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Alina Kyrvoborodia - Enhance And Inspire Business with Admitad

icon-calendar 2021-10-07 | icon-microphone 53m 21s Listening Time | icon-user Joseph Ianni

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What we have prepared for you today is a presentation on Admitad, with my guest Alina Kyrvoborodia. It's European based but is available worldwide, and from my point of view is one of the most powerful tools I've seen so far. That's saying a lot. There's a lot to unpack in the episode, but the key things to bear in mind going in to it is to consider how this tool can help you enhance your business or inspire you to start something new. 

Alina Kryvoborodia is the Head of Admitad Cashback - B2B cashback platform that connects different businesses in one place. Alina is responsible for the revenue generation, business development and relationship management of potential and existing clients.



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[00:00:00] Alina: For drop shippers, I always tell them never give up and just try to find the best niche and try to feel your business. They need to search very big market places with low prices, with a fast delivery, but it's hard for marketplaces. This is the common issue and check the sellers on these marketplaces and make sure that all products will be in stock. This is like my advice for dropshippers.

[00:00:37] Joseph: You're listening to Ecomonics, a Debutify podcast. Your resource for one of the kinds of insights into the world of e-commerce and business in the modern age. This is Joseph. I'll be presenting a wealth of industry knowledge from interviews, with successful business people and our own state-of-the-art research. Your time is valuable, so let's go.

What we have prepared for you today is a presentation on Admitad, with my guest Alina Kyorvoboridia, is European based, but is available worldwide and from my point of view is one of the most powerful tools I've seen so far, that's saying quite a bit. There's a lot to unpack in this episode, but the key things to bear in mind going into it is to consider how this tool can help you enhance your business or inspire you to start something new.

Alina Kyorvoboridia is good to have here at Ecomonics, how are you doing today? How are you feeling? 

[00:01:31] Alina: Hi, Joseph. Uh, thank you for the chance to be here. And I'm very excited. 

[00:01:37] Joseph: Great. Uh, it is. It's great to have you and, uh, you, my audience might've noticed how intensely focused I was on getting your last name. We, we, we were, we, we joked about it a little bit before we started recording, but like I just said something about wanting to get a person's last name I feel is a show of respect.

I guess I, I get a lot of practice cause I get to talk to people all over the world. So I get to, you know, Arab names, uh, Polish names, um, Eastern European, surprisingly, not that many Italians, at least not yet. Although Italian does come naturally to me. It was less Italian prison to talk to. Oh yeah. Simona Ferrazza. I see. So it was a fun, fun fact about Italians is that we're born knowing how to say each other's last names and make pasta. It's just an inherent trait. Okay. I was going off onto a tangent there. So you come to us on behalf of Admitad and I had an opportunity to, uh, look into it. We had a chance to meet prior to this recording just so we can understand each other a little bit better.

And there's still, it's very comprehensive. There's a lot. So I'm looking forward to using this conversation today, to unpack it and help our audience understand how useful this can be. Um, especially for people like me who are excited about affiliate marketing. So we're going to get into all of that. But first and foremost, my opening question to you is tell us what do you do and what are you up to these days.

[00:02:55] Alina: Well, uh, Admitad is the affiliate network and the biggest one in Eastern Europe, but we have also different projects and they are related to affiliate marketing and, um, the main points, uh, these days, um, Uh, to help the advertisers in all verticals, like e-commerce travel finance technologies to direct new clients and both the sales for existing customers.

And the second one gave the publishers such as like blogs, a website owners who have a resource for promotion, a chance to earn commission from the advertising. Also, we like to support the start startups with the grants and invest in, uh, and acquires the projects that are aimed to booze the sales for the advertisers.

And also we have the project incubator where we create new ideas first, and then we create the new projects and actually the admitad cashback is one of such projects, but the main difference is that clients create the idea of the project and we just turned it into reality. 

[00:04:10] Joseph: What impressed me in what you were discussing. Cause you mentioned you have different verticals. Um, moving on to a, uh, I guess a different question here. So you mentioned e-commerce you mentioned travel, you mentioned finance and this is something that I think is really important about e-commerce is there's this divide between what people identify as e-commerce, which is typically drop shipping.

And then there's also other parts of the industry too. And seeing these come together, I think is really important for, you know, e-commerce to make its way into the industry at large. 

[00:04:46] Alina: Well, uh, e-commerce not only about the drop-shipping, uh, we call e-commerce, uh, each advertiser who has the online store and who wants to increase their sales.

So all online shops, uh, who needs to be, uh, promoted, uh, we call, uh, we call the e-commerce vertical. So let's say if you're a YouTube blogger, You, uh, try to increase the sales for advertiser X. It means that you work in an e-commerce through your YouTube channel. 

[00:05:22] Joseph: Yeah, yeah. That, that's a valid point. And, and I, and I've made this point similarly in the past too, is that I think in any way that there was a transaction happening online.

