Episode 103 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Aaron Cox - Guiding The Creative Mind To Merge Art And Business Online

Aaron Cox - Guiding The Creative Mind To Merge Art And Business Online

One thing you may have inferred about me, my long time audience that is, is I consider myself an artist. It’s a generalization I admit, but it’s a title I am proud to add to my rolodex. My talk today with Aaron Cox is all about art, and the work he does is admirable in helping some incredibly talented people make their way into the business world. You’ll hear, among a lot of insights into the art world, a key reason why having your own platform is essential, a takeaway I value a great deal as well. 


Aaron Cox have always loved drawing. His goal to help as many struggling artists to find their niche and make a career out of their passion for the arts. He created ArtWithAaron.com to give his friends and the art community a voice to break away from the stigma of “starving artist”. With his website and YouTube channel, he hopes to shed light on some of the most talented people in the art community and change the lives of as many struggling artists as he can.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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