Episode 26 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Marc Chapon — Building Success Guided by Creativity

Marc Chapon — Building Success Guided by Creativity

This episode with Marc Chapon came around when it did, it gave me a chance to compare his unique approach to dropshipping and e-commerce using artistically minded resources like Etsy and Pinterest to the others I've talked to so far. What you'll learn from this episode is that you can have an approach to this industry that suits you and works for you.

Marc Chapon used to be a Chef in a Michelin starred restaurant in Paris. Three years ago, he left his job to create his first E-commerce store. He is now making 6 figures income monthly thanks to E-commerce only. Marc’s success story has inspired “Spocket” to write articles about him. Marc is not your typical “guru” and is well known to be brutally honest. He strives to teach his students how to build a sustainable business by working with local suppliers and advertise products on unsaturated platforms such as Pinterest. Marc is a Founding Member and active participant in The Dropshipping Council.



Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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