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BFCM 2021 and Yakkyofy demo with Ilaria de Virgiliis

icon-calendar 2021-10-19 | icon-microphone 1h 3m 38s Listening Time | icon-user Joseph Ianni

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Joseph here with our 2021 BFCM primer joined by Ilaria of Yakkyofy, my drop shipping supplier of choice. Yes, that's right. I play favorites. Although our programming here is not generally time-sensitive, in this case it is. So for that reason, we got this from rolling as soon as we could. Enjoy and be sure to check Yakkyofy out for yourself. It is an amazing tool you can use to get started the right way, with a winning brand, as well as a winning product.  

Ilaria De Virgiliis graduated in foreign languages and international relations. In the past she has worked as a political communication consultant. She now deals with the management of Social Media at Yakkyofy.



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[00:00:00] Ilaria De Virgiliis: And we all know that ads get more expensive in the new iOS 14 update has made it so much more difficult, to customers. Supply and retention should be one of the key. And that's precisely why Yakkyofy is focusing so much, um, helping drop shippers to build their very own brand because like, if you have loyal clients, they will keep on buying from you because they know you, they know your status, they know what products you offer. That's why it is very important for us.

[00:00:32] Joseph: You're listening to Ecomonics, a Debutify podcast. Your resource for one of the kind insights into the world of e-commerce and business in the modern age. This is Joseph. I'll be presenting a wealth of industry knowledge from interviews with successful business people and our own state-of-the-art research.

Your time is valuable. So let's go.

Hey all. Joseph here with our 2021 BFCM primer joined by Ilaria of Yakkyofy, my drop shipping supplier of choice. Yes, that's right. I play favorites. Although our programming here is not generally time-sensitive, in this case it is. So for that reason, we got this from rolling as soon as we could. Enjoy and be sure to check Yakkyofy out for yourself. It is an amazing tool you can use to get started the right way, with a winning brand, as well as a winning product. 

Ilaria from Yakkyofy, It's great to have you here. It's great to have. It's good to have you back on the program. I'm a big fan of the, uh, of the service so much so that I decided that I was going to use it for my own online business.

And I had, you know, I had, I had a buffet, I had options, so yeah, it's good to have you guys back. We have a lot of really important stuff to cover, but this is your first time on the program. So. 

[00:01:50] Ilaria De Virgiliis: So, yes, I'm really happy to start. So what I do for Yakkyofy is I do the social media. So I'm the social media manager, like most of the content that you see online or the videos or the posts are done by me together with Simona, who is my, uh, let's say marketing boss. So that's where we do. Very exciting work. 

[00:02:08] Joseph: Real quick. Um, do you want to let us know what kind of content that you create? I understand like you do webinars, you do live events and stuff like that. 

[00:02:15] Ilaria De Virgiliis: We do a lot of live interviews. Like we had done a few, like at the beginning of the year. We do a video tutorials.

We do also courses on drop shipping. Like we had a course on drop shipping with Shopify. So we had a full course that there were like eight or nine lessons. Then we do also, um, videos that can help drop shippers to kind of go through the various spots of the years in terms of like what happens in Q4, how to get ready for it, what to look out for.

And we also like, um, give a lot of product suggestions. So we have like some trending products that we see are doing well, so we suggest them every first day. So that's what we do. And also we have like, um, a lot of bots going on. We do, um, yeah, that's pretty much what we do. Very exciting because it's always something you can. 

[00:03:07] Joseph: For the audience. I just want to go over, I guess the, uh, the lesson plan for the day. It's just that everybody knows what we're in for. So we want to talk about, uh, BFCM, uh, black Friday, cyber Monday, as of this recording, it's October 14th and I've spoken to, um, everybody on the back end and say, as soon as we're recording this, we're going to, we want to get this thing out right away, because we need to get the message out as soon as possible.

It's going to be a unique BFCM coming up because last year's was the first, you know, lockdown one this year would be the one where everybody has had a chance to learn their lessons and you know, and there's still a great deal of. You know, uh, lockdown going on, will it happen next year? I don't know. 

[00:03:48] Ilaria De Virgiliis: I wouldn't want it to happen again. No.

[00:03:51] Joseph: Yeah. So, so this could be a, you know, from, from a marketing and a, and a profitability standpoint, this could be the last time to take advantage of the heightened degree of online shopping. So there's a lot of important is going on. That's the first chunk of it. The second chunk of this episode, we also wanted to do a live demonstration of Yakkyofy. Last time we, uh, we had Simona on we weren't doing video, we're doing a video now, so we're going to take full advantage of it.

So a lot of really cool stuff to get to, but before we do all of that, one of the things that I wanted to hear about is how the company overall has been doing. It's been, I think about six months, maybe six or seven months. Um, since I've I personally learned about, um, so, uh, tell us about some of the milestones, you know, some of your achievements, some of the breakthroughs, or just how things have evolved since, uh,

[00:04:39] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Uh, we're doing fairly well. So now we have a launch a lot of features. One of which is like the packaging feature that you can actually request to your very own packaging, with your very own logo from the dashboard. So what you can do is that you can request, for example, shopping bags, you can request the boxes back inbox and all with your logo on them, which is amazing because as we know, like the future of drop shipping is probably going to be branding because that's how you make your business along time.

One store, sorry, one product store is no longer war and we all know why. We're going to talk about it a bit later as well. Another thing that we've done is also, um, basically there is a possibility now to get photos of the products. And you can get, um, photos. Like we take the photos, we do the video and we can even do like a 360 rendering of said product.

Now we have like a promotion going on. And so the of October, which is if you buy stock with us to get free photos, free videos and free 60, uh, 360 degrees rendering. So that is very exciting guys, make sure you buy some stocks shipping services. Also we do sample evaluation, which means that you buy a sample and it gets sent to a warehouse where we actually check it out for, um, sort of like how the product looks.

We check like the materials that are used to make it. And we also find them send you a PDF with all the sort of, uh, evaluations that product. So then you know what you've got in your hands and what your clients are going to think. And also.

