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David Weisbäcker — Precision Technique and Conditioning For Success

David Weisbäcker — Precision Technique and Conditioning For Success

Our first German guest, as far as I know, and dropshipping council member, David Weisbaecker demonstrates the value of being able to speak to people around the world and find perspectives that are at the same time, fundamentally human, but uniquely cultural. We talked to him about his strategies within e-commerce and drop shipping, trusting the right people to work with and the ongoing need to develop the body and mind.

David Weisbäcker is a young, German entrepreneur, who proved his perseverance by investing 20k in 2 years in him and his businesses... without seeing a Euro. After these hard times he finally had success with dropshipping in November '19 and since then, he's made over 350k in sales with his first successful shop. Together with his business partner, his greatest interest is in learning how to brand like a pro and in creating brands that will survive multiple years.

Check out David's profile on Dropshipping Council and consider applying yourself!


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