Episode 65 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Noah Pryor - Teachable, The Educational Platform Driven By Educators

Noah Pryor - Teachable, The Educational Platform Driven By Educators

Teachable.com is one of the educational platforms we learned about in recent weeks. Without trying, we ended up having a whole run of them. So capping off the unofficial education week is chief technical officer and Noah Pryor. In this episode, we compare the teachable platform to the other platforms we looked at, Skillshare and Udemy, and find that teachable prioritizes the teacher first and foremost, it keeps their own presence as a platform to a minimum. As always, I recommend listening to the show in order. A heavy ask, but assuming you have, and you've gotten to this point, I think you'll walk away from today's episode with a much clearer idea of where you want to teach and where you want to learn. 

Noah Pryor is the Chief Technology Officer at Teachable, an online course creation platform that allows users to create and sell online courses to teach what they know. It is founded in 2014 and located in New York.



Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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