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Farhad Hossan - Up To Date Techniques In Affiliate Marketing From Entry Level To Masters

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My favorite part of my interview with Farhad Hossan was when we got into Affiliate marketing, this absolute workhouse lit up when he got to talk about something he’s truly passionate about. Affiliate marketing is something we’ve gotten into here and there on the show, so I expect my recurring audience to also check out my interview earlier on with Paul Mottley as a basis for understanding what it is. Farhad is an expert in the field as well, and if you’re keen on doing affiliate marketing I strongly recommend looking into what he’s using. 

Farhad Hossen is an expert on SEO, Facebook Ads, and Affiliate Marketing. He is also a Google Ads Certified Professional. He started doing SEO on Upwork since 2009 and has been doing dropshipping since 2014.



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Farhad Hossen: [00:00:00] Setup your goal first because the goal is everything. If you don't have any goal in your life, you can't reach to your destination. If you want to reach to your destination, you have to fix a goal first. First fix up, what do you want to do and get the success and by what time you want to reach to your goal. You have to start first. You won't succeed if you tell later.

Joseph: [00:00:34] You're listening to Ecomonics, a Debutify podcast. Your resource for one of the kind of insights into the world of e-commerce and business in the modern age. This is Joseph. I'll be presenting a wealth of industry knowledge from interviews, with successful business people and our own state-of-the-art research. Your time is valuable. So let's go.

My favorite part of my interview with Farhad Hossen was when we got into affiliate marketing, this absolute workhouse the man lit up when he got to talk about something he's truly passionate about. Affiliate marketing is something that we've gotten into here or there on the show. So I expect my recurring audience to also check out my interview earlier on with Paul Mottley, as that episode serves as a basis for understanding what it is. Farhad is an expert in the field as well. And if you're keen on doing affiliate marketing, I strongly recommend looking into what it is he's using. 

Farhad Hosen it is good to have it here in Ecomonics. How you doing today? How you feeling? 

Farhad Hossen: [00:01:32] Yes, I'm good. And you?

Joseph: [00:01:33] I'm doing pretty good too. It's uh, I don't actually know what time zone it is. Uh, I usually, uh, spot that sometime during my correspondence, but it didn't do it this time.

It's it's early for me. Just had my breakfast. What time is it over there right now? And where is it? 

Farhad Hossen: [00:01:45] It is 9:00 PM here. 

Joseph: [00:01:48] Nine, nine. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I've so far, I've only done one interview where it was, uh, it was 10:00 PM and, Oh my goodness. Yeah. It's uh, I don't know. I I've yet to find like the sweet spot during the day where like I'm at my best, but I notice a longer time goes on my, the more, my voice dries out.

So I'm going to a chamber one thing I didn't notice this until you had gotten back to me on email, but it says like it was MD, uh, Farhad Hossen. So I hear MD and I think in the medical field, uh, is that right? 

Farhad Hossen: [00:02:17] No, it is actually Mohammad. 

Joseph: [00:02:19] Oh, okay. Sorry. My apologies. I, I didn't know that for the first time. So let's get to the, uh, Ecomonics tradition, lots and lots of podcasts do it, but we do it too. Uh, which is, tell us all about who you are and what do you do?

Farhad Hossen: [00:02:35] Okay, thank you, Joseph. Uh, this is for, uh, actually from Bangladesh living in, uh, Chattagram. My city name is Chattagram. Uh, I have been working online since 2009. Uh, I have started my journey, uh, as, as an SEO expert. I have started learning SEO in 2009.

And when I started learning SEO, uh, I have a lot of baggage in my weight and I, there was very slow internet connections in my country. So I went to a cybercafe and, uh, uh, I have, uh, take plan for them for one and two hours. And I have, uh, searching for on what is about how to make money from online.

And then, uh, day by day, the internet connection has been approved, uh, uh, connection also, uh, improved. And then I have started, um, I have heard about the Shopify. Shopify and I asked myself, what is Shopify? Then I started, uh, Google and I found Shopify. And when I created an account in Shopify store and I thinking about how can I sell, um, uh, products?

I have no products right now. And then I found about, uh, I learned about the drop shipping. I learned about the drop shipping. I can take the products from AliExpress and then sell it to, uh, Shopify. And then I started my journey, but I have, uh, I have been doing our drop shipping since 2000, um, maybe 14.

But, uh, for the first one, uh, one year, uh, I have never got any sales, but I never left up. Um, I just, uh, searching on Google, how to get sales. And then, uh, once upon a time that, that time, uh, I discovered how to get sales. And since that time I'm doing a drop shipping. So, uh, beside the drop shipping, I'm also doing, uh, I am, uh, also doing affiliate marketing, uh, on the max bounty and also working on the Upwork.

And, um, I have completed my graduation from TW university and this is my full-time and only profession. I'm working online and making money online, uh, as a drop shipper, also as an affiliate marketer, there's about myself.

Joseph: [00:05:10] So when you're drop shipping, um, what market are you selling to? Are you aiming to sell into the United States or are you aiming for a market closer to your side?

Farhad Hossen: [00:05:20] Actually, um, I have. When I started. I haven't started with the, uh, my target country was that USA, but, uh, I known, and I got order. Most of the sales from the USA. Then later I discovered I can also target the other countries like Israel, like the UK, also the Canada and Germany, but still most of the sales coming from the. USA. And then now, recently, um, also, uh, I'm getting a lot of customers from the Israel. 

Joseph: [00:05:54] Um, I'm definitely gonna want to ask you about that. Just about how did the market, the Israel market, did they find you or of all the countries? How exactly would you have started connecting with them and being able to sell to them?

