Farhad Hossan - Up To Date Techniques In Affiliate Marketing From Entry Level To Masters

My favorite part of my interview with Farhad Hossan was when we got into Affiliate marketing, this absolute workhouse lit up when he got to talk about something he’s truly passionate about. Affiliate marketing is something we’ve gotten into here and there on the show, so I expect my recurring audience to also check out my interview earlier on with Paul Mottley as a basis for understanding what it is. Farhad is an expert in the field as well, and if you’re keen on doing affiliate marketing I strongly recommend looking into what he’s using. 

Farhad Hossen is an expert on SEO, Facebook Ads, and Affiliate Marketing. He is also a Google Ads Certified Professional. He started doing SEO on Upwork since 2009 and has been doing dropshipping since 2014.



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