Business Tutorials 15m 25s 08 Oct 2021

How To Do Self Fulfillment | Shipping Explained


In today’s video we’re going to explain the benefits of fulfilling orders, common obstacles faced by companies, how to fulfill orders at home, shipping lables + packing slips, when is it time to outsource fulfillment, shipping strategy + shopify apps for shipping, how to pick a 3PL or invest in a warehouse, and lean six sigma and kaizen.


Shipping Explained Slides



00:00 Intro

00:54 A Story About Stock

01:34 Benefits Of Fulfilling Orders Yourself

05:24 Common Obstacles Faced By Ecommerce Companies

07:14 International Shipping

12:09 When Is It Time To Outsource Fulfillment

12:41 Benefits Of 3PLs

13:44 Lean Six Sigma And Kaizen

14:53 Outro

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