Farhad Hossen: [00:06:06] Uh, actually my, uh, my, uh, main traffic sources is Facebook ad, uh, and the shopping and google shopping ads. Um, but most of the sales are coming from the Facebook ads. First of all, I create a landing page based on my Shopify store, shopping for a Shopify product page. I mean, the product I'm trying to sell on the, uh, Israel, I, um, gather all the information from the Google.

And I know I try to know all the information about the products and how these products is going to give the benefits to the customers. And then I hire someone from the fiverr to write a good review about the product in that Hebrew language, as you know, um, uh, Israeli language in the Hebrew. And then the landing page is ready.

I just start my Facebook ad campaign targeting the Israeli country. That's it. So, uh, uh, I first started that campaign for the cold traffic when the traffic are coming to my landing page and they're seeing my product and they are leaving my website because they don't live out my brand about my websites.

And even they don't cross my website or they don't my store. Or you can say the neighborhood wrote my story. So I'm on the left of, I also retarget them. I run retargeting campaign on the Facebook and fire, and I run the retargeting campaign on the Facebook. It increases my sales.

Joseph: [00:07:42] That's all well, and good. The one part of it that I'm just trying to piece together in my mind is did you have a mission to wants to sell the Israel or did you start noticing the traffic was coming from them first? Because I mean, there's a lot of countries that you can sell to. Um, so I'm just trying to like, uh, zero in on exactly. W why, uh, what, what allows a country to, to stick out. We all know to sell to the States, it's the United States. So we all like intuitively know if we want to succeed, we have to sell in the States. Um, so I'm just curious more about how that particular country became a target area for you? 

Farhad Hossen: [00:08:17] Because of when I started selling on the USA and also when getting started selling the good amount of traffic from the us.

And getting the good amount of sales from the USA. I am also getting, uh, uh, interested about the, how I'm thinking about, uh, what, uh, how it could go. If we ran the ad for the UK, also the Canada, and I also started, uh, two more campaigns, one for the UK and other for the Canada. And when I'm selling the products in these 3 countries USA, UK and the Canada, I can see I'm getting some traffic from the Israel.

And also I got, um, maybe, uh, 10 customers from the Israeli customers. They're buying from that. I thought Israel, I still thinking and doubting about this. Uh, I, I, I'm thinking is a, uh, is not a good market for me. So it is, it won't be good for us, or it won't be profitable for me to run airs on the, um, Israel.

Um, but, um, after some days it's still, I'm seeing, I'm getting one or two sales every time when I get 10 sales from the U S they're one sense from the Israel. And I, when I, um, when I'm getting the, uh, five sales from the UK, uh, I'm getting on average one sales, prom, uh, Israel. So they're saying my mind has been changed and I'm trying to, um, I have started the planning on how can I say it as, I don't know, the Hebrew language.

So I'm planning about how can I say to the Israel, uh, let's make a try. Then I hired someone from the fiverr to make the call, uh, to make the landing page to, or to write the review for me. I gave him the English copy. Uh, of the landing page of the review and he trusted it to the Hebrew language and I'd make the same designer landing page, but I just changed the languages.

And also he gave me the ad copy for the Facebook, like the headline, like the descriptions, like the pretext for the Facebook ads. And I used all of them. And, uh, I designed, I used the same type of ad creatives, like the images, videos in the Hebrew language. And then, uh, I started selling in the Israel. 

Joseph: [00:10:46] I think that's great. And I think it shows a lot of the capability of as soon as we put our content out there as a, the, the customers who want the product, that they can come find it, you you've cleared up most of it, but I'm going to ask you one more question about Israel and then we'll move on, which is in your expertise and in your ability to analyze the data, what do you think drew them to your marketing in the first place, knowing that you weren't targeting them, you were targeting the States and Canada and the UK.

If I'm advertising to the States and I'm advertising to Canada and I'm advertising to the UK, I'm not expecting Germany. I'm not expecting Russia. I'm not expecting Israel. I'm not expecting anything. I'm not even expecting us customers. You know, a lot of our first round of Facebook advertising is just trying to like learn and to be able to better target our customers.

So, um, and maybe it's just in your opinion, um, why do you think that that particular demographic was drawn to the content in the first place, knowing that the ones who were buying weren't. Uh, they were, they would have to have been reading it in English. 

Farhad Hossen: [00:11:45] Uh, actually, uh, uh, someone highly around, we actually expect that, uh, we have to, we never expect that we are getting any sales from the country.

That's why we have to run the ads first of all. We have to test the water. We have to test to the traffic that they are converting or not. There, so, uh, we run the ads first. And when we are seeing some sales of getting, uh, from the other , I'm targeting the USA or the UK as you see it or the UK, but besides this, I'm getting some sales from the other countries also, but I never got any campaign for those country or I never targeted the country, but it's still, I'm getting some sales.

When I see these, uh, they are, uh, I'm getting some sales from this country. So I started the same landing page. Um, I started campaign for the same, uh, country, like the UK, uh, like Germany or like the Hebrew or the other countries, but their language is not English, but my landing page is English. I am seeing some conversions.

I'm seeing some conversions and I'm getting some sales, but my mind changed. I have, uh, I'm uh, thinking about that, uh, most of them are people from the other countries. They still don't know English very well. They are, or they feel bored to read English or they're not getting the information I'm trying to give him or her.

Yeah. He's not getting the enough information. So what, uh, what, uh, how, how it could be if I change, uh, change the language to, uh, his or her language. Uh, what, what it would do if I change, uh, if I translate the, uh, landing page to his or her language, there's like dark my English, our landing page to, uh, Germany language, to the Hebrew language.

And there's my mind changed to attain that lending base. And, uh, based on the geolocation, I have changed the language. 

Joseph: [00:13:55] Well, I, I think that's terrific and it really just shows just what e-commerce is capable of and how markets can unfold.