[00:06:26] Joseph: I vowed not to hit you with too many spontaneous questions, but they still come to me. Um, so recently I ordered a product online and, and I don't want to name drop, cause I don't have some very good things to say about them, but they made the case that their product was like handmade and they're a UK company and they came across as, you know, artisans and craftspeople.

Um, so I get the product and I can see the Shanghai you're writing all over the place and now it was custom packaging. So they did do some, some effort, but it doesn't take a discerning eye to realize that this didn't come from the UK. This came from Shanghai says right there. So. I think part of the challenge here is, you know, making sure that people are convinced that the product is firmly within the production of the company.

That's trying to market it and not necessarily coming from. I mean, people assume. So my, my, my, my question too, is how, uh, cohesive is the branding process. How, how clean is it? Do people, are people going to receive it and be like, is this, where did this come from multiple packaging? Because it needs to look really professional, right?

[00:07:41] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Yes. It does look professional, obviously. Uh, I can speak for Yakkyofy, I can't speak for any other companies. That's right. That's right. So what we do is we order a product from the supplier or the produce to the manufacturer on the product. It comes to a warehouse. We make like a quality check on it, remove all the materials that are like advertisement and stuff like that.

From the supplier we repackage it in your, uh, customized packaging, if you have one and then it should be over. Now, obviously the tracking is going to be saying from China. So if you share the tracking with your customer, it will say that the package comes from China, but, uh, one of the services, one of the shipping services that we offer is a special line, which is like an express service that the like takes products from China and very quickly to the customer.

Now this particular service has two tracking numbers. So there's one tracking number for the whole journey of the parcel and there is the tracking number that only has the journey in the last destination function. All right. So if you share the second tracking with your customers, they won't really say that it comes from China.

Obviously the second tracking is when to take, uh, a few days coming to work because it takes some time to approve the package to arrive from China. Now, uh, obviously we are in Q4, so you have to get like properly prepared because as we both know, from October to December, it gets very, very busy. Everybody buys products online and also in brick and mortar shops.

So preparation, preparation, preparation, as they say that is a, that is the key, but, uh, we pay special attention to the products that are shipped. We remove all the materials and, uh, we just shipped a product with the, your, for example. 

[00:09:36] Joseph: Yeah. Uh, I, I, myself, just from my own, um, uh, journey on it, uh, you know, I started on my product sorted out, you know, more or less, um, who I'm marketing to still, so a lot of work to be done, but one thing that I'm, that I'm enthusiastic about is ordering a product myself. And just to see like the, the full process, just to, I experienced what it's like as a customer. So that's something that I'm looking forward to. All right. 

[00:10:02] Ilaria De Virgiliis: We can do that for you. Like, for example, as I said, with the sample evaluation, I went to a shed and a PDF file with everything that you need to know about the product.

Now, one of the reasons why we offer the services, just because it's going to be quicker for the product, for the product to arrive to us from the producers. It's going to take you a little bit, a little bit longer to get for like in the country off from. 

[00:10:28] Joseph: And, and, and that's just to wrap up that, that, that one question, what other points that I want to make is to the credit of the company who I still refuse to name drop.

Um, there we, we, we found the product was like, you know, on AliExpress was half the price. So we, so we ordered it from there. We haven't gotten it yet. We still haven't gotten it yet. We still haven't gotten it yet. And not only that, but we contacted the seller and the seller said, oh, uh, I shipped it and then it got sent back.

Let me reship it. I I've always, whenever I order from the tracking just said it was, it was, it was just, it was stuck in UK. So, you know, credit where its due you know the other company yes they charge more, but we also got the product and the customer service actually responded. So, uh, there, there, there is, uh, that, that money isn't. It's not a rip off. It's truly about adding additional value and the protection around the product and around the customer satisfaction. So it really is worth doing. 

[00:11:25] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Yeah, you don't want to get any complaints because first of all you have paid money to then the customer to buy a product from you. And also they can leave like bad reviews and they won't to come back to your, uh, to your store and we'll know that ads are getting more expensive and the new iOS 14 update has made it so much more difficult to the test in your customers.

Supply and retention should be one of the key goals here. And that's precisely why yakkyofy is focusing so much, um, helping drop shippers to build their very own brand because like, if you have loyal clients, they will keep on buying from you because they know you, they know your service and they know what products.

So that's why it's very important.

[00:12:03] Joseph: I agree. All right, with that, we're going to get into our Q4 prep. Uh, so take notes, listen to people. So we're starting, uh, super simple with this first one, just to make sure everybody starts off on the same page, but what is Q4 and you know, what are the key dates and the most important dates in this?

[00:12:24] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Now first of all, Q4 is the last part of the year. So from October to December. Now we can all think of what are the most important dates. So, first of all, we have Halloween coming up just in a couple of weeks, lots of parties and lots of like Halloween themed products that can be shipped and then can be very kind of, um, I seen so many new products around like, uh, glowing in the dark, like skeleton stashes, but they were amazing.

And, uh, so that's the first date, the second date is black Friday, which is the number one sales day in the world pretty much. And, uh, like usually during black Friday and something on the client's side of products for, uh, for Christmas present. So there are a lot of purchases there because they got discounts because they get enough time to be shipped as well.

Like as long as they arrived before Christmas, it's fine. Your clients will be happy because their relatives, the friends now, um, I already mentioned the last, very important date, which is Christmas. So Christmas, everybody gets their presents. So they're nice. Yeah, it's a big, it's a big, let's say, um, Shane gets more wise, a very big holiday.

The key here to succeed is preparation, preparation, preparation.

[00:13:36] Joseph: Follow-up I guess one thing that I'm wondering about this, as, you know, when, when we talk about this, we often are directing it towards, you know, the west. And I'm just wondering, you know, maybe from your own personal experience as well is, you know, in, in Europe is Europe taking, you know, Halloween as seriously as the west is, is there a large enough market there compared to the states?

Cause we all know that the states is really where the money is at, but I I'm, I have a chance to talk to somebody in Europe. So, yeah. 

[00:14:03] Ilaria De Virgiliis: All right. So, um, I'm originally from Italy and the, um, I remember when I was a child that I used to kind of go and check. So that was fun, but it was also hilarious because I would just kind of ring at old people's houses and they were like, what?