Counts as e-commerce, uh, I think that there's just, we don't have to get too far into this, but I think there's a stereotype with e-commerce where people think e-commerce e-commerce and they think specifically selling products online when it's in reality, e-commerce is much more, uh, diverse in that I I've made the argument in the past that if I order a Uber online, or if I deliver have food delivered through an app, that's e-commerce because it took place on the internet.

So it's a, it's a much bigger scope than I think people realize. 

[00:06:02] Alina: Yes, but actually for us, e-commerce, it's a global vertical and the very big, if we are talking about the volume and the GMB, uh, and also, uh, for us, uh, there is a very big task to find more sales for the advertisers, uh, from the e-commerce and to find those who will promo the advertiser in order to increase the sales.

[00:06:29] Joseph: And you said that you're, you know, is the largest one in, uh, I believe that you said Eastern Europe, are you, are you finding it? I think with any company, you know, you have your, your area of expertise or your, I guess, your home territory. Um, but you also want to expand out to the rest of Europe, expand out to maybe to, to Asia and north America.

Um, is that part of the plan and are you running into challenges to, um, make connections with different parts of the world? 

[00:06:59] Alina: Actually, um, we do it now, uh, and, uh, we have different departments and we divide each department, uh, by the country. We have, department, uh, we have the Europe department, we have department, so we all decided, but, uh, of course we started from the Eastern Europe and of course we are the biggest due to a story of our founding. 

[00:07:32] Joseph: The story of your founding. And actually I wanted to ask you about that too. So, uh, whenever I get to talk to people who are representing a company or an agency or a service, I ask this question, um, I really would like to know about the origin and, uh, or the, the beginnings of, uh, of the company, you know, when did it start and.

The way I ask it is always like, what problem did they want to solve? Because I think everybody starts a company because they're identifying something is missing and they need to fix it themselves. 

[00:08:00] Alina: The company Admitad was founded in 2009 and it actually, it started with an affiliate network to help gaming advertisers, to boost their sales and businesses.

And on the later on, we extended the verticals, uh, which I mentioned to you, like e-commerce travel and other services. We try not to solve uh, let's say the problem, but we would try to be the comfortable service, uh, for both for the advertiser and for publisher. And, uh, we held them to find each other in one place.

I think it's the main thing, uh, which is all for two sides. 

You have 

[00:08:47] Joseph: to forgive me. I don't remember if I mentioned this to you or not. I feel like I did, but I, I don't quite remember. Well, I'm running an online store myself. I've been working with the beautify for a year and I've gotten to talk to so many people.

It's very difficult to not want to set up my own business and run my own online store and take my own, my own shot at it. In fact, I feel a responsibility too, because if I'm the host of the show and I get to listen to so many people and I get to learn so much, what excuse do I have not to do it? I like money.

I want to afford my own place. I got to do it. I just got it. So I'm just going to make it clear. You know what I do exactly. You know, I have my online store and I have two strategies. One is my product, um, which, uh, I obviously I wants to market and sell and. And then I also have my, my brand strategy, which involves writing content and having a strong blog and you and integrating affiliate marketing into that because there's a lot more products that I can promote rather than trying to sell everything. And that to me is I think the beauty of affiliate marketing is I can use my sales technique and I can sell products a night and day, but I don't have to even drop-ship them, let alone have them in my own place.

So there's a lot of advantages here. Could you take us through what are the first steps for people to, um, sign up for the website and I guess, you know, what should they have ready? And, uh, I guess to help kind of get people oriented with how to use the, the, the, the service. 

[00:10:24] Alina: Well, if we are talking about the publisher who will help with whole hub, the advertiser to increase the sales and promote the advertiser, uh, their registration processes, extra simple.

I don't know what to add because it's just a few steps and, uh, all the information. Just specify. This is your contacts. This is your website link. And, uh, describe, uh, the business model. Your, you will work as a drop-shipper. You will work with your social network or your do channel, et cetera. So it's pretty easy if you want to, uh, join our service, like the advertiser and it's predict the same, you need to send us the request to describe information, uh, about your online store, about, uh, your sedation suggestions about the traffic sources, about the conditions, and then we will, uh, share the information and conduct you. So it's like from two sides, uh, I just explained, uh, the process, how to use this service. 

[00:11:37] Joseph: Okay. Uh, so I'm going to go through a couple of smaller details just to help answer some questions that I think my, my audience might have.

And I recognize that we can always go to the website and dig into these, but I've got you here. So I might as well, I'm going to tell you how. Um, so I have my Shopify store. I am, of course using the debate if I think because of course I have a third-party logistics, uh, company, um, that I'm using to help cut down on shipping times.

Um, they're called and then I have, um, to then the product right now that I'm drop-shipping is on Allianz. How do I integrate this into my workflow? Or how does this integrate into my workflow? I know this is tricky. So, uh, I'm, I'm just, I guess, figuring out how to best ensure that I'm asking the question correctly.

