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Mohammed Ramzan - Tools And Mindset For Problem Solving Programmers

icon-calendar 2021-10-14 | icon-microphone 56m 55s Listening Time | icon-user Joseph Ianni

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If there's one group of people I'm grateful we have around it's programmers, developers, designers, whichever one of those titles is most favorable. And while we don't get to talk to them too often on the program I always recommend listening up. My guest today, Mohammed Ramzan puts the mindset like this; you have to love the problem to find the solution. In addition to the wisdom, he also shows us some hands on tools you can start using right now to give your business an edge so have a listen. 

Mohammed Ramzan is the founder of keiwords.com. He is a top rated web and mobile app developer, and has also worked at Google for a year as a facilitator.



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[00:00:00] Mohammed Ramzan: In the company, there were a lot of other professionals who were sitting in my surrounding, but of course I was not allowed to ask them any kind of question. And even I was not allowed to use Google. That thing has taught me that if we don't have any kind of support then how we can approach any kind of problem and solved by your own self. So yes, this was a kind of struggle and I, of course, uh, in that way I improved myself. I already mentioned you that if we know coding and we are doing coding, then we need to love problems because on daily basis we will have the problem to face. So if you don't have that kind of approach and you don't have that kind of passion then we will not be able to do solve those problems. 

[00:00:46] Joseph: You're listening to Ecomonics, a Debutify podcast. Your resource for one of the kind of insights into the world of e-commerce and business in the modern age. This is Joseph. I'll be presenting a wealth of industry knowledge from interviews with successful business people and our own state-of-the-art research.

Your time is valuable. So let's go.

If there's one group of people I'm grateful we have around, it's programmers. You also call them developers, designers, coders, whichever one makes them more favorable. And while we don't get to talk to them too often on the program, I always recommend listening up. My guest today, Mohammed Ramzan puts the mindset like this. You have to love the problem to find the solution. In addition to wisdom such as that, he also shows us some hands-on tools you can start using right now to give your business an edge. So I think there's plenty to listen to for this episode.

 Mohammed Ramzan. It's good to have it here in Ecomonics. How you doing today? How you feeling?

[00:01:47] Mohammed Ramzan: Yes, I am feeling good. That actually I was expecting from, I was waiting for a long time that I should have the meeting with you. So of course today I got the chance to talk with you. 

[00:01:58] Joseph: Well, w w well, I appreciate that. I guess I didn't, I didn't ask you that, but, um, I know what I do know is that you've had a chance to experience Debutify firsthand.

I've seen some of the content that you've made and you've definitely helped, uh, direct the audience to, to Debutify. So, uh, your, your, your assistance has, uh, has helped out, you know, it's been a contributing factor to, um, I guess the really the influence that the Debutify theme has, uh, throughout the world.

And it surprises me too, you know, I mean, not every guest is familiar with Debutify. We just reach out into the con into the e-commerce space and we just want to meet as many people as we can. But, you know, once in a while we do come across somebody who's using the theme or is familiar with the theme and it just goes to show the, uh, the impact that it's having really all over the world.

So I wouldn't mind asking about. I think might as well. It's this is our show after all. So we're actually, you know what, that's not the first question I want to ask, but we'll get to that. Cause it's an important one. The first question that I want to ask the most important one is for you to tell us what you do.

Tell us what you're up to these days. 

[00:02:57] Mohammed Ramzan: So basically I worked in a software company for two years as a software engineer. And then after I started my career as a freelancer, so currently I am working, uh, with a, an international company, which is located in Italy. So I am managing their project, uh, and also developing an app for them.

And, uh, meanwhile, I'm also working on a couple of other projects which are related to like BHP and a PHP frameworks, basically like Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress. And, uh, I have, uh, one more partner who is located in, uh, Belgium. So me and him actually, uh, trying to create a Shopify app. And I'm also working on that. I am handling the development part and he's the managing the marketing part. So yes, this is my profile. And I have also a YouTube channel. So I also contribute to the audience that if I'm learning something new, then I try to solve for them. 

[00:04:04] Joseph: And one thing I always try to do when I look at somebody as YouTube pages, I'm always interested in seeing what is the most, um, you know, whatever video got the most results.

And, uh, the one that got the most results for you was not able to receive money on PayPal. It had 97,000 views, and I didn't think it was that big of a problem, but it's, it must, it must be, um, quite, quite the sensation to realize that your video that put out the solution solve the problem for 97,000 people.

Yeah. So I would like to know a little bit more about, um, your, your development or re cause you mentioned your, the languages, PHP, uh, and, and Laravel, but I don't know, programming all that. Well, so what I'm wondering about, and I'm trying to think of a question that is, you know, accessible for people who maybe aren't developers, but how do you decide.

What, uh, programming languages to work on, or that are useful to you and your projects? 

[00:05:08] Mohammed Ramzan: Um, basically, uh, uh, when I, uh, when I was, uh, in my college and then I get, get placed in a software company. So I was in the team of custom development. Custom development means whatever project is there. So we get time for one week to learn any specific technology.

And then after we tried to implement, so it is not a big deal for me to learn any specific technology, uh, because I am kind of open-minded so whatever is the need of the client. So accordingly I learn and implement that at that moment. Within 10 days, I can learn anything.

[00:05:44] Joseph: So, so would you say this is what you've been? Um, w w what have you been up to, like, I guess, um, even going in, before you went into college, like, were you, did you always have an interest in being a developer? 

[00:05:57] Mohammed Ramzan: Yes. Yes. I actually, I was very much interested in, uh, practical things. So coding was the one in which I thought that, yes, these are the, these are all independent on the practical things.

So that's why I was interested because as you know that, uh, in, uh, maybe you don't know about the Indian education system, so, uh.

[00:06:17] Joseph: Not an expert on it. 

[00:06:20] Mohammed Ramzan: Yes. We have a kind of mindset that we must have. Good. In the college in the schools. So ultimately, uh, the students get frustrated that, uh, what would be the meaning of this one, if we are not knowing any specific thing practically.

