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John Mac - Creator's Tribe and Manifest Methodology

icon-calendar 2021-11-18 | icon-microphone 1h 5m 24s Listening Time | icon-user Joseph Ianni

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We have a returning guest today in John Mac, and we enjoy an hour's worth discussion on manifestation, cell memory, fate, will power and forming habits. Heavy stuff, certainly a niche discussion as far as what we do on Ecomonics but I'm delighted to not only offer great actionable advice on running a store, inspiring stories of success, but to dig all the way down into our psyche to understand our place in the universe. I understand not everyone is drawn to these discussions but I am, so much so that even though I signed on to produce an ecommerce podcast, this line of dialogue made it's way in anyways. So, have as open a mind as you can handle and give us the hour to pry it open just a bit more, it'll do you good.



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[00:00:00] John Mac: When we talk about manifesting, you said that it's one thing to manifest a good night's sleep. It's harder to manifest a million. There's no difference. It's the same thing. We are the ones creating a big fuss about that because for us it's a huge deal manifesting $1 million compared to manifesting a free cup of coffee, for example, we don't think too much about it. So there's no resistance.

[00:00:27] Joseph: We have a returning guest today, John Mac, and we enjoy an hour's worth of discussion on manifestation, cell memory, fate, willpower, and forming habits. Heavy stuff. Certainly a niche discussion as far as what we do on Ecomonics but I'm delighted to not only offer a great actionable advice on running a store, inspiring stories of success, but to dig all the way down into our psyche and understand our place in the universe. I understand not everyone is drawn to these discussions, but I am. So much so that even though I signed on to produce an e-commerce podcast, this line of dialogue made its way in it anyways. Not something I saw coming. Maybe I did. Sort of the point of this all. So have as open a mind as you can handle and give us the hour to pry it open a little bit more. Might do you some good.

John Mac, welcome back to Ecomonics. A big, huge smile on my face today. For now, I still, I have 10, I have 10 fingers. So for now I can keep track of how many people will have been returning guests. You're returning guests number three, and it is, uh, great to have you really means a lot to know that guests wants to come back and I assume they're not being paid under the table to do so.

So thank you for being here. How you doing this fine evening in Chiangmai. 

[00:01:35] John Mac: I am doing good. Yes, we, uh, we are turning in from Thailand actually. It's 9:00 PM. Um, it's a good place to be. And, um, yeah, thanks for having me on to talk to your tribe again. It's cool. And we had a good talk last time. So. 

[00:01:49] Joseph: Yeah. We did. And, and so our audience, um, maybe some of you have not listened to the previous John Mac episode. So my standing rule is, uh, go do that. I do not want to use up someone's time just to you know, cover a already covered territory. So a holding for one second. So you can pause this and go listen to it. Okay, great. Welcome back. Thanks for coming back. All right, here we go. 

One of the concepts that, um, stuck with me when we had our previous conversation was the concept of cell memory. And it got me thinking about what are some of the things that I'm doing, that they might not necessarily yield a result in the immediate.

They might not even feel the result in my life, but they might reveal the result perhaps in a future life. So now the audience understands where we're going with this episode. Uh, and, and the cell memory that I have been working on in particular is leadership aside from guildwars one where I was, you know, a couple of video games where I took a clan leader position.

I never really saw myself as the leader archetype. I saw myself as a support archetype like Merlin and not king Arthur, but in the, in the position that I have with this company is the first time that I put into a leadership position in the, in the multi media team lead. So it's a great deal of experience that I've been working into it, but it's hard for me to shift my mindset to that of a leader because a I've been in the supporting role for so long and I do it well.

It's in congruent with my cause this is an experience. So this is the result of the conversation that we had, uh, as one of the things that really stuck with me and something that I'm working on and continue to work on. And so A, I'm happy to hear your thoughts on what I just shared. Um, but I also would, I'm curious about some of the progress that you've been making with your cell memory training, and perhaps is there something that you have been working on that you know won't yield a result in the immediate? 

[00:03:51] John Mac: There's a couple of things that came to my mind when you mentioned that this. The first thing is of course, um, the topic of habits. To create new habits. So I guess we know that now, and for people that, you know, uh, put them trust more into scientists with white coats, they can document things. It's good to know that they also understand how these works.

I think, I think they say about 60 days, that's what it takes to, to try to, you know, uh, train in a new habit. So one thing is habits. The other thing is to allow, allowance. What do you allow to you yourself to become, because humans are, I mean, we're living on a planet of limitations and fear. It's a, it's a prison planet basically.

So, you know, we're trained to be obedient and fit in and not make too much noise. And depending on our background, of course, but allow yourself to be the king or the leader that you want and allow yourself to train that in by new habits, all of a sudden new things do things that, that comes to my mind, at least on this topic, which can drastically change people.

[00:05:02] Joseph: Yeah. Okay. That checks out. I think for me, the limiting factor has been the allowance because I asked because I made peace with being in the, in the support role for so long. And I, and I enjoy it and I feel like I'm making a lot of impact. The idea of disallowing that when there's, when there's value there to allow for something that is not necessarily, uh, my strong suit, at least not yet, uh, has been somewhat difficult to reconcile on my mind.

So I guess the way that I made peace with it was the idea that, you know, I'm not, I'm not training this for myself for, for a day. And I did lose track of the 60 day thing, by the way. I know you mentioned that last time, but I lost track of that. I guess the idea of like, this is something that might come up through little by little, it could be in a year.

It could be in five years, could be in 10 years. But I do see it, the, I guess the allowance that I have given myself so far is that I do see it as something that will happen, um, at some point. So there is an inevitability to it that I, that I have made peace with at least so far. 

[00:05:59] John Mac: You kind of already feel it. 

[00:06:01] Joseph: Little by little, like yeah.

Like I see where it's going. Yeah. 

[00:06:04] John Mac: That's cool. It's an indication that you're in the, um, creation process right now, because these are some of the things, um, I have spent space shifts out of time on this, last the last months, you know, from my, my story last time you and I talked and, and what happened last fall, and me getting into learning even more around the topic of the manifesting, how the hell do we create our reality?

How do we make things happen? How much control do we have? Um, we could say that most people are living by default. You know, they say, thank you and accept whatever coming in that comes into their face everyday day, they wake up and walk out in the field, but you know, we need to understand that we create our realities and, uh, it's a super hot topic on YouTube now it's exploding everywhere.

