Episode 155 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Rob te Braake - Insight Matters, CEO-Grade Financial Knowledge

Rob te Braake - Insight Matters, CEO-Grade Financial Knowledge

When we think about the complex and intricate nature of business, we make considerations for our own staff and departments, external matters like suppliers and supporting services like accountants or advertisers and finally the customers and whether or not they'll be coming back. The takeaway that stands out to me above all else from my guest Rob te Braake of Insight Matters is that finance is what ties all of this together. So when they say "you deserve the same insights as Corporate CEOs" you can listen in for the next hour and find out what those are.


Rob is a Dutch serial entrepreneur with 10+ years experience. Started in banking in the Netherlands, co-founded a technology & investment firm based in Beijing, China and has guided dozens of digital companies as Financial advisor. Master degrees in Finance and Strategy.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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