Episode 76 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Samuel Larsen - Ecommerce Optimization And Winning Mindset

Samuel Larsen - Ecommerce Optimization And Winning Mindset

My talk with Samuel Larsen of CRO Gurus is jam packed with the kind of high value ecommerce content you crave, you’re going to want to get your pen and paper ready. Sam has a distinct background in professional poker, a game that, as he puts it, punishes you for losing the closer you are to winning. It’s the kind of risk taking venture we in ecommerce, or frankly business at large, have to be prepared for. Let me ask you something, have you ever played poker just for fun? Ok yeah actually, I guess it’s totally possible, but you know as well as I do poker is a game played to be won, and after your done today’s episode you too should put your mind in that state

Samuel Larsen leads his Shopify optimization agency CRO Gurus. He focuses primarily on helping 6, and 7 figure Shopify stores maximize the value they get from their current traffic. Samuel has been a consultant for some of the Shopify’s largest online stores and has years of experience developing and growing online stores. He has been a Shopify certified marketing and setup expert since 2016, and he knows the platform as well as anyone.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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