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Simona Ferrazza - Dropshipping Brands Made To Compete Courtesy of Yakkyofy

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One of the reasons why I encourage new listeners to go to the beginning is so that their own understanding and progress mirrors mine. In the current state that I’m in it was a delight to be able to engage, my guest today Simona Ferrazza at my current best, I was happy to talk to her about Yakkyofy, an Italian based dropshipping service nearly requisite with the needs of my own circumstance, which is saying a lot because it’s not the first dropshipping service I’ve talked to, or even the first Italian one. A lot of close calls I’ll say that. In this episode we cover everything we could think of, and then some, to introduce Yakkyofy to you, the discerning listener so enjoy and think carefully about your own needs too while you’re at it.

Simona Ferrazza, CMO of Yakkyofy, has more than 10 years experience in Marketing and Communication. She's a Sinologist, 37 years old, born in Italy, Italian, English, and Chinese speaker, she lived and worked for more than 5 years in Beijing, China.



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Simona Ferrazza: [00:00:00] Right now, creating the brand is really important in the dropshipping sector. Because advertising became more expensive every day, especially on Facebook. And this means that the real profit nowadays, comes from returning customer. Actually, you need to create customer loyalty.

You need to create a brand that people can recognize and people that come back to buy again from your store.

Joseph: [00:00:34] You're listening toEcomonics, a Debutify podcast. Your resource for one of the kinds of insights into the world of e-commerce and business in the modern age. This is Joseph. I'll be presenting a wealth of industry knowledge from interviews with successful business people and our own state-of-the-art research. Your time is valuable. So let's go.

One of the reasons why I encourage new listeners to go to the beginning of the series is so that their own understanding and progress mirrors mine. In the current state that I'm in, it was a delight to be able to talk to my guests today, Simona Ferrazza  at my current best. We talk about  YakkyoFy, an Italian based drop shipping service near the requisite with the needs of my own circumstance, which is saying a lot, because it's not the first job shipping service I've talked to, or even the first Italian one, a lot of close calls I'll say that. In this episode, we cover everything we could think of and then some to introduce YakkyoFy to you, the discerning listener. So enjoy and think carefully about your own needs too, while you're at it. 

It is good to have here at Ecomonics. Thank you for joining us today all the way from beautiful Rome. How are you doing today? 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:01:44] It's really nice to be here with you and you are so nice to invite me here to have this chat with you. I'm really happy. 

Joseph: [00:01:51] We're happy to do it too. Uh, one of the great missions of this show is I like to see ourselves as like a spaceship and we explore the e-commerce galaxy and we want to make contact with as many different places as we can.

So let's, let's make that contact. First question. Now off the bat is who are you and what do you do? 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:02:07] So this is a first contact, like in startrek, right? 

Joseph: [00:02:09] Hopefully it goes better than that. Uh, then they went through the border kind of stuff. 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:02:17] Okay, I'm Simona Ferrazza. And I'm the CMO in YakkyoFy.

Yakkofy is a drop shipping software, drop shipper completely automated the management of the business.

Joseph: [00:02:31] Nice and succinct. And I'm happy to say too, by the way that, um, I signed up for this, uh, uh, yesterday, uh, when I was doing some, a little bit of preparation for this. Um, but myself I've, I've joined the, the ranks of, uh, of the dropshippers.

I'm an amateur, I'm so green at it, but after talking to so many people and being so immersed in the industry, I said, okay, well, enough is enough. I got to do this myself. And, and so far, I, I do understand like a little tiny bit of it. Um, and there are some things that I'm happy to, uh, to see, but we'll, we're gonna, we're going to break on all of this.

So our listeners have a very clear understanding of how this works and, uh, why they should pick it up, but let's, let's get that rundown going. So, uh, how did, uh, how did this program come about? What's its w what's its origin. Uh, you can definitely tell us that story. We'd love to hear it. And you know, what unique position is it looking to attain in the e-commerce industry? 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:03:19] The founder of YakkyoFy, Giovanni Confarti is an Italian businessman experts in international trade and  experts in the district. They cooperated for many years in the impact sector from China. And they answered many companies drop shipping in the early two thousands. Yes. Drop shipping was completely manual. You need to do a lot of tasks. Like we'd file, we need to contact supplier, and then send to them certification about the product they have to send you back full feature, elements and you need to send them back and the shipping. It was really complicated and then some apps starts to appear on the map. Then actually a store with the Chinese B2C marketplace and that you can import the product from this marketplace and these kind of products. I think that's not really drop shipping, that this is a topic called arbitrage.

Um, so in this situation, I mean, these markets Giovanni and Carol that are the founder of our company decides they want to create a software, something that can be, they can also make the management of a drop shipping without doing arbitrage that's offering B to B services. So like, with this a goal in mind, they found that the color last year and they start to create a software.

They talk to completely automate the management of a drop shipping business. Um, at the beginning we have only automatic fulfillment. And then we have automatic inputs of the product. And then we create an image recognition technology. After this technology we are asking for a patent, because like our software team developed this technology and with this technology now, uh, like if a customer send the pictures we can recognize this picture, find the same product in our huge supplier.

It's our way, like our goal is to try to continue to make these business and introduce other types of innovation and new technology based on IOT and also big data. So like the more the management of a drop shipping business is automated, the more the drop shippers can save time and  if they save time, they have, they can do things that they care about like marketing their business.

Joseph: [00:06:14] Yeah. People have different things that they find fun about, about business. Once in a while, we'll hear about somebody who was like really passionate about logistics was really passionate about, uh, spreadsheets and, and accounting and, uh, and God bless them. Um, I, you know, I, I would say that like a lot of the people who get into us were a lot of that fun comes from really is in the marketing because that's the external communication to other customers.

