Jeffrey Ho - Consumer Psychology And Skill Transitioning Both In And Out Of Ecommerce

As I say numerous times on our program, as I continue to learn more about the industry it opens up new avenues of study. My guest today Jeffrey Ho wanted to bring one such revelation to the table, about what to do if or when the time comes to make a change, whether that’s heading into ecommerce, a common theme on the show, or heading out of it into another area, which as our guest puts it, has less to do with success and more to do with the pursuit of growth. 

Jeffrey has been in the E-commerce and Dropshipping space for 2 years. Since 2020, he has moved on to pursue other career opportunities in the digital industry to learn more about the technical and project management aspects of E-commerce and other digital platforms and solutions. Jeffrey has been featured in other podcasts and interviews such as Oberlo, and plans to get back into the realm of E-commerce in the near future. To find out more about Jeffrey, you can watch his videos via. YouTube or follow him on Instagram.



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