I, I think as a, I'm not necessarily. Going to try to do like affiliate links for a product that I'm trying to sell anyways. So I think it's more of ways that maybe I can advertise this product that I'm trying to do drop ship. Uh, hopefully I've, I've broken it down as best I can. Uh, how, how is this going to be integrated?

[00:12:48] Alina: So, uh, one additional question, uh, for you, uh, Joseph, uh, do we use any dropshipping platform to, um, manage your orders? 

[00:13:01] Joseph: I just want you to know, I really appreciate you asking me questions too. I like being asked questions too. So feel free to hit me with as many as you got. I don't think I do know because, uh, yakkyofy um, they, what I can do is I can ship the products to them, and then that way they will handle fulfillment.

They handle branded inserts. They handle. Well at the end of the branding, and then they handle the shipping. So in practice, I don't necessarily need to then go to AliExpress to fulfill the order. They will either go to AliExpress for me, or I already have the products once, once the products that I'm still in the testing phase, once the product is tested and people are starting to place orders for it, then I can send a stack of them over to a yakkyofy so that they're going to be shipped out.

[00:13:45] Alina: Okay. So, uh, one important thing before start to, to use our service, uh, the client need to check if, uh, that advertiser, um, which, uh, the client uses, uh, is, uh, in our catalog. It means that if there is no, uh, if the advertiser X or the supplier for drop shipper is not, uh, our partner, uh, it's not possible to receive the cash back.

This is important to understand. So if to imagine that let's say, uh, you check our, uh, the list of our advertisers and you found, let's say AliExpress or another supplier. Uh, you just need to register the account, uh, the Admitad account. If you are not using any drop shipping platform, you just need to get the quick link affiliate link and go through this link and receive the uh, commission for your orders. Uh, then another story, if you're using the dropshipping in platform, uh, because, uh, we have, um, the collaboration, uh, with, uh, some dropshipping platforms and you just need to insert, uh, the admitad link into the drop shipping platform, I call them one time and then you will order all your products at the same time and receive the commission at the same time.

So as you see, uh, the process very different, and it depends on, uh, the different factors, uh, which we mentioned.

[00:15:39] Joseph: So my next question is, um, more about, uh, using the, uh, Admitad cashback. So now let's say for instance, I don't have a store and I'm just a, uh, a customer is Admitad cashback something that I can use as a customer? 

[00:15:53] Alina: It depends on what the customer you mean by the customer. If you just, I dunno, uh, Joseph, uh, from, uh, and you want to buy, I don't know any cup with a cash back, of course you can register the account and, uh, do the same, but, uh, the Admitad cashback project, we focused more, uh, for the B2B client.

[00:16:19] Joseph: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, that, that, that, cause that was the one thing that I was, um, uh, I was just trying to sort out, even before we had this discussion today, it is just because, you know, when I hear cashback, I always think of it as a, as a consumer feature, uh, rather than a seller feature. Um, but I think is really helpful and I know terminology changes from place to place.

But when I say seller, I mean, somebody runs a store, sells a product. And, and I think what's key about the cash back is that it helps sellers, I think, compete with other businesses that have the luxury of selling at lower prices, maybe because they're a big company and they can afford a product in bulk.

And so am I, am I getting this right? That the stores are actually saving money and they can pass those savings even off on, off to the customer because they're receiving cash back for working through your affiliate program. 

[00:17:09] Alina: Yes. Our main point to save that of shippers time and, uh, provide the, uh, additional income or to increase the marginality.

It's, uh, the same. So it's our main goal. 

[00:17:24] Joseph: Is there by any chance an issue that might come up, uh, it with returns. Cause I, I figured I would already receive the cash, but then if the customer changes their minds and has to send the product back, do I have to send the cash back back? 

[00:17:37] Alina: There is interested in purchases that have been made, uh, without refunds.

Okay. So, uh, the advertiser based commission, if the product is not returned, but if some clients, uh, my purchases, uh, within refund and it's human commission for these it will not work because it will be identified as cheating. 

[00:18:02] Joseph: Oh, okay. So, so what happens is it takes time before the cash is actually, um, uh, sent right?

That you need to actually verify that the purchase. Yes. I guess there's like a physical 30 day window, for instance, for, um, after that point I get, okay. So maybe it will work like this and forgive me if I don't quite get it right. But let's just say for instance, my return policy is 15 days. Um, would I let the advertiser know that or let the program know that it's 15 days or does the program set their own restrictions and say, look, you ha it has to be 30 days.

I don't care what your return policy is. If it's not 30 days, we're not gonna do. 

[00:18:41] Alina: Our return policy depends on the, on each advertiser and its own conditions. So some advertisers have like 19 days, uh, some of them, uh, have like 100 days and some of them, some of them have like 10 days of verification. So it depends on the advertiser.

