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21 Nov 2022

5 Ways You Can Add Social Proof To Your Landing Pages

5 Ways You Can Add Social Proof To Your Landing Pages

Imagine this... You are marketing and promoting your products as the best option in the market. You are also running ads, so many people are becoming aware of your brand.

But here's the thing... They need a little push to encourage them to buy from you.

They won't buy from you just because you say your products are like this or that. They will buy from you if you can show them proof.

And that's what you're here for! Because when you finish this blog, you already know...

  • What is social proof?
  • What are the different types of social proof?
  • 5 ways to add social proof to your landing pages

You're probably curious now... So, let's start!


What is social proof?

What is social proof?

Social proof is a term coined by Robert Cialdini. Social proof means that the action of others influences the decision or actions of other people in certain situations.

For example, you see many people eating at a local restaurant. So, you check the online reviews on Yelp or social media posts. If there are positive reviews about it, they might affect your decision.

You'd probably consider eating at that restaurant, too. That's social proof, and your customers will do the same thing if they see your existing customers say good things about your products.

When they see your landing page, and it has a lot of positive reviews... that will also affect their decision whether they'd buy from you or not.

But wait... before we talk about the ways to add social proof to a landing page, here are...


Types of social proof

You can use different types of social proof on your landing pages. Some of them are:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Video testimonials
  • User-generated content
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Influencer collaborations
  • Star ratings from satisfied customers

See? Social proof is not just limited to one. As long as you reassure site visitors of what your products are capable of... you can increase your landing page conversion rates.

Since you already know what social proof is and its types, let's hop on to...


5 Ways to use social proof on your landing pages

Here are some ways to use social proof in your digital marketing strategy and create high-converting landing pages!

1. Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are a great way to show your potential customers how efficient your products or services are. You can use these to encourage your target customers to purchase from you.

Here's an example from one of Gary Vee's marketing workshops years ago.

As you can see, there are testimonials on the same page as the introduction to the workshop. So when people read the information, they can see that it's worth it when they see the testimonials.

Testimonials will help your customers decide. As I said, social proof influences the decision of other people. Having these on your landing page will play a role in their decision.

So, how to get testimonials? These are different from reviews. Usually, reviews are given to you by customers without asking for them. They own their thoughts. But for testimonials, you ask for them.

You can coordinate with your customers and ask for testimonials privately. You just need to inform them you'll use those and ask how they want to be addressed.

For example, after the transaction, you can send a message to your customers and ask for their feedback. Tell them how and where you'll use the testimonials and if they want to be named.

Another way to boost your credibility with potential customers is by using...


2. Social media posts

Social media posts about your brand by consumers are helpful, too. Why? Because they're genuine insights into what they think about your products.

And user-generated content impacts your potential customer's view of your eCommerce store, especially if it's their first time on your landing pages.

I created an example for you via Twitter so you know what it usually looks like.

Social media posts

Of course, you will choose social media posts with positive feedback. But here's where it gets tricky... You can't just use them without the original poster's permission, even if they're talking about you.

Your customers own their reviews and social media content. So, you need their approval before using them on your landing pages because you'll monetize from them.

You can repost or share their posts about your brand when they tag you or you see them on social media... Like sharing Facebook posts or reposting Instagram Stories.

But don't forget to ask permission to use them somewhere else. And you're probably wondering... how to know if consumers talk about you?

You can use social listening tools or do it yourself by searching keywords of your products and brand name on social media. You can also create a branded hashtag to see them on one page.

The next way is to use...


3. Video testimonials or reviews

Video testimonials mean your customers or clients will take videos talking about your products. Basically, customer reviews and testimonials are the same as these, but in video form.

Here's an example of video testimonials from Debutify.

Video testimonials or reviews

Video testimonials are also an excellent way to tell people that your products are high-quality and efficient because the customers are vouching for you.

Video reviews can be unboxing videos or content creators using or reviewing your products. Again, ask permission before using them.

You must coordinate with your customers or clients to ask for video testimonials. But usually, for video reviews, consumers or creators do them if they genuinely love your products.

So, use video reviews and testimonials on your landing pages to entice more customers to buy from you! Another one is...


4. PR features

Public Relations is another essential thing for your business and marketing strategy. This helps in shaping how the public perceives your brand.

So, having your brand featured in reputable news companies, magazines, and more is good, just like this example from BLK & Bold.

R features

When people see that these reputable companies recognize your brand, that can increase your credibility.

That's why make sure to flaunt your PR features so your target customers will see them! And lastly, another way to strengthen your landing page social proof is through...


5. Numbers

This sounds vague, but it means you should use numbers to show your customers how many people trust your brand or use your products.

Numbers make it easier for your target customers to grasp the efficiency of your brand. If they see how many people buy from your eCommerce store, they're more likely to buy from you.

Here is an example:


If I'm scrolling through the Debutify website and I see that over 200,000 people read the newsletter... I would sign up too.

Why? Because for me, it means that the newsletter provides value to get this number of subscribers. And that's what your customers would think when they see those numbers.

So, you should take advantage of your data to add social proof to a landing page.

Stop waiting and...


Use social proof on your landing pages to boost sales!

Social proof is an effective way to reach your marketing and business goals! That's how you can improve your eCommerce business.

Learn how to utilize social proof to get the most out of it for your business! It will also help if you use a tool to help you manage and collect reviews, right?


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