Episode 96 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Keya James - Journey From Personal Problem Solving To Mainstream Manufacturing

Keya James - Journey From Personal Problem Solving To Mainstream Manufacturing

Today’s story is all about the sincere and noble start by which heroes of ecommerce are made. My guest today Keya James began with a problem in need of solving, and from it came an organic demand from her following. I know a lot of our audience are keen on dropshipping, I sure am. What I want you to take away from this episode is that while you might not have a product you can make from scratch for your own needs, success in this space can start with humble origins, there is growth waiting for you both online and in stores. 


In 2011, Keya James, the founder of Tailored Beauty went natural. After doing research on healthy hair care practices, and starting her “hair journey” she made the decision to avoid relaxers. She started to make her own whipped Shea butter in 2012, which is now known as Everything Butter. She documented this entire journey through her YouTube account under the name Inez Moore. It took some time to perfect the ingredients, but once she did she began giving it to all of her friends and family to try out. The success has come fast, and the business is on a steady climb.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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