Like, it sounded weird. And they would go to like the kitchen and get cookies. And like, I didn't want to cook. I want to sleep. Let's say these days it's a bit more important, uh, easily, because it's just a very commercial, let's say holiday. So let's say that, uh, all this kind of American movies and media is just help to promote this holiday.

Like in the UK, it's a bit more different because right now I'm in the UK and I see a lot of houses that are kind of have Halloween decorations on. Like, I see a lot of fun. I see a lot of goals. It's very sweet. I think this is where I kind of came in from dinner. It's very fun. It's just, it's just like a kid's holiday.

I think both adults and children like it. I like it. I like, like, I like just an app on her on a Halloween is like the only day apart from crying, but when you can actually play and be someone else, I guess. Yeah. 

[00:15:18] Joseph: Um, my, my, my, my girlfriend and I, we we've been watching, um, a squid game on Netflix and we have a very, very good feeling.

It's excellent. I mean, I've, I've watched quite a bit of TV so I can catch some of the, you know, I don't, I don't want to say like, it's, it's a very, it's a pretty original idea. You can see a borrows ideas from other places to see if we, we enjoyed it immensely, but we just were anticipating a lot of people are going to be wearing pink jumpsuits and, and masks.

So there is something to be said about. Yeah. Yeah. The great degree jumpsuit for the players. Yeah. But the point there is that, you know, there is some value in just paying attention to what's popular in culture and saying, okay, you know what? This is going to be a squid game year. You know, there's, there's like, oh, there's there's joker years when Joker's popular.

There's a there's frozen years when frozen is really popular. So there is something to be said about, you know, just watch out for what's popular in, in media and you might catch a catch a trend early on. So the next question we got for you, obviously there's a lot consumer activity. There's a lot of stuff being moved around.

Uh, my understanding that even at this time, there's a bunch of boats that are like waiting in the water to come in and I'm following that story like haphazardly, but it's certainly something that you know, is, is affecting us. So there's specific dates. Are going to risk disrupting the fulfillment. There are certain things that I believe happened in China.

So what are, what are some of the dates that we need to say watch out for that are gonna, uh, uh, pose a challenge for fulfillment? 

[00:16:51] Ilaria De Virgiliis: All right. So, uh, when you dropped ship from China, that like two days that you have to look out for the first one is the golden week, which has just passed is from the first to the 7th of October.

Basically it's a massive national holiday where suppliers just stay close for after seven days. Then for this can kind of stop working for two free days. We worked for out, like I'm proud the whole week, but that is something that you have to keep in mind that you might have a few delays there.

Another big being portion date is coming up and it's, uh, the 11th of November, which is the Chinese singles' day. And it is actually. They before that black Friday is the number one sales day in the world. But actually the, Chinese single's day just last year, I made five times the sales of black Friday. Like everyone in China buys like products.

So, uh, it can happen that, uh, from like on the 11th of November, all products run out of stock. So on the 12, you might find yourself like, like what, what happened? So that's, what's happened and it's sometimes they ask you these for manufacture and produce this to get new products in this because they focus.

So, um, so much on the internal market for that one day. And this is like a made up holiday by Alibaba. So yeah. Good good day. Right? Good. So today on the, um, let's say after the 11, usually it takes a few days, but, um, things go back in order and suppliers and producers manufacturers start getting ready for black Friday.

So that's what happened. 

[00:18:32] Joseph: Just so I'm understanding it right. And it says Chinese singles' day talking about like single people, people who aren't. 

[00:18:38] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Yes. It's like perhaps the opposite of Valentine's day. I'm going to get myself some way of active self love, I guess. 

[00:18:49] Joseph: Yeah, I think so. I think, uh, I mean, I've had plenty of Valentine's day, right.

And have a heck of a lot to, to celebrate. And, you know, the even Valentine's day is like the opposite for people on that day. Right. To just be like, well, I guess all I'm going to have to do is just, you know, celebrate myself and then. But with golden week, I have an interesting followup to that one. This is interesting to me because I'm perpetually interesting, but the, thank you.

It's good Christmas. Cause this is a, you know, it has a sacred history to it and it will just have a religious, um, uh, aspect to it. It's not particularly religious at this point, you know, it's, you know, trees and Santa Claus and yes, maybe there's an angel at the top, but you know, for the, for the most part, it's, it's really consumerist, but I just, I just don't know that much about golden week.

So what's the, the makeup of golden week. Is it really like a, a consumerish holiday, like Christmas at this point? 

[00:19:44] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Um, I wouldn't think it, I don't know if it's secret. I don't want to say something, uh, that is not quite sure. What I know about it is like the celebration of the. I'll recap. Don't ask me to pronounce their names because I will be bothered with it.

So it's a sort of have, um, a couple that one of them lives on the moon and one of them lives on, uh, so during this week they kind of meet talk. And the it's generally, I think it's just like, um, it's like a way to meet up your family. So, um, families gathered together because sometimes Chinese people just work in a city, but they come from a completely different one.

So what they do is they travel back to their city and they eat moon cakes with their relatives and loved ones. So it's some sort of, um, I dunno, it's a reunion sort of holiday. That's it. I apologize for not being able to pronounce the name.


[00:20:41] Joseph: Okay. Worth the shot. The, um, they can make that long business relationship work.

So for the next question, um, you know, this is, uh, this is considered peak season. Um, we just want to expand on that for a moment, um, just to, uh, follow up on this and why, why is it really considered peak season? Because people buy things all year round. Um, but obviously there's so much going on here. So, uh, on top of that, you know, how is this peak season, uh, affecting shipping and why is shipping so different in this particular part of the season?

[00:21:28] Ilaria De Virgiliis: So, uh, during peak season, which is Q4, obviously the last quarter sales grow. Cause we've already mentioned that a lot of holidays coming up, a lot of, kind of, yeah, pretty much everyone buys their products online these days. So, uh, suppliers ship a lot of products, a lot of fossils. And, uh, what it causes is for shipping prices increase because obviously there is limited space and there are limited like shipping slots right there, the ban infinite numbers of planes, especially after COVID and we had all of this sort of business and let's say we see some sort of traffic delayed and slower shipping times, like a lot of fossils are in queues waiting to kind of go off on the plane because like, yeah, it's just everybody buys stuff during this period. 