So that's what you're doing now. You're basically creating, you have already created it. So it's in the field and it's in the coming. So now it's about allowing that to happen. And I know how it is with fear. And I think we will be stepping into the topic of, you know, for people like gossip, running a business and what we can do.

I can just mention this again, this an example that, you know, with my background, I've talked to people that have told me, I am so surprised that you actually made it Johnny or I can, I can, I'm amazed that you still continue. And that's because people have a limited mindset. I come from a shitty background with a lot of crap happening, but, and, and, and it could easily, you know, fence into a really negative outcome like with my brother and my sister, but based on the mindset and what you accept and the standards you want to have for your life, anything can do total opposite can happen.

It's about manifesting and that's what I'm in spending a lot of time on lately. So it's what you're doing now. It's in the field and that's why you feel that it's in, in the coming. We just know it. 

[00:08:03] Joseph: Manifesting is something that, you know, I hear, uh, once in a while and, uh, you know, um, uh, prior to, uh, when even we hadn't met, I'll tell you a, a brief story about a moment where I think I could have manifested something, but then I stopped at the last second.

So my mother, I, she was listening to this radio station here in Canada, like a six 80 news or something like that. And I guess she had built up some, some point system, either like a loyalty program or something like that. And she was going to cash in older points to enter a lottery where she might've been able to take away like a huge sum of money, like a million dollars, like nothing to scoff at.

And, and earlier on in that day, I was watching some YouTube videos. Cause I just got into a manifestation at that time. And it says, you know, if you believe it and you manifest the money, it will come now, you know, it's one thing to like a manifest. I don't know, something like a good night's sleep. It's another thing to try to manifest a million dollars on the first scope.

So I was sitting there and I was convincing myself that all this money is coming. This mine is coming. We're going to win this lottery. There was a direct core connection to this thing. And then at that, maybe at the last second before I was truly fully committed to it, I said, at least I think. I mean, there's a good chance of it.

And then, and then it's, and then we didn't win. I think what a lot of people are needs to understand the actual process here is that it's not magic per se. It's not like something that any, anybody can, will, anything into existence. There is a, there is a large amount of energy, but you know, the universe only has so much, and it is trying to produce more, I suppose, that's due to the constant expansion of the universe.

So, you know, we can't just will a million dollars into existence. That's not how it works, but I would like to hear your point of view on how you feel it is working. And it sounds like that this is something that has really been top of your mind since the last time that we talked. 

[00:10:03] John Mac: Of course, there's a reason for that from my part, because I had my dreams too.

And I'm kind of the, you know, stubborn, I've called myself for years that never going to give up. I would never get, go back to a nine to five. I know exactly what kind of lifestyle I want to have most likely the similar to your listeners want to have the freedom we have by doing our own business.

Um, but also relationships, which is, um, a big deal for me because it's hard to find someone on my level that I really want to spend time with. That was to episode last fall, suddenly it was ditched one night and I want, but I still believe my dream. And I caught what you said about what you have perceived and seen with your future to come.

I have seen the same thing, and this is for everyone listening. Now, people will probably be on different levels of allowing spiritual insights or whatever they want to believe in. But I have, I have kept having future flashes of things to come. So crystal clear for so long, uh, years back. And if they don't, they're not going away.

It's. So, so that to me, uh, just indicates that it's already created. And we know now when we, when we talk about manifesting, you said that it's one thing to manifest a good light, good night's sleep. It's harder to manifest a million. It just there's no difference. It's the same thing. There's no difference in manifesting a small thing.

That's a big thing. We are the ones creating a big fuss about that because for us, it's a huge deal. Manifesting $1 million or whatever would be a thousand dollars. We're creating a huge damn fuss about that. We start to doubt, it seems like a big thing compared to manifesting a free cup of coffee for example, we don't, we don't think too much about it.

So there's no resistance. We're not creating a big deal about it. So if people can do just, um, relax and trust in the process, trust in the universe and kind of allow the new insights that are coming out, which is not new it's ancient, ancient knowledge that has been around for forever. Um, when it comes to even manifesting and how, I mean, what is manifesting it's about creating with our minds, basically our version of our reality, I guess, um, I kind of dropped out of the line a little bit, but I wanted to, um, refer back to what you said.

Um, there is no difference in manifesting a small thing coming to a big thing, but we create our own problems and doubt and fear in our minds, which creates blockages basically. If I can continue on just a moment on the topic of manifesting what I have discovered the last month, I've been pretty interesting and amazing.

And yes, I am one of the rebels of the norms. Like I talked about last time that do not fit in this society's norms, because I really want to understand what's happening behind the scenes. Uh, in our lives, in the universe, what do we actually know which have led me into this path? Which probably is also the reason why I want to have my business and freedom.

And the reason why I do web design. The last month, I have discovered that almost no matter where you go now to ancient knowledge, I've read a reference from the Bible. And I read the condensed version of the, hermedico from Egypt, from the Pharaoh's, um, channeled information. Um, no matter where I go, I see the same information everywhere.

What we think becomes we all live in our own separate realities. Thoughts are energies that form matter over time. One book I could probably can recommend on this podcast, uh, which is not too spiritual. It's more metaphysical and scientific. It is from, um, russian mystical modern actually author called and is writing a book.

He wrote a book called the reality trans surfing. Some people may have heard about it. It's super popular in the states now. Um, it's kind of exploded everywhere. Um, I think it's from the nineties, it's pretty fresh, but it's so damn super-intelligent written and it's, he's explained he's a metaphysical scientist and he's explaining how the field of infinite possibilities basically contained all that has been all that ever will be and the future.

Right. Which scientists finally start to understand. And, um, that I wanted to tie that back into what you said again. That is the reason why you can feel it and see it now because it's already existing. It's been created in the field and is it is for us to now allow it into our reality. 

[00:14:59] Joseph: There's another element of this, that I, that I like to bring into this because I'm interested in hearing your take on the, I guess the clash or one might say a debate, uh, between, you know, fate versus free will.

So I've gone back and forth on this and I've, uh, and I've talked to some different people about it. I'm always been a big believer in balance in that, you know, you always have these, uh, these, these conflicts that are eternal, um, because you there's this consistent pattern in life where things tend to be not always, but tend to be broken down into a binary, this or that.