Farhad Hossen: [00:14:01] And, and it is true. It is, uh, increased my conversion rate when I change them or highlight targeting, uh, like the Hebrew or the Germany and people or the Spanish.

And when my, uh, landing page language is, uh, based on their own language or their native language. And, uh, it is increased my conversion rate. It was five to 10% increase. 

Joseph: [00:14:24] Yeah. And I think some of that just has to do with how the market is being served. Um, obviously we can make a lot of money in the us, but it is also very competitive.

Um, so I think if we can gain an edge by selling into some of these other countries as well, I don't know this, and this is something that you can definitely help me out to understand is the, how profitable it is to sell to a country like that. Um, I imagine that it is because I imagine that you're not putting as much resources in order to convert those customers versus the ultra competitive competition.

Wow. Listen to that redundancy, the ultra competitive state of, uh, of the US. 

Farhad Hossen: [00:15:02] Another thing I noticed, um, I had, um, uh, Shopify team in my store that Shopify team, uh, was, uh, automatically translated to that based on the geo location. And it increased my conversion rate. Um, often someone, uh, come, come from the Hebrew and the language, the checkout based language, and also the, uh, Cartus language or the also the product is language has automatically address to these are, uh, based on geolocation. I increased my conversion rate. 

Joseph: [00:15:35] It's something definitely to look out for. And so I hope listeners take note of that.

There are some other, so definitely there's some other things I want to get to. I definitely want to get your, uh, your expertise on affiliate marketing. Um, but before we do that, I also want to get to your experience on Upwork. I haven't talked to anybody who uses Upwork on the show yet. Um, but for our listeners, I, myself am a huge fan of Upwork.

When I started freelancing as an audio editor, probably like six or seven years ago, Upwork. Was probably the most, I got some good stuff at a Craigslist, but Upwork pole vaulted me, propelled me far ahead in my career. Um, in fact, all of the clients that I have picked up on Upwork, I still either work with maybe not as often, but I still work with to this day.

So I have a huge, huge respect and fondness for this, uh, for this company. Now I would love to compare notes with you. So, uh, can you tell us about, um, what you were like, why you had to use Upwork, what services you were providing, you know, as a, as a seller or even as a buyer? Just, yeah, just let us know how Upwork has, has treated you.

Farhad Hossen: [00:16:51] Uh, actually Upwork is one of the best, uh, when you say the freelance networks, you know, and I had been working on Upwork since 2009. I, as I already told you, um, it was, uh, before the Upwork naming, it was that odesk. As you know, it, it was odesk. And it was merged with the Elance and odesk and elance has been merged up.

And when, uh, the name has been changed to that Upwork, and actually it is a big marketplace, uh, for, uh, giving work or the, uh, making money, some buyer giving tasks and as a, uh, uh, affiliate marketing expert and drop shipping, or the digital marketing expert. I have been working, uh, I had started my journey with Upwork as a SEO expert, but later I have changed, uh, my goal on the Upwork, uh, I started working, um, uh, I started out working for a creating e-commerce store, like the drop shipping store and selling their products, uh, or running that Facebook ad campaign, setting up the Google ad campaign.

And also I'm hiring some people, uh, to help me in my work for, uh, writing some review, uh, product reviews are the attributes or the designing, my ad creatives and designing the landing pages. Besides giving the work I'm also working on the Upwork. And you also know that maybe I am a top rated worker on the Upwork. My success rate, 95% on the Upwork.

Joseph: [00:18:29] Yeah, I, I, I don't know if I'm top rated, uh, just cause like I. Uh, I, I was finding work in a number of different places. So while like I've worked definitely helped me out a lot. I was also working a lot locally too, again, finding people on Craigslist and stuff like that. Um, so, and not that I, it's not a competition or anything, but it is, it is cool to hear, um, how, how recognized you are with the platform.

Farhad Hossen: [00:18:51] Currently, I have. I have customers, uh, maybe 12, uh, uh, buyers or clients in Upwork right now. I am working for. 

Joseph: [00:19:00] Yeah, I think, well, how many did I get? Uh, two, well, not, not counting, uh, uh, this particular position, uh, which actually also came through for five-year Upwork. I mean, and, and listeners, even listening to this content for a while and know how much this job means to me.

And so this was, this is all things to Upwork. Um, so what I want to do is, uh, give listeners some of, um, some insight into. How to get into that platform and maybe like what level they should be at before they do it. Um, I think comparing Upwork to say Fiverr, uh, there are offices, there are some quality work going on in Fiverr.

I'm not saying that Fiverr's like bad in any way, but there was also like a lower bar and that's by design. That's why they call it Fiverr. Upwork. It certainly, I think skews more to like the established professional, uh, people who have been, uh, already they've already gathered a number of years of experience.

And so they are willing to, uh, charge more for their, for their, for their time. Uh, but I will say that I've worked as also have like different levels. You can start yourself as a beginner. You can't be intermediate, can't be an expert, but I think there's the competition doesn't really favor beginners as much.

So anyways, uh, so for listeners who maybe they want to get into e-commerce or, you know, online work in one way, uh, and maybe starting like a Shopify store of their own, isn't quite in their cards just yet, because it does cost money to do that versus just getting a job and making money like I'm doing so, uh, let's talk about that.

So. Um, but what I want to hear is like how you started with it, and then I'll actually share my experience on this too. Cause I think our listeners can take a lot away from both of how we got onto the platform in the first place. What made me, what are some of the things you did to advance on the platform and how you made the most of it?

Farhad Hossen: [00:20:49] Actually, I told you already, I started, uh, working on the Upwork in, uh, since 2009. Uh, I created an account, but my account was not so good. I have just created the account and uh, write up some description and some title. And you also know I am not from a native English country. Uh, I'm not an, an native, uh, native English speaker.

