Episode 16 Featuring Joseph Ianni

KC Chow — Email Marketing - A Stalwart Strategy No Matter The Business

KC Chow — Email Marketing - A Stalwart Strategy No Matter The Business

KC Chow, a man of  dedication to his craft, stayed up till 3:00 AM his time  so we'd be able to chat in the best environment he could offer. If that's what he's willing to do for a little old me, imagine what he could do for your business. Okay. Don't spend too much time on that because you can check out this episode. Instead, KC Chow is an advocate for email marketing, a format that has withstood a great deal as the internet continues to take shape around it. It's a proven method to boost your sales and create a better connection with your customers,  if you do it right of course. Enough out of me, let's hear from the expert. 

KC Chow is a leading expert email marketer with years of experience in email marketing. Over the years, he has been fulfilling his mission to impact eCommerce businesses. The strategy employed by KC Chow has been proven to generate 20-30% extra revenue from email marketing alone. Listen as he talk with Joseph about the challenges and benefits of email marketing.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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