Do you have day? You have nights. Um, you have, you have life, you have death, you have starting to stop, just go on and on and on. So with free will and, and fate or predestination as somebody might be on a college. My thought process has been how to reconcile the two and to find a healthy relationship where both actually have some matter of agency because the, the heavy predestination argument.

Any time somebody thinks they're exercising, freewill. That's just fate saying, yeah, it was going to do that. Yeah. It was going to do that too. You guys going to do that too? And in for a, well, it ends up becoming this illusory thing that gives us some peace. Whereas I I've been looking at it as more like, you know, fate is, and we know we talk about these things that are manifesting in our future.

Um, and, and I do strongly believe that a lot of what is happening is laid up for me because it's an experience that I meant to have. Um, so in that case, it's an ocean, but I still see freewill as an island within an ocean that crops up. And, and I do believe it is possible for fate to recognize freewill and say, okay, he wants to change the future.

That's fine. I'm just going to rewrite it. It is not faded to happen. It's we, we accept that somebody wants to change the future, so we are going to change it. And that was not predetermined. We're not saying that for our head. Cause it was just doesn't even care that much. So that's how I've tried to find a balance between the two.

And I'm curious to hear your take on it. 

[00:16:57] John Mac: While you are obviously a deep thinker. It's a good question. And um, first of all, I want to say that, um, let's not connect faith with religion because it's one of the major, um, nasty. 

[00:17:10] Joseph: Yeah, it might not have come through. I mean, predestination, I was saying fate, F A T E. I mean, faith is a belief system, so yeah.

It's good that you brought that up. It's good to clear that up. 

[00:17:19] John Mac: Yeah, really good. Cool. Because, um, you know, it's got nothing to do with what we're talking about. So, but fate is, um, a super crucial component in the manifesting process. First of all, no matter what timeline you decide or the few, the future you want to create, fate will always play a role.

And you can read about that in the Bible, which an I'm still not referring to religion. I'm referring to ancient texts and what's been said, and you can go on to places and find the same information. And the reason is that fate is what can we, well, how can we call out? It's it's a driving force that puts you into absolute knowing that this is possible, and this will happen.

And that is such a strong, powerful force. You've got nothing to do with God or Jesus or, uh, any, um, divine entity. It's about your personal power. Think about kids for example, they have such a strong fate sometimes in some things they have imagined, they just have no resistance that this is possible. And if we humans could trust in the natural flow of the universe, that would be the fate that we would need to, uh, to create.

So to make changes, you mentioned something that makes me think about, uh, what maybe connected with, what choice did we make before we come here? We talked, we've touched on that last time. I think, you know. 

[00:18:44] Joseph: Was going to ask you about that as well. 

[00:18:47] John Mac: Because, you know, I guess we can say, we know now that we have, we have many lives, um, a soul doesn't educate itself completely in one single lifetime.

That's why we keep having memories from past lives and we can see the future. And that's because everything happens now in the ocean of infinite possibilities and multiple realities and timelines, all this sounds a little bit confusing, but the more I've been diving into this and really want to know it is it's, everything is making so much more sense and life starts to make sense.

And I'm relaxed with everything that's unfolding. You know, sometimes we do come here. I mean, what you're doing now, Joseph could have been part of your plan. You can say that each and everyone listening in today, um, may have decided to come in and this particular life with one specific theme or topic is like a red thread going through this life.

There's certain things that's supposed to unfold positive or negative, but we are able to rewrite the script. And one of the things I've done the last months with all my discoveries and diving into the topic of manifesting and testing things myself as the different manifesting techniques. Um, I wrote one thing that I can probably share with you guys today, but that's the story of scripting it's rewriting both the past and scripting your future because you are the director and that's what you have basically done yourself.

Joseph, you have, you have basically mentally scripted your future. That's why you can say now that you can see what's coming, you have the fate. And, you know, there's basically no resistance anymore for you to create that. I don't want to get too technical and metaphysical into manifesting process today because we need to talk about the mindset shift, frequencies, parallel realities.

And I can tell you guys listening today, and this is not a cool, magical thing, just because it's exciting, but I've noticed so many realities shifts basically emotionally, and maybe you can call it spiritually, but I it's just a natural workings of the universe or the last months making my mind shifts.

Like we talked about last time I can go out one day and something feels just different. There's something happening that day. That show me that what the hell? This is not common. I see a different pattern suddenly. That's why human showing off that. I thought I knew that is completely different. I've had one single event here I'm pointing right now for what people watching the video on YouTube. I was sitting here a few months ago and I had to turn around to pick something up at this work desk. And I leaned forward to grab my bag. And it was like physically, I felt like sticking my head through an invisible wall and I got goosebumps super strange and never had that before. And it can sound weird for some people, but the thing is that when you and I work on ourselves using our mindset, we are persistent.

We decide to do this and only see the future we want. The frequency and energy signature of our body has changed so much that you're basically living in 11, leading up to a new timeline. A new timeline is created when the overall energy field of who you are, becomes so different that you maintain it.

It's a new version of you. That's creating a new timeline. 

[00:22:19] Joseph: It's fascinating stuff. And I, and I appreciate that, you know, we don't want to get too, too deep into this because it's not going to be resolved within an hour far from it.

I would like to ask at least like, and I feel bad about this because it's not the great, it's not, it's almost unfair to simplify it, but I'm gonna have to try anyways, which is, um, what would be some of the practices or some of the techniques that somebody can start applying even, um, soon as they're done listening to this?

[00:22:57] John Mac: Yeah. I would like to give people the free new guy that I wrote 'em in three days. Um, it's called, uh, it's a concept that called filter and manifests. It's pretty simple. If people do it, their life, their life's going to change dramatically. Um, I created a simple guide. That's called the reality is if. And it is a template to shift realities because you're making such a profound shift.

And it's pretty simple, basically. It's a, like I said, the concept is called filter and manifest. The first thing we need to do is to filter our reality, especially now the last year, there's a lot of things happening that, um, we probably, it's not worth even mentioning here. 

[00:23:41] Joseph: Okay. We can talk about that afterwards.

Cause there's, there's some terms that you brought up and like, oh, I know what he knows and we're going to talk about that after. 

[00:23:48] John Mac: And, but that's too much for now, but it's, it's still important to mention because, uh, my super quick take on this and the pitch is that, uh, there is an agenda, uh, and that I say that because I do more, more research than most people do, most people should be searched is from the news.