You know, you get to understand their problems, you get to solve them. And, uh, you know, you get to hear the positive feedback. And so, uh, when we were in another, everybody should at least participate in the joy of marketing and you know, being, being there for the customers.

Simona Ferrazza: [00:06:48] I think is really important, especially for drop shipper because you're not, you're kind of retail, so it's impossible to market well, your advertise, well, your product. 

Joseph: [00:06:58] Now, the, the, the founders of, and creators of the program, they were working on this in the early two thousands back when everything was manual. And I briefly flashed back to the early two thousands of myself and how like, We even had to manually connect to the internet.

You know, it's a lot of like old school. Everybody just like tapping the keyboard one finger at a time. One of the things that I appreciate about this, uh, this process is that we, what we found over the show over talking to a lot of different people is that it's always better to start manual. Before things become automated because if people do things manually, then they understand what they actually do and they understand how it works and they appreciate the need for it to then be automated. So that now this thing that they've been doing individually, one at a time is now being done to scale. 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:07:39] Yeah. Yes, exactly. If you want to sell products every day, for sure you need something that you can.

Joseph: [00:07:49] And another thing actually, I'll just run into, because you mentioned about, um, you know, trying to avoid arbitrage is like what's the line between, uh, arbitrage and then the dropshipping that, uh,  company does, uh, tend to support because it sounds like arbitrage is more like if it's like in a department store like a Walmart or something along those lines, that's the point where it's now arbitrage, but is there, is there a line across before it counts? 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:08:11] Arbitrage is when you buy a product from another massive place that is already selling that product for factor for customers.

So you have these marketplace that is already offering. That's probably not at that size. I can find the same products by themselves and buy the same product by themselves on the marketplace. So you are only like my second better. That's another massive list is already offering to B to C uh, with the normal drop shipping means that you buy products.

He's actually from supplier factories. So you have a B to B kind of relationship and the difference, the big difference with a company. If you buy a lot of products, if you scale up, if you make great number, you can actually pay less for your product. So for example, if you buy on AliExpress that you buy, one of the products you pay the same price.

If you buy one on the follow-up with us, or in general with a B2B relationship, you pay less because you buy more sale and this is one thing. The other thing is that normally with arbitrage. You are connected the two, you don't have to a retailer that applaud that product on the marketplace. So you are not in a relationship with the marketplace about the quality or the shifting time of the product you actually are in relationship with the supplier. That's the product on the marketplace. And often it's really difficult to have a good relationship with that. 

Finally, another thing is normally when you do arbitrage you cannot do private label because you're not by a teller that is already on another massive test, you cannot change that.

Joseph: [00:10:19] It does remind me of when I first started noticing Facebook ads. And then I, this was before I joined Debutify if I really start to understand how this works. Um, but I also had my long hair at the time and I ordered this pro it is comb. It heats up on its own and it I'm supposed to like brush my hair with it.

And, you know, the, the product, once it arrived, uh, it was in a destroyed box. The instructions were all like poorly translated, like, wait, wait till heat, full happy time. Like it was just so like not on, on what I think the brand would have wanted had they had, they had the choice. Uh, but there's a lot of really good points in there.

And one thing that stuck out to me as well is I think the idea of arbitrage, it means you're buying it from a business that is very likely also doing their own marketing because obviously they want to hand out their own flyers. They have run their own commercials out of the express. I mean, buying individually from it.

Um, I don't know if I've ever seen alley express ads, but I think even so they are customer facing and it, like you say, they were only selling one product at a time. And I would say like one of the biggest issues with this too, is the fact that I, in order to succeed, I can't market vertically. I have to market laterally, which means that I have to look for a customer base that they're not targeting.

I'm basically going after the same slice of the pie that they're going after. I'm just trying to find out a different piece rather than look for a way to create my own, basically my own pie. Uh, from your end, um, when did you join the project and you know, what were you up to prior to this as well? Were you always in e-commerce or were you always in business or did you have like a, a unique path that got you to this point?

Simona Ferrazza: [00:11:47] Actually, I have, um, really a good relationship with China and also when they, the us, like I lived in China for more than five years, I speak Chinese and worked there for a company. That's my job before this was actually in, um, in a company, uh, you know, either you call Mercer back, there's not drop shipping it out services.

Well, in some ways, like when, uh, Giovanni offer me, this job, I wasn't really happy because I could come back to the regions, come back to China and have a relationship with China and work with China. And, um, I'm really happy for that. 

Joseph: [00:12:33] If we have time for it I will ask you about your, your experience at China, but we'll, we'll, we'll chamber that and we'll bring it above a later cause we want to make sure that we give a  all the time that it needs to, for that, for our audience to understand what it's about.

So I saw that to it's Italian based, uh, not that I'm keeping track, but I think that you're the second Italian that I spoke to. Yeah. The first one was Robin Devon Calandri. She was from udroppy. So it's been awhile since I've gotten to speak to a fellow Italian. Um, but so you guys are, it's an Italian based company.

And so, I mean, me I'm, I would be marketing to the USA. That's like the big, uh, marketplace, uh, You know, for a, for an English speaker, um, them and the remaining, uh, top, uh, top for Canada, uh, in New Zealand, Australia, but obviously USA is like the BLN doll for, uh, for a lot of us. How is it set up exactly to handle, say, a purchase made from the USA?

Is it going to still essentially do what alley express does only, you know, better where it will still purchase a product and ship it over to the USA? 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:13:36] Yes, YakkyoFy is a company based in Italy, but we have our own warehouse. Where else, like, what else Xianjian in China. And we have all our workers here and we have also our buyer office there.