So that's why I was interested in doing something, uh, practically. So. Uh, yes, there are a lot of people like Elon Musk and mark Zuckerberg. So they have done a lot of good jobs. So they were the inspiration for me. And, uh, in the same way, I was trying to improve my coding skills, uh, solving the challenges I was also placed in, uh, uh, Google, uh, for one year I worked with.

Yeah. I was a Google facilitator for one year. So I was developing apps and organizing some workshops in different colleges, uh, which were actually, uh, guided by the Google yourself. So I got the sentence scientification and, uh, yeah, that was a good experience from. 

[00:07:17] Joseph: I guess I've always wondered about what it's like to work with Google.

I don't think we've had anybody on the program. Who's had first hand experience working with them. I've always, from what I've understood about Google is that it's a very free place to work. That there is a lot of freedom and flexibility to help people want to go about solving their problems. What do you recall from your experience with them?

Um, looking back on it, did they really trust you and give you the, the, the freedom to, um, do the work as you saw? 

[00:07:47] Mohammed Ramzan: Uh, yes, actually, uh, then I was selected, uh, so we were three students. And on the basis of your specific video, in which they were, uh, just doing the judgment of the coding skill and the power of making other people understand.

So in that way, I got selected and they gave me the training and then accordingly I did all the stuff, but yes, of course you must have the problem solving steel. So that is the ultimate way to excel in any specific, uh, coding kind of a thing. Yeah. If we are having this progression, then we must have that important thing, which is problem-solving.

If we are afraid from problem, then that means we are not fit for this. 

[00:08:34] Joseph: Well, what's the beauty of that statement is, is that that's the. Um, mindset that we've been conveying to sellers, to people who want to start a business is that you don't just sell a product, you sell a solution to a problem. And so if you're not in the mindset of being able to solve a problem for somebody, then the, I think that's a, it's a limiting factor in a lot of places.

Um, so it's, so it's interesting to, to hear that is also true in, in development, but the thing that's just fascinates me, and I guess this is really speaks to your expertise and it is, you said it takes. To, you know, to learn a new language. And my guess is the, you know, the more languages that you've learned, the easier it is to understand the fundamentals, because it's just more experience to draw off of.

So I would like to know a little bit more about, I guess, let's just say for instance, I was going to take a crack at learning a language we'll get to that. I would love to hear about, I guess, If it's, I don't, I'm not sure if this is a routine thing or not, but when, you know, when starting up on a new language, you know, what are, what's the step-by-step process until you're proficient in it?

[00:09:36] Mohammed Ramzan: Um, for example, I am a web developer, so there are three basic things like HTML, CSS, and Java. So I have good command and in all these three, so because of which I can do designing, I can do development. And of course the app development languages are also dependent on JavaScript. So those are also the kind of libraries like ionic react and react JS.

So those are the libraries of Java script itself. So if we knew better JavaScript, then we can learn that once version of JavaScript. So in that way, I am trying to cope up with the other technologies because, uh, uh, just like you might have heard about . So I have also learned the backend languages, like languages, like PHP.

So whenever I have to create any specific kind of API are, uh, do a need to do the operations, uh, with the database. So I use PHB. And for designing purpose, I use react JS. And yes, react JS. And for the app development I use ionic react. 

[00:10:42] Joseph: Would there be a, a programming language that would be worthwhile for. Uh, Shopify seller to, to learn.

Uh, I would, I would imagine HTML would be pretty useful and, you know, using the debate, if I theme I've had like a tiny bit of experience with HTML, just cause one of the ad-ons required, um, uh, generating HTML code. Thankfully there was another website that does it for us. So I didn't have to, uh, spend too long on that.

But what kind of programming languages would be worthwhile for say somebody who is just running an online business, selling products that would be useful to them, even if they only know. 

[00:11:17] Mohammed Ramzan: Uh, yes, yes, of course. For example, you have, you are, you don't know about any specific kind of coding. So if you know, only HTML, then minor problems you can solve by yourself.

You don't hiding any kind of developer. Yes. So I would also not sure about Shopify, but there are people who are approaching me to solve a problem. In that way. I learned, uh, all those things in the Shopify itself. So I tried to customize the things and I tried to give them the solutions, but if you know, basic HTML and CSS, then it's quite easier for you to just debug the issue.

And, uh, I'm in, uh, if there are minor issues then you can solve by yourself. 

[00:12:01] Joseph: Um, I, I guess I, uh, I, I'm curious to ask them, like, what are some of the issues that people have brought to you, um, regarding Shopify? 

[00:12:10] Mohammed Ramzan: Yes. Yes. Yes. Actually I was creating videos. So in the comment section, I was, uh, I was reading all those comments and there are people who are suffering a lot of, uh, suffering a lot of problems because of coding.

I mean, they were not sure about the coding and that's why the minor fix is important for them. So they were approaching me and I also give, given the contact details in the description. So they easily connect me and I immediately solved. So this was my plus point. And in that way, I got a lot of clients because they appreciated my, uh, my service because I tried to give them, uh, the solutions, give them the guidance if they required.

So in that way, they connected with me. And there are some bigger projects which I am getting from them and they are referring as well. 

[00:12:58] Joseph: You know, it's one thing being on a, on a, on my side and, you know, I, I fully admit, I don't know, programming very well at all. And seeing some of the things that people have pulled off is really impressive.

So I'll tell you a quick story just to, uh, just to show my, my appreciation for, for this is in, in college, we would go to the computer lab and we would write our essays on the, on the computers there. It was like a, it was like an exam, right. He wanted to make sure that we can write them on the spot. And I'm hitting save constantly.

Cause I got used to that. Um, and then, and then I closed it. I come back and I guess I didn't like name the document or something. So even though I saved it a bunch of times, it just says. And so I run over to, you know, the, uh, to the, to the tech, to, to help out. He sits down with the computer. He does like matrix, uh, level, uh, uh, assistance.

