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Arturo Knight - Self Fulfillment And Reshaping The Music Industry Through Ecommerce

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My guest today, Arturo Knight hails from the music kingdom and has been a beacon of light for a lot of prominent figures in that space in need of some contemporary assistance. As I continue to add pieces to the ecom puzzle, a pivotal takeaway from today’s lesson is that the freedom you can achieve is viable no matter where you are, music, culinary arts, dentistry, ecommerce or more fundamentally commerce, more fundamentally trade, more fundamentally problem solving, is the pathway to freedom and being the master of your life. Not only is its own industry, but it supports other industries where they falter. There’s a lot of inspiration in this episode so I hope you enjoy it. 

Arturo Knight is an innovative and influential Entrepreneur, Influencer, E-commerce Mentor and Pro Musician. Arturo has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fox for his achievements. Arturo has appeared in films including “Our Brand is Crisis” with Sandra Bullock, Netflix’ “The Dirt: A Motley Crue Story”, ABC’s American Crime and “Everybody Wants Some” the Dazed and Confused Sequel. He currently plays in Heavy Metal Band Jessikill.



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Arturo Knight: [00:00:00] Whatever you want to do just start it. Whether it's going to be cheap at first or not just start in some way start somehow you have a brand in mind for store any product, you know, research it first. It a fluent with they know, learn the people that are working with, learn the industry. See the competitors. No, you don't have to have all this money immediately to start with something.

It start just by researching. Research is a hundred percent the first thing you want to do even before jumping in ecom. And then once you go from there, it's just the sky's the limit.

Joseph: [00:00:34] You're listening to Ecomonics, a Debutify podcast. Your resource for one of the kind of insights into the world of e-commerce and business in the modern age. This is Joseph. I'll be presenting a wealth of industry knowledge from interviews with successful business people and our own state-of-the-art research. Your time is valuable so let's go.

My guests today Arturo Knight hails from the music kingdom and has been a beacon of light for a lot of prominent figures in that space in need of some contemporary assistance. As I continue to add pieces to the ecom puzzle, a pivotal takeaway from today's lesson is that the freedom you can achieve as viable, no matter where you are. Music, culinary, arts dentistry, it goes on and on. E-commerce or more fundamentally commerce, more fundamentally trade, more fundamentally problem-solving not only is it its own industry, but it supports other industries where they falter. There was a lot of inspiration in this episode. So I hope you enjoy.

 Arturo Knight, it is good to have you here at Ecomonics. How are you doing today? How are you feeling? I know Texas is in a bit of a way right now, but, uh, it's, it's great to have you here.

Arturo Knight: [00:01:40] Yeah. Thank you, Joseph. I'm really great to be here right now. I mean, the weather is crazy, but we're holding in there. Um, one thing I know about Texas is, you know, we got this, so I'm not too worried about us. I'm just enjoying my time right now on this podcast, you know, I'm warm. Um, but my prayers do go out to everyone in Texas that was affected by this.

Um, I'm one of the lucky ones, I guess, but I'm just used to being this way in Texas sometimes, but a lot of people didn't know, get out lucky. Um, so that's one thing I would start off with, you know, sending my positive energy to the people of Texas and stain hanging in there. 

Joseph: [00:02:14] I remember reading a, it was just, it was just a text, a bomb.

You know, someone puts on an image and then it's a bunch of texts as a way of like circumvented the Twitter character limit. And they were saying here in Texas, here's how we handle it. We got together, we communicated with one another. We helped each other out of a bind. You know, we didn't, we didn't resort to looting.

We didn't resort to, uh, violence or civil unrest. Uh, we, we grit our teeth and we did what we had to, to, to get there each day. And so, and, and that I think really speaks to the resilience of the, of the texts and people. Um, I mean, I, myself, I consider myself like a closet American. Um, I look forward to hopefully fingers crossed someday, uh, being among them in Texas is like one of the most appealing parts of the whole country for me personally.

Arturo Knight: [00:02:59] Awesome. Yeah, you definitely got to come visit. I mean, the great thing about Texas is we're all about respect. And that's mainly one thing you'll see everywhere. I mean, we could have some of the craziest laws here. I mean, every single person you see has a gun. I mean, but you'll never see anyone, you know, fighting with them.

I mean, we even have laws here where you could actually battle someone if you want legally. And as long as they agree to it, you won't get arrested. So that's the great thing with Texas. Everyone here is side-by-side with each other. I mean, we don't really need no government affiliation to kind of help us out.