So actually like, um, we put chase, we have a relationship directly with factory. We would change our products in China and then we ship to all over the world. And also the United States. Actually we have really fast shipping though. We can deliver packages.

Joseph: [00:14:13] Oh, wow. Okay. Um, another thing that I want to chamber, because we'll get to this pretty soon about how, um, my own personal experience and what I'm working on right now is I'm excited to ask you about that too, because that's going to be a personal takeaway. Uh, before we do that, I gotta know where's. W w where does that come from? Like, what does, what is, where does the name come?

Simona Ferrazza: [00:14:31] Okay. This is a really good question that actually the founder of YakkyoFy, Giovanni Cortani comes from the South of Italy and from a place called Puya. I don't know if you never heard it. And, uh, in the South of Italy, there are lots of dialects. Okay. Everybody is on dialects. My mother is another dialect. And, uh, so yes, YakkyoFy comes from the word in the Puya dialect, to source.

Joseph: [00:15:08] Yeah. See, I'm only on like a on stage, one of, uh, dual lingo. Uh, so my, my I'm I'm working on my Italian cause I wanted to learn it before I made a visit. So, so far I  I got. So that's, it's all it's uh, it's all I got so far that, that, that a couple of curse words and I'm not. So one thing we do talk about a lot on the show is the transition from a drop shipping to say like white labeling our branded e-commerce, uh, to the point like getting getting your own manufacturer if it gets to that point. So does YakkyoFy work or have plans to work with people who are looking to move on from drop shipping and moving into white label space?

Simona Ferrazza: [00:15:44] Right now, creating the brand is really important in the drop shipping sector. Uh, because I advertising is, um, became more expensive of day, especially on Facebook.

And this means that the real profits come from returning customer. So actually you need to create customer loyalty. You need to create a brand that people can recognize and you can add people that come back to buy again in  your store. Now, before in drop shipping, you create one shop. You will sell only that product, single product, and then you close the store.

Now it's not really possible to do that.

Joseph: [00:16:32] Like pop-up stores, um, in, in the, in the physical world where, you know, they show up, they sell and then they introduce people to the brand. So they will go online and then, and then they take off. Christmas is over. 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:16:40] Yeah. To drop ship products or products in customized box or bag brand that we do have global, or you can even decide to insert, for example, a card or your own logo or messages inside the our packages.

Joseph: [00:17:02] Well, that's fantastic. And that, and that leads into, um, the other question too about this is about. I guess the, the, the opposite of say somebody doesn't want to maybe start manufacturing their own stuff. What could a business look like? Where drop shipping is the fulfillment method that they stick to throughout?

Is, is it realistic for a business to just like stick to drop shipping? Um, I, I guess have the advanced version of it where they use the white labeling, but, uh, what would be, what what's a possible end game for somebody who actually takes to the drop shipping method. 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:17:30] Okay. Drop shipper is the retailer of the new millennia, you know, before we have the shop on the street selling items, and now we are online store and that we need that.

And actually they need to find the right niche and the right way to propose the rights to others at some point in the right time. And, uh, so these markets for sure, have a zone place, like, you know, He's only makes the sense that, of course, like if you want to create a long blast business up, you need to not only to do drop shipping.

For example, when you find a winning product, you drop ship that product, but then when you find a winning product, you can buy a little stuff in advance, increase your margin and pay faster, your safe. And then you can have, for example, are the branding, packaging, branding, the bending products and create your order, like so much space.

Actually, we have a lot of customers that can really big, uh, in this way. 

Joseph: [00:18:53] And you know, it's, it's great timing too, just over the course of my own, uh, development. So here's a, here's a situation that I'm in and this is why I ended up signing up for a free YakkyoFy  myself. It is and by the way, I will say I have talked to other drop shipping services too.

And I think some of it has to do with, you know, wanting to support my fellow Italian. So, so just so you don't know that that, that was a factor in this, but anyways, so I, I sent a, the product that I'm working on right now. I know some people don't like to keep it to themselves. I don't mind because for me, it's really more of a learning process anyways.

Um, but as you self stick drawers that you can put underneath desks and tables and it creates more space so that people don't have to have so much clutter on their desk, uh, it's niche, but it's actually something that I quite like. And so I get a friend of mine into order from my store just to test it out.

And for the record I gave him the full discount. So he didn't actually have to spend any money on it. And I would've felt bad about that. And that was about three weeks ago. Earlier on yesterday, uh, before I had done my prep for yakka fi I had noticed that the last update for this shipment was 15 days ago, uh, of this recording, which will be January 30th.

It is now February 16th. And. It's still on a plane. Apparently like this plane is still like, I don't know. Maybe it's just like hovering around. It's waiting for a landing or something like that. I don't know the runways, like it's too cold and they ran out of fuel and maybe the plane crashed. I don't know.

But point is the, this is, this is like one of my best friends, the idea of trying to earn somebody's trust. With this and who knows. I mean, we haven't even tested the product yet ourselves, so they're going to, he's going to get this product and for all we know it's crap. So it's, that is a pretty significant limiting factor for a lot of people, um, who, you know, they want, we want to sell and anybody who recognizes the importance of long-term wellbeing recognizes that we're not just going to like geeze out the first thousand customers and we need everybody to trust us.

I signed onto YakkyoFy. And I put the link from Ali Express into the, uh, into the product. Um, The request service and that's as far as I got. So can you tell us what's going to happen next, uh, to this, uh, you guys are going to look at this link. You guys are going to check the product out, maybe even start getting your hands on it.