And he pulls my, my exam, my, my essay back and, and I'm, and I'm saved. And I was just, I couldn't believe that happened. That was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. But to him, it's like, yeah, I do this all the time. It's this college, you know, how many people are drunk and they. Uh, that's something that sticks out to me and just, you know, the things that people are capable of when they, when they understand these things on that intuitive level.

What I'm wondering is, do you recall any instances kind of like my story where, you know, someone. You're like desperate or they were scared or, you know, they really thought the sky was falling and, and, and you'd jumped in and you'd saved him. Any stories like that still stick out to you fresh in your mind? 

[00:14:24] Mohammed Ramzan: The personal experience of stacking with a problem, like when I was learning coding.

So I was in the training period of. In my company when I started my profession. So at that moment, uh, when we had the final project, so in the company, there were a lot of other, uh, professionals who were sitting, uh, in my surrounding, but of course I was not allowed to ask them any kind of question. And even I was not allowed to use Google.

So that was a kind of struggle for me. And of course, that kind of, that thing has just taught me that if we don't have any kind of support, then how we can approach any kind of problem and solve by your own self. So yes, this was a kind of struggle. And of course, uh, in that way I improved myself. Uh, I already mentioned you that if we know goading and we are doing boarding, then we need to love problems because on daily basis we will have the problem to face. So if you don't have that kind of approach and we don't have that kind of pain, then we will not be able to solve those problems. 

[00:15:32] Joseph: Yeah, I think that's, that's valid really across, um, whatever profession somebody w uh, wants to get into and is problem solving is looking for efficiencies. It's preventing problems from, from cascading and being worse down the line.

Okay. So one thing I wanted to get back to real quick, just for, uh, for, for helping our audience out in, in learning, is, are there any resources. You would recommend, would be a place to start learning how to do even basic HTML and CSS, HTML, and more specifically. Yeah. 

[00:16:04] Mohammed Ramzan: And yes, I will recommend the best sources. wthreeschools.com 

Yes, because they have the brief and they have the exercises itself, so you can practice over there. And I, uh, I have also practice for about 20 times HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And when I tried to revise, I go there practice and then done. So this is the best source free and very simple to, uh, do all this stuff. 

[00:16:35] Joseph: Yeah. I didn't even, I didn't even realize it was free. Yeah. That's that's even better news. Okay. So here's another one that I was a. Uh, those interested in asking you it's, uh, I guess it's about security. So, you know, I listened to a fair amount of podcasts and when piece of software that gets, uh, promoted it a lot is like express VPN or interesting encryption or Nord VPN, these, these, uh, VPN protectors and um, I guess I'm wondering is do you use those or, you know, for, I imagined that there was a lot, you have to have a lot of security for the sensitive information that you're working on. So, um, what do you do to protect yourself? 

[00:17:16] Mohammed Ramzan: Actually, that was the reason I purchased a MacBook pro a few days before. So in this way, I'm just considered thinking that I'm more secure.

And other than that, uh, according to the client requirement, for example, they have any kind of a payment gateway integration. So sometimes I use nerd VPN because in that way, uh, the, for example, I'm using Stripe. So Stripe has the restriction that if you are changing your IP address, then they will block you.

So to avoid that. We need to use any kind of VPN. So I use a nord for that. Other than that, I don't use any, uh, other things. So I have all the security related things in my Mac book and the element related in my PC. So I keep the backup of everything. So of course I don't have any, even for security reasons, I have the only option that I don't even try to install any kind of cracked version.

Because whenever you are having a kind of greediness then, uh, using something for free. So in that way you will be getting some malwares, uh, along with that. So you will not able to, uh, restrict all those and, uh, ultimately you will lose your data. 

[00:18:39] Joseph: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, when I, when I was younger, I, uh, I did that just because I wanted to get into animation.

So I got like a cracked version of flash and I think some of the issue for a lot of people, I was, cause I was looking into this the other day and it's just a matter of if the products are convenient and they're easy to access and they're, and they're fairly priced, most people will end up getting it for free.

But I would say, or we'll, we'll, we'll be willing to pay for it. But I, I agree with you. I mean, at this point I don't. I crack or download anything for free. If it, if it, if it's, if there's got a price tag for it, just pay the price tag, the peace of mind is well worth it. Yes. Yes. And I think it comes to like, you know, it's just professional obligation, right? I mean, it's not just about being responsible to myself is being responsible to others who are now depending on me. So the idea that like, oh, I'm sorry, my computer got a virus. Software I was using, I downloaded for free, uh, sorry. I, the whole company is going down. You know, it's like the more, I think responsible people are to others. I think the more willing they are to be more. Um, uh, w w willing to pay the professional price as they should, but anyways, that's a, that's all I have to say about that.

One of your YouTube videos, it's more of a video series. And I, and I would really like my audience to check these out because it's. Visual a component is about how it, uh, how you make art in, in C programming. So it just by, you know, using, using backend code, it produces images on screen. And, and it made me think about the relationship between programming and creativity.

You know, you talk about problem solving and problem solving. Of course, you know, requires a lot of, uh, creativity. And so that is like a specific exact. I guess I'd like to know, you know, what is is that, um, I, I just, I, I'm trying to figure out like, if there's like a practical utility for it, um, in, in, in the professional setting, but it sounds, it seems to me that it's really more it's for, for the fun of it.

Just to show what programming is capable. 

[00:20:40] Mohammed Ramzan: So, uh, sorry, I couldn't able to get your point. So you mean that, uh, how I am relating, uh, the programming languages with, uh, videos? 

[00:20:50] Joseph: Because of the ones that are you're producing images and it's, uh, you know, creating house or creating people. I think it's interesting.

And I'd just like to know what will you do that for? 

[00:20:58] Mohammed Ramzan: You have seen that house? Yeah. Yes, yes, yes, actually, uh, I was in my college, so I had the subject of graphic design. So there were some practical things to do. Like with the coding, we need to create a house. We need to create rent, walking man. So all those ideas did in college.

