Nick Trueman - Client Curated Task Management And Insights Into The Rise Of Shopify

One theme that has emerged as of late, completely unintentional by the way, is the large scale work towards binding ecommerce and businesses we come to know as household names. My guest today Nick Trueman is in no small part a contributor to this effort, one that in a holistic view of the industry at large I don’t know is being done consciously, it’s really more of an underlying organic movement. Nick is also an expert on Shopify, and his knowledge of the platform is immense, so it means a lot to get some of that here today. 

Starting out in 2007 as a Junior Advertising and Marketing specialist, Nick has become one of the industry leaders in his field. He is currently the CEO at Just Ask Parker, a Shopify marketing agency, and the Owner / Director of Spec Digital, an expert PPC & SEO consultancy. Nick has particular expertise in business growth and will stop at nothing to help his clients increase revenue.



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