Episode 27 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Daniel Budai — Retention Mastery Through Email Marketing

Daniel Budai — Retention Mastery Through Email Marketing

Like many of us, Daniel Budai exhibits, a natural yearning to both acquire and share knowledge evidenced through his podcast and his data-driven psychology-based email marketing operation, no matter where your success takes you, there's more to learn and to teach.

Daniel has spent a big part of of his 20's exclusively dedicated to learning marketing/ecommerce. After talking to thousands of ecommerce business professionals in the last years, he could see that many of them lack the time and skills to implement email professionally. His team helps these ecommerce businesses because email marketing is still the best tool to increase revenue without additional ad spend, customer retention, and profit margins. They dive into the psychology and the biology of the human brain to find out what marketing strategy works the best for the product and audience of his clients. His emails move people to do something, not to just read.



Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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