Shannon Fitzsimmons - The Curly Hair Niche and Western Influence in the UK Market

Shannon is a natural hair blogger and the founder of hair tools and accessories business 'O So Curly'. The business was founded in 2015 out of frustration of having no access to the essential tools needed to maintain natural curly hair in the UK. She Read More...

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Your Ecomonics Host: Joseph Ianni

Joseph Ianni

Hi, I’m Joseph Ianni.

If you’re looking for a podcast oozing with unique eCommerce insights...

Which can help you get more leads at lower CPAs, increase AOV, and boost CLV…

Here’s why:

Then this podcast is probably a perfect fit for you.

Every week, we’re bringing in experts from diverse backgrounds who know the “ins and outs” of their respective eCommerce domains.

We’ll be picking the brains of these successful, passionate, and driven individuals.

And my goal is to get them to spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag, and pull back the curtains to reveal some of their closely guarded secrets!

I’m talking about the juicy stuff regarding all things eCommerce:

From Facebook Ads, SEO, and PPC... to finding million-dollar products, the best automation strategies, and even insider 8-figure secrets from people who’ve already been there and beyond.

So whether you’ve been in this game for only a couple of months... or a “rugged veteran” for 10 years... you can still profit from what you’ll discover in each episode.

One single idea can mean hundreds of thousands… if not millions to your bottomline.

And if you’re new to the show, my request is for you to start with a white-belt mindset.

Go from the beginning.

Hear how my questions evolve as well as my views.

So join me in this exciting journey... learning from entrepreneurs who have in the trenches experience most dropshipping “goo-roos” can only dream about.

Welcome to Ecomonics — your new home for eCommerce insights that can set your Stripe account on fire.

I’ll see you inside.


P.S. In the off chance you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of my name before in the eCommerce world, here’s why:

Remember what I said about being a white belt?

That was me at the start of this show.

And while I don't have an ecom empire to my name (yet)...

What I do have is a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired and honed for over 10 years. Skills that make me an asset for people like you...


[High five if you remember this scene]

Podcasting has been my “ace in the hole” since I discovered it 10 years ago.

That’s why I can bring out the best in every expert and unearth unique insights from them… so you, the listener, can get the nuggets you can simply implement in your stores almost instantly.

So try it out. See for yourself. Listen to the first episode today.