I mean, we took care of this ourselves. I mean, the president himself hasn't even said, one word about our state is yet to visit our state. And we went through with it a hundred percent fine. I mean, that's how Texas is. I mean, basically a country itself. And it's mainly because the people that are here and we're very respectful, very, you know, Southern keep to ourselves.

And that what you read in that, um, I think it's a meme. They come, but, um, it's a hundred percent true. I mean, the great thing of Texas, why I specifically live in Texas right now. I mean, I could easily move up to LA like everyone else is doing or Vegas or New York. But I love Texas. I mean, Texas is amazing.

Um, and the Texas, you're a great, so that's another great thing with running businesses down here. So if you're doing anything online, especially, you know, the e-commerce and all that you could get with UVA, like in California, I have some friends with high taxes and they have to pay high taxes on everything they sell and everything else.

And then I tell them about what I'm doing over here in Texas. Like, geez, like they literally saved millions just by moving to a different state. So, but that's really awesome. I mean, I definitely look forward to coming to America and you'll love it, Texas specifically. And if you ever come down, just hit me up.

Joseph: [00:04:36] You can count on it. Also, this is the first time I realized that Texas is an anagram of taxes. 

Arturo Knight: [00:04:41] Yeah, it's weird. 

Joseph: [00:04:42] I never realized that before. I, I'm excited to ask you this question, uh, because, uh, having had the privilege to do some, um, some preparation, um, you have a unique angle for our, for our listeners, uh, which I will leave to you to say.

And here's the question, tell us who you are and what do you do?

Arturo Knight: [00:05:00] My name is Arturo Knight. I'm a full blood musician entrepreneur. Um, I mean, I do, I'm also an actor, some sort, um, not full on, and I also do some other stuff on the side, no stocks. And the main thing I do is music and entrepreneurship. And that's what I fall back on with a hundred percent.

Um, I built myself up as a musician, at least since I was around eight years old right now I'm 27 years old and I've just worked my butt off and I just work and work and work. And you know, now within the last five, six years, I grew myself into my own entrepreneur and I worked for myself and now I share my knowledge that I've learned over the years of me doing this.

I know I'm still young, but I just start very early. You know, I have more than a decade of knowledge on my back that now I'm just sharing with people, no online. And this kind of grew me into where I'm in now, you know, speaking with you to something, you know, totally brand new that I don't even know where this is headed, but wherever it ends, I know it's going to be great.

So, and you know more about me, I guess I could say I'm just a very straight up guy. I'm just very into teaching people, helping people and helping, you know, the community build around me as well, as well as helping people around my age realize that you don't need a nine to five to be happy. You don't need a nine to five to make money.

You don't need a nine to five, um, just to make it in life. And on top of all that together, the main goal myself is just spread the word around that, you know, it's okay to be happy. It's okay to. You know, take risks. It's okay to, you know, do anything you want. And if I'm going to be the guy taking that risk for everyone else to see, and that's the guy I am right there.

So I'll call myself a risk taker as well. And it's mainly because I'm just I'll do anything as long as it's in my mind. And I say, okay, do it and go forth with it. Even if I fail, it's a hundred percent fine. I mean, someone I've learned something and I could teach it to someone else. And, um, but that's basically why I am as a whole.

I mean, you could Google me and all that kind of cool stuff. I've lots of smaller stuff about me, but in all of a whole it's who I am as a human, I believe. And just basically so in here as a light to share positive energy to the world and do that by also healing and teaching people. 

Joseph: [00:07:05] That's terrific. And I also notice, uh, in your, in your background, you have a bonsai tree there.

I don't want to get too far into this, but are you by any chance, a fan of Cobra Kai? 

Arturo Knight: [00:07:11] Oh yeah. I just saw that show Netflix, man. That's awesome. I know there's an older one too. I've never seen that one, but I just saw the recent one. I know Netflix. Awesome. 

Joseph: [00:07:20] Oh, terrific. Yeah. I mean, that's a great show because it does speak to about balance and how both sides can have a can of valid points.

But I don't want to turn this into the Cobra Kai episode because I have to restrain. I have to, I have to restart myself where I will, I will lose it because I also noticed, I saw on your Instagram, you got to meet a decent rider who has a CA uh, he has a cameo in season three. So, uh, it, it is cool, man. You get to meet some of the people like I've I, that song, we're not going to take it.

It's like one of those medics medic songs that just like sticks around no matter what era it is, no matter what the generation is, because it's such a simple message. Anybody can have their own view of what it means when they say we're not going to take it. 