Simona Ferrazza: [00:21:01] Okay. Uh, actually, um, you can ask you to ask for a quotation for a quotation for a new item. So you will receive from our buyer office. And, uh, so you will have a price for the product and the price for your shipping, and you can ship in many different countries. So you will have a different shipping option or shipping times.

It depends on the country you choose and that you like you can import that product feature and description on your store. When another arrival on your store, it will be automatically imported on YakkyoFy. Before and so you can decide two different things or you pay manually every time that they arrive on YakkyoFy or you upload some.

In these way, you don't need to go and pay one by one. And I still know that's how it matters. Like our, by our office, we love to chase the product from the supplier, that ship to Xinjin. We would check the quality of the product. We would see that like the answer is correct and that the product is not damaged, that this is not, uh, like the black in the picture.

And then we will repackage the product and ship shipping to the final customer. 

Joseph: [00:22:47] So that's fantastic. And the one thing that still, um, there's definitely more to get to, but one thing that sticks out to me right away is being on a smaller scale. I'm. Um, I'll be lucky if I get, you know, if I cross the 10 sale threshold.

Um, so we are dealing with like a couple of products at a time, and I'm wondering if it's like, if it's too small to actually be worth your, your company's time. So, um, if, if I let's just say I get one customer, one paying customer legit, they, they, you know, they pay my vote price. Um, is that, is there like a, an, an MOQ, or is there a set amount of orders that should be placed before, uh, your company will we'll start working on this, uh, on this particular product?

Simona Ferrazza: [00:23:26] We start with the only with, no, you don't need to send us all the in advance and was add MOQ. Like actually nine people sent products that don't have any MOQ. There'd be this more percentage of items that have a. And really more two or three. And normally these products that have this small MOQ is because they are really cheap by a product that their value is on.

The $1 is too cheap for the supplier to ship them one by one, they require a minimum amount of that's normally 90% of the product. 

Joseph: [00:24:12] Oh, okay. I see what you mean. Yeah. It gets to the point where it's more expensive to just send, like the package is more expensive than the product itself. So they just want to make sure that, uh, there's a value there.

Simona Ferrazza: [00:24:21] And that can be like, also if you have these products that have a small moq, like, I don't know, maybe you have a little game for a cat  too, because it's really cheaper.

Like we can buy two products. And keep one in our warehouse in Xinjin  and ship them the next time that you receive an order.

Joseph: [00:24:42] You guys ever worry about capacity where, you know, as, um, business continues to come in and you're going to have, let's just say like a couple of people order say 10 products, but then you have to order a thousand of them.

Uh, it does it get to the point where, you know, you have so much physical space and yet it might be difficult to justify in addition to warehouse, if you continue to hold up the stuff that's, you know, cat toys and stuff along those lines. I know you guys thought about it, but I'm curious to know what's the, uh, what's the thought process?

Simona Ferrazza: [00:25:08] Our warehouse grow with our business. We are actually searching for a larger warehouse right now because like more, you grow more you need the space. 

Joseph: [00:25:19] Okay, good. Yeah. I mean, it seems like a basic answer to the question is just like, you know, cause, cause I it's just like the value of their product is all over the place. If you think about some stuff can cost a couple of cents, but it can't be like a big hunk of plastic and then you can converse.

Uh, you can also have stuff thinking of jewelry, right? It's a lot of money to it's a high margin, but can also be very small. So yeah, the, the, the, the side of me that likes Tetris is just like, No, no, that sounded good. Crazy. So I'm just going to like, uh, take that and move on. Let's go through the automation process for this.

Uh, you covered a little bit of so far. Let's just make sure our listeners understand just how much, uh, YakkyoFy is going to have drop shippers on automate their business. 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:25:51] Oh, okay. Yes. Thank you. Um, actually we created. Yeah, that can be connected with your store. So, uh, we have an integration with Shopify. We have a Shopify app.

We have a plugin for WordPress that can be connected to commerce, and we have also an integration we did. So like you connect to your eBay or Shopify Shopify. And from that moment you can alternate it. Read it and lots of action. And you saw the product and this will be practiced without image recognition technology.

So you send us the picture of the product that you're searching for a product that you're searching for and send you back to the physician in real time for the same product or similar one. So you add a product page, a complete with the price can fight for more than one. I'm the pantry teacher, title you with the peak attending park proudest page on your star, on the store that you connected.

I see. Next I know there is play from your store for  product. Like deal with their, uh, and you won't let it, like we said before, you know, they space and did actually ship all automatic when the, actually when the, the package last of our Xinjin warehouse, well, we all shop the tracking number inside your dashboard and inside your store.

And your customer so that he will receive an email with the tracking number inside the check. 

Joseph: [00:27:49] Now, when you say, um, uh, look for the same product or a similar product, um, I might be like a bit of a stickler and it's not just because I'm picky, which is also true, but it's also that because I've identified the other, the competition and they are selling.

Yeah, similar products. And what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to avoid selling the exact same skew that they're selling. I tried to make sure that I look for ones that are, uh, unique, that no one else is really trying to market basically the same product, but say maybe a little bit bigger, maybe different color scheme, something along those lines.

So, um, would I have any leverage to push or say like a particular skew that I really need, even if it's not currently?

Simona Ferrazza: [00:28:26] Yeah, actually you're not like  the first that you mentioned. It's the the find your product. Okay, fine. You can start to sell that. They'll find the product or find the product, but it's similar, but for you is not okay.

You can still ask for permission to our buyer. In these case, there is not automatic that you will need to wait three business days, but there is a real first one that will search that product for you. 

Joseph: [00:28:58] Yeah. And, and this just speaks to the, uh, the, the greater balance of, you know, we, we automate as much as we can, but because things can be very specific.

