Episode 75 Featuring Joseph Ianni

John Mac - Web Design And Nomadic Lifestyle

John Mac - Web Design And Nomadic Lifestyle

Have you heard of Chiang Mai? If you’re an adept, intuitive and empathetic type you might be there, it’s where today’s guest John Mac spoke to us from. This episode of Ecomonics - A Debutify podcast, definitely leans into the spiritual/mindset element of our show, one that I feel is important to touch on when time permits, as a fullness of self is tantamount to a meaningful world around you and the ability to move forward. In addition to a successful web design business, John is also a big proponent of the nomad lifestyle, somewhat as the result of it thrust upon him at an early age. I always strive to get you the best value I can and if it’s unique, so much the better, enjoy. 

John Mac is a Specialized WordPress Web Designer for Divi and Oxygen + Shopify Partner & Expert. He is also a Mindset Coach and Freelance Mentor.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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