Episode 22 Featuring Joseph Ianni

Yash Shah — Keen Dropshipping Strategy and Leading With Positivity

Yash Shah — Keen Dropshipping Strategy and Leading With Positivity

Yash Shah, aka Yashizcoo, Dropshipping council member, founder, and operator of both Straight-line Media and Ecom Masterminds has quite a lot going for him. In this interview we delve into his drop-shipping strategies and shed some light on the way the industry is perceived from the outside and on the inside too, matter of fact. Here on Ecomonics, a Debutify podcast, positivity and light reigns supreme. I know you believe me, but have a listen anyways. 

Yash Shah has spent multiple six-figures in advertising through Facebook Advertising & Influencer Marketing for his own businesses. He also runs and operates a successful digital marketing agency, StraightLine Media. He's passionate about educating others in the space and runs a successful and growing YouTube channel, consulting with aspiring and current E-Commerce entrepreneurs to guide them towards success.

Joseph Ianni
Joseph Ianni

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