Then you get what you get. My reality is different. We need to feel through our realities. So the first thing I tell people, stop watching the damn news. Unless you want a mind fuck every day, stop watching the news. Stop reading the newspapers. Number two, filter your closest friends and families because not everybody is good for you in the new version that you are about to become and not everybody's going to like the new improved version of you.

Number three is to filter the food you eat because you do become what you eat. So if you in general, live on the typical American diet, that's pretty famous. I guess. Now you're going to have, you're going to struggle to keep, um, a clear mindset to make the positive changes in the first place. And before, as you filter places, you hang out because, um, every location, every space has an energy.

So I remember when I started my freelance business that we were going to touch on, is I everyday I went down. From my apartment at home in Norway. And I went to nice coffee shops and sometimes even hotel lobbies, just because the environment was positive and different. Um, and I'm very selective. All the spaces I hang out, I go to places.

I feel good. I spend time with people that exist on my reality level and I can actually talk to in a, in a good way. I eat fairly healthy to keep my body clean my body, my stomach, and my brain is connected. We know that now this what you eat can create depression. I'm intensely filtering the news. I left Facebook last fall, and I haven't been on since when you have done all that filtering, you have cleaned out your energy field so much and created such a blank nice white canvass. Now we can start to manifest. 

[00:26:00] Joseph: Well, I was just wanted to touch on. Sorry. I didn't mean to stop you, but, uh, well, here we go. So I went to go visit my parents, uh, not too long ago and I was never really much one for watching the news, just because I wasn't really one per watching much TV. Like once I stopped watching Saturday morning cartoons, TV had nothing for me.

So, um, news just didn't really, uh, uh, glom onto my radar, but it didn't occur to me just how poisonous it can really be to consume. Um, I, I sat there and, and they, and they go through like their opening stories and it's just pure shock and awe like flooding in Germany. Um, at Corona virus updates, um, it was like a star football player footage of him trying to like break into his, uh, uh, his in laws house.

And I will say as a football player, his charging technique on point, but, and, and then, and then all of that. And then, and then finally a baseball player who made it into the major leagues and he surprises his father, like, like, like a nugget of positivity after this tidal wave of, um, of scare, uh, and, and terror.

Um, and I, and I, and I looked at my dad and I'm like, you know, dad, I think it'd be healthier if you just took up smoking and then you get to the commercials and they're trying to sell people on all of these, you know, medications, because they put people in that vulnerable state and they're more susceptible, I think, to looking for solutions to some kind of problem.

So, and that's, and that was me just watching it for like, like one day, just because I happened to be, you know, with my parents at that time. 

[00:27:29] John Mac: Yeah, no it's um, and I don't know. I, I hope most people will know now how scripted it is. I know when you start to backtrack and you discover the media companies and what they are and who they are, and we have seen it, you can see how scripted they are.

You can go to, you know, we have seen five different news channels saying the exact same thing. 

[00:27:50] Joseph: Yeah. You, you probably saw the same video I did where they lined up about like 80 different news broadcasts. And they all said the same thing at the same time. Yeah. It's a w and, and, and what I think I, I appreciate about, you know, being in the e-commerce space is it encourages a lot of entrepreneurship and a lot of initiative and a lot of independence.

And I think for that reason, it does seem to connect a lot more people who are more of the, that, that mindset of more like, well, we're not watching the news, we're making the news. 

[00:28:19] John Mac: Yeah, that's true. And that's about creating our own reality. It's too excluding stuff. That's not fitting in the dream world that we want to have.

So I just wanted to suggest a couple of techniques for manifesting because when we have gone through out all the crap, we can start to. I use meditation like you have done. I visualize, I play out the same story and result over and over again in your mind every night, every night, because I need to change the subconscious mind.

The second thing I want to mention that I have sometimes done scripting and that's writing a short event, like in a diary or what happened, but it's in the future. Okay. 

[00:29:00] Joseph: I just have a very small question about that one, which is, is this captain a, so you say it's in a diary, right? So it was just kept in a paperback journal and you just pop out the pen and just write it down and then you're looking through it perhaps.

Yeah. Okay. 

[00:29:14] John Mac: Because then it becomes you're in motion, whether you are interacted with it and taking action. So you, you, you know, you're into becoming basically. 

[00:29:23] Joseph: Well, there's so much of this that I, that I love hearing about, um, because it's just it's, to me, it really is an honor and a privilege to be able to, I mean, you're getting into this e-commerce podcast thing.

Oh, wasn't talking about drop shipping and Facebook ads and stuff like that. And, and this is just the, the, the macro perspective of e-commerce, which is the argument that I made from the beginning, which is you have to have your mind, right. If your mind is right, and then it will lead you to make, um, uh, better decisions in your business.

And so with that we are going to jump into some of the business side. Um, we'll, uh, depending on how long I get to keep you for maybe what we'll come back to the spiritual side to, to wrap this up, I'm going to start with, uh, the first question that I had chambered. Um, but you know, it's, it's, it's your realm, it's your expertise.

And so I also encourage you to take us to the other aspects of your business. Do you want us to know about so that we can better understand your relationship between the spiritual and what I can only there no terminology that quite encapsulates everything, but I'm trying. So I'm going to start with passive income, as you say, I say earlier, you know, there's no difference between manifesting a million dollars versus manifesting a good night's sleep for a cup of coffee.

So in that same token, there is no additional difference to manifesting passive income. So how, how did you do it and how can somebody else look into this? 

[00:30:42] John Mac: I think I was one of the first ones in Norway. I remember to, to, um, understand this concept, that, so, um, there are other ways of making an income, which there was still a mindset.

Uh, it's, it's always a mindset thing. Well, as an example, I think I can start with Shopify. Um, as you know, I have been, I don't know if I'm still the only Shopify expert in Norway, but I was at least one of the first and I've been doing the one for years. And, uh, it became one of my main income sources. You know, at one point I had about $2,000 from Shopify every month without doing anything.

So I wanted to mention that because you know, some people say that passive income doesn't exist, but I can say that, uh, to me it seems like true passive income exist. This is one of them. I'm not lifting a finger to get paid from Shopify two times seven. You know, as Shopify experts, we get a and partners, we get paid, uh, two times a month.