So, uh, in my opinion, to kind of, uh, um, help out this a good thing would be to get in touch with your supplier and to kind of understand what are their shipping times estimates. Because the goal here, as we have mentioned before is to get your parcels and your products, the customers before Christmas. Um, the thing that you should do is to choose the best shipping methods. Like a lot of people, when they ship from China, they choose like the packets, right. And AliExpress on the shipping, if they use AliExpress resellers or other fulfill notice. Right. But the problem with ePacket and I'll express on the shipping is that they're also international shipping methods.

So they get a lot of destruction in terms of like, for example, in the Chinese singles day, right. My advice would be to, uh, choose other sort of services like uni express or our best special line should be personal because they're extra shipping and they only work for, um, for international orders. So what this means is that they have priority over other parts.

For example, if you have priority shipping, shipping is going to stay there in the queue, but your priorities gonna go on the plane. Obviously, it depends on the parents that this is going to go faster than it is going to then the AliExpress standard shipping. Yes. This is the reason why the price is increased. And this is the reason why there are a lot of kinds of delays because everybody buys and when everyone buys the waste, unfortunately a good choice could be, um, during Q4, it can also happen that, um, suppliers go out of stock.

So, um, let's say that your business is doing incredibly well, right? You're the selling your products. But during Q4, you can find yourself in a situation that, okay, you've sold like a hundred pieces of a product, but you have no stock of this product and your supplier is running out. Doesn't have any more stuff.

What do you do then? You have to kind of delete, uh, all your orders and that's that. That's why a lot of. Uh, clients a lot of, uh, drop shippers, the side to get a little bit of socking, especially for Q4, because really it can happen that the people, sorry that suppliers run out of stuff from one day to the other.

I know it sounds incredible. It sounds very unlikely, but it has happened. And we have found ourselves with some friends that approached us desperate to find a product. And we obviously did our very best to help most of, but sometimes we couldn't find this. Um, we couldn't find a specific product because we always do our best, but unfortunately for now we can't do miracles.

So we'll have, um, that's what's happened. 

[00:25:03] Joseph: Uh, I I'm wondering, so, uh, what exactly do you do in this situation? Like what, what, what suppliers are you reaching out to? How are you trying to acquire products and in that limited timeframe? 

[00:25:14] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Um, so how do you choose suppliers, like, um, I see a lot of newbies, they look at Chinese as they found the America, as they say in Italy, they found that the Americans, right, like that is going to solve all the problems.

Unfortunately, especially during peak season, that's not going to be, that's not going to be the case because like quite often, Alex, best sellers and resellers have a very limited amount of stock. And they run out of that very quick. Quick. Right. Another option that I see happen sometimes is that the clients dropshippers approach, like they're big large centers, but during mine, that this was human sense.

Let's have you as a client and also have huge clients. Right? And take, I guess, who are they going to prefer you? Who kind of shifts five or 50 orders or the ones that buy 50,000 orders. So it is quite likely that the large fulfillment centers are not going to give you that tension. And that you are not going to get like the customer care that you need really oldest to keep your clients happy.

And it can also happen that during Q4, lots of human centers are not going to pick up the new clients because they prefer working with the old ones and kind of helping them to, like, let's say another thing that I see a lot is like relying on Chinese agents, but this agents have, let's say they have limited bargaining power, right?

Because they don't buy all that many products and they still have to rely on suppliers and on food with, with whom they are not going to win when they have like much bigger fines rights. And, uh, like the preference is always going to be given to the bigger crimes because they buy more and you're going to make more money.

And the best option would be to rely on a sourcing platform. So, uh, we have a huge supply. And that we can find most of the products that you're looking for, right. Also with us, you can do everything online, right? We have a dashboard where you can basically order your products. You can personalize your packaging.

You can plus not us your, um, your products, if you like with the product personalization that you have to first ask a book, which will give back in, um, in a few days with like quotes it with, um, the shipping. If you wanted to ship to your own country, if you wanted to go to Amazon FBA, for example, we can do that for you as well.

Or if you want to keep it in our warehouse for free, for free. This is one of the services that we offer that, um, not many centers leave like freeway warehouse space. We do that for you, right. We also run quality check on the products. So, um, the best thing would be to really.

And so again, that should ask and we will pretty much quotes the, um, items that you need. One good thing that we do. And that is also that we both b2b prices, right? So you're going to pay b2b prices on the products. And if you decide to get stock with us, you will also get discounts on a single item price.

You'll get only one process in day, which means that your product, if a client orders a product today, we will ship it out the next, this, the next business day. Right. And that reduces a lot of the time as well, because quite often I have seen that people do not consider like the processing days when they quote their shipping time to that science, right?

What are the processing days visit the, uh, when the products leaves them manufactured. Warehouse and it comes to ours. We check it out. We run a quick quality control. We remove all the arts from the supplier and repack it and ship it over. So that's how it is.

[00:29:14] Joseph: What I would, I would like to understand also is, so on the one hand you have the option where the product is already in the warehouse and, um, that's the end. That's the swiftest way that it can, um, you know, be beyond the way to the customer and that, and that's it. And that takes a day. 

[00:29:31] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Normally takes about if you just drop ship, like in there, let's say a traditional shipping, it takes between three and five business days.

Depending on where the supplier is located, right? This could live in belonger as everything for the shipping and et cetera. So you don't want to find yourself in a situation where you, for example, a festival, you can't find a product. And second, it takes so much time. So, um, ironically, as long as you gotta be.

[00:30:06] Joseph: Yeah. And I mean, even under those circumstances, it's certainly a lot better than, you know, 25 days, 35 days. And one of the things that we'll get into when we actually show a show, show you, I, if I on screen is, you know, this, it's not as if people are just picking whatever product they happen to watch it's about the products that Yaqui has already confirmed, have a swift or line of resolution compared to say, oh, here's this random thing on AliExpress.

Can you get it to us in five days? And he was saying, no. Yeah. So the beauty of this is that the seller really does have the freedom to choose how much they want to risk time. You know, if they're, for whatever reason they're comfortable with with longer shipping times, you know, good luck. Um, but if. 

