Episode 126 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Steven Van Belleghem - Eyes On The Future Of Customer Experience

Steven Van Belleghem - Eyes On The Future Of Customer Experience

As your business expands and takes on new, exciting shapes. One thing that you can look forward to among many are new ways to give you customers meaningful lasting experiences. My talk today with Steven Van Belleghem is directed towards the future of the customer experience. Steven is someone I'd recommend if you want to keep your eye on the future of business, tech, and the human experience. 


Steven Van Belleghem is a global thought leader in the field of Customer Experience. His passion is spreading ideas about the future of customer experience. Steven is the author of multiple international bestselling books including ‘The Conversation Manager’, ‘When Digital Becomes Human’, ‘Customers the Day after Tomorrow’, ‘The Offer You Can’t Refuse’ and a technology thriller called Eternal.


Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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