They made a change of course, a few years ago when that kind of pissed me off a little bit. I wrote them an email about that, but I never applied, which is pretty sad. They decided to, to cut our merchant fee income based on what the store sells, which I find really strange because it was a huge incentive for us experts to actually spend extra time for all the clients to make sure they did well.

So, as an example, though, yeah. Shopify is one, one of my income streams. Um, and I usually share what I, uh, what I make in different ways. Um, right now, even though I'm focusing less than Shopify, they pay me about $500 monthly doing nothing. If I turn on my Shopify expert profile, I get flooded with work. So I can't do that.

The second thing is, as a web designer is pretty easy to generate at least semi-passive income. What I do is to make sure that when I connect the new clients, I get them on a maintenance plan. That's how we say it is the third thing I have decided to do. And I'm sure many people in this, listening to this show today, understand how nasty it can be with some clients just sucking you for energy and time.

I stopped doing that and I told my followers of clients that from now you don't expect me to even reply to emails. I'm not used to free. I'm not doing your fee support channel. If you want me to reply and help you out with questions and answers and advice, sign up to this, um, access plan. It's just $35 monthly, but having a few of those generate also semi-passive income.

Those are the main things that I have now I think. 

[00:33:24] Joseph: So set up for the access. Is that the same thing as the maintenance plan? 

[00:33:27] John Mac: No. It's two different, it's two different services. Yeah. Okay. Some clients are just on, on having the, uh, Yeah, I'm available for them. And, you know, I don't always hear from them, but they like to have me as their source of advice and tips and short updates. The second thing is WordPress maintenance. 

[00:33:47] Joseph: This is great because I can, uh, I can bring in, I guess, a, a mindset shift that I think is important here. So, um, even speaking from my own experience as a freelancer, um, what I found is the, the early phases of, you know, being a freelancer and being a trusted professional for others, puts most of the leverage on the client side and not the freelancer side.

Um, if a client asks a question and happens to be at midnight, I'm like, well, you know, this is the first, this is my first couple of clients. Um, I'm going to do it. And so I think, um, over time it's important to, to take more from positions, which is, you know, how do I, my time is more valuable. You need to understand this.

So, um, I like to hear about maybe the chronology of that. So when, you know, when you were first starting out was the leverage more on the customer side or the client side. And, and how are you able to get to the position that you have now? And like, what were some of the major turning points that allowed you to be more firm with your, uh, with your clients?

[00:34:48] John Mac: This topic is super interesting because I want to teach in my coaching to now, as you know, we've talked about that. I do more coaching with people who want to learn web design and have an income. And this is one of the most important topics. So, uh, it's two things. It's pretty simple. It's two things. It's your skills and it's your confidence.

So of course, when you, uh, when you start out, you, uh, you bow down and your life flat for any client, you can get hail the client. So how did that change from this is not like that now for me. So what I usually tell people, I don't want to swear too much, but I tell people, fuck your client because the client is not always right.

That's an old, that was from the 18 hundreds. The client is not always right, because they're going to run you over. You are usually always right because of the, and that's why they come to you in the first place. You are the one with the knowledge. But like you said earlier in the previous segment is it's about balance.

As soon as you start to grow your knowledge and your skills, and you know, what you can do for the client and deliver, uh, you become more and more valuable, which makes you more comfortable. No inconfident that starts gradually to put the weight more over to your benefit and your side. And the funny thing is that that would be less clients that can screw you over, but there will be more clients to just love you more and more because, and clients love me.

I can be pretty rough with my clients. I have clients told them you suck. But the thing is that I think I have, um, kind of developed probably in my 17 years of martial arts, actual training people, I mixing my attitudes, but they kind of feel it's in a loving way. I really care for my clients. That's the thing I always always deliver.

I always care. And it puts me in a position that I can actually tell them pretty straightforward, how things should be basically. And it gives me a lot of power, but I'm not misusing it. So that's, I think that's a, so skills and confidence, which gradually would put the weight over to you and you will have more control of your business and you can charge higher rates.

[00:36:59] Joseph: We also talked about prior to recording was that there was an element of this that you wanted to show us. So I think this is the right time to upload a screenshot, or you have to forgive me. I, um, I lost track of exactly what it was we wanted to do by way of screen-share, but this is as good as Amazon, if you want to pull it up for us.

[00:37:18] John Mac: So I'm just wondering why I want to show this thing. Um, and, um, I hope by the time this episode comes out, the site is done. What I'm showing you now is not finished. 

[00:37:29] Joseph: Sure. Well, worst case scenario, we'll cut it out. 

[00:37:33] John Mac: Take my mindset and understanding my spiritual being in my life and my career.

Seriously, it's always a blending. And what I've seen, Joseph is like more people like you have approached me, especially the last year. It's people that have an awakened mind. They struggle to fit into the system. Basically the norms for society that includes having a nine to five job. So I've been focusing more on helping people how to do that.

How do you claim your freedom? We need to change the mindset and we usually need to find a new income. And I had a tribe of followers and then are with me for a monthly membership. And I want to build that community. And this is the site that I want to share with you guys. Now we call this a, the creators tribe.

It's basically going to be the new hub for awakened aware people, because we are actually entering like a right here and we're entering a new reality. Things are shifting drastically. Things are becoming more positive, even though it seems like everything is falling apart right now, but this just, um, This is the site that I'm working on right now.

I'm actually testing a new builder for it. Um, this will be in place to welcome people like us, people with an aware mind mindset. I want to claim their freedom and create their own reality and maybe even make a new income. So I just want to show you guys this because it's, um, more and more people are now signing up to my main two websites is to improve your confidence.

The other one is for people that want to learn web design and make an income. So thanks for letting me show you guys this. Um, many people are asking for it. So that's what we're trying to do here now.

[00:39:26] Joseph: I'm happy to see that as underway, uh, because that is certainly something that I have, uh, encountered a great deal of, which is when people, how do I, how do I put this in a unique way. We who unplugged from the matrix. One of the things that the system does is isolate those people who are unplugged and make them feel alone, makes them feel like their, their mindset is, uh, is false and that they are not adhering to the, the correct structure. And, and it can feel very, very lonely.