[00:30:53] Ilaria De Virgiliis: One of the most important things that I have seen, like, um, I do ask you, like we have like, um, Facebook group and we do some polls there.

And one of the most important things that I have not a sacrifice myself, Like fast shipping is going to make it, make it a break, basically very important, especially when you ship from. Usually we have very fast shipping for many countries, about 30 countries. We can ship with a special line. Special is even faster than special line.

Usually our shipping times with those, the shipping services are between like seven and 15 dates, obviously, depending on the period of the year, depending on the situation, big times, sometimes we have, they gotta to be delayed because of strikes natural disasters or sort of things. But, um, most times it's going to be fine. Pretty good shipping. Let's see. 

[00:31:47] Joseph: Typically there's, there's, there's shipping by boat, shipping by air. Um, and if I'm ordering on AliExpress, there's all sorts of things that can happen. So I don't really know what to expect. So, um, what I'd like to know with your company is how, um, how are you set up to make sure the, you know, the, the shipping time, um, gets to. 

[00:32:05] Ilaria De Virgiliis: We ship by plane, when we talk about like small packages after five. Like in one package we should by playing, obviously, if it is like a big stock of hundreds of products that you must have shipped to your country, it is likely to be done by, uh, I, the train or obviously ship, let's say that it's usually like within five kilos, that is the perfect sort of drop shipping parcel that you would have.

And then you wouldn't be like bigger than that than a shoe box. Right? Because obviously shipping shipping costs money, especially from, from conscious, by the way. So as long as it is within five, even, even less than that, let's say two free kilos up to five kilos. Right. And if it's in a shoe box, it's going to go on a plane.

That's how it works with us. And that's how we managed to have a faster. 

[00:33:00] Joseph: So I've got, uh, this one might be, uh, I, I've got a spontaneous question for, you might be a little tricky, but you know, so on the one hand, the seller has to, uh, get their product in advance to be prepared for the sales. Um, but at the same time, they also have to have a clear picture of just how many sales they're they're going to get, because you don't, I guess you don't want to overstock too much, but you also don't want to under sock too much, I guess the seller really wants to get it right.

So from the sellers that you know, are using the platform, um, can you comment on this? Can you, uh, describe how sellers have a clear idea of how much stock they actually need to get their hands? 

[00:33:42] Ilaria De Virgiliis: There is no mathematically formula to kind of decide how much she wants to invest in a certain period. Ideally, you would want to base your calculation on personal how much money you've got and on the test that you've done on your products before Q4, because like the whole deal, the whole thing about this is that you have to get ready for Q4, so you can, uh, you can decide, all right, I'm going to invest like a set amount of money.

I'm going to buy 500 products and I'm going to market them to my clients. And I'm going to stop my outs. When I reached a 500 product mark, you can do that. And we will also, you have to keep in mind that the festival, the more products you purchase, the less they're going to pay for single units that we can do for you.

You will not have also any warehouse space costs, because we're going to keep your products for free, ready to go the next business day. So you don't have that. You only have the cost of the product when you purchase it, like the pieces of products and the shipping when it goes to your client. So, um, I would say base your investment and your product purchases on the test that you've done.

If you think you can invest like 10,000, $10,000 or pounds or euros, invest those and buy your best sellers. Get it arranged. Unfortunately there's not really a mathematical formula for that. Otherwise everybody would be rich.

[00:35:16] Joseph: And it also comes from experience too. I mean, I don't think anyone's going to really nail it on the first go, but you give it a few tries. And, and on that, on that note, one thing that, uh, has certainly changed about black Friday in the last couple of years is if you compare black Friday and cyber Monday black Friday is more of the in-person event.

It's more of the, the, the, the stampede, uh, you know, people are charging and through as soon as the gates open, heading right for the electronic section. 

[00:35:45] Ilaria De Virgiliis: It's crazy.

[00:35:50] Joseph: Canada, uh, yeah, I, what, I'm what I'm saying that I'm thinking of the US I don't think Canada is that much better. Um, my, my, my running, my running joke is Canada is basically the USA, except we're wearing a helmet. So I don't think we're, I don't like the idea of us pretending, like we're better than them because yeah, we're guilty of it. Maybe not as guilty, you know, American population is 10x ours, so there's, there's that, but, but nonetheless, you know, black Friday, you know, there's a, there's a theme to it. You know, there it is. The in person, it is, I just, you know, going through through crowds of people and th and that's as prevalent as it is now. Um, cause then you could rather just have a separate Monday, several Monday is the day where everybody is just at home and doing things online. So now that black Friday and cyber Monday are basically the, they are more the same now, you know, because it is all. 

[00:36:51] Ilaria De Virgiliis: I would say that, uh, it's not just like Friday, right? It's not just the Friday anymore. It's more like the black Friday week one I have seen happening is that a lot of our clients and a lot of, so let's say marketplaces, let's take like Amazon, for example, they have a week of black Friday week where they have like discounts on different items on different days.

So what I have seen a lot of friends who, and a lot of jobs shippers too, is that they have like this. They found the products differently depending on the product. And they use cyber Monday as kind of the final day of discounts, like, get it now, or you will never get it again. So that's how it happens.

That's how I, that's how I've seen it. And this marketing angle kind of works, especially on the, on the Monday, because like you get insane quite often discounts. 

[00:37:46] Joseph: Yeah, you're right. And you know, yes. You reminded me too. Um, I think the same thing happened to boxing day boxing day usage just to be at the day.

And then I realized they weren't all going to go out and then they were just going to go out for the week. Yeah. So it turned into boxing week sales. So, uh, how does, uh, we, we, we, I guess it's worth mentioning because, you know, we talked about crisp and all these other stuffs, but boxing day is, is right up with her.

Does, is, does that have much in e-commerce? Yeah. 

[00:38:11] Ilaria De Virgiliis: I think on the boxing day, like people try to kind of more sell their. They have. So, uh, because on boxing day, you already know that the product is not going to be there by Christmas because business is done. So people are more relaxed and drop shipper strikes market the last piece of the products.

