Episode 160 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Bob Braham - Famous.co, The Mobile Market Experience

Bob Braham - Famous.co, The Mobile Market Experience

We don't often make content as brief as today's episode, but we don't often have guests like the amicable Bob Braham with precious little time to spare. We have him on the show today to chat about Famous, a storefront software that focuses on a captivating visual interface for the consumer. 

Technically, our competition but in the interest of making sure you get the best option out there, we're happy to share the airtime. Going in to this episode, I must inform you that things in ecommerce change pretty rapidly, Bob Braham isn't the CEO any longer and the product itself isn't called famous for much longer either. 


That said, I'm acutely aware of the rapid nature of business so I always focus on getting in as much evergreen content as I can. Be sure to check our show notes for updates to links and resources.

Bob Braham is the former CEO of Famous, the mobile e-commerce experience platform. He has over 25 years of experience in building and growing enterprise SaaS startups and global tech brands, having worked at marquee companies such as HP, Oracle, and Silicon Graphics (SGI).



Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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