Episode 142 Featuring Joseph Ianni

BFCM 2021 and Yakkyofy demo with Ilaria de Virgiliis

BFCM 2021 and Yakkyofy demo with Ilaria de Virgiliis

Joseph here with our 2021 BFCM primer joined by Ilaria of Yakkyofy, my drop shipping supplier of choice. Yes, that's right. I play favorites. Although our programming here is not generally time-sensitive, in this case it is. So for that reason, we got this from rolling as soon as we could. Enjoy and be sure to check Yakkyofy out for yourself. It is an amazing tool you can use to get started the right way, with a winning brand, as well as a winning product.  

Ilaria De Virgiliis graduated in foreign languages and international relations. In the past she has worked as a political communication consultant. She now deals with the management of Social Media at Yakkyofy.



Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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