And then I thought that I need to, uh, make some videos. So I just published. And then now people are enjoying that, that moment. I was not having that, uh, uh, kind of, uh I'm in greediness or something like that. But I was interested to publish that video, uh, so that other people should also learn this specific concept.

Because at that time I was also interested to watch some videos on the YouTube. So I was not getting those videos. So that's why I got the chance. 

[00:21:51] Joseph: It's not obvious to me, what is the, uh, like what's the takeaway or how that might, um, apply to, uh, a deeper understanding of it. So what are the lessons that, you know, you, the people that you learn in, um, in, in this image generation, is it about just understanding the relationship between what you code and how that appears on screen?

Is it about, um, having a visual mind and being able to produce what you see in your, in your mind via code? I'm just wondering, like, what are the, what are the lessons or what are the skills that you learned from doing that? 

[00:22:26] Mohammed Ramzan: There are a lot of skills. Like, uh, I did Photoshop, I did video. And, uh, other than that, uh, in front of camera, now I can face the camera as well.

And you can also think that, uh, there are a lot of videos I have published recently. So in that I was avoiding a single mistake as well. So you will never find that, uh, there is any kind of backspace I used. So I was doing in such a way, such a sincere way that I should not make any money. Because I had to publish a one minute video.

So in that I have to write all the whole program. So, uh, at the time when I, uh, do the video, so I have to be conscious about everything. Well, why did the mistake to keep the things relevant for the audience? And it should be brief and should be productive. So this is important to me. And in that way, for example, I am, uh, talking with someone or maybe I am explaining any kind of concept to other one.

So in brief, possible way, I try to express all those things. 

[00:23:32] Joseph: And I guess in, in producing an image, this to be my last question about it, but I guess in producing images, if there was a mistake, you would, it would be a lot easier to tell because you would be looking at a house and then maybe one of the walls would be tilted too far to the right and go, okay, well, I, I would need to fix that.

So I guess there was a very clear relationship between whether or not it's done correctly or if there is a mistake because you would be able to see it right away.

[00:23:56] Mohammed Ramzan: Uh, you mean that, uh, that you made your house. 

[00:24:00] Joseph: Well, I'm just saying, like, if you're in, in the interest of trying to do something perfectly and not make a mistake, the difference between if I were programming, you know, an app or something, it might take a while before I discover the mistake.

But if I were just generating an image, I would see it right away because you know, I know what a house looks like. And I know if that wall isn't correct, then clearly there was a mistake. 

[00:24:21] Mohammed Ramzan: No, no, actually I practice, uh, before, uh, making the video. 

[00:24:26] Joseph: Oh, I see. Okay. 

[00:24:27] Mohammed Ramzan: Yeah. It's not like you can also imagine that if I am doing it randomly, then there are a lot of time I will be consuming on the video.

So of course there are people who will be, get bored. So I do the practice and then I, uh, represent myself that I know. And of course I only need to give them the. So they will not wait for long time, so it must be. So I try to make it brief. And, uh, before that I do practice. 

[00:24:58] Joseph: Okay. That makes sense. Yeah. I mean, if somebody wants to watch somebody make a mistake, the mistakes have to be pretty funny.

I get out to us. Everybody goes like, oh, that throws our computer. There's there, there's some entertainment in that, but that's not what we're doing here. Um, all right, so there, there's a couple of other things I'm wondering about. And then I wanted to turn on screen share, because I want it to show the audience some of the tools that you, that you provide.

Um, one that I'm wondering about is what, so we talked to a lot of people in the, in the business space. And one thing that always comes up is, um, you know, passive income or being able to get to a position where you're not always trading your time for. Uh, I'm I, myself, you know, I, this is the job happy to do it.

Uh, but it, it does fall into trading time for money. And, and I'm wondering, is, do you have a long-term income strategies or passive income strategies, or are you looking for ways to generate, uh, alternative revenue aside from your, you know, your, the work that you're contracted to do? 

[00:25:57] Mohammed Ramzan: So, uh, yes, currently I have the strategy, like, uh, I am, uh, contributing some time in youTube. So that is also kind of a passive income. Other than that, I am much more focused on, uh, learning new technologies. And for example, I am a designer. I am a developer. I am a mobile app. I am an Android and iOS developer. So this is the project currently, which I am doing, doing that is for and right in iOS, both.

So I feel confidence. Why, because I know all of these things and now I will have the time to implement all those ideas, which I have in my mind. And then I would able to generate at the passive incomes because I have all those skills which I have required. So firstly, I am trying to get all those.

Because it is important for me, uh, because I don't like to invest, uh, fire hiring a specific developer. So I learned all those stuff. So I try to create, uh, all those things by myself. And I hide all those aspects, which I don't know. And I am not interested to do like marketing at all. So for coding related stuff, I am learning.

And of course I am at the level where I can. Uh, implement my own ideas. So for example, I have learned a Shopify app development. So I have two more, uh, ideas for, uh, two apps. So for example, I am publishing those apps. So those are also the passive income source. And if I am creating useful content for the audience, by using my creativity in terms of coding.

So of course it can be much more vital to that. So this, this makes sense. 

[00:27:48] Joseph: Yeah. Yeah. And it's, and it's playing to your strengths as well, right? Is it because it sounded like somebody will, um, use their money and then try to, um, get into a completely other industry to try to get passive income it's focusing on within your skillset and making sure that, that it comes from there.

Cause that would be your, your best opportunity. And I think that's a valuable lesson for, for a lot of people, is that, you know, they really want. You know, there are time to, um, come back, you know, over time through pacivity then where, where you're most skilled is probably your best bet because that's where you have the highest amount of value.

So I think that's a really valuable point for a lot of people to take away. 

[00:28:27] Mohammed Ramzan: And other important thing is that I am, uh, I, I was interested to have freedom in my life and currently I have the bed because I have my own office. I have everything available here. So I, I'm not dependent on anyone else I do in my own time.