[00:19:01] Joseph: Okay, well, that makes a great deal of difference because I'm, I'm not sure what a a hundred day return, what kind of product that would be, I guess, for like, I dunno, like water filters or something where they just need like time for it to, to release it. Yes. 

[00:19:15] Alina: And, uh, also, uh, travel, travel, because if you're booking a hotel, uh, for, uh, I dunno, uh, for next summer vacation, then you need to wait when.

Uh, when them location a little bit past, and then the advertiser, or will check if there is no any refunds or anything. So it depends also on the vertical. 

[00:19:41] Joseph: Yeah, that makes sense too. I just don't know. I just I'm amused because I haven't been, uh, uh, I haven't traveled since I was in high school. No, that's not true when.

So California once when my mid twenties, uh, thanks to my dad. Um, and, and you just, as you just find it to think of it, like how come people, they, they, you know, they'll, they'll go on trips and, uh, it's, it's not as easy to say, yeah, I'm dissatisfied with this versus like, I dunno, buying a product or something.

It's like, all right, put it in the box, ship it back. It goes. So it's, it's a much more of a, of a ugly situation where somebody goes, uh, it goes on. If you don't mind me asking him, I am, uh, interested about that is, you know, what or depending on the vertical, what are some of the issues that you've, um, now that you've encountered, or that you're aware of, that your company is encountering? Um, like in the travel vertical and the finance vertical? 

[00:20:29] Alina: Maybe? Uh, it depends. A lot of questions about the rates because each vertical has its own one, uh, conditions about the commission. Uh, uh, I mean rate, for example, for, uh, advertiser, uh, which, uh, are, uh, pay for the install. They always have a fixed rate.

So for example for e-commerce, it's usually flat rate. So sometimes clients just want to understand, uh, why for this advertiser, uh, such condition for another one and other condition and why, uh, the whole time when you need to wait for cashback, uh, are different. So, um, let's say that you two such different verticals.

Types of the advertisers. Um, most, mostly we receive like a different question. Uh, question seven. Do we need to explain, uh, why we have this, uh, also talking about the drop shipping course or fonts each time we need to, uh, explain, uh, why, uh, why the advertiser doesn't pay for such orders and it's, uh, always the issue to explain.

[00:21:51] Joseph: Right. So it's, it's possible that I'll look at, I'll say I'll have like 20 orders. Um, and then the advertiser will have only paid for five or six of them. And then the remaining of them, I would have to figure out, I've got to understand, well, what's going on? Why did these ones not sell? So like, do you, can you, to your recollection, do you recall what have been some of the, uh, some of the reasons why the advertiser has decided not to, uh, pay cash back on some, but we'll pay it on others?

[00:22:19] Alina: We the service, uh, which control two sides, uh, as I mentioned, and we just need to follow through the advertisers rules and conditions and the same info we need to transfer to, uh, our publishers, uh, or as a cashback, I mean, receive the cash backs. So we just need to be, uh, very friendly. And follow all these rules. So this is, I think, uh, for me, uh, this is, uh, one of the like problematic factors to explain some bad news that you cannot receive commission for some orders, because it was a response and we need to follow all, uh, the conditions, uh, sometimes it's hard. 

[00:23:10] Joseph: Right. Okay. So that makes sense now. So it's the advertisers that are sitting there.

Okay. That's that's fair. Yeah, but I suppose you guys also set your own conditions as well that the advertisers have to follow it to some degree. 

[00:23:24] Alina: Well, yes. Uh, for example, let's imagine that, for example, the dropshipper came to us and the dropshipper uh, wants to be the advertiser, the next step, which we will ask, uh, is, uh, on which conditions you want to work with us, uh, we will ask the rate.

We. And then dropshipper, uh, can provide for, uh, the publisher, uh, which will promote, uh, his online store, uh, which type of traffic it is accepting because, uh, for example, the drop-shipper, uh, can be strong in Facebook ads, but in contextual advertising, not so, uh, they come to us and ask to promote their own store only with the specific traffic sources. And we will do it for the rate, which the client will tell them.

[00:24:30] Joseph: Is there is your company getting entry-level people say, for instance, somebody who's just I'm I'm I'm entry-level myself. So I could certainly, um, we use myself as an example. Uh, where, you know, sales haven't really started yet and I'm still setting up my, I guess my infrastructure. Are you getting people who are just starting out?

And if, if so, are you, are you seeing things that they're doing that are making them more, uh, effective and successful, uh, through, through your program? 

[00:25:00] Alina: Uh, of course, of course it depends on the situation. We have different departments. Uh, and, uh, of course, uh, we, uh, built the separate department for, uh, let's say, big advertisers, uh, for the specific vertical and for the advertisers, uh, which just talk about.