And then anytime that somebody encounters, um, you know, them, our online community, there's a great deal of doubt as to whether or not that community is legit or is it just run by Russian bots that certainly went there with their, my mindset and what I think is happening. It is very rare for someone to wants to replug back in once a person understands the truth, they realize that the cost benefit analysis of what they're going to gain by, uh, you know, returning to the system versus what they're going to lose is, um, for most people, a reconcilable, once in a while, you have somebody who wants to plug back in and even I've been I've, I've attempted to do that sometimes because ignorance is bliss.

It does, it does feel good to be, to be ignorant, but what do you feel having awareness? A lot of it is just remembering the, the importance of long-term decision making and not to short term decision making is, you know, the, the, the pain or the suffering that we go through is, is a as a necessary burden that we have to carry so that we get to the better point and down the line.

And then we get to that point. And this is, you know, coming back into the spiritual side, I do relate some of this to, you know, the, the grand creation that which made all, and what I think is happening. There's this attempt to actually create more space between the beginning of the end, the destination, the destination is everything re reignites back into one creation and it's all over.

And I think we're trying to do is actually create more time between those points, because it's the journey that we're here for in the first place. So whomsoever happens to come up with the idea that creates the most amount of time for us to, to live and have new experiences. Uh, future lives, even graduating to higher dimensions is the correct mindset.

It's about, no, we're not trying to finish this. We're actually trying to prolong the end as much as possible. 

[00:41:47] John Mac: I can tell you, joseph time is, have been the most complex thing for me to understand with all the stuff we've been going through. So, but we all here for the process, like I said, I mean, in the beginning, uh, nobody can, uh, expect us all to be fully developed in one lifetime.

So, and, um, the hardest thing is to understand. When you said that you can foresee the future because it could be because you have decided and you're visualize. But it's because it's there now. That's what I think. And that's what I've been. I've been having the future images coming up. It's because it's happening right now.

There is no time. So how do we move faster? I don't know, relax and trust the process at least. So. 

[00:42:29] Joseph: Now that Shopify has upgraded to version 2.0, we needed to make sure we were up to speed. So we've released version 4.0 to ensure that we're 100% equipped to take advantage of the 2.0 revolution. If you haven't upgraded your store, head on over. And if you haven't gotten started, now is a good time as any.

This question just came to my mind in the interest of say somebody in our audience who might be a skeptic. And I mean, a lot of people, you know, they're, they're here to find out how to optimize their Facebook ads. But please understand that people that in e-commerce, we are going all over the galaxy and we're just trying to collect all the information that we can.

And, and I, and I, and I really appreciate what we're talking about today, but I want to be fair to the people who might be more skeptical is what would you say to somebody who doesn't buy into this and is probably somebody who perhaps watches the news on a routine basis? Um, what would be the initial position for them to perhaps reconsider their point of view?

[00:43:29] John Mac: Everything is still a choice. Uh, there's nothing you have to do on this planet. But, uh, the thing is that if you reach a certain level of awareness and you know, that you choose the most more heavy and negative and not so positive, uh, way of life, maybe, which, I mean, there is, there's a reason why there's a silent depression in the states and in Norway too, Norway is a rich country, but then also mean that everyone is happy it's because they tried to.

But the system is not working so well. And you know, there's nothing wrong with that. Um, but you get what you ask for. So I think if you get to a certain, um, awareness point and you know, that you think it's better to stick with the old ways, um, don't complain when things get hard and rough. The other thing is that you, you always carry the choice with you when the days come that things suck and you, or, or you suddenly get an, an enlightened idea, which usually comes sooner or later, you have the decision to choose right now, which in that moment to create a new timeline for you actually, and a new outcome.

So just to understand is nothing you have to do. There's no punishment from the universe or any God source or whatever. You can choose exactly what to do. That's the thing, it's the freedom, it's the free thing. 

[00:44:52] Joseph: And I, and I think the, the, the beauty of a lot of the practices on that technical level are things that people should just be doing anyways. Meditation is a great thing to do, and no matter what your belief system is eating healthy is a great thing to do. And no matter what your belief system is, exercise is a great thing to do, even if somebody is very much so, um, inmeshed in, in a nine to five structure and I have in my position in the past.

And, uh, uh, and I have no issue. I bring it up here is that I do recognize that not everybody has the Liberty to, uh, exit that perhaps there's people who depend on them. Uh, I wouldn't say this as a negative, but I think it's a fair characteristic of the e-commerce entrepreneur space is that entrepreneurs tend to, but not always, um, be, uh, entirely self-reliant.

So, you know, we do, I do talk to some people once in a while, you know, they have, uh, they have families, they have children, but it doesn't come up as often, so that it is a fair characteristic of the e-commerce space. So, so a lot of people in, in, in a structured environment, Well, they're just going to have to make do, because they have to, there are other people who are, who are depending on them, uh, kids or, or elders or something along those lines.

And, but even so still finding time after they're finished work, putting an hour putting in 30 minutes a day to start working on on a side project can end up blossoming into something that's, um, a far more. Uh, I think, um, fulfilling in, in the long run, far more freeing in the long run. So I think everybody has the opportunity to do it.

And I take a lot of pride in feeling like I get to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Um, and so, you know, I'm, I'm honored to be able to do my part, but as a, as a, as I agree with you, is it is, it is a choice any of the day. So, um, the, the start with the simple things is my bottom line. Um, if you're not meditating, try it.

You can meditate for 30 seconds. You can meditate for a minute. It doesn't take much time to at least give it a shot. 

[00:46:46] John Mac: I would say also, and just please allow your drama, drama queen brain to, um, some time just flow down, uh, because it's you remember the default setting for most people is constant input. It takes time to slow down the mind.

One of the guys there. He was really struggling, the big YouTube channel and pretty cool guys doing, exploring a crazy stuff. They tried to, um, meditation for was it 1000 days. And he really struggled at the beginning until the mind finally gives in. But I want you to say that I think Joseph, you have a really great mix here.

When we talk about our business in our minds, because we can't deny if we are humans in a body that I have in mind. And I guess most of us can agree that there's might be a soul. I guess we know that now, even by research actually that's been done, but most people don't know about. So, so it's a great mix to talk about this things, because I expect everyone listening to this listen, because they want to improve their business and balance.

Like you mentioned, it's just super important to trust the process and relax, and that will be more balanced. 

[00:47:56] Joseph: With your, with your life coaching. Um, just for first, just to, I guess, um, uh, make sure I understand the, uh, the purpose of it. Is it strictly speaking about the self-development or is it also in relation to helping people build their businesses?

