Episode 158 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Silvia Myers - A Story Of Determination and the Four Quadrants of Growth

Silvia Myers - A Story Of Determination and the Four Quadrants of Growth

Although our episode was recorded some time ago, much of what I learned from my guest Silvia Myers continues to resonate with me, rather strikingly. From her background story which I will not do the the injustice of summarizing, to her characterization of two conflicting archetypes; one trapped in analysis paralysis, the other treating risk-taking like it's their profession and also her growth quadrant, I'm left with a prevailing sense of gratitude for this platform and the opportunity it gives me. An opportunity I am delighted to now share with you.


Silvia Myers (silviamyers.co) is an entrepreneur and eCommerce mentor, teaching online retailers who struggle to take their business to the next level, how to grow profitably online. She helps online stores take their ROAS to a whole new level through a self-created system that’s based on interpreting human behaviour through key simple metrics. Silvia’s successful community of online retailers has grown from Sydney, Australia to 35+ countries around the world with online retailers achieving some amazing results.


Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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