So my English was not good at that time. It was, uh, worst, more than worst. Uh, you say, uh,  title descriptions. And also I uploaded my profile image and then I set up my, uh, our work in rates as a $1 per hour. And then I started working there as an SEO expert. I started creating backlinks for some clients.

Um, I think I, I created my account on upward in 2009. Then I got my first project in 2010 after one year. I, I I'm trying, trying, trying to get I'm reading everyday. And not getting any task. Um, but I am trying to improve my English. I'm reading English and, uh, practicing English every day. And then, uh, once, uh, later on I got one project for creating the backlinks on the forum site.

I had to join many forums sites and then create the profile and post some traipse on the forum and just post the link, um, uh, of the websites. I had to work for $1 per hour. And then I created, I almost worked for the 50 hours, maybe. 50 hours I worked for the client and he was very satisfied and he gave me a five and a good feedback, uh, feedback review.

And then, um, later on, uh, I I'm getting more worse or based on the backlink creating. And then, uh, I, I'm also taking some projects for them. Um, SEO projects, uh, for on page SEO and also the off pages. And then, uh, I I'm, uh, keep searching the work, uh, give, searching the work, uh, on the upward. And then once upon a time, I'm trying to build my skills.

Uh, for, uh, SEO for the Facebook ads, for the Google ads, I'm everyday I'm giving diners, spending them almost, uh, 15 hours a day, uh, on my computer and reading, uh, many more things and studying, watching tutorials and trying to learn heart and soul. And then I thought I need to learn more. I need to learn more if I want to increase my rate on the upper.

And then, uh, I got one task, uh, uh, about in, uh, 2014 for creating a Shopify store. The rate was almost a $20 per hour. Uh, he paid a $20 per hour. Um, and I have created a whole list of for him and also gathered all the good partners from the AliExpress and also, uh, write the good description style for, uh, I added almost 50 products and right.

Uh, 50 different descriptions, only descriptions. I did. I completed the projects for, uh, almost 30 hours to set up the store, to adding the product, to optimize the store and to run the campaigns, to set up the Google shopping ads and some others networks. And they're it. And then after that, uh, I just, uh, my Upwork profile, um, getting improved everyday.

And, uh, then, uh, later on 2018, um, I have been selected as a top rated on the Upwork and still I'm top rated where they're on the Upwork. 

Joseph: [00:24:56] So people to this day can still, they could still, uh, hire you at this point? I, you still have the time to still be able to work as a freelancer for, for others?

Farhad Hossen: [00:25:05] Uh, I'm working every day.

Uh, I, this may, I already told you this is my full time and only profession. I never go out or I never go for any day job to anywhere. I just stay on my computer all the, all the day long. And then at work, uh, uh, four to five hours a day for a freelancing run on my Upwork for different clients. And for, from the us, um, all, most of the clients from us.

Um, my clients are most of my clients from the US and some other clients from the UK. Also some from the Canada and I work, uh, for clients are four to five hours. Uh, uh, rest of the time I work for myself, I make tutorials and upload it to my YouTube channel, um, digi marketing life. And I have another channel in Bengali language, uh, for the Bengali people, as you know, and from the Bangladesh, uh, I also make tutorials for, for the both channels.

And then I, um, make landing pages also try to run some other ads for my store, for my Shopify store and for, um, my affiliate offers.

Joseph: [00:26:24] Well, that's wonderful. And yeah. Um, you know, I'm just making sure that I understand things, uh, as, uh, as best I can. So I appreciate you having to relay some of the information again.

I think the thing that I just wanted to make sure I understood was like, if it's gotten to the point where you are now hiring others, or if other people are still hiring you, and now I'm clear on that. Um, so there's a couple of things that I just wanted to offer it to the audience too about Upwork.

Cause I don't, uh, talk about it too much. Myself is for one, is that. At the point that I am at now, I'm not really like, uh, seeking work, but if I were, I think what I would do is I would be looking for work just to help keep my, my editing edge. Um, so one of my clients, he doesn't pay me all that much and I've never asked him for a lot more money.

It's it doesn't, you know, it doesn't make rent or anything like that, but he's a really great human being. Uh, he works in the, in the, in the sports industry. He's a, he's a broadcaster and a journalist himself. And what I found was I was getting so much value just by having this relationship with them, of being able to talk with them.

He's he said, he, I, as soon as I come to Toronto, I'm buying a dinner. Like there are the relationship with him has really enriched my life and it, you know, I I'm, I'm happier not trying to like break his wallet every Tuesday. And the other thing that I want to say too about Upwork, what I found really helped me.

And I'm standing before you is proof positive that, you know, here I am is I was making sure that I was doing professional quality of work before I got on to the platform. I was putting money down. Uh, I was investing in myself so that when I got onto the Upwork platform, The quality of work that I was doing was the best that I could offer.

And that helped me a lot. And it, other people would be charging the same amount of money because they didn't have the same amount of experience, but I was able to have more of an edge because my work was a little bit more valuable for the same amount of money. And so that really helped me start. So that's all out of my system.

The next thing I want to talk to you about is your affiliate marketing, because I've seen your YouTube content and you really know your stuff here. I think to start, um, our, our audience has to talk to other people who know about affiliate marketing. Um, so we do know, understand how it works. Um, so as a start, what I would like to hear is in particular, how did you discover affiliate marketing? How were you drawn to start working on that? And then we will talk about how you do it today. 

Farhad Hossen: [00:28:51] Actually it is my passion. Um, I always keep searching on Google, how to make money online, how to make money online, all the ways to make money online. And most of the blogs, um, are sorted down like that. You can start the drop shipping of this stuff. The affiliate marketing, you can start blogging or even start TPN marketing, or you can sell products to the Amazon. You can do the Amazon FBA. You can make the videos, uploads to the YouTube and make some money. And also you can sell it to stuff to the craiglist.

