer. 

Although Payoneer is not as popular as Paypal, it is still used by millions of people worldwide - especially those who're working with international suppliers. 

We all know how costly international payments and wire transfers can be. That's where Payoneer steps in. The platform allows users to receive payments in varying currency units, including USD and EUR. 

The only downside is that Payoneer doesn't offer a merchant account. That means you can't accept debit/credit card payments using this ecommerce payment method. 

As far as service charges are concerned, Payoneer charges a flat 29.95/year fee along with a $1 or $3 transaction fee depending upon how quickly you want your transaction to be processed. 

3. Google Pay

Google is an American multinational company that offers a myriad of internet-related services and products, including Google Pay.

According to Google, millions of users have already saved their financial data on their Google accounts. By using Google Pay, those people can save a lot of effort and time making online payments

What makes Google Pay stand out is it comes with top-notch encryption and targets both mobile and web users.

Apart from that, the platform also enables online sellers to launch loyalty programs and other attractive deals. Currently, Google Pay is working with other popular payment platforms, such as PayPal and Visa Checkout, to maximize its reach.

And now the most exciting part, Google Pay doesn't charge you a penny for using its services. 

4. Amazon Pay

There are millions of Amazon users worldwide, making Amazon Pay one of the best ecommerce payment solutions available so far. 

Integrating this online payment option into your site will make it stress-free for Amazon users to shop from your ecommerce store. 

In addition to that, Amazon's payment mechanism works wonderfully for mobile and web users. 

Amazon offers Express integration to integrate its payment option on your website. Alternatively, you can use their API, allowing you to customize settings according to your needs. 

5. Square

If you run a brick-and-mortar store along with an ecommerce platform, Square can be your safest bid. 

The platform is known for its excellent POS system that seamlessly blends with its payment systems.

Square is just for you if you also plan to open a physical retail outlet alongside running an online shop. 

What we loved about this online payment solution is that it also comes with a stellar website builder. 

There are tons of user-friendly features you can use to provide a safe user experience to your customers.

Square charges you 2.9%+$0.30 per transaction. 

6. Stripe

Stripe ranks among one of the top online payment solutions because of its versatility and ease of use. 

This ecommerce payment method is favored by many ecommerce sellers as it seamlessly integrates with their ecommerce stores and offers the payment security your customers deserve. 

If you offer multiple products and services, there is no solution as reliable and effective as Stripe.

The platform supports both online and in-person payments. That means you can use Stripe if you already have a physical store alongside an online shop or if you plan to open one in the future. 

7. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a lesser-known payment solution. However, it is a perfect option for those who want to make payments using their Apple devices.

You can also use Apple Pay as your mobile wallet when you're out. It's a one-click payment method that users can use to make secure payments online.

The platform also uses tokenization to keep the information of its users safe. To use Apple Pay, all you need to do is use their API on your online store. 

Similar to Google Pay, Apple also doesn't charge any fee from its customers for using this service. 

8. Masterpass

Masterpass is another secure online payment solution that works more or less like American Express and Visa. 

Your Mastercard users can easily check out using their Masterpass and that too without paying any charges.

The best part? The company doesn't charge any fee from the merchant as well. 

Masterpass comes with all the advanced security options you might expect from a top-notch payment service provider. 

So if providing a safe and hassle-free payment solution is your goal, Masterpass is something you need as a payment option on your site. 

9. Skrill

Skrill is an easy-to-use, reliable ecommerce payment method used by millions of online sellers worldwide. It supports over 30 currencies and several other useful features to make your customer's online buying journey a breeze.  

10. 2Checkout

2Checkout is an international online payment method that accepts payment in different currencies from users all around the globe. 

With this platform, you can design a personalized checkout that also ensures fraud prevention

Apart from that, 2Checkout comes with a mobile-friendly design, meaning both your web and mobile users can enjoy the same experience.

2Checkout charges 2.9%+$0.30 transaction fee. 

In a nutshell, when it comes to online payments, you have many options. The key here is to do your research and choose options that are trusted by your ideal clients.

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