For example, I am working for 14 hours. So that is of course giving me the complete benefit of it. If I'm doing any specific job, then of course there is a lot of pressure and the income sources very much limited. So currently I am doing all those efforts and I get paid for that. 

[00:29:03] Joseph: I think that's a, that's the best answer to the question that I could have, uh, could have asked for.

So with that, I wanted to hop on to keywords.com. Um, so we're going to, we're going to screen share, and I'd like you to take us through some of these tools, because I think a lot of these would be really helpful to not only to our audience, but I really, frankly, I think that they're generally using. You know, regardless of, uh, where somebody is.

And so to, to our audio audience, we will of course do our best to describe these, but you're always welcome to hop onto the YouTube. Uh, afterwards, once it goes live on there and you'll be able to see it for yourself, or just hop onto the website yourself and follow along, I, uh, I know how it feels for an auto show to have a video component, but that's the way these things go.

So if it's all right with you,Mohammed, I'm going to turn on screen share, and I will open up the website and then you can take it. So this is a like keywords.com. It's a free keyword toolkit and there's clearly, clearly quite a few, um, uh, tools here. So I, I mean, if you want to take us on the grand tour, you're more than welcome to, but, uh, which ones would you say are the most important for our Shopify and e-commerce audience to look into?

[00:30:11] Mohammed Ramzan: So one is like keyword volume checker. So for example, you, and you should click on first one. Yes. So if you are adding here, Shopify, for example, so you can see that this is the average monthly searches and cost per click, and then ad competition. So all these for this specific keyword is mentioned here. So in that way, audience can know about that.

Uh, uh, this is searchable or not. And other than that, you can also, uh, go through the graph that, on which specific month this keyword has been searched a lot. And what was the highest searched a month. So down below you can also see that. 

[00:30:55] Joseph: Searches were in September. Yes. I have to say this is a, this is really impressive.

There's the, you can give them a gleam lot of info from this. So, uh, this might be a tricky question, but I think it's worth asking is when you look at this information, What is it? What does it tell you exactly about the, the, the significance of September being the most important month for, for, for searches or maybe not this particular example, but in general, what, what do you, what kind of story do you think is being told here?

[00:31:28] Mohammed Ramzan: Uh, yes. In general, for example, you might have heard about there are people who are writing their blogs, promoting their products are making some videos on trend basis. So this is just a guiding us that in which specific month, this keyword is most trending, most searched. So accordingly we can schedule over.

Or maybe any specific video or maybe any specific product. So in that way we can get at the health. I mean, we can do the optimization. 

[00:32:01] Joseph: Well, you know, I am going to throw Debutify into the crucible because I'm curious to see what happens when we type Debutify might as well. Yeah. So monthly is obviously Debutify doesn't have the same profile as Shopify that's okay. You know, one step at a time. And then as for our highest search volume. Let's see here. So high search is worth 3,600 in April of, uh, uh, of 2021. So that's interesting. And this is something that I wouldn't want to show my, uh, uh, show my colleagues as you know, what was the significance of, of April versus, uh, versus may where it went down by about a thousand, not quite a thousand more, I guess more like 500.

Their math is not my strong suit. So, yeah. Uh, so this is, this is why I wanted our audience to, to check these out. Um, it's, it's a free tool, right? You didn't charge me anything to do this, and it's just. 

[00:32:56] Mohammed Ramzan: I will also make it simplify. Like for example, you can see down below you have the graph and, uh, there is a little bit difficulty for analyzing.

So I will also make a table in which I will mention, uh, the name of the on the right-hand side, I will be mentioning that, uh, traffic, uh, and then after the difficulty of the specific keyword. So it would also make them more simplified I'm in. I will be adding one more section. 

[00:33:24] Joseph: Okay. Um, what's the next one.

You want us to have a look at. 

[00:33:27] Mohammed Ramzan: For example you can see instant keywords generator. Yeah, this one. So yeah, type any specific keywords, for example,Debutify. So, uh, in this way, actually you at this tool is helping you to, uh, get some instant. Uh, which are, uh, current search in that, in different sectors. 

[00:33:47] Joseph: As we can see, this makes sense to me. So Debutify it doesn't have very much activity on Amazon, but why would it people already ready to buy something on Amazon? So that makes sense. And then over here, as you can see Debutify beautify drops off pretty quickly on eBay, again, I'm not surprised just because eBay is its own market anyways. So Debutify.

And then the boot ticket and all those. 

[00:34:09] Mohammed Ramzan: But then you get, uh, the first two keyword is showing us that this has been searched and. 

[00:34:15] Joseph: Oh, okay. I see what you mean, right? Okay. Yeah, because of the clock icon. Okay. Yeah. That didn't check in right away, but I get it now. And then of course we get to these search engines.

And what I think is really fascinating about this is you can see the different customer behavior or search behavior based off. The platform is so what people are typing in on, on Google versus what people are typing in on Microsoft. Bing, I think it shows a little bit of a difference between the kind of person who's, uh, who's searching.

So it just looked so you have a deputy fire on Google and they have some pretty straightforward ones, logging, pricing, review and stuff. Uh, and then I go on to being the amounts of things that people are searching is a lot more comprehensive, like Debutify logo app, costs, demo free icons store coupon, podcast.

Oh, okay. That's nice to see a theme demo. This is just me making. 

[00:35:14] Mohammed Ramzan: Go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. If you want, then you can also click on this copy giver. So the specific search engine keywords will be copied automatically. If you're downloading, then the whole bunch of keywords list, you will be getting in a document. 

[00:35:26] Joseph: Okay. And then again on Yahoo, a little bit more generalized there, but I think that this is, I'm just really impressed by this. Just seeing how much, how much of a story you can get just a typing, typing that thing in and having a lot of extra data to walk away from. 

[00:35:44] Mohammed Ramzan: Other than that, you can scroll it. 

[00:35:47] Joseph: I actually, well, I'm a bit of a fan of affiliate.