And also you can work on the Upwork as a freelancer and that's it. And all the time I highlight you work like the affiliate marketing, and then I keep searching and I keep studying on the, on the subject on the word, what is the affiliate marketing and how to do the affiliate marketing? I totally loved the concept of affiliate marketing.

I heard about the, where the affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing is really a great way to make money online. You just, uh, people are making their products. People are inventing their products. People are discovering their products and they're submitting to the, uh, affiliate networks like the click or like the max bounty or like the other networks.

And I'm just working as the middleman as a medium, I'm just selling his products. I'm just promoting his products, playing someone, buy the products from my different link or from my, uh, promotion from my affiliate link. And I will get paid. We don't make any products, we don't shipping the products without giving any kind of customer services or without managing the products without taking the payments.

I, I, I'm not thinking about anything. My team, my only thing is how to sell the products, how to increase the conversions, how to promote the products and how to increase the sales. That's my only thinking only goal only intention what I'm thinking about is affiliate marketing. You just promote the other people's products, other people's services, other people's offers.

And when you sell the products and you make money, so there are a lot of thousands and millions of products online, and there are thousands of affiliate networks. You can join to the network, grab a good offer, make a lending business and run ads on the Facebook, on the Google  and make good money.

Joseph: [00:31:27] That was the thing that I wanted to, uh, get to next, um, of what you basically just said, which is, um, for somebody who doesn't have anything, like they don't have a website, they don't have anything like that. They have to have some presence online in order to be able to, uh, you, you say sell and I, I, and I hear that and I think, okay, that makes sense because you're trying to get people to buy.

I think there's definitely an element of promotion to it as well. It's promoting products in the same way that it's selling, but selling does make more sense. Yeah.

Farhad Hossen: [00:31:55] Actually it is not required to have a website to sell or to promote any products. Like you can start the blogging. A blogger.com is a free website making tools from the Google.

You know, we can create a free account, uh, from the blogger.com. Like the wordpress.com. We can create a free website with the workers or com or from the blogger.com. You just create a  the blog using the blogger.com on the wordpress.com and a write some content about the products, which you want to promote.

Like if you had one to promote a mobile phone, if you're trying to sell a mobile phone, right. Something about the mobile phone is a good mobile phone, and this has a 40 megapixel camera like this. You just write all the information, people in LA and, uh, uh, under all of the reviews or all of the things you already saw down in the blog site and just. Uh, make it call to action button. If you want to buy that products with the 50% discount or the 20% discount or the free shipping, this click, the button and when they click the button, they will be redirected to the vendors website. And when they go to the vendor website and when the purchase made the purchase, you are getting the commissions.

So you don't need any kind of websites. Are you, you don't have to spend a penny to make the websites, or even you can make a YouTube channel. This is also free. If you have a g-mail account, you can make it in general. You just make some videos. You just are like download a screen, recording software, like the share, or the divert, some student recording software, you just record you the sprint and you just say, this is a good production and you can buy this product.

This product is going to help you by this way and upload the video to the YouTube channel. And in the descriptions of the video, you just put your affiliate link. When someone, uh, watching your videos and click on the, um, after watching the video, you just, uh, tell us about, uh, your affiliate link in the descriptions of box.

Uh, in your video, you just say, I have been linked to, by the protest in my description, just click the link in the descriptions and you can buy the products or you can, if you, we know everyone has a mobile phone, right? Yep. He can, uh, he can start his camera on. He can open his, uh, front camera and he can record himself or herself.

And, uh, there was something about the products like, uh, this production is a good production. You can buy the prediction and upload the video to your YouTube channel every day and add the affiliate link in the description box. So you can make money, uh, from the two sites from out, from one video, you can make, uh, payments, or you can make money from the two sides, one from the  and other, from your affiliate.

Joseph: [00:34:51] That's fantastic like that, that I can really see your passion for it coming through. And, uh, listeners, uh, I. I, I hate to say this, but, um, something that I've been dreading and since I moved into this apartment is finally happening where they're about to start drilling on our balconies. Um, so I, I thought it's under control, uh, but I have been literally having nightmares about this day for, for years and you can hear it.

So I just got to remember to mute myself when you're talking and, you know, uh, we're just gonna all have to live with this I'm I'm so sorry. I, I have no idea when this is happening. It just happens. So one of the things. I appreciate it. So one of the things that I was really like trying to put together in my head, which was how much costs are really involved.

And I think you put it very eloquently, which is that it really doesn't cost anything. Um, you can just do it YouTube channel, and then you can just do I'm I'm thinking right now, like, and this is by the way, this is coming from somebody who's, I've talked to other affiliate marketers, and some of this just has to do with time and place, right?

Like I've, you know, if I talked to you, like in the first 10 episodes, I would have a harder time understanding you just because it's part of my learning process. Whereas now that I'm talking to you and I've had some of this affiliate marketing stuff sink in my head, and you're able to now add this information onto that.

Um, a lot of what you're saying is really helping me understand how I would do this and how I would do this is I'm really passionate about video games. I re I love, I love gaming. I love to play games and I would love to do a, uh, an affiliate program where I promote like tech and gear and, uh, accessories, you know, there's the, Hey, here's a really good controller.

Um, so that's just what I would do. Um, because it's, it's something that I can write, uh, very naturally about. Now, what I noticed is you were saying that if people provide these affiliate links, there's the there's discounts. Like there's like a 50, you said, I don't know if he was at 50% discount, but like there are promotional offers.