Uh, to, uh, promote themselves and increase their sales. So actually we work with different types of them, but for each of them different, uh, conditions to start to work with us because, uh, those who for you and, uh, who's not a big player on the market. We check very carefully and we can cancel, uh, the rest to be our partner.

If we will see various strange things or we will not accept, uh, the content or products, which the online store. 

[00:26:05] Joseph: Right. Okay. So, so, so, um, uh, drop shippers have to be mindful of, you know, what kind of, what kind of product they're selling. So like some of, some of it is common sense, you know, if a, if someone's selling like a body bag and this seems to be a body on the inside, maybe we don't want to work with somebody like that.

But then there's also ones that I think might be a little bit more. Um, you might not be so sure if it, if it will fit or not fit. So for instance, Maybe like consumables or, or supplements. Um, there, there there's a lot of, uh, market traction for those. So are there are, do do there tend to be products or niches that don't really get along with the program?

[00:26:45] Alina: Let's say I'm not, not an expert with a niche, uh, of, uh, different verticals. If we are talking, talking about the drop ship, It's also the bands because I saw different niches and some of them are really strange, but the client, uh, has very good expertize for the top products of this Nisha. So it can work for this, uh, uh, client like three years.


[00:27:12] Joseph: I guess he can't sell that because of, uh, of, uh, confidentiality. You can't tell us where some of the unusual products can you. 

[00:27:18] Alina: I can tell just like a main trends, not, uh, of course the, uh, specific, uh, secrets, uh, or our, our clients, because the competition is so high here, but let's say that, um, flooding is very, it's very popular women and men apparel, um, very, very popular in Asia, but here are high competition.

So you need to check the products, uh, which you want to sell, wear carefully and, uh, be, uh, for one step ahead of your competitors. 

[00:27:57] Joseph: And, and one of the, uh, one of the resources that, um, do your, uh, your company has sent to us, it was the top thousand out of the express products just for May, 2021. And, and I, and I was looking through, I mean, I didn't go through all a thousand products for all the, for all of them.

Um, but the ones you sent, it was for the United Kingdom and Germany, France, the US and, uh, Brazil. The only thing that really stuck out to me from this mind you, again, I didn't like spend hours on it or anything like that, but in Brazil it was lights and lighting. Um, it wasn't easy because our control lamp, uh, led RGB, light dimmable.

So in Brazil, for one reason or another, it was lights. That was the most, um, selling thing. So in the US at the time it was sports, uh, cause I guess people are just trying to get back outside in France. It was underwear. I don't know. Uh, I'll I'll uh, I'll let the French explain that one to us. Uh, in Germany it was shoes.

I I'm, I'm not quite sure, uh, how to that one. And then, uh, the UK, it was a women's clothing. I look at that and I, and I'm just trying to tell a story in my head, like why certain things sold so well, and then, and in Brazil, I was really trying to understand what's why all of a sudden this product just like went right over everybody else.

I dunno. I mean, I'm picturing in my head that maybe they're just setting up a lot of like outdoor patios or, uh, Lego, like, uh, outdoor lighting or something along those lines. So that's me trying to get an insight from it. I, I'm not expecting you to like, demystify for this, to solve the puzzle or anything like that.

Um, but I do have a general question for you, which is when receiving this kind of data, does it inform any of your decision-making process? Who to reach out to, or, um, uh, different companies that want to worked with, or following trends, or like, what is, what does this data do to, uh, to help your company?

[00:30:00] Alina: Well, uh, actually we show trends, uh, trends by the products, but it is not at all for, let's say analyzing their volume or competitors because, uh, using this Dole, our goal is to help, uh, with the idea of products, uh, which the client will. So, uh, we rank, uh, the borders from, uh, from the most popular to this popular, uh, and help, uh, actually our clients, if they need, uh, this kind of help. 

[00:30:37] Joseph: And this is another one I forgot to ask it earlier. Uh, and it's just one thing that I, I wanted to know more about. So one of the rules that you stated that the advertisers set is. You know, it has to be post refund. It has, she has the VA confirmed purchase. Um, so that's one rule. I was wondering if you can recall any of the other rules that an advertiser might typically set stuff just to let, um, you know, us dropshippers know what are, what are some of the rules that we had to deal with when I'm making sure that our advertisers are.

[00:31:10] Alina: Well, the, the advertisers are happy. Uh, if the sales increased so more, more sales, uh, the advertisers, uh, will be more happy without too then. Of course. So the main thing is the increase before advertiser. This is, uh, the best thing for that. 

[00:31:38] Joseph: Okay. Okay. But, but just to, uh, just to make sure I was, um, I went to the question as, as best I can.

What other conditions do advertise, reset, like be aside from refunds and returns? 

[00:31:49] Alina: Actually, uh, Has a one condition, for example, um, different type of a traffic source, which you can use for a promotion or from which source you can, uh, by, uh, the product. Uh, also, um, the second one, uh, and popular condition, uh, this is the countries, uh, where the advertiser, uh, wants to increase the sales.

