Episode 79 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Simona Ferrazza - Dropshipping Brands Made To Compete Courtesy of Yakkyofy

Simona Ferrazza - Dropshipping Brands Made To Compete Courtesy of Yakkyofy

One of the reasons why I encourage new listeners to go to the beginning is so that their own understanding and progress mirrors mine. In the current state that I’m in it was a delight to be able to engage, my guest today Simona Ferrazza at my current best, I was happy to talk to her about Yakkyofy, an Italian based dropshipping service nearly requisite with the needs of my own circumstance, which is saying a lot because it’s not the first dropshipping service I’ve talked to, or even the first Italian one. A lot of close calls I’ll say that. In this episode we cover everything we could think of, and then some, to introduce Yakkyofy to you, the discerning listener so enjoy and think carefully about your own needs too while you’re at it.

Simona Ferrazza, CMO of Yakkyofy, has more than 10 years experience in Marketing and Communication. She's a Sinologist, 37 years old, born in Italy, Italian, English, and Chinese speaker, she lived and worked for more than 5 years in Beijing, China.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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