It is important to also have people available to. Uh, to help kind of like connect to those, those dots together. Um, now I know you guys also want to work on the, on the branding side as well. And you mentioned that if people have their own cards, they want to do their own inserts. Uh, that's all part of it, which is a very exciting, by the way, does, uh, does the, I also, uh, work with like developing of the brand, even to the point of stuff, like color schemes or topography or, uh, or, or kind of marketing strategies they should use or anything along those lines.

Simona Ferrazza: [00:29:33] And no, actually right now, like, uh, we only, um, we don't work on marketing sites for our customers. We don't offer my advice for our platform. I think our customer is really strong on that side, but we can actually add them with the, for example, when you. How about the private label product for realizing a nice product.

Because, you know, sometimes people say, Oh, I want to place these log on the level. It's really complicated with lots of color. And in the, in this case, our buyer, our office will call you and say, maybe, you know, you, you, maybe you need to stand up. I need here version that can look nicer at the end so we can ask more on that side.

Joseph: [00:30:24] Right? I think what it does is it creates I'm, I'm thinking of the word, a filter, um, or a threshold or something along those lines where, um, for people who are developing their, their brand and their image, you know, we can write, we can draw anything we want on screen, but in order for it to also be practical, there are certain, um, Stop gaps or gateways or something along those lines where you say, well, listen, this is actually really complicated.

Here's the issue with trying to print this? And what that does is it actually does help people develop their brand because they're recognizing that, you know, things in our imagination are free. We're free to do whatever we want within our imagination. We're free to do whatever we want on screen. Right.

But once we actually have to work with other people, then that's when we actually start to come across those restrictions as it hasn't happened, by the way, are you, do you have any like actual examples of people coming in with like a Picasso painting and say, listen, uh, dear, there are colors that we've never even seen before.

I don't know how you came up with that. And we thought we'd seen them all, but you, sir. 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:31:19] Yeah, it's actually it happens to us um, sometimes, uh, like, uh, you, you only need to speak with them on that. Like let's say that, you know, printing in real life, um, especially when you send the five different types of printing and this means that one for one, the costs.

Well, more color you use more. The printing on the logo is expensive.

It would be immediate, complicated, many, many different products, right. It's better to talk about black or white.

Joseph: [00:32:04] Listeners. Definitely. Um, we, this is also that we all need to understand, and it's funny, it's like the more creative, so people are including myself, the harder it can be to like, kind of like keep the, keep things random.

So I've always said that like, um, restrictions are actually very good for creativity. If you tell somebody that they have to use one primary color, one second-year color and maybe a tertiary for pops, um, that I actually like is better for the creative process. And to just hand somebody like all of the colors in the world and say, go nuts.

Um, cause they often do and it's not actionable.

Simona Ferrazza: [00:32:33] We advise our customer to send us logo with the one or maximum two colors. 

Joseph: [00:32:38] Actually, that's, that's a great, that's a great point. Um, there had to be, uh, along those lines, are there any other, um, requirements or guidelines that you let customers know. So primary colors, secondary color. Anything else along those lines?

Simona Ferrazza: [00:32:48] Yeah, of course. When you decide to do product label, you need to have an IEP or PDF format for your images and your logos, because that, you know, without that the company can not print. Yep. Sometimes people send that like normal picture. That's not fine for that. 

Joseph: [00:33:12] Or somebody sends an animated GIF is like, can you print this on it?

Uh, and I mean that every frame is. Yeah. Um, so that's, I gotta tell you. That's fantastic. And so, um, going back to my, you know, sell to my first customer, uh, situation. Is do I have to cross a certain threshold before I can start doing a lower imprinting or, I mean, cause it's a paid service, right? If I'm willing to pay the extra money to make sure that even my first few customers get the experience I want them to have.

Is that, is that an option or do customers have to have our dark lines, uh, have to cross a certain point where uh, they unlock, I guess certain additional servers? 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:33:48] No, we don't have the unlock system.

And I'm psyched to explain better. For example, to me, the backside and the mine, I can drink, uh, open to everybody because our show cheaper that everybody can actually buy them, that they had most you for a bag though. Why do you all one color on it is 50 cents. And then mature is 300. So is really something that is affordable.

And this way you can buy your products one by one. And then we'll take the, in the battle. That's it cents. 

Joseph: [00:34:32] Well, my math isn't great, but it's like 30 bucks for a bunch of those, so, yeah. Okay. And, and you know that even if it is 30 cents, that can completely change the, the value of the customer experience, the difference between them getting a logo, a thank you card versus getting, uh, a sheet of paper that's like poorly translated and say, you know, don't burn yourself.

It's existing, significant difference. And it's not just for an individual company. It's also. Important for the industry as a whole. Um, because if you have, what is it that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If you have these businesses that are sending products that. Like combust, you know, when, when they get there or if the packaging just looks like, well, who sent this?

I thought I ordered from somebody who spoke English. Like that brings a whole industry down. It lowers the standards and it makes it more difficult for the consumer to trust other people who are marketing in the same space on, on Facebook and stuff like that. So it's, it's really important. And it's a win-win for everybody.

Simona Ferrazza: [00:35:28] Yes. And that to me is like the customer is packages as a factory and the bags and the cards are really cheap. So it's really as more like effort to brand that kind of stuff. And then there is the more expensive because you have to buy as more stock. Um, normally I really like, you can read it by like 100 pieces.

It's not so high. 

Joseph: [00:35:58] That's like what I would do with my, I would want to try to sell the first hundred and, um, Ali Express like five bucks. So a five times a hundred is like, what, $200, something like that. My math is bad, but again, it's very affordable. Yeah. I'm, I'm really bad at math as well. That's why I, I prefer the marketing side.