[00:48:11] John Mac: I think I mentioned this last time. Was I on the call? How much struggle I've had the last few years to figure out how to, how I can combine this and send out the message? 

[00:48:22] Joseph: No, I think we talked about, I, if I'm being honest, I infuse some people in the week. The bucket is constantly open flowing, so, you know, but I'm trying, well. 

[00:48:31] John Mac: I mean only a few podcasts, uh, interviews and they usually touch on the same topics, you know, so I mixed them up, but, um, I was thinking to myself, I mean, I'm not the only one out there that spiritually aware and light to take care of my body and mind. And I want to have my own business. How the hell do you help those people? And, you know, a few years ago, my main website motionback.com had both of them in one bulk and it's just not working. It's hard to, I mean, I could do it, but with so much focus on my web design stuff and the coaching around that, I have to have that as a separate camp because it needs to be focused for people also want to, you know, improve their minds and understand their metaphysical existence.

That needs to be the other tribe. So it's been hard for me, actually. This is where I am now. 

[00:49:21] Joseph: It's a rather distinctive challenge because. I completely agree with the necessary, uh, logic behind being in the proper state of mind to understand what a business we want, we want to conduct, but they are disparate.

Um, uh, and again, I can only be, so self-aware so many times, but even in the idea of starting this podcast up, it's. How people can, can drop ship and run Facebook ads. And I've, it's become, it's become a mantra at this point. And so I would never, in a million years expected to be able to connect on a, on a spiritual level.

So, uh, I'm happy to do that, but I recognize that we do have two different, um, uh, pillars and there are they're lateral from one another, I guess when one way that I could ask this is, have you noticed, uh, crossovers, have you noticed by any chance that there are people who, um, uh, visit you from one source?

Probably because you had mentioned it to, or maybe there's a backlink somewhere they had crossed over into the other side. Um, are you, have you been able to pick up on any, um, trends or patterns based off, um, where people arrive on the funnel? 

[00:50:31] John Mac: Um, yeah, I have. Um, and I see that, um, I'm, I'm using in-charge now, by the way, I moved over to in-charge to dial for email Liberty, and, uh, I gave them into tribes.

Uh, but I do see people in both groups. And I, it seems like, um, most people are coming from the mindset stuff over to web design. And that's what I, that's the example again, is people like us who are looking for ways to have freedom and they visualize that maybe sitting home in or a coffee shop with a laptop that I already have, make websites can give me some income.

I think it's mostly that way people are looking specifically for web design. I don't think they suddenly get eureka. I need to change my mindset to make this work, but I do see that many of them are also open for that. And I mean, I wanted to say that the bottom line is that we are a spiritual entity having the human experience, how you want to unfold this and play this out on this planet.

This is up to you, but you still a spiritual being no, some care about it. Some don't. But it's still the truth. We're more than just a meathead. 

[00:51:42] Joseph: One thing that I was wondering about is through your, through your coaching and through your, um, uh, the, the, the tribe mentoring, and then the group calls. Cause I was looking into the website, uh, in prep for this.

And I saw that like, you know, these are group calls that you have. So I'm wondering if anybody has allowed you to find the time to realize something. If they've taught, taught you something. And I don't mean in the absolute pragmatic sense where they like actually give you a tip or a pointer, but in asking you a question in your own exploration of the thought process something had had come to you.

[00:52:18] John Mac: I have, because I have a lot of conversations with people just out here the last year or last month. I think I mentioned last on our last call that with my focus on living off my energy after my, um, I lost my girl. Um, I had to do that changed, um, how I radiate. Uh, which has given me access to a lot of people, just strangers even approaching me.

And, um, some of those conversations, um, I have a way of having people opening up a lot and share details. And that gives me some really interesting moments of insights in that. So that's the way I actually learned from other people or listened to their stories. And I see examples of how things unfold basically.

So, yeah, and of course, some people gave me some life advice, but you know, that's usually people that have had a good lifetime and a lot of experience. Um, and it's not too many of them, most people are more listeners. Um, because of my, um, I don't know the level of outreach with understanding things and also because our lives.

The story we have created, creates us. 

[00:53:32] Joseph: So, all right. So I want to share I'm under the thought that I had with you. This was a realization that I had now, like a year and a half ago, maybe two years ago. One of the things that I, that I appreciate about being in a, uh, in gaming communities is that it allows people to take on avatars and to explore their own, um, thought process and their own decision making process in an environment where they're not going to get blown to pieces.

You'll learn a lot about somebody based off say their play style or the defensive, or are they balanced? Are they aggressive? Uh, I'm, I'm a defensive type. And I, and I, and I learned that through not just playing one game, but through playing multiple ones and seeing what it is that worked well for me, what came more naturally to me.

So there's that. And then another part of it, which is interesting is the ability to rename yourself and give yourself a tag. I went through a couple of different, uh, you know, nicknames and tags until I noticed something. Everybody was named Joseph, they will cut themselves down to Joe. No, but they go with Joe and then the other half of it just disappears.

I thought, well, you know, it sounds, I like the sound of sad. So I, I did the opposite. I took staff and it cut out the joke part. And so now I use that as my tag and the more that I thought about it, the more I've started to see a graduated almost like higher dimensional version of myself. Like I'm starting to build the avatar that I'm expecting to be.

Um, and of course being the, being the nerd that I am like, oh, we're a red rope, probably specialize. And as a conjurer, they could want to learn and visibility all and all of these and all of these things are the result of actually taking my name cutting in and a half and coming up with a more condensed version of myself.

I don't, I mean, John's pretty short as is, so I don't know if everybody has the luxury of something as literal as like head on the name and half. But what I'm wondering is if you have ever had a vision of how you might manifest in higher dimensions and what would be you in a more distilled, condensed.

And other ways heightened at an enhanced version of yourself.

[00:55:37] John Mac: Yeah. Both of them, actually. That was super interesting question and topic, and I think I need to make sure I cover two things here. Um, first of all, your experience with this is a super great example. What you're basically doing there on what many people are doing is they're playing out their highest dreams of themselves in a safe environment.

It's a hologram that's, that's why people are sometimes attracted to that. It's, you know, it's rare that I see people call themselves assholes and creates avatar. So that like, shit, if you have a game that you can do that, you built up a super awesome character with a cool name. And I'm wondering why Seph would be a name for you, for example.