So, uh, if they got like stock and they didn't manage to kind of sell it all before Christmas, they're going to push it again on boxing day and on boxing week. That's it. 

[00:38:41] Joseph: Right. Well, that's really good. Cause that, that ties into what I, what I was asking prior to also, you know, if people happen to over estimate or they don't quite sell as many, you know, boxing days away to, uh, to declare out those, uh, that that expenses try to break even. 

[00:38:58] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Some people in my opinion, I think that the items that have to be Christmas related.

That's not really true. They don't have to be at Christmas decorations. For example, if you buy, actually have like, um, a customized bottle with your logo, you can sell it anytime of the year. Really? It doesn't have to be by Christmas, but it does help if it is before Christmas. 

[00:39:19] Joseph: Of course. Yeah. That's a that that's valid.

All right. So, so the next one I have is this, this is just for the fun of it. Have you seen drop shippers attempt to meet their Q4 BFCM demands by just relying on the usual fulfillment methods and how disastrous does this get? 

[00:39:36] Ilaria De Virgiliis: It gets ugly. It gets sideways because you can't before as if it is the rest of the season, before you get a lot of orders, you get to get a lot of people buying from the same places.

So if you saw two items in AliExpress, you have to keep in mind that that is a B to C marketplace and your client's seat. And many other people say it's a front. As we said before, from one day to the other, you can find yourself without any kind of any products available. Also, uh, if you, uh, some Chinese marketplace, you can find yourself in a situation where there is, there is a shipping clients complain, you get the, you can find yourself like getting your Facebook and PayPal accounts.

This is one, one of the other things that people do not really pay much attention to, which is like, make sure you try to have like your payment system ready. So you have to have a backup because it wasn't during black Friday might need to move a lot of money, right. To buy products for fuel, this stuff like that.

And you can't afford to get people frozen for two weeks at most for how long. So you have to find festival, reliable suppliers getting attached to them. And, uh, just understand that like shipping time estimates. And get yourself a quote sorted. Then you have to choose the best shipping methods matters that are going to tell you, okay, this can get to your plans before Christmas.

Obviously, if it's the day before Christmas is not going to get there. If it's the, before that the fans buy, it's not going to get there because virtually impossible, but let's say a couple of weeks, a bit more than that as well. It is likely to work at that. Most thing is like the lack of preparation.

You're four is different from the other.

That's what I think one last thing is that, uh, buying stock in save you a lot of trouble. If you buy stock, you have it right in the warehouse. And you're sure that you can actually fulfill the ones that arrived. If you don't have stock, it is likely that. You can find yourself in a situation where you can fulfill the orders and lose clients.

[00:41:46] Joseph: Because you mentioned PayPal can get frozen for one to two weeks. So, yeah, I mean, even, even a day, you know, it could, uh, it could be a serious problem. Um, are you aware of, of backups or other companies that people could use just in case PayPal locks them out? 

[00:42:07] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Um, once you can use Stripe, you can use a. Oh, this sort of, uh, like, um, this can be like your backup systems.

A lot of them used to PayPal, but you can get like a different sense than seven new story. It really depends on the platform. 

[00:42:23] Joseph: Oh, that's funny. So the next question that I had actually ended up being the one that I came to spontaneously about predicting it. So I do believe that we've more or less covered everything that we wanted to cover about.

BFCM but I'm going to ask you an insurance policy question, uh, just in case, um, was there any element to this that, uh, that, that we missed or anything else that you want to convey to the listeners that they want to keep in mind? 

[00:42:46] Ilaria De Virgiliis: As I have mentioned before, we have this promotion going on instead of October, if you buy stock, Like any kind of, so it can be, it can be 500.

You're going to get free pictures, three videos, 360 ranging. Now this is very important when you market your products because they will be like, these photos are going to be looking professional and this are photos that your competitors are not going to have. Alright. So that's a, that's the way of a festival, um, helping your products look more expensive, so I'll be raising the value and, uh, yeah, it's generally useful to have. 

[00:43:26] Joseph: It also encourages the seller to take their own business more seriously too.

It is, you know, it's one thing to have a habit come from.

[00:43:37] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Yes. Yes. A lot of people think that junk shipping is not real business, but you have to check it as a real business. If she wants to see it, like it has to be serious. Like you can actually turn it into. So all sorts of income. If you work hard enough, if you build your own brand, if you put everything in place, but you have to treat it seriously.

[00:43:59] Joseph: Now that Shopify has upgraded to version 2.0, we needed to make sure we were up to speed. So we've released version 4.0, to ensure that we're 100% equipped to take advantage of the 2.0 revolution. If you haven't upgraded your store, head on over, and if you haven't gotten started, now is a good time as any.

So with the, the first chunk of this, um, uh, covered, uh, this next part, this is something that I wanted us to do, uh, because I've had the opportunity to look around Yakkyofy, but I want my listeners to have that same privilege. So, um, Ilaria here is going to, uh, give us a quick tour of, of the platforms to be able to can see just what to expect.

[00:44:40] Ilaria De Virgiliis: So this is our dashboard that you can access from yakkyofy.com so I'm from here, you click login and this is our dashboard, right? So we have here, the promo that we talked about, we have a public catalog where we publish some, um, items at the final line. We have our hot product catalog, which are the trending products, right?

We'll have like 500, if not more of products that you can, uh, you can choose from. And, uh, so for example, if you want to order stock for this product, which is a solar water in land, it's actually, today's hot product. You click on Wolf sale, you choose the destination. So you can book a China to your own country.

You can stock for drop shipping, which is what we were talking about earlier. So shipping the products one by one, or you can also drop ship for you right now, the next page. So let's say we, uh, for. Next stage is an option to customize the product if it is possible. So, yes, I want to create a brand. Can you drop your logo?

Be mindful that it must be a PDF or an eight E file click next and et cetera. And the re the recap is that here you decide how many pieces of set product you want. So for example, 10 pieces, you can, it gives you an estimate of how much he calls us, right? This is for 10 pieces of product or product. Then you send your quotes in just a few days.

You'll get a quote back. You should receive an email and you will be able to access the quotes and such as the products, right? It's about. 