So I want to ask about the, the, the shipping. And I'm going to ask you in two parts, part one will be about getting it to the customer. And part two will be if the customer wants to send it back. So getting it to the customer, let me, let's just compare for instance, somebody, um, Right now, say for instance, a customer of mine, hypothetically, because I don't have any, yet.

They, they ordered from me. I ordered from Ali express and it's shipped all the way over to them. Now there's a lot of disadvantages. Um, I have no idea what the packaging looks like. I'm going to grant that. I know the product is good, cause we're, we're still in that testing part of it. And. So the customer gets it.

The shipping shouldn't take four weeks to shipping should be yeah. Less than that in the ideal circumstance, but we're not an ideal circumstances right now. We're in, um, well, some people consider it a nightmare, but anyways, the only advantage that I could see, but it is a significant one is that it is going directly to the customer.

Whereas I guess, with what you guys are doing, is it, the product wants to arrive in the warehouse first and then the purchase is made. So then that way the, the shipping is just, uh, sent out to directly from there. That's correct?

Simona Ferrazza: [00:37:19] And actually like, you know, like our fulfillment process, like when the order arrive from your store to. The fulfillment process is divided in the processing time and then like repackaging a ship. And, uh, like after another arrive, there is this professing time, uh, that is this. Hi, but both worked from where, when y'all stayed to us, when the package arrived from your supplier to our warehouse, normally is between three and five days.

And so. I assume that the other is paid, we will check that. And from the supplier they ship, that's all the flower warehouse done. We checked the package that him take away all the labor related Chinese supplier. And then we shipped to the final. I see, I see you have to wait from three to five processing day, and then you add the shipping time as well with the actual five.

If you want, like are willing to buy a little stuff of products, even 10 or 20 products all together, we can keep this product in our warehouse. At, at this moment, the professing time became only one day because the fellows are already now aware. So you can really have your delivery time because you have only the shipping time.

Joseph: [00:38:50] I I'm, I'm just like I'm fighting. I shouldn't have to fight back a smile, but I'm grinning so much right now because like your, your, your company is really like solving a lot of the problems that have kept me from being able to really move forward with it. Now. You know, I'm, I'm in my own unique position now that people have done fine without it.

But like, even if it is just a, a, a small store, that's only selling a couple of products, you know, I still want to make sure that it packs a punch and, and delivers on the, uh, on the ideal consumer experience. And so when the other part of the shipping that I'm wondering about is a difference between like, first of all, Silly question, but does the self travel by boat or by plane?

Simona Ferrazza: [00:39:25] It's a, of course when you buy drop shipping is by plane. Like if you buy $1,000 product, you can ship it. 

Joseph: [00:39:34] Okay. I know it's a silly question, but I really don't know that stuff. Um, so what I'm wondering about is the efficiency of let's just say a plane dropping off something from an Ali Express seller versus the efficiency of a plan dropping off, uh, something in a, in a, in a States from, from YakkyoFy uh, how does YakkyoFy uh, outpace the, the, the shipping from the AliExpress seller once it stateside.

Simona Ferrazza: [00:39:56] Uh, okay. Like I think this, uh, concern of two different things, first of all, um, as we said before you buy from. And supplier, but the product you don't buy directly from, I don't take responsibility for yes. 

Joseph: [00:40:16] Yes. You're right. Yeah, because Ali Express is, they're basically drop ship from the wholesaler and Alibaba you're you are right about that.

Simona Ferrazza: [00:40:21] Yes. So often, you know, often that player said that they will ship your packages, for example, with the iPads and then they use it and other cheap services and he'll like, In exchange without telling you or anything like that. I had lots of arguments and, um, with the actual fight is, will never happen, especially because we are an Italian company and we have to guarantee that the shipping that's the one that you pay for actually.

And this is the first thing. Um, the fact is that, um, the shipping time depends on the products and the types of privacy you choose the size of the product and also the destination country. So, uh, last, uh, we have, uh, actually an expert in our company. That's constantly studying the shipping time, all over the world to find the best.

The best company to work with the best, uh, award that company to work with. And, uh, right now, like we have, uh, an express shipping for on country, like the U S accounts country that is called special line and the wood special line. We can ship like two different service premium, special line, and then almost special line.

We'll bring them where you can ship in three, eight days in the UK United States. Of course, then we have other shipping options. For example, if you want to ship, uh, the other day they asked me about the Indonesia, for example. Yes, we can ship to Indonesia. Of course, right now we don't have a special life.

Indonesia. We, we ship, we need the, we have as lower shipping method. We write some on your, like, on your product page and also on your own there, when you purchase something from us, we choose this method that we are going to use. 

Joseph: [00:42:32] And then, uh, conversely, uh, I also wanted to ask about returns. So part two is a customer wants to, uh, facilitate a return.

Now this is a small part of this, um, which is the, uh, the virtual address. So I haven't set one up yet, but one of the things that it's highly recommended for drop shippers is a sort of a virtual address. So then that way we don't have to reveal where we live, uh, in case some customers get very angry, um, and very motivated.

And so. Um, I, I just want to like, kind of like put that out just to it just in case that's an element to it. So with that said, uh, what's the return process for customers who are dissatisfied with their, uh, self stackable drawers. 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:43:09] Okay. Um, actually we have, uh, uh, founder. Policy that everybody can see on our website.

And we reshape all the  products that arrive wrong for you. Right? You buy a rad the phone case and it arrived or a week. She for a fun product that arrives broken or damaged in some way. We don't, uh, we don't have a refund policy for if the customer don't like the product, like not in our option, but we special line, uh, good things is that we can offer to deliver often when, uh, like, you know, the approximate household of our customers, the customer is not home.

