Kerry Egeler - Inspiration Both Shared And Received Through Print On Demand

Print on Demand is something high in my priority list, it's just one exciting avenue to find meaningful success out of the many we cover on Ecomonics. My guest today Kerry Egeler is on the forefront of this pursuit and in addition to the free content he provides on his own platform, he also divulges a lot of important takeaways here including the sometimes surprising limitations when dealing with brand familiarity, it’s a fascinating story among many so check it out. 

Kerry Egeler is a husband and dad of two children from Oklahoma. After starting his first e-commerce store years ago and weathering all the ups and downs, he's now sold over 20,000 t-shirts and apparel products and started and grown multiple successful online businesses. Through Shirt School, an online course and community, Kerry has taught thousands of people how to start, grow, and scale online t-shirt and apparel businesses.



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