Episode 18 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Paul Mottley — Turn Your Passion Into Progress With Affiliate Marketing

Paul Mottley — Turn Your Passion Into Progress With Affiliate Marketing

Our first interview with an expert on affiliate marketing has arrived and that expert is Paul Mottley. He has a rule. I hope you too would follow. He won't advocate or participate in a business venture that he can't use himself. If it keeps him from sleeping at night, it's no good. Affiliate marketing. However, clears that hurdle with ease. It's a way of encouraging you to be yourself, to write, make videos, whatever content you can come up with on something you're passionate about to build a following and to generate revenue while aiding others doing the same. No matter what you're up to in life, I bet there's something you can talk about. On the one hand, it'll help you and on the other, it'll help affiliate marketing, have a listen and you'll find out how. 

Business owner turned full time affiliate marketer, Paul Mottley has set out to help others become better marketers. He’s a Clickfunnel’s Dream Car winner, earning well over 6 figures with Clickfunnels alone. To reach a wider audience Paul also publishes a daily podcast to share interviews, his personal journey and teach others about growing their businesses, titled “Ultimate Affiliate Marketing”.



Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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