So who decides those promotions is the vendor, um, giving the affiliate marketer that, uh, that leverage that has given them permission to run that sale? Or is it up to you, the affiliate marketer to decide what discount you want to offer or what promotion you want to offer to the, uh, uh, to the potential buyers?

Farhad Hossen: [00:37:07] Uh, actually, uh, when I am saying about the discounts you are giving, the 20% is gone or the 50% is discount. All of this came from the vendor. It is not from you. What you can do is you just make you, you just share bonuses with them. Like, um, what I am saying is there are two types of offers we can protect, we can promote online.

One is the physical offer or the physical products. Another is the virtual to products like the software. Yeah. Like the ebook, like the movies are like that, uh, any software or the license key or the websites, anything, uh, that in tutorial, this is the virtual correct behind you, uh, promoting any virtual products, uh, any virtual products online, and this time, um, you can add some bonuses with your affiliate network.

Most of the affiliate network supports this. You have to just add the added bonus, like if you're selling and make money online and, or affiliate, marketing and training, um, uh, you are promoting an affiliate marketing affiliate, marketing training, how to make money online as an affiliate marketer, you can add some bonuses.

Like if you buy this purse, I'll give you another bonuses, how to promote any offer on Facebook ads and you can make more money, is there's the Google ads. You are learning the Google ads system from this tutorial. I've also given you how to make money from the Facebook or how you can sell your products on the Facebooks or how you can promote our, promote your offer on the Facebook as an affiliate marketer.

So this time you can add some bonuses. And it is the physical production. Then you can add some bonuses, which is gaming, which came from your vendor or a new vendor is saying this, if you are selling this products, then you can add a bonus line is called the free shipping, or one year wedding are the three I return hassle-free return or, uh, the 20% discount, 20% of all, these are coming from the vendor.

So you can add it to your landing page and people will learn about this and find the buy in from the vendors websites. And they will automatically add the discount to their cart based to their checkout page. 

Joseph: [00:39:36] One more question about that, which is if, I don't know if you actually like get to talk to the vendors, but, uh, it seems like they're having, um, what they're trying to do is just figure out like, what is a fair promotion for them to run that doesn't cost them too much.

But I also think what they're also trying to do too, is they're really just trying to convert at the end of the day. They just want to get the customers there. And then once the customer has arrived there, then they can retarget them. And then that's when they can start making more money. So now let me, let me ask this in a way that's, uh, uh, crystal clear, which is, are the vendors, um, profiting off of this or is this for them more of an investment to get the customers to be a part of them in the first place?

Farhad Hossen: [00:40:16] Okay. If it is the digital products or the virtual products is, uh, if he or she give me even that 80%, um, uh, commission, uh, 80% of the sales is still, he is making a good profit because when you are making, uh, uh, digital or the virtual products or a training or a video, or the software, you just made the software for once, right?

And you are just copying and pasting. You are just giving away to everyone. Every time it is selling, you are making a good product because it costs you only once. But finally it is the physical products. Every time the vendor need to spend more money and more money because, um, we, we need to, we need to manufacture, we need to manufacture the products, right.

There's way, it is, uh, very low discounts, uh, on the spawn discount for the, uh, physical production. But it is a very big discounts are, uh, very big commissions from you can get from the visitor or the purchase products. And as it is, um, uh, not the spending or it is not costing too much to the vendor. Right.

And if it is what you were saying, is that how much he is profiting or he's just collecting the data from the customers? Yes, it's both are correct, is still, he's making a little, if it is the physical production is still making a very small amount of profit, but it's more profit or even he is not making any profit.

But he is getting all the data from the customers. And, um, he is giving me a lead commissions for the ones. And right now he has all the information from the customers. And then, uh, from the next products, he will not give me any commissions and he will sell his products for likened to the customers. And even we can re target, remarket, uh, to the customers or from the Facebook ads, from the, uh, Google ads. Uh that's it. 

Joseph: [00:42:22] Yeah. And, and also too, um, one thing that I guess is worth pointing out is that, you know, the vendor is saving a lot of money on advertising because, you know, you're just doing the advertising for them anyways, and you don't get paid unless there's a sale, whereas an advertisement is is at first, I mean, it's, I don't want to undermine the industry.

Cause I was about to say it's a gamble. Like it's an informed gamble. It's an informed risk, but it is still at risk because there's no game.

The next thing I want to do is, um, maybe like rapid fire, some of these different softwares and services. Now, again, listeners, as you know, long-term, uh, long-term listeners is that. Uh, what we do is we introduced a lot of these concepts here. You can always check out, um, Farhad's content, so that he'll go more in depth and you can also see him demonstrate it live.

So, uh, he's running the video on his, uh, YouTube, so you can see him actually do it physically. Um, but I also want the listeners to be introduced to these concepts here and now. So, uh, the first two that I want to hear about are CPA and max bounty. Uh, I believe you mentioned them briefly before, and we know that these are related to affiliate marketing, so, and I think you also mentioned ClickBank too.

Um, so can you, uh, just let us know, uh, maybe like, what are the differences between these guys? Like which ones. Which ones do you feel are I have been working out really well for you? What you recommend, or we just want to hear about the software side of it and the website side of it. 

Farhad Hossen: [00:43:50] Actually, there are a lot of, uh, an affiliate networks are the CPA networks out there.

Uh, you can search on Google's are every everyone who is watching this video, the podcast, podcast, and he can search on the Google, uh, writing by, uh, the best CPA networks, best athlete networks, or best affiliate networks for the virtual products or the physical products like ClickBank is best for the affiliate marketing, uh, for the, uh, like the virtual critics.

