Episode 157 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Brooks Conkle - Destroy The Box, Multi-faceted Income Sources

Brooks Conkle - Destroy The Box, Multi-faceted Income Sources

Brooks Conkle shares with us his philosophy of mountains into mountains; and while I'd like you to ponder the meaning, I want you to hear the answer from him. Today's episode is a healthy blend of insight's into real estate such as the transition from landlord to service provider should you rent your property out like it's an Airbnb. We have a healthy discussion about mindset, including a whole new approach to in/out of box thinking, as the title says, perhaps you should consider... annihilating it.


Entrepreneur. Sponge. Husband. Father. Follower of the Golden Rule. These describe Brooks Conkle. After majoring in Finance at Auburn University, Brooks traveled to New Zealand and lived there for 18 months. Upon returning stateside, he got started tackling ideas and continuing to learn new skills. He started a real estate brokerage, a local media publishing company, an event production company, an education platform, and a brick-and-mortar franchise. 

He’s passionate about how the internet empowers us to build brands faster than ever before and continues to disrupt every industry on the planet. He believes that life and business are one giant adventure and wants others to join in on that journey with him. We should strive no to just think outside the box, but instead should destroy the box.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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