Episode 151 Featuring Joseph Ianni

John Mac - Creator's Tribe and Manifest Methodology

John Mac - Creator's Tribe and Manifest Methodology

We have a returning guest today in John Mac, and we enjoy an hour's worth discussion on manifestation, cell memory, fate, will power and forming habits. Heavy stuff, certainly a niche discussion as far as what we do on Ecomonics but I'm delighted to not only offer great actionable advice on running a store, inspiring stories of success, but to dig all the way down into our psyche to understand our place in the universe. 

I understand not everyone is drawn to these discussions but I am, so much so that even though I signed on to produce an ecommerce podcast, this line of dialogue made it's way in anyways. So, have as open a mind as you can handle and give us the hour to pry it open just a bit more, it'll do you good.



Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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