So if you don't mind, I just want to check out the affiliate keywords generator for a second here. So marketing keywords suggestions. So again, we'll just see what happens when I type in. 

[00:35:59] Mohammed Ramzan: Yeah, actually, this is, uh, with different keywords. Like how to just question keywords. 

[00:36:05] Joseph: You can call it. I wanted to dwell too long on that one because I mean, I'm doing my own store too.

Right? So this, this would be a tool that I would use with my own store and just see how my product is varying. Okay. And so you said to scroll down, so we're onto a website tools and. 

[00:36:19] Mohammed Ramzan: One more, yeah. About above that we have one, which is likeA-Z keywords generator this one. So just search Debutify, for example.

So this is just giving you the suggestion with A-Z. 

[00:36:32] Joseph: I see. So, so debate, if I guarantee icons guru group plan klaviyo and nothing for J but if there was something, it would be there. Quantity breaks, upsell, theme, Debutify youtube, Debutify versus boost? Oh, huh. See that. So I figured a V it's versus, which is the first thing that comes up.

And so from that I can see Debutify versus booster, Debutify Brooklyn gem pages, shoptimize and turbo. So some of these I have known about. Uh, some of these, I haven't, so that right there is actually an indicator for what might be some competition down the line, or even even actively. And I also, I wanted to say too, I appreciate the way that the letters are color-coded.

I think some of your, your creative thinking comes through there just to add a little bit of like visual distinctiveness to it. I mean, yeah, it's, it looks nice, but it also, I think helps just a set up separate it so that there's a very clear distinction between the letters. So I just wanted to. Show my appreciation for that as well.

[00:37:33] Mohammed Ramzan: Uh, yes, actually. Uh, this is for the Google and different surgeons also. So for example, you just opened A to Z keywords generator. So, uh, on the left menu, you will be getting, uh, other search engine option as well. Right? 

[00:37:47] Joseph: Okay. I, oh, I see what you mean. So there's Bing Yahoo. Okay. And the, and that's just the start there's there's there there's quite a few, but we still got the time.

So I'm happy to see whatever ones else you want us to have a look at? 

[00:38:00] Mohammed Ramzan: For example, the readability checker, uh, you just go to lorem ipsum or you mean the website lorem ipsum yeah, from there, you just copy the content. This first paragraph, for example. 

[00:38:13] Joseph: So if I had to guess what this is going to do, is this going to determine, I guess the reading level of it, like if it's like a college level or if it's a grade school level?


[00:38:21] Mohammed Ramzan: Yes. So I think it has some problem. I will be checking and testing this once again, but this is just giving us according to different scientists research, uh, with, uh, keywords, like. Uh, whatever words we are writing. So how much difficult or that, uh, which level of student can read those. So according to that research, this has been created.

I think this has APA APA issue. I will be fixing this out. 

[00:38:52] Joseph: Yeah, it might. It's probably, it might be my browser. Cause I'm on brave. It's a, it's a, it's a more recent browser. Sometimes they get a little bit over-protective so it's a, it's not a big deal, but what I think is useful there is knowing your target market.

It's important to write texts that appeals to that target market. So it, depending on you know, their, their reading level or just the, the terminology that they use, that would be a helpful too. I'm going to check out the plagiarism checker on my own time. That one I'm curious about as well, but I'll, I'll leave that one for now.

[00:39:20] Mohammed Ramzan: Yeah. We have bunch of create tools, which most of the people who are YouTube, where they are actually using. So for example, YouTube tax generator, you can see. So it would Debutify, for example, you are writing here. Yeah. Generate it. Click on generate. 

[00:39:39] Joseph: Okay. No worries. Okay. And so it suggests a number of tags to put into the YouTube video.

[00:39:43] Mohammed Ramzan: Yes, yes. Yes. So from here you can filter by clicking on this class icon. So in that way you can filter this. 

[00:39:51] Joseph: You just click on the icon? 

[00:39:54] Mohammed Ramzan: Yeah. I mean, yeah. This one. 

[00:39:57] Joseph: Oh, cross icon. Okay. X. Oh, the X. Yes, my apologies. 

[00:40:01] Mohammed Ramzan: Okay. Yes. So whatever keyword you are not interested in, so you can remove all those. And finally you go, you can filter all those useful and then copy keywords and paste it in the tags after you do with.

[00:40:13] Joseph: So you just have to, so just think for a second, for anybody who's a, you know, making YouTube content or is interested in it. So imagine using this tool, generating a bunch of tags. And rather than having to sit there and think like, okay, what do I want to do? I got to have five of these. And just trying to like, you know, come up with each tag individually that would just takes extra brain power.

Whereas this, it just it'll come up with a bunch and it'd be a lot easier to figure out. Well, I can't use that. I can't use that. I can't use that, but the rest are good to go. 

[00:40:42] Mohammed Ramzan: On the left-hand side. Yeah, 

[00:40:44] Joseph: go ahead. I'm sorry. I was about to go back to my. 

[00:40:47] Mohammed Ramzan: Thanks. For example, can you be copy any specific your YouTube video link?

[00:40:53] Joseph: If it's all right with you, I've got your YouTube page opened up so I can use yours. 

[00:40:56] Mohammed Ramzan: And then paste it over there, whatever any specific YouTube video has used so that you can fetch using this tool. So in that way, actually you can, uh, get to know about your competitors, that which tags they are using because of that, uh, there are videos that are going by.

[00:41:16] Joseph: S I just want to read these out to, to the, uh, audio audience, just to make sure that they, they see what it is. So one tag is your recipient, can't accept payments right now. And one of them is why cannot I accept personal payments on PayPal? Uh, how do you fix, sorry. We cannot complete your purchase at this time.

Are those tags being generated based on the comments? 

[00:41:36] Mohammed Ramzan: No, no, no. I mean, for example, I published my video on YouTube, so I, uh, I have written all those texts by. So if someone, yeah, someone else is interested to know about my tags, which I use in my video. So using this. Uh, he, or she can fetch all those tags, which I have used using this tool because mostly you can see that when we are watching any specific video, we only see the title and description. 

