Episode 149 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Andrew Maff - Bluetuskr, Distinctive Marketing In Ecommerce

Andrew Maff - Bluetuskr, Distinctive Marketing In Ecommerce

I can see a large concern around systemizing and automating key aspects of business and our life for that matter, leaving one with the sinking feeling their individual needs aren't being met or even addressed. What stuck out to me with my conversation with Andrew Maff of Bluetuskr is that every customer, every business is unique and thus Bluetuskr keeps that approach in mind in their business. There's a great need for systems and structures but if we lose sight of the individual needs, we lose everything.


Andrew is the Founder of BlueTuskr, a full-service marketing company for e-commerce sellers. With 15 years of experience, he has proved himself to be a leader in the field. His entrepreneurial knowledge and success allow him to excel in his industry as well as helping others grow theirs. His knowledge in branding, social media, SEO, web design, graphic design, email marketing, and more, providing exceptional results consistently.


Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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