[00:46:15] Joseph: Sorry. I'd like to ask you one thing about hot products is, um, how do you determine, what are the trending products? How do you guys figure out what's, uh, what's currently, uh, active on the market.

[00:46:26] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Well, we, we have some mock, uh, statistics from our suppliers. So that's how we figure out which ones are trending. We usually choose them like depending on the type of products. So for example, here we have keyboards here. We have lighting, like they be related products, electronics. We try to kind of have different categories for products every week.

So we can have like electronics one week. We can have like, uh, stress, uh, let's see stress, really products the next. So that's how we do it. And obviously you can also have like, um, you can request a personal quote right? For the product, because I mean, you can find what you need among the hot products about among the public app.

But if you have one specific product that you want, you can just use our, um, Google Chrome extension and go on one of these websites, find your product and request a quote. So I'm the one choosing the products. So that's why most of the products, uh, uh, here requesting them, sorry, not choosing once you request a product with the Chrome extension is going to be, you'll find it on quotations image search.

Now, what is the image search? Image search is basically a system that can source for you and find products for you in just a few minutes, because we have a huge supplier pool. And, uh, quite often you can find a product you're looking for here on the right-hand side. If you like the price, if you like, uh, shipping price and et cetera, you click on choose product.

And it is going to show up on, uh, on this tab, like when my products or quotations jobs, and here you will see all the details. And this is the product page that is. So you have the products. We have the various variants, for example, this is like a pet grooming product. And yeah, you can decide whether you want to, um, do, uh, whether you want to purchase a box, start from Ben.

If you want to do drop shipping also extra x-rays like what we talked about, like the product evaluation. So you buy a sample, it get shipped to our warehouse where we kind of check it out and send you back the reports. So that's how it works now, packaging. This is what we were talking about before.

[00:48:42] Joseph: Interesting. 

[00:48:43] Ilaria De Virgiliis: So we can do, yeah, we have like mailing box. We have satin bags, Katzenberg. Mike, this is my show that is actually, um, a standard bar, right? This is like the first step of, let's say, building a brand. If she wants to build a brand, if she wants to kind of start to invest in a business seriously, the back is the best is, is the best option because it only has an IQ of 300.

So about, let's say she wants to put your logo on it. Obviously you would spend about, um, 60 quid to get like your first step of personalization. And you can use this back with most products, like anything that fits it inside, you can ship it. So that is the first step. Another thing you can do also is like customizing your products right.

As we've seen before. So how it works is that you choose the product that you want customized, you click on well sale, and then you go on customization, right? And here you start creating, and then also have like a VIP sort of status where you'll get like, um, the, uh, the bags and stuff based on broncs.

You'll also get like, uh, the products customized and all sort of things. And you can also give us like, um, sort of, uh, instructions on how to check your products in terms of, okay, put this product into this box or into this bag. And along with it, like a thank you card or this, so it's really no use. So this is really our goal.

We want to help drop shippers make their business. Um, and then it's successful in the longterm because that's my opinion. And that's just the shisha of drop shipping because you can't really, you have to distance yourself from your competitors. You have to like add some value to products. And as we all know, I mean, we'll live in the globalized sports brand is what wins.

There is no reason why we should buy like a branded bag or a normal back without a brand. We buy the bond and back because we know the service quality, we know that it's going to last for long. That's why we kind of invest in this sort of things and then just sort of products.

[00:51:01] Joseph: Right. And one way that I would like to, um, you know, uh, add to it as well as that brand really represents the quality of the people behind it too. It's one thing for the products. It's another thing to know that now the brand has. Um, customer service agents and logistics and, and, and a CEO with a clear vision and, and, you know, and then, you know, the day that's what you're supporting is you're supporting other people.

So the bags, um, I wanted to ask about that because, you know, in my experience, we receive a bag, um, going to a retail store cause it's, you know, we have to carry the product out. And then the company benefits because you know, people are walking around the mall or, or the streets or whatever, and they've got, um, and they're holding onto it.

So with, with these bags, I mean, you can't tell this specifically the client cause that's confidential, but, uh, can you give us some examples of how the bag has been really, uh, the, the right choice for, for people to ship it and how the, when people receive the bag, what it is that they really do with it?

[00:52:07] Ilaria De Virgiliis: The reason why this is the first step is that, um, let's say obviously like putting your logo on a product is more expensive. It's like, um, Amazon, you know, Amazon breads, obviously we all know that a lot of products are not from Amazon, but they still come in Amazon packaging. What does that represent?

That represents quality. And that's why they kind of represent for you as well. So if your clients like the service that it provides them, if they like the products that are shipped to them and they're good quality, they don't break easily. And these are things that we kind of check out before shipping.

We make sure that the variant is correct. We make sure that the aesthetics of the product is right, that it's not broken. We put it in this bag of yours, which has like either your logo or the name of your store or whatever, you please, or just join animal, whatever you please. Um, and it just, it kind of starts building, um, sort of festival starts building customer loyalty.

Then it starts getting recognized, for example, right? Like if you, um, you can start them. It's like the first step of, um, building a relationship with your customer. That's what I think it's about client retention. If you're just an anonymous sort of store, it is likely that you find someone going to remember you, but if they get their pretty products in a pretty bag with a nice thank you card, which is also fairly cheap.

And just show you, curious 500 and it's like between oh four and oh $11 or $10. Right? So you ride on the, on the card. Thank you very much for purchase. And perhaps on the other side, you can write like use this score for a 10% discount. Right? So, um, this is like a first step to building a relationship with your customers, in my opinion, and to kind of get them back on your store, if not tomorrow, definitely in the future. 

[00:54:07] Joseph: Well, I think at one point that really stuck out to me is the cost of having to actually stamp the physical product versus just the bag, um, is substantial difference between the two. 

[00:54:20] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Yes, because like a lot of suppliers, obviously, if you want to get your products, plus. It must tell us before, right?

Yes. Ideas clear and products are likely to have different imagery that you have to fulfill. Right? So get the personalization in place. And we're going back to the same sort of, uh, talking. If you want to start your brand stuff with the bags, start with the thank you cards. Once you build it off, you can start getting one product personalize and perhaps your best seller, the one that you saw the most that you know, it's going to continue to sell.