[00:42:07] Joseph: Right. Okay. I see what you mean. And so, yeah, so this allow, and so I think this just goes to show the specificity of what you were, um, uh, what you had in mind when you want to make sure that other people are going to find this video. Uh, if you encountered any encounter problems, how to verify paperless.

Okay. Awesome. All right. Can I, uh, I'll go back to the main menu. I'll say it one more time and just for good measure, but I. Uh, really fascinated by the ingenuity of this. I mean, there is so much time that, uh, our, uh, any, any user can save, just be hopping onto this website. 

[00:42:43] Mohammed Ramzan: Yeah. You can also see this YouTube description generator, for example.

So this is also much more simpler and of course this is giving you a template kind of thing. So you can see on the left-hand side, I have made some sections for. Uh, so that, uh, the users can customize their description. And then finally they click on generate and then automatically, yeah, yeah. This, and now they can copy and paste it in, in their description of the video. 

[00:43:16] Joseph: Type, something in here, I'll type it in like that.

And then it was based it off for me. And then yeah, I can always come back to it a little bit later. Uh, one thing I can see is, you know, wanting to save maybe a template, so that way I can come back and load the template up and kind of pick up where I left off. But that's just one thing that comes to my mind.

So I think that's, uh, that's everything from keywords.com. So I will, uh, switch our screen, share. Unless there was any other ones you wanted to make sure we saw otherwise I'm going to turn it off. 

[00:43:43] Mohammed Ramzan: No problem. Everything we have covered on most. 

[00:43:46] Joseph: Well, I, I knew they would be, they would be useful, but until we actually did that demonstration and you were showing me them in, in, in particular, it really didn't occur to me.

Just how effective a lot of these are. And the fact that in this course of the way, it was like 10 minutes, the amount of information somebody can extract. Uh, just pulling information from different data sources on the internet. That's uh, that's fantastic. So, uh, you know, for one, uh, congratulations on really being, uh, that adept at what you do.

Um, but also for providing that kind of value to people. You know, I think a lot of people, especially when they're starting up and they're struggling and they're in, they need a lot of resources available to them. Um, Because there are a one person operation, something like that. We can go along way. I'm going to go out on a limb and say, you were designing these to help you write for, to do your own YouTube stuff too.

And it just so happened that, you know, you wanted to put it out so that other people can use it as well.

[00:44:42] Mohammed Ramzan: Uh, so you mean that I am also using this.

[00:44:45] Joseph: I imagine you are for your YouTube content. 

[00:44:48] Mohammed Ramzan: Yes. Yes, of course. Uh, for example, uh, I have the alternate like vid IQ. I did that other, uh, extensions, which are paid so if I am using those paid, so I have just seen all those tools and those are matching with my own tools or the same thing they are providing for.

Uh, the subscription-based so I'm providing for free and even I'm on say improving more and more. So that user experience should be good.

[00:45:20] Joseph: By the way, if you're a current user of Debutify or haven't tried us out yet Debutify version three has been released and now is a good time to upgrade or get started as any. A streamlined user interface along with an ever increasing array of conversion boosting on. So download today for free and start your journey. Who knows, maybe I'll be interviewing you before too long.

We have about 10 minutes left to go. Um, before we, we want to wrap this up one thing I'm, I'm curious about, because we don't talk about like cryptocurrency or NFT or anything like that, all that often, but just because it's adjacent to tech into. Um, you know, the future facing, uh, I guess I'm just wondering what's your take on and have you, have you done anything in the cryptocurrency space or an NFTs? 

[00:46:08] Mohammed Ramzan: Invested in it? 

[00:46:10] Joseph: Invested, looked into it, generated your own cryptocurrency, anything along those lines?

[00:46:15] Mohammed Ramzan: Yes actually, uh, the client, uh, the one client where I am working, uh, for the app development. So he has the project in cryptocurrency as well. He has his own, uh, coins. So I am, uh, doing the development with him, but I'm not interested in investing any single penny. Why? Because I watched some videos and this is a kind of.

Uh, becoming successful, uh, overnight. So I am not actually interested in investing in this. And I heard about that. Uh, this is kind of greediness so we can lose more. I'm in debt is 50 50 chances. So that's why I don't do any kind of investment, but of course I know all the stuff that, how these are, these things are going on because, uh, someone has taught me about all those business aspects of this cryptocurrency and how this is trending and how people are using.

[00:47:17] Joseph: Yeah, I agree with you on the, uh, on the aspect of it. Somebody is just, is just greedy then, you know, they, they, they stand to lose, um, as, almost as much of a chance as they stand to gain. Um, my, my view on investment is more really coming from a place of. If it's something that I'm invested in either emotionally or passionately, then I'm happy to put some money into it to help it grow.

I'm a nerd. I love video games and I especially love Nintendo. And so for me, I invested in Nintendo because it wasn't about the money. It's about, you know, being able to have some. Tangible influence on, uh, on, on the development of it being able to participate on a call or in meetings, or even have a say, uh, so that that's, to me, that's what I think is the right thing to do when investing.

So if you believe in the technology or you believe in the program, then you know, yes, you do risk some of your money for it. But to me it was. I didn't even feel like a risk field. It just felt like something I really wanted to do. 

[00:48:16] Mohammed Ramzan: Yes, maybe. But of course we must have the good knowledge of wherever we are investing.

Like Warren Buffett. That he don't know a specific thing, he never invested any single, uh, penny. So this is important, uh, aspect until we don't have much more awareness about any specific, specific aspect. So we should not invest in that. So for example, you have good knowledge, so you can observe the market and you can also know the trends and ups and downs.

So that is good. But for example, me, so I am beginner in that. So I have the fear that you end up losing. So that's why I'm not involving myself in this more.

[00:49:00] Joseph: But I mean, and you said it earlier too, is that, you know, you, you have your freedom. Um, and I think for a lot of people, the, the reason why people chase money is because they're really chasing freedom.

