Episode 156 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Vivien Garnès - Upfluence, Networking With Influencers Of Any Size

Vivien Garnès - Upfluence, Networking With Influencers Of Any Size

My talk today with Vivien Garnès of Upfluence opens up the possibilities of influencer marketing. The efficacy of it became apparent to Vivien from his own experience in selling ties, a process that turned out to be much more effective once bloggers were involved. We're at a point where you don't need to involve yourself with influencers who have millions of followers, I mean, you can it's just not the starting point anymore; not with the likes micro-influencers and even nano-influencers at your disposal.


As an entrepreneur with a background in eCommerce and marketing, Vivien has gone from D2C to cracking the code to successful influencer marketing. Vivien is the Co-founder and Co–CEO of NYC-based startup Upfluence, the leading social commerce software for eCommerce brands that helps businesses sell online and on social media via creators.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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