Episode 114 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Alan Chen - Tax Filing And Financial Advice For Growth And Prosperity

Alan Chen - Tax Filing And Financial Advice For Growth And Prosperity

Taxes can be a frustrating and intimidating matter, whether you're a massive corporation or a part timer at a diner, we all have to deal with them. What we talk about today with my guest Alan Chen is a mixture of some practical tips you can deploy to get the most out of your expenses but also a shift in mindset, imagine as tax season rolls around and instead of dreading it, we look forward to it like another Christmas. Impossible? Listen to the episode then answer the question.


Alan is a Certified Public Accountant and one of the founding partners of FreeCashFlow.io a leading accounting and consulting agency based out of Los Angeles, California focused on one niche and niche only: Online business owners especially those in the ecom space. 
The agency offers an all-inclusive package where they take care of all your business tax planning, sales tax filing and threshold strategies, cloud-based bookkeeping, and smart cash flow allocations so that you can keep more of your profit in your back pocket.


Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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