These all, these are the trainings. Make money related training or the health related training or the software. And if you're trying to sell the software related or the make money related products, then what are your plans could be the best one. And if you're trying to sell the internet marketing related software, then you can join. Is one of the best networks. And if you are actually trying to find some good offers as an CPM marketer, you can join in the maximum maximum date is one of the best CPM marketing networks. They have a lot of small offers and it's all there. Look, you just need to, uh, join the network and find a good offer.

Like the email submit offer. You just promote the offer by someone, come to the page and submit their email address. You'll get paid for the $2, $3, $5, $8. It varies, uh, on the form you have to fill up. So, uh, you can join in the max bounty. And if you are trying to sell that are physical products, then you can stop the Amazon affiliate marketing.

You can, you can start a good blog site and you, you, right. You find some good products from the Amazon. And based on the products, you just write a 500 words 700 words, a review article and post it to your website and add that Amazon affiliate link website, because Amazon people trust Amazon and people love Amazon.

So they read the blog. And if you say, buy the products from the Amazon, and you'll just put the link, Amazon affiliate link and someone click the link and you'll be redirected to the Amazon and home buyer you can get at best 8% of commission. It is the maximum 8% commission that you can grab from the, uh, amongst them.

But if you want the more commissions page website, then you can join it. And, uh, uh, we did read, or you can join the infiltrates or you can just dizzy, uh, store, uh, 24, or there are a lot of, uh, out there you can join that clickbank or the max bounty or the CPA grip. Like if you want trying to do, if you have a website and if you are trying to look at content specific content or unlock a video or unlock specific part in your websites, that you can make money easily.

By doing CPS, you can join to the CPA grip and take a quote from the , uh, copied from the, uh, CPA and paste it into your websites. And this specific part will be locked. When someone comes to you to obsess. And if, uh, if he or she wants to see the video or the content they need to complete, or he need to submit his email address when he submitted his email address, that content will be unlocked and you will make money.

And that user will get the content you are trying to show him, or you locked. I hope you understand what it means. 

Joseph: [00:47:20] Yeah. I, I, I'm taking a, a lot of this and yeah. And this is, uh, I mean, uh, listeners have the privilege of being able to pause, go back and listen to it again. Whereas, uh, uh, in, in this moment, I'm just like, uh, absorbing as much as I can.

So with the, with CPA grip, so you were saying that the customer would have to, uh, fill in their email. Um, is it always like, is it free consistently? Is it a choice between sometimes they would have to pay to unlock content? Um, cause you're, you're saying that you would make the money if the customer is to miss email, but they're not transacting anything.

So I just want to clarify, um, what is the, uh, at what point is the person that fills your email are going to end up having to pay something if, if they have to pay anything? 

Farhad Hossen: [00:48:05] Uh, no. Uh, they, uh, if the choose that, uh, pin submit offer or the emails have been offered that, uh, the customer need to pay anything, they just submit, you just promote, you just grabbed the offer from the affiliate networks and he would just grab your affiliate link from the CPA grip and just make a landing page and put the, your into the lending, these users from our dealer lending business for the social media or anywhere else to drive traffic to your landing page. People are coming to your landing business. And if our she read the landing page and bundling the button or click that, click your affiliate link. Uh, and if it isn't, it was a bit offered  to other websites to the vendor's website. And a vendor will ask for offer his or her email address.

And, uh, he or she submit is, uh, even at risk. You will get paid. And sometimes, uh, sometimes there are some others offers you have to sell. You have to sell that. Then, uh, if you eat, you have to decide if you are going to choose the offer to a selling offer or the emails have been offered, or the pins have been offered.

What has been submitted, offered, uh, the vendors, uh, you just promote the affiliate link and someone come to, uh, go to the vendor. So have set, um, vendor will ask, uh, ask the answer the phone number. When you submit the phone number, vendor will send you a pin to your phone. And finally you submit the pin to the website.

You will get paid as an CPM marketer, or as an affiliate marketer.

Joseph: [00:49:43] Well, I think the listeners will understand here is that no, they can really find something to become an affiliate for that, that suits them, um, whether they want to go, they think what I was saying earlier about physical product or a digital product or services or something to subscribe to, uh, their options are really anything for, for sale is that something that, uh, an affiliate marketer can get on board with.

 Um, there was a couple of other ones that I saw from your YouTube and, and I, and I understand that, you know, you're not, you're not a Google search. So, you know, the listeners do have to, uh, understand that our job is to just. Be introduced to these things.

They know what more to look for. Um, but there was like propeller ads. There was volume, there was lead bit and MGI D a and like B mob. There's, there's a lot of different softwares here that, uh, you introduce on your channel, um, out of all of these, which ones do you feel. W can you tell our listeners about any of these that you feel they should really know about?

Farhad Hossen: [00:50:35] So really all these are the traffic sources like the media buy. If you need, if you need traffic to your websites, like the, I like the deeper defy is one of the best, uh, uh, one of the best, uh, Shopify things. If you want to promote your teams. And if you want to expand that, um, it's fun. Uh, do your teams, then you can run the ads on the propeller ads or the Outbrain or the tabula or the MGD.

And because they have lot of our targeted traffic, a lot of our traffic from the different types of flips there's from the different sources. So if you want to promote your affiliate offers or the CPA offers or websites, anything you want to promote, you can start campaign on the propellers on the MGD are in the outbreak and they will send you a good amount of traffic.

When you are trying to run ads on the Google ads. That cost is very high. Your ad spend is pretty high, but if you, if you try to compare with that, uh, MGD or the propellers or the outbreak or the w there, they will give you the same quality of traffic, which will give you the, uh, which you get from the Facebook or get from the tutor or get from the, uh, uh, Google ads or anything.

But the rate is very cheap on the native air sites. What is, the outbreak Debola MGD, propellers, all these give you the same quality of traffic but cheap rate. For per-click, you don't have to pay, where did you print? Like you can get, um, you can get thousand on a thousand people. You can show you as to the thousand people for a less than $1.

