Episode 131 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Robert Jaske - Videography And Finding Your True Vocation

Robert Jaske - Videography And Finding Your True Vocation

The story we get to hear today is the kind we can't get enough of on the program, there's a calling that resides within some but not all of us. A drive to pursue something of great importance and to use talents bestowed to us to make a difference. I say some not all when in actuality I think most people have a talent that remains dormant, unanswered. My guest Robert Jaske and I dig deep into this issue and as you can see, even reflecting on it now is getting me back into it so I'll leave it here and hope you enjoy. 


Robert Jaske is the owner of Eagle Eye Films, a Melbourne based videography and photography studio with a passion for story telling. They take pride in taking your stories and turning them into professional video solutions for you and your business.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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