And, uh, with normal shipping, you lose the package. Uh, but with special line hour, we'll try a second delivery. So like actually your customer has to offer like two chances to get the packages. 

Joseph: [00:44:26] Yeah, this part is an important part too. Um, one of my previous sales positions, normally I don't like to throw businesses under the bus, but FedEx has really put me through the ringer.

So I'm going to throw them under the bus where they had to deliver a pretty high quality product. We're talking like luxury. Watch us here. And the. And the customer was in the UK. So the, so the driver, the courier, he puts the box like by the garbage cans outside and then takes off. And because it was London, it was eventually rained on.

So by the time the customer got to the box, it was, it was, it was, it was so it was dropped. I mean, the watch was fine because it's, you know, these things are protected, but that is not a satisfactory experience for somebody who just spent like a lot of quid on a, on a luxury product. So, so that part of it is really important to them.

And I think you've raised a good distinction between. No fault, uh, returns versus situations where the customer, and I would say the business too. I would put myself on the, on the, uh, through the ringer. There is, it is also the fault of the, of the business. Whereas like, in my example, if a customer tries a drawer out, they stick and it doesn't work.

I don't why YakkyoFy to get back a broken product. Cause then it's not going to be shipped. So at that point I would just say, okay, you know, I'm just gonna send you the money back. You can keep it. You know, uh, Bob's your uncle. It's not really worth, uh, the recent, um, so I think that's an important distinction just to keep in mind too, is that like, okay.

If something went wrong, but before the customer had a chance to use it, then, you know, that's, that's more valid. Um, I guess one, the ground between these two is a customer pulls it out of the package. They look at it, they don't use it. It's still usable condition. They said, you know what nevermind I wanna return. Is that okay?

Simona Ferrazza: [00:45:57] No we don't accept. Because like, you're not busy. It's not like we don't offer this kind of service right now.

Joseph: [00:46:09] It, it can lead to a lot of, uh, a lot of mess and a lot of casts down the line, if you have stuff and it's subjective, like maybe they wore it, but they took like pristine care and it actually has resellable condition. Maybe they didn't. And so it gets messy.

So I understand that. I'm glad I asked that one because that's one that I really wanted to like, uh, just make sure to, uh, to know about. So I've only got you for another like 10 minutes unless we, uh, we decided to go over, which has happened. So. What's a sacrifice relationship with, um, I know you mentioned eBay is connected to eBay.

I just want to run through the other outlets as well. Cause there's quite a few, you know, we've got Amazon Facebook marketplace. So can you run through again and I'm sorry, by the way, this is me like a learning process for me too. So I, I would hate to have to make you repeat anything, but I'll run to the platforms that it's going through and which ones you have in mind that you want to make it way on.

Simona Ferrazza: [00:46:53] Oh, okay. Right now we have a connection with Shopify. We will call myself it's worthless and that day. And then we offer actually like, uh, parameters on FBA using that was hostile. You cannot request a quotation for a workspace product to ship directly to Amazon FBA. So when we give you equitation, that includes the price of the product, the special labeling for, for Amazon FBA, uh, the shipping and delivery to the FBA location.

Uh, BC and other things. And then, uh, like actually we have, uh, an access file import, uh, if you have another store, so you don't actually be fired. Yeah, you can sell our products on your store, unique deal there on gasify using the next log file on our dashboard. And then the other will be capture by the software and then the process.

Joseph: [00:48:00] I feel like I covered, um, uh, everything, uh, essentially that we need to cover. There's only under the winter, like open-ended question that can really ask you is, did we miss anything? Are there any other services or any other features you just want to make sure that we know about.

Simona Ferrazza: [00:48:13] Yes.YakkyoFy mainly drop shipping, but we do also work. So like a customer can decide to buy war safe products from us and we can ship them in bags, in the U S and this is another kind of source of services. For example, there are some customer that's something in drop shipping and then their best seller.

They prefer to edit in their own warehouse. So we can do extra that. 

Joseph: [00:48:44] Right. I see what you mean. So that that's um, well, I mean, I was about to say it's more B2B, but technically everything we've said so far is B2B, but it's yeah, I see what you mean is the higher ball product. Uh, and then also let us know about the affiliate program.

Cause I know, um, you have that one and to my recollection, Uh, I was, uh, I don't, I, you know what I'm sure the other ones do or are, these are considering an affiliate program. So maybe I shouldn't say that, but anyways, uh, yeah, just let us know about the affiliate. 

Simona Ferrazza: [00:49:08] Yeah. We haven't have affiliate program actually. And that is the base on the revenue share. So like, uh, everybody, I told them, like, if you are a drop shipper, you know, a bunch of the people you add in the commerce tax, so you have a blog or YouTube channel that you want to monetize. Well, some way you can actually join our occupation program. Uh, join us.

You can join for free, and it's really, you need to find out and we will give you a referral link. Um, then you can, uh, like all the people that sign up and because it's a completely free software. Make people sign up for is really easy because they don't have to pay anything. Another thing is that we give a special bonus to all the people that use the used from the reseller link in this way. Don't lose any referrals. Because, you know, like if you register by your  yourself on YakkyoFy, you don't get any bonus.

If you register from the affiliation link, you can get, uh, uh, image recognition the first month after the legislation. So you'll double your quotation for the quotation for the first month. And, uh, and then when the people that you make sign up to go chase. Uh, product on our style, you will get the stripper sense revenue share on all of the products that they purchased so they can be drop shipping products or workspace products.

We will give you the 3% on all the products that they buy and think about it. Like our other customers is around 4,000 per month. Well, you would get 2% revenue every month or no.