Joseph: [00:52:24] You know, here's the other thing that I'm wondering too, is have you been on the opposite side, where have you set up, maybe some of the products that you're selling on one of your Shopify stores to get other people, to do the affiliate promotion on your behalf?

Farhad Hossen: [00:52:38] Yes, I am. I am already promoting and also helping others to set up their store and set up their, uh, affiliate campaigns, uh, on the propeller ads or in the ID. And I'm also promoting my own offers to the, uh, outbreak, to the, or to the propellers and Google ads, facebook ads. I'm also doing this for myself and also helping to others on the upwards.

And I have also uploading, uh, I'm also showing the tutorial in my channel, uh, digi marketing life. So if you, uh, if, uh, the poll of podcast listeners, if they want to learn more about this, uh, they can search my channel on the YouTube, digi marketing life. They will learn more, learn, learn a lot more about this from my channel from videos.

Joseph: [00:53:26] I, I think they, I think they should. I think if any of our listeners are inclined to, um, see brass tax, how to, uh, effectively, uh, do this. I, I think your content is definitely among. Some of the best that I've, uh, that I've talked to, uh, on the program, for sure. So I, I, I, well, I mean, frankly, I subscribed to everybody that I, that becomes a guest and they show my, you should see that you should see the algorithm for my, uh, for my advertising is just like constantly, do you want to live in imagine like this?

Cause it's all like a, the, the eCommerce gurus that are, uh, using those, it's great for, for curating more guests by the way, anyways, so that is great. I think that's a lot to take in and that's definitely everything that I, I wanted to hear from you in that regard. Um, so I'm, I'm very thankful for that. I got one more, Oh, you know, a couple of other questions for you.

One is always a wrap-up question. Um, this is another one that I found from your content is that, you know, you have this three-step guide and I'm not going to spoil a step two or step three, but step one is to set a goal. And I think it's really important for people to set goals because if they don't, then they don't really know what they're working towards.

So my, I actually wanted to throw this question to you is that where you are right now? Uh, what goal are you setting for you today of this, uh, of, and w you know, what are you trying to accomplish today and tomorrow, and going forward? 

Farhad Hossen: [00:54:43] My goal is to, uh, set up, I am trying to set up an, uh, landing page software, uh, before, uh, 2022.

Uh, this is my only goal right now, and trying to landing page builder software, like the click funnels. I hope you heard about this click funnels. Click funnels is a very good there. I'm also trying to building a software and working hard for this, because it will cost a use money and to build up the software.

And, uh, but my software will be a little bit different and the software will have some extra features. Like, uh, people can make their products, videos from my, uh, from using the software. They can edit the images and they can make some good images from the software. And also they can build a good blending page.

Uh, to promote their, uh, Shopify offer, uh, to promote their, uh, AliExpress or the e-commerce offer to promote them affiliate offers to promote their anything they want to promote. They can use the software and they can build, uh, a good landing page. And also there going to be all types of landing, this pre creator or the pre-made lending, this template, they just, they just need to grab the template and the template will be ready for him.

He just need to change the title and the descriptions and the video will be created automatically based on, uh, based on his, uh, web search or the content of the page. And, uh, this is my only goal right now, but, uh, I'm working hard for the software to build up.

Joseph: [00:56:11] Well, uh, when you, uh, when it gets to that, to that point, you're more than welcome back on that program to let us know how it's working. Maybe we can even do like a live demo of it. Uh we're we're definitely getting into like live content too. So I'm, I'm looking forward to seeing it and feel free to let us know. 

Terrific. Um, so that's everything that we've, uh, that I've got for us today. Uh, the last question is are, well, other than me stumbling over every other word, uh, is our other economics tradition, which is if you have any final words of wisdom, anything you'd like to part with our listeners just like bombing me, like setting goals, stuff like that.

Um, you're welcome to share that with us. And then once more, just let us know where we can find you.

Farhad Hossen: [00:56:52] Last answer, uh, to all of the podcast listeners is to set up your goal first, because goal is everything. If you don't have any goal in your life, you can't reach to your destination. If you want to reach to your destination, you have to fix a goal first. First fix up what you want to do and plan. You want to get the success and finally want to, by what time you want to reach to your goal. So, uh, like that are dropshipping is a very good business. Affiliate Marketing is good business. Uh, you can start, you have to start first. You will succeed or you won't succeed it, or it will tell you later, but you have to start first.

If you, if you don't understand, you'll never, uh, you, you never see it. You, you can, uh, you can do it ever. First start your Shopify store. You can, you can use the best theme, Debutify. Use that theme. I think it will increase your conversion rate. I believe it will increase the conversion rate. Use the Debutify theme to your store and add some good products from the AliExpress or the other sources, you know, and add the products and start the Facebook apps.

So what's the step is users to study Shopify plan, use the Debutify theme and add products from AliExpress and start, uh, add all this products and set up. And then study on Facebook ads and then you'll see, you will get a lot of sales. You will get a lot of sales. Trust me, you will get a lot of sales. You'll make huge money, but you have to start first. 

So if you want to reach to me, then you can, uh, I'll share my email address with you or my Skype ID or my, you already know my channel digi marketing life. You can message me. You can post a comment and you will find me there. I will answer all of your questions.

If you have any questions, uh, you just let me know you, you, you, uh, watch me in the Debutify podcast. 

Joseph: [00:58:58] Terrific. Um, well, listeners, if you're serious about affiliate marketing, um, this really is a fantastic resource. So I do strongly recommend to checking his channel out and, uh, yeah, that's everything that we've got today.

So, uh, once more, thank you so much for your time and, and listeners, you know what to do, so take care and we will check in soon all the best. 

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