For example, uh, the divisor can accept only they UK or US and not the rest of the world. So, um, this is, uh, two important conditions for the advertiser. 

[00:32:35] Joseph: Okay. Valid. That's good to know. Okay. So here was the other thing that I, that I tabled, because you had mentioned one of the, uh, one of the commission programs, which is, I think it was like flat rate per order, but, and what I, what I saw was that there's three.

So it was flat rate per order, um, flat rate per item and then percent of sale. So I would like to know a little bit more. Who uses, which ones like which one a drop-shipper might encounter. And the thing is, I just want to be the, the, uh, the fair is that, you know, when I write these questions, I just write anything that I can think of that I would, that I want to know.

Okay. Uh, company is run by many people. So there's a lot of people who maybe be able to answer different questions. So if I ask you something that you're not the expert on, sorry, but I'm going to do, I can still just kind of hard questions anyways, so just let us okay. I appreciate it. So what can you let us know about our audience about, I guess, you know, the advantages and disadvantages of each and why is, um, say an advertiser using flat rate versus percent of sale.

[00:33:31] Alina: Uh, as I mentioned their, uh, for example, for dropshippers, uh, it is a flat rate usually, um, because, uh, this is, uh, the advertisers from, uh, the e-commerce vertical and it's usually if that great, um, As I mentioned, uh, this, um, the fixed rate will be for install for game, uh, gaming advertisers, and for dropshippers important to know, for example, that, uh, the rate, uh, depends on the category.

For example, uh, for kitchen, it can be a one rate for, uh, uh, apparel. It can be another one. So. Important to check, uh, which nice you use and, uh, uh, which, uh, commission you will receive is you ask, uh, about the advantages or disadvantages. Uh, let me, let, let me tell you that I do not see, and don't feel that, uh, we have the advantage or disadvantage because it's only the condition of the advertiser and you play for this rules or just now, but it's like, it's, it's hard to, to tell that, uh, some other desert have, uh, has, uh, one advantage and disadvantage. It's really very hard to, to think. 

[00:34:58] Joseph: From this side, the sidetracking for a second. Cause I got to ask a gamer question. Can you briefly explain like how, how it works?

So as like, if somebody purchases the game and installs it, then the advertiser gets, or the game company gets a cash. 

[00:35:10] Alina: Just telling you the truth. I'm not an expert in these verticals, but if, if they explain, um, very simple, uh, words, uh, you just need to, uh, join the advertiser and promote with say, uh, the special game for the, these advertiser and the advertiser, uh, will check if your users, uh, for whom promote, uh, promote, uh, this game gained the spacial level from the game. Then you will receive the commission for, uh, they use from these advertisers. So it's a bit complicated to explain in one word, but it looks like these or the better story with install. Uh, if the user install the feature from the advertiser, uh, you will receive, uh, the commission, but it also can depends on the days, uh, after which, uh, Yeah, the user is installed the special features and et cetera.

So the main things like these and, uh, uh, each should have deser, uh, settled. He has its own condition also.

[00:36:27] Joseph: Yeah. I, it, it makes sense to me now just because I guess coming from my, uh, expertise in gaming is that, you know, anybody, especially if it's like a free to play game, they can install it. No problem.

But if they don't actually play it or anything, then they're just giving cash 

Okay. So the developers still have to make sure the game is, you know, worth playing. So. Okay. All right. My next question is about if there, if there is a difference in a, in a, in a website that is not selling anything, but they're just using, um, an affiliate program to link people to.

Other to, to somewhere else where they can make a purchase versus what I was describing earlier in my own store, where I'm selling a product and lake end with an advertiser, getting into cash back for selling it. Does your company have experienced as a work with people who are specifically focusing on promoting products?

They're not working, they're not trying to sell anything. They're just trying to talk about products and link people to other places. Um, do you have people using the program, you, uh, uh, uh, along those. 

[00:37:35] Alina: Of course, um, we work with such clients, uh, only promotes the products from the advertiser and don't have any, uh, online store, uh, uh, like method.

Uh, let me say this. It was, it was, uh, our, um, main, uh, main, uh, niche, uh, of our work, uh, workflow process. So of course we have like a thousands of such, uh clients.

[00:38:09] Joseph: By the way, if you're a current user of Debutify or haven't tried us out yet, Debutify version three has been released and now is a good time to upgrade or get started as any. A streamlined user interface along with an ever increasing array of conversion boosting ad-ons is waiting for you. So download today for free and start your journey. Who knows, maybe I'll be interviewing you before too long.

Speaking of, uh, of advertising. So, you know, as a, as a drop-shipper I do have a lot of methods to advertise. There's there's Facebook, there's Google there's Pinterest. There's all these different. I guess what I'm doing with, uh, within midnight is if I want us to advertise through there is I, you know, I'm giving people a failed links and then encouraging them to do the advertising for me, they'll write it on their own website and they'll do their, they're basically doing their ad.