And then eventually you can end up on them personalize in the mall, but obviously if your best, most products is going to be more expensive and they're going to be much higher MOQ. That you have to fulfill, obviously depends on the product they should is like a big product and it's fairly expensive. The MOQ might be a bit lower, but it really depends.

I don't have to bend in the beginning in touch with suppliers. So let you know about that as well. 

[00:55:21] Joseph: I certainly hope people, if they look at this and, and it excites them, um, because I think there's, there's any number of limiting factors that can prevent somebody from really taking a shot at this. And I think one of the idea of having to compete and just, just meet the standard set by brands that they themselves use, how brands do package the products they have, they have boxes that versus there's a consistent experience. And I think not being able to deliver on that can be intimidating for a lot of people, but really what we see here is it's all available.

And now is you said there's a, you pointed out that people can even hold a, not wholesale, but like they can sell on eBay. So even if they don't have their own website, yet they can still start marketing the product on eBay and actually start working on shipping that way. Because then I think there's another limiting factor there too is, oh, I got to set up a website, which by the way, you should use a beautified.

So even that, so there's ways to make it more accessible. And at the same time, also allow for people to have the results that they themselves would want as customers. So, yeah, I'm, I'm delighted to see that. 

[00:56:25] Ilaria De Virgiliis: I'm glad that you happy with us we're very happy to have you, so yes, I think, yeah, I know what you mean about building a website.

It's not always, it's not always easy, but the eight really comes to the decision, whether you kind of want to work nine to five, or if you want to kind of stop working for yourself in a way, I don't know if people think of themselves as not pronounced. And so they try it and maybe they try it as a game.

They try it as a, it's not going to happen. And they're very happy. You only fail when you don't try it. 

[00:57:00] Joseph: Yeah. It's a, it's a standing theme that we cover on the show is. Um, whether you want to be a part of somebody else's structure, or you want to create your own structure and start being your own, you know, being, being your own boss.

So yeah, that's the core of entrepreneurship. Um, and anything else here at key that we want to have a look at? Otherwise I think we can, we can wrap this up. 

[00:57:20] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Well, um, yes. Last thing is that, uh, this is the virtual warehouse. So when you stock products with us, you'll have the quantity count here. You can sort out an alert when it goes lower than a sets and that sort of number of pieces in the, in the warehouse.

Sorry. So, um, if you have inventory is meant to be taken from here and shipped out, so you will be only paying for the, for the shipping at that point, right? Also we have a payment system, which is your wallet, and this means that you can recharge from here, basically any amount that you want, right. Just charge it.

And what it means is that you will no longer have to go here and either each order by itself or just check out. This means that the filming process is going to soft pasta. So as soon as the order arrived from the store from Eva, from wherever we want, uh, the, the, the process and the fulfillment is fine.

So for example, we live in all different times zones, right? So now it's like, uh, where I am, it's like 4:00 PM. And where you are is much early in the day. So, uh, in China it's even later. So if you have the wallet in place, you won't lose a day because they're always going to be paid like even during the night, while you're sleeping.

And last thing I wanted to recall recall, I remember it to remind our watchers Yakkyofy black friday promo until the 31st. Free pictures, free video and free 360 rendering.

[00:59:01] Joseph: Well, uh, as I, as I've said before, and I'm, cause I'm going to say, uh, one more time, just for the fun of it is, uh, I'm happy to be a user of this. So I, you know, monitor to do what I could to. Uh, I make sure that this content gets out on time. Usually the way I like to, I like to think that this program has it, like 30% of it is time sensitive.

The rest of it is, you know, human psychology and getting into the mindset of it. But, uh, in an episode like this, it, uh, it was, it was certainly time sensitive and so really happy to be doing my part to just helping anybody who has even like the slightest entrepreneurial inclination. Whatever tools that they need to get started is, uh, is, is, is something that I really appreciate what, uh, what you guys are doing here.

So that's every everything that, uh, I've, uh, wanted to cover today. Um, I'm certain that we'll be talking again, uh, in the, uh, in a couple of quarters from now, just to see how things are going and fingers crossed. I've made a sale by that. I was stuck in analysis paralysis. Right. Cause I get, I get, uh, I get so much information and I get a lot of different ideas and I'm just like, okay, well, the, the beauty of this is people.

Um, this is the lesson that I had to teach myself even earlier this week. Yeah. Start. And what you'll find is your, your channels will differ from person to person. Some people they might do really well in organic marketing, they might do really well in word of mouth. They might be master advertisers.

There's so many ways that you can do it, but you won't know what they are until you actually start. And you can actually start having this conversation with other people. Right. I talk to people and I tell them what I'm doing. I'm like, oh yeah, I like that. You know, everyone has different. Yeah. So, so that's a, that's the last thing that I wanted to, to say, uh, to, to my audience and to, uh, all of whom happened to, uh, find this program, Ilaria, one more, thank you for the road. Um, the, the close on question, of course, I'm really happy to have you have a, have a company on and have you on. So, um, the final question is if you have any like last pieces of advice or like a Chinese proverb, be like stuff like that, you're welcome to share it. And then let the audience know how they can make contact.

[01:01:15] Ilaria De Virgiliis: Well, as I said a few times, like, uh, during the, during this podcast, it's like, you have to get ready. Like there is no other way to succeed in Q4. You have to declare that you have to prepare your business for what's coming. And it sounds like a bashing, but it's actually a good thing because a lot of people buy and you can get yourself there.

You can get one piece of this cake because like become this market is growing so fast and so much, like let's just see the last year the pandemic happened, everybody was buying online and you're still not late to get them that train that make sure you just, uh, just do it. Like, um, our website is www.com and the, uh, If you need us, you can get in touch with us either via email or we always answer, or none, our Facebook messenger, we have a Facebook page.

So if you need to my colleagues and I are going to help you. So yeah, we're there for you. 

[01:02:13] Joseph: Excellent. That is everything that we've got for today. So to my audience, as always, it is an honor and a privilege to collect this information. And as you've probably figured out, use it for my own benefit and then share it with all of you as well. And so with that take care and we will check in soon.

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