Episode 14 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Chris Wane — From Side Hustle to Seminal Enterprise

Chris Wane — From Side Hustle to Seminal Enterprise

Chris Wane has faced some significant challenges on his journey into e-commerce, but he has taken his problems head on. His goal is one I think we can all strive for. Freedom. Like many of the minds we've talked to, he's willing to offer his expertise to likeminded people as a mentor and as an expert drop-shipper we talked to him today about how he sailed past his modest goal of 200 pounds, his strategy for dropshipping and how to handle criticism, as just a few examples. No time to waste. Let's hop to it.

Chris Wane started his business with just £250 in his pocket. Fast forward to today and he's now generated over $1,000,000 and has acquired 5 different income streams. He's also CEO & Founder of The Advanced Dropshipping Academy where he teaches people how to build and scale their own dropshipping businesses from scratch. Join us as he talks with Joseph about his journey to the top.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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