My advertisement for me is that right? 

[00:39:03] Alina: We just need to receive the affiliate links and post them anywhere if the advertisers, uh, conditions are okay with this, and then you will receive the commission for all your job.

[00:39:16] Joseph: Yeah. I've covered everything that I wanted to cover. Uh, I'm just looking through, uh, just to be transparent with my audience.

I am looking through my, uh, my, my notes here, just to see if there's anything else that we really want to make sure our audience understands. I think actually, so I do have one here. This one's a important, yeah. The differences between B2B cashback versus B2C cashback. I remember you were mentioning earlier that I think B2B cashback is, I think B2B is more, the more prominent one right now.

Um, but I w I, I leave it to, to let us know more of like the differences between B2B and B2C. 

[00:39:49] Alina: Um, the different is that, uh, the B2C is not automated, so you can order manually. And, uh, the B2B, um, for example, from, uh, our side, uh, we implement, uh, implemented it, uh, for, uh, the automated mode. So you can uh, do your things and don't worry about the following the links, uh, in most cases, and just do your job and receive the commission at the same time.

So this IS the main different difference. And also, uh, we care about the tracking, uh, because, uh, as you understand, uh, the B2B, because back, uh, the clients of the B2B, uh, they order a big volume, uh, of products. So we need to care about the tracking, uh, And make sure that all orders, uh, I believe, uh, was tracked to the system and make sure that the client received the cashback.

So also the main, uh, thing is that, uh, the cash backs, uh, I know that some of them cancel the big orders, uh, for very big amount. Uh, and the big, uh, the bit of, because cashback, uh, allows you to. I, I dunno to make the purchases for thousands and thousands, or there are spare one time and it will be approved. So let's let me tell that it's three main difference.

[00:41:32] Joseph: Uh, yeah, it's a, and it's important to keep in mind, depending on what direction the business wants to go. If they're focusing more on B2C versus B2B, I mean, customers, they, I guess we know when you, when it's a business transacting with another business, I guess it was more of an understanding because both sides have very similar issues to deal with, but customers, on the other hand, it can be any number of reasons.

So I can see there being some pretty significant differences in cashback from both sides, but what I think is great is that there are both sides and that if I'm leaning more B2B, rather than B2C, that there's a, a cashback system for that too. I, now I definitely think I've, I've covered everything at least from, from my end, but I also wanted to leave the floor open.

Was there any other element to a admit, how do you want to make sure that, um, we understand today before we start wrapping up?

[00:42:22] Alina: My explanation, uh, was like understandable. And some of them maybe a bit complicated. The main thing is that, uh, of course we work with different clients. And today I tried to, um, explain about, uh, about each con uh, client, not only the dropshipper. I tried to, uh, explain from different sides and show, uh, how it's, uh, how the network globally work with clients and how it can be. Uh, so I don't know, maybe, maybe a you tell me if I, um, skipped any important information. 

[00:43:01] Joseph: I will say is that, um, I I've, I've had a time beforehand to look into it. And if I had this conversation with you and my first takeaway is that this is a very powerful tool and there's a, there's a lot of capability and a lot of flexibility to it.

And so no matter what kind of business I'm running. There's probably a reason to, to adopt this program. So that's, that's my first main takeaway. And then, um, more specifically into my own. Um, my own business. What I understood going in was the capability of being able to work with other advertisers, being able to promote their products, make sure that I'm promoting stuff.

That's, that's within my niche because I'm in, um, home office and living space. So that's where I'm, I'm in a remote, I'm remote working for like 10 years. So, you know, everybody else is getting out of lockdown and I go back to make an excuses, not to leave the house as opposed to just, you know, having the excuse me.

Um, so that, that I understood going in what I didn't understand going in, but what I think is more clear to me now is more how the cash back system works. So I'm going to reiterate it just to make sure that I got it right. Which is if my product is part of the advertisers network, then I can, um, connect with that advertiser and say, I'm going to be selling this product.

And so then when the product sells, um, provided that I made the advertisers condition. That the advertiser will send me cash back, which means that I am actually able to now be a little bit more, um, flexible, not only with my pricing, but also with my, um, really with my, with my revenue altogether. It means I have more of an ability to compete with businesses at higher level.

Because they have advantages that I don't, they can, they have more money to spend. So they have more advertising. They have more products that they can acquire, and there's a lot of difficulty in dealing with them, but being a part of a cashback system means that all of my, I get more out of each transaction that my customers make.

That's, that's my main understanding. 