Arturo Knight: [00:07:57] Yeah, exactly. You know, I really love Dee. I love his whole entire family.

And, and going back on what we're seeing, you know, even before this podcast itself, we meet, we know, you know, I'm just working here. I live in Texas. He lives in New York and California where I think now in California, but you know, just going on how even I met him in the first place, wasn't even through deep.

I mean, I was friends with his son first and his son is actually a filmmaker. His son makes very short films. I mean, fulls days, a very good one. And he, we met early on when he started becoming a filmmaker and I said, Hey, I'll make you free websites. I'll um, help you with your marketing. I'll help you make your movie posters.

And all I asked for is just any, you allow me to use you in my portfolio. And we became friends since then. You know, every time we fill out the Texans, we'll hang out every time I fill it to LA we'll hang out. And we grew spiritually through there as well. And I started growing my spiritual, I haven't actually said the story anywhere.

It's crazy. Now that you're one of the first ones that asked about it. I started my oh yeah.

Joseph: [00:08:58] Well, uh, just not, not to cut you off for too long, but here on Ecomonics I love extracting the spiritual stuff cause I'm a big spiritual guy too. Um, and I think it's important to try to get that part of the conversation, um, covered because if you have a fullness within you, then that allows you to have a fullness externally and that reflects in your business. So by all means go nuts.

Arturo Knight: [00:09:18] Oh yeah. I'm a hundred percent. And I'm so glad he said that. I mean, a lot of places you could speak about spirituality comfortably. And one thing that a lot of people realize is success before even that comes your mindset and your S your spirituality's, what comes before that, anything that you want to do, your spirituality and mindset comes first.

So, and people meet for a reason. The reason being you are speaking now, so someone could hear us and hear this message and do something with that. And who knows where it ends up. So going with that, you know, I've met Cody great guy, and if you look him up, you know, he's very spiritual as well. I mean, just yesterday, he posted that him and his family are fighting, um, activism right now to make, you know, stuff like, you know, shrooms or plants that help you build and stuff healthy.

And they're actively trying to make it legal in America. And they're very big about that, but they, you don't really see the spiritual side of a lot of these successful people because. A lot of times when people's talk about spirituality, people get offended because it's different, different from theirs.

But one thing that it doesn't matter what spirituality you are. It all comes down to the same base and that's yourself. And you know, me, Cody, we met, I went out to LA and this is crazy story, how I've got really big and the spirituality, and this was one of the biggest things. So, uh, I'm really being in a Reiki.

Um, I could do Reiki. I'm a big time healer, one of the LA to hang out with Cody Snyder and we're just hanging out, you know, in a parking lot. We want to go eat whatever. And he brings up Reiki and tells me what it is. I didn't know what it was before. I was a little spiritual. I wasn't too deep into it. And he's like, well, let me give you Reiki and I'll change your life right now.

I'll say, okay, I don't know what it is, but let's go. I trust you. So we went to the hotel room, he gave me Reiki and weird stuff happened. I even, I mean, I specifically felt a knock on my top of my head when he was doing something. I said, Hey, what was that popped into my head as I touch you so weird stuff like that.

But I realized, you know, it was, I don't know what it was back then. But it was a life-changing experience for me. My eyes basically opened, I was given basically energy, positive energy that you know, him and his family were very successful. But one thing, a lot of successful people don't share is how they get there.

You know, this shared with me something very huge that was virtuality, you know, basically opened my eyes and I took it from there and ruined his is something myself. And from there, that's where our friendship started. I mean, we were hanging out in Las Vegas and he said, Hey, art, you wanna meet my dad? And I was a big fan of his dad.

I was a bad boy is dead, but I just never said anything because you know, I'm friends with him. So we're in Las Vegas. It was at the hard rock hotel was twisted sister. It was excite. And, um, it was a really big show because their drummer had just passed away and this shows dedicated to him. So a lot of the friends came to support, which means a lot of celebrities.

And at the end of the show, you know, I was a little out of there. I'd already had a few drinks being cold. You're having a good time. And he said he wanted to meet my dad. I was like, sure. So you'd walk me to the back. Funny story. And we were walking, um, his wife caught up with me and Cody was like, Hey, this is my friend art.

Isn't that? I met her super nice lady. And we start heading up to go through the room towards Dee and they were giving his wife and me problems because we didn't have the stickers for the backstage. And Cody was like, I'm just son. And then the wife was like, I'm