Joseph: [00:51:12] There's no way I'm gonna get the math on that. So yeah, this, this, this is all fantastic. Um, I, I really mean it when I say that I'm excited for the potential of this on, um, and my own working relationship with it. Um, it's, it's definitely helping me resolve some of the issues that I've had as I've said, like six times already.

Um, so listeners, if you, you know, if you trust my judgment on this, um, You know, have a look. I think you guys are going to be impressed by it. And, uh, and I, and I'm allowed to say the following because I'm an Italian too, but Italians, we S here's what we do. We see things. And then we make a better version of it, a case in point coffee.

Okay. And Italians saw coffee and said, Oh, this is a ticket to a long, uh, I make, uh, uh, just as a strong, but like a one eighth of the size you drink it the so fast, I call it the espresso. It's like, this is what we do. So I, I strongly recommend, uh, you know, you give it a shot, uh, nothing to lose. It's it's, it's, it's free and I'm going to be right there with you.

So, uh, you know, feel free to contact podcast@debutify.com and maybe we'll, uh, Uh, we'll do some affiliations ourselves as well. So a very, very exciting time, uh, over here now. Um, so, so that, uh, out of, um, out of our system, that's what to say out of the way, but why would I say that? That's not a good thing to say anyways.

I just wanted to actually ask you in a little bit of time that we have left about your experience in China. I haven't lived there for five years. Like what, what brought you to China in the first place? How was it learning the language there? And. You know, what are some of the takeaways that really stuck with you?

Simona Ferrazza: [00:52:36] I arrived in China Because I won a scholarship, I was in university and I won a scholarship to like to do the last year of my university in China. And of course I learned all the Chinese. And then there, I met this lady that inputs, Italian products in China, and they hired me to work with them. And that's what my job like real job in my life.

I did other stuff. And then, uh, I like for me then I'm making plays like I love live there. So I stayed there for a long time. And really, I, I think it's an experience that everybody needs to do, you know, when you arrive in China to be in the future? As we said before, like first contact, like, um, actually some CP like Shanghai, uh, they seems to be 20 year in the future.

Like everything is connected. Everything is super technological and really like, they have amazing 3d technology. Like, I don't know if you see something online, like every model in China now, 3d advertising that's come out from the building. It's insane if you like this kind of stuff, for sure you have to visit.

And, uh, I think, uh, like, especially in Europe, we have a lot of bad idea about Chinese people. I think it's not always like this. Like they have a lot of create by demo that are really nice, really well done. That's technology now is really incredible. They have a lot of tradition too, and like it's a really, really long  country.

They have a lot of history, so it's many things to give to us. 

Joseph: [00:54:49] Yeah. And you know, I I'm searching the guilty too of having my own, um, stereotypical views of China. I mean, if people who have listened to every episode, people know that I've said a lot of positive things about it, a, a rich history, um, uh, diligent workforce.

And there are definitely some, some spot spots that stick out, like one of the very early episodes where it was just me. I just talked about some of the working conditions, but what I didn't know until I researched is that there is a, uh, a counterweights to it. There are watchdogs and there is an attempt to, uh, improve the working conditions of them.

Um, I think for me, my issue has always been more with like the state. Of it, rather than the, any individual person at the individual, I've never met a Chinese person that I didn't think it was wonderful. Um, you know, my parents made good friends with this Chinese family. They come visit us once in a while.

Well, not lately, but, um, you know, they're, they're have huge smiles on their faces. They're happy to be alive and, and, and they love what they do. And so I think it's what surprises me, just hearing what you're saying is how Shanghai is like. You know, 20 years into the future, I would have, I would have thought that about Tokyo, Japan, I wouldn't have expected that about Shanghai.

So, uh, so credit where it's due, uh, and with that, um, we're gonna get you thrown out of here. This has been a fantastic hour. Uh, I really want to thank you for your time. And I'm genuinely excited to, uh, integrate this, uh, this software into my own business because it's very uniquely positioned to solve my problem and make me feel good about being an Italian too.

So that's. That's different too. Uh, if you have any parting words, I like to always offer a chance to have any words of wisdom, anything you'd like to just kind of like impart on listeners, feel free and then let the listeners know how they can get involved with your work and what you do.

Simona Ferrazza: [00:56:17] Okay. Thank you. First of all, thank you for inviting me. I think it was really fun. I really had an amazing interview. Thanks. Yes. Thank you. And, uh, like, uh, you know, if I have to give an advice, you know, uh, I think like drop shipping is really a business that can give you great breaks at the fracture.

So like you can. Uh, became a billionaire in a single month , but you have to, you know, keep on doing a little bit, learn or watch videos. Like don't be backwards at the field. The more mental challenge that you find, like. Drop shipping is a great fulfillment methods. Like, uh, they have a few popups cost and minimal business and statistics show that it's growing fast.

So this means that is actually worse, but you know, you need to work a little bit on that. Like we actually have some, um, corsets also on our YouTube channel. If you want to work really for newbie, we explain everything. Step back. That household shall be faster how to connect all, but you can open them. For example, a business manager will table to make campaign equity a step by step course.

If you need that, you can watch that on our YouTube channel called of course. So like, if you want contact, like you can visit our website or you can write in our Facebook chats, we will reply right away. And, uh, or you can write to our email info@yakkyofy.com.All the question are welcome.

All the feedback are also welcome because really feedback area, we will try always to improve our services and our top service intensity. 

Joseph: [00:58:18] Fantastic. Well, listeners, I think that's a, that's everything that we've got planned for today. So once again, thank you for your time. Um, Simona, thanks for being here. Take care and we'll check in soon. 

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