And, um, you become the dream version of you. That's really the true you. That's the thing, but you're not playing it out in real life. You're just acting. And basically it's, uh, if you could take that next step and put it into real life, you're, you're basically used the game as a manifesting platform. It's the closest to, you can take it out from the mental hologram, the invisible field of all that is of infinite possibilities.

Take it out from that mental hologram, the visualization, maybe from a meditation, you put it into game, you can actually pay around in, um, you know, facial hole. I mean, you can see, but what if you took that out and put it into, um, into real life, maybe you don't want to dress up and all that and change your name, but there's own qualities.

And the character that you represent is part of your body and energy bond signature. So that's an example. 

[00:57:14] Joseph: Um, but just to clarify, I definitely don't want to change my name and dress up. 

[00:57:20] John Mac: Some people do and you get to live it out. Yeah. So, uh, and I think that's cool. Uh, and you get kind of, you get to see who's who.

Well, the second question. Um, and I, you know, I just have to be honest and say what I've seen for some people they've sounds freaky and weird, but, um, um, we're all freaking on this planet. Um, basically, so there's a couple of things I've seen. I could say that I've seen an avatar like you. And the strange thing is the two things I want to mention.

Two stories. One strange thing happened in Norway. One time when I was offered to join a group regression therapy session, which is basically about going back in time and even back to a previous life, there are techniques for that. Um, I'm all into that kind of stuff. And I, you know, started a lot of the stores in books, but I have no expectations from this evening, but suddenly, uh, intense mental images came up from a life with a guy that was called Nicholas.

I saw everything. I saw the ages. Close to being that Avatar. He was a tall, handsome guy, strong a medieval times, really nice dress, but he had almost no friends. He had no family and he was to protect her own village and he died at 86. I saw the death and everything. So I don't have to mention all details.

It's not relevant for the, but that was one example, but the good, the greatest, and kind of the divine version of myself, which I sometimes wonder is coming from is like being an earth angel, which I know a lot of people relate to. And I've had a few dreams at times that have been so powerful that I, it gives me goosebumps still.

And I wonder if it's sometimes I, I, the reason I pick up stuff like this, sometimes without thinking, I perceive myself as having wings, huge wings, um, I'm old. It came to me last year. No, in 2019. And, uh, the first time I, I changed the head of color to play it out just as I, to change my character. I was wondering if that's subconsciously part of it, but I had a dream with a friend of mine and, uh, one time, um, I guy that I do film production with in Norway, he was drowning in a river below a big bridge.

And I descended down from the heavens with some hue. I was myself, but I had some intense wanes. They were so damn big. Joseph, you could, I would break the whole apartment here, but I was flopping down and I grabbed him and I was just about to wake up, but it was so intense, so strong and I lifted him up and put him on the ground and I woke up and that's what I don't know. 

[01:00:06] Joseph: I'm so glad I asked the question. That's a. 

[01:00:10] John Mac: But I know more people have these thoughts in their heads, but people usually don't dare to mention them. 

[01:00:14] Joseph: This is the kind of thing I don't get to do every time, but I'm glad that I, that I got to do it at least once a, once a blue moon. And that has been, um, just over an hour.

So, uh, so with that, John, I'm going to let you have the floor one more time in case you wanted to wrap up any of the threads, or if there was any other thoughts you want us to conclude with, I just wanted to make sure you had that opportunity. And then, uh, I'm going to let you go. Cause I have some questions I can not ask, uh, live on the air. 

[01:00:40] John Mac: Behind the scenes.

Yeah. Yes, it does. One thing I wanted to talk to, to the business, people here in all new freelancers and digital nomads, the mindset is going to change everything for you. And if you consider in some of the ideas around manifesting and start to understand the power of the mind, your business is going to change.

I've had two coaching calls previously today, which I'm going to display in a video later on this website. I just show you guys the story with her. It's been three years from going from a shithole to having her own business. That's how powerful we can be. So the mic keep listening to stuff like this, uh, and, and things will be fine.

[01:01:21] Joseph: And I, and I, and I want to back you up on that as well. Um, you know, to, to my audience and whomsoever, uh, happens to come across. This is, if you don't think this kind of thing is, is valuable. Uh, I, I hope that at least some of the simple techniques we'll, we'll get you on your way, because as we say, when people come to this realization, they don't go.

And once you come to that realization, it might not even come into it in this life. It might take a couple more lives down the line, but you will come to it. So, um, for, for anybody who is, you know, they have questions, um, John here would be a great person to reach out to. I'd be more than happy to, to pitch in as well.

So you you're always welcome to email podcast@debutify.com. So just to let them, uh, just let me know what you think about it. And also if you want us to do, um, uh, more content like this, uh, once in a while, I certainly would like to, um, I think what I find interesting about it is in keeping with the theme of predestination and fate is I'm noticing these conversations always come up when I need them to, it's always like, if I just need some calibration, I ended up having a conversation that helps me calibrate.

Um, that's my living. 

[01:02:33] John Mac: Yeah. It's better than living in just plain hope. Hope that one day you notice from serve you, you are control. 

[01:02:40] Joseph: So just take us through once more your, your web presence and so that people can, uh, uh, look into you and reach out to you if they're so inclined. Yeah. 

[01:02:48] John Mac: So for social channels, I don't use much other than Instagram right now, and I'll be fine there found there.

You would probably probably the link I go to main websites motion. In fact, I've calmed me some more than mindset stuff. I'm focusing on reality shift. May people really change a reality and timeline. And then me as a web designer is johnmac.Pro. That's where I, uh, do my client work and I will go, I will be promoting my coaching program coming out.

And, um, the last fresh hot from the press that I showed you today is to create a strive. That's where the community would 

[01:03:27] Joseph: I like that. The oneness and unity of all things. Okay. All right. So to my audience, as always, it is an honor and a privilege to be able to collect this information and share it to all of you.

So I, for one am grateful for the hour that I got to spend with you John today. So I thank you so much. Um, and to my audience, thank you all for your participation and with that take care and we will check in soon.

Thanks for listening. You might've found this show on many number of flood farms, apple podcasts, Spotify, Google play, Stitcher, or right here on Debutify. Whatever the case, if you enjoy this content and want to help us thrive, please take a few moments to leave a review on apple podcasts or wherever you think.

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Joseph Ianni

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