And you, you have the ability to work 14 hours and it's up to you. Uh, I guess, um, I'd like to know. About, you know, your, your, your overall schedule, like on a, on a day-to-day basis, are you doing 14 hours or how do you, how do you manage that? Like, um, do you start right away? Like as soon as you roll out of bed or I just what's your day-to-day look like? 

[00:49:31] Mohammed Ramzan: Yes, actually I, uh, go for exercise on alternate day.

I do running for one hour. So that is helping me to become more fresh. And other than that, uh, I have some targets to achieve. So ultimately I have to solve anyhow. So I don't have much friends physically. I'm an over here. The truly, I have a lot of friends, but, uh, I don't have friends in my locality. So in that way I am saving my time.

So other than that, I have everything available here because I am living with my family members and I have my separate room. So in that way, uh, I can save my time or. And currently I'm not married. So of course this is also the plus point for me. 

[00:50:22] Joseph: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's a time-saver. Yeah. Okay. Well that's all, uh, uh, th that's all valid and I don't usually get into, I haven't, I haven't asked anybody like a familiar question in a real long time, but, uh, we're, we're close to wrapping up.

So I'm just going to ask it anyways, but, um, do you, do you see yourself becoming a family man. 

[00:50:38] Mohammed Ramzan: Yes I am approaching which of course, uh, it is much more important to. Uh, find a specific person who is much more relevant for you. So this is a little bit tough for me to find that kind of girl, but of course I am approaching that it should be something good because whatever life I'm living right now, It should be better afterwards rather than it should be worse. 

[00:51:05] Joseph: Yeah. I, I mean, I, it took me 28 years to define the right fit and, uh, and I'm, and I'm very thankful that I did, but, uh, it was pretty much nothing prior to that. And for good reason, too, you know, um, relationships can be, can be difficult and, and it's like investing in anything is that, you know, you can put a lot of energy into it and if it is.

Um, come with you later down the line, then a lot of that energy is lost and we've only got so much of that to spend, uh, throughout the rest of our life. So not, not to get too sappy or too emotional, but I think it's, it's, it's a valid point and it's worth thinking about, uh, I'm, uh, I'm in a committed relationship.

Um, we're, we're, we've almost been together for three years and, uh, I, I imagine is going to stick around for the remainder of my. 

[00:51:50] Mohammed Ramzan: So currently you are working as a job. 

[00:51:54] Joseph: Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is my, uh, this is my profession. I've been in media for 10 years. So podcasting is just something I got into when I was a, when I was 20 and I'm 31 now.

And, and I, and I said, you know what, no one, there's no actual jobs as a podcaster, but I'm just going to make one up. Um, so I just became a producer and started making content. And then by. Uh, by, I think it was like June of last year. Uh, they were looking for a podcast host to, to do this. Had the experience I had, I had, I had the confidence to do it.

Um, and so yeah, I applied for it. And then I, and I don't just exclusively host a podcast either. There's a lot of stuff going on on the backend as well. So, uh, luckily for me, there's, you know, there's, there's quite a lot to do on any given day. I it's probably it's easily the best job I've ever had. Like, there's not even a close second.

Um, and, but I, I do see myself only being in media for so long because it's good work, but it's also difficult work. And so by the time I reached 40, I would like to exit media and get into writing and just something a little bit more, something more that I can work at my own pace. So, you know, making, um, uh, doing, doing the best work that I can now.

And then. Within 10 years, hopefully reach that kind of financial independence where I can just focus on my creative craft. 

[00:53:15] Mohammed Ramzan: Yes, of course. If you are that much passionate, then you can reach to the financial freedom. 

[00:53:21] Joseph: So with that, I'm just going to say. For for, for your time today, I learned a lot. Is there some very powerful tools that I recommend that our audience, uh, utilize?

And so I, myself, I'm looking forward to using it for my own sake as well. So I do know that, you know, some of the other videos that you do on YouTube are about, you know, wisdom and motivational posts. Uh, so if you wanted to leave us with a motivational quote that you really like, you're welcome to share it with us and then let the audience know where they can find you.

[00:53:49] Mohammed Ramzan: The first thing is that there is no shortcut in life. The other thing is that if you are investing more time in a specific thing, then your focus would be, uh, would be that much in that. And of course you will getting, uh, you will be getting, uh, more experienced in that specific aspect. If you have multiple things to do.

So obviously you will not reach any specific destination, which you are interested, and I will recommend that if you are interested to have financial freedom are going to be a successful one, then read, think and grow rich book. This is one of the best book I love to read. I have finished for. And times so you can listen, you can watch it.

And in the early morning, or maybe at the time when you are ending your day, you should, uh, now listen the afternoon. So, this is also helping your mind to, uh, keep focused on your goals and, uh, remove all those frustrations and all. And just to give you a home that you can do it more than what you are doing, right.

[00:54:58] Joseph: I think that's terrific, uh, think and grow rich. I've yeah. I've, uh, I'm familiar with that one. All right. And then, so we'll like, like we said, cause you're a developer, there's a lot that's changing and left. That's growing. So to our audience, when this episode comes out, make sure you check the links below so that you can see, uh, everything that a Mohammed Ramzan is up to.

And as if I haven't recommended enough, I'm going to do one more. So please check it. Those tools out there. There are a lot of. When we were looking at them, they were keyboards.com. But I remember you mentioned that they're going to be switching over to keywods.in so just for everybody to just keep that in mind as well, when they're going to go look into it and with that, we're going to wrap this up.

Thank you. So thank you as well. Uh, this has been a great episode and to my audience. Thank you for participating. It's always a, it's always a blast. So take care everybody. We'll check in soon.

Thanks for. You might've found this show on many number of platforms, apple podcasts, Spotify, Google play, Stitcher, or right here on Debutify. Whatever the case, if you enjoy this content and want to help us thrive, please take a few moments to leave a review on apple podcasts or wherever you think is best.

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Joseph Ianni

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