[00:45:05] Alina: Yes. Uh, I'm totally agree with you as for me, uh, each client, uh, again, uh, clients can decide, uh, how to, uh, receive, uh, or for what to receive the cash back. I mean, for, uh, the advertising for the page, uh, subscriptions for income, it doesn't matter. The main thing is uh, you'll receive, uh, the additional income and then you can do whenever you want and more over a nice thing is that, uh, on the online mode, uh, the client, uh, C, uh, uh, the balance and, uh, the amount of the amount of the cash bag and each order and request the payout anytime, whenever, uh, the client wants, uh, for the payment methods, uh, which the client will choose.

So. This is the story, uh, that, uh, we want to save, uh, the time of our clients, especially the dropshippers, uh, because the time is money and we understand it. So for us important to, to, uh, implement the fast payouts, to help with the top products, to help with, uh, special tools. And, uh, I think this way we can make, uh, this case a more successful.

But we just, uh, on the stage of doing this, I will not tell that, uh, we are perfect day by day. We tried to develop this. 

[00:46:51] Joseph: Yeah, well, I, uh, and again, I appreciate you taking the time to help us, uh, understand it and, and hopefully be excited to use it as I would say if people, I don't think I know for sure.

I've never talked to anybody who's, who's doing a cashback system. And so I think for anybody in our audience, regardless of, you know, what they're working on is to look into this because if this is a way to help improve their margins, It's it's, it's being part of a positive cycle where everyone is, is doing a little bit better.

I, I guess, to, to, to, to wrap this up for big picture, um, what do you see, w where do you guys see yourself going with the, with the company? Are there any like plans you want to let us know about first stuff that you want to accomplish in the next year or three? 

[00:47:36] Alina: Well for now, uh, for us important, uh, to granted, uh, create and develop new tools, uh, this is the must have for us.

So for now we are working on the, uh, implementing and on the feedback from our clients, what we can do for them, uh, and which way we can help them and in increase the sales, for clients for advertiser. Um, because for us, this is a win-win story. So, uh, the future, uh, for us, uh, this is new tools, uh, and, uh, some new ideas about the data for our class.

[00:48:19] Joseph: So with that, um, uh, Alina, we we've, we've done everything that we can, uh, we can do today. And I think our audience, uh, especially what needs to think carefully about using this, because I think it's a very powerful tool and it can do a lot of favors for a lot of people. So my final question to you is if you have any say advice, or if there's like a words of wisdom that really stick with you.

You're welcome to share them with us and then let the audience know how they can look into this program. 

[00:48:52] Alina: My advice will be a bit strange. It's like for, uh, dropshippers. I, uh, always tell him, never give up and just try to find, uh, the best niche and try to feel, uh, your business. Uh, this is very important because I know the most, uh, big issues of our partners. So I tried to support them, uh, and, uh, to find, uh, for example, the best advisors, uh, there is no uh, perfect advertiser. It depends on what you need. If you need, I dunno, apparel, you need to choose the big marketplace such as like LA express. Alibaba, Shopee for Asia. So for dropshippers, let's say that, uh, to, uh, search, uh, very big marketplaces with, uh, low prices.

So with a fast delivery, a fast delivery, but it's hard for marketplaces. This is the common issue and check the sellers on these marketplaces and make sure that our products will be. Uh, this is like my advice for, uh, dropshippers.

[00:50:08] Joseph: So, and then, then the other side of it is just let the audience know how they can look into the program for themselves.

[00:50:13] Alina: It's better to go to the, uh, list of Admitad offers. Uh, you can do it without any registration. To Google it like Admitad offers, our catalog list. Uh, and, uh, you can check it before, uh, you will have to understand, you need to register or now, and just filter, uh, the advertiser by the country, uh, by the rate you need and everything.

So it's pretty easy to check. 

[00:50:43] Joseph: All right. Well, uh, I I've said it to my audience a couple of times already, but I'm going to say a once more for good measure, which is, uh, have a look. I would be very curious for anyone to come up with a reason not to use it. Um, and I myself will, will be signing up for this program because I don't have, uh, anything like it at the moment.

And the beauty of getting to do this job is over time. I get to not only. Learn how to improve my infrastructure, but to also learn more about the infrastructure altogether. So, um, so that, that's definitely a main takeaway for me. And hopefully my audience will, I will feel the same way. Um, we're, we're rooting for your success.

So, sorry. Were you going to. 

[00:51:21] Alina: I think this is that you can also the test, to tell you the truth. I feel also my own store for tests. This is a cutie. So yes, uh, better to try and, uh, in practice to test it and you will understand more. So from my side, I want to understand also the clients and I need to, uh, to do the same thing sometimes in order to understand them is important.

[00:51:54] Joseph: Exactly. So, yeah, we're on that. We're on the same page. So yeah, to, to my audience as always, it is an honor and a privilege to be able to collect this information and share it with all of you. I almost did that. I said that at the end of a lot of episodes and I'm getting better at it, but not perfect yet, but anyways, thanks to all of you for, for participating Alina.

Thanks again for your time. You've helped out a lot today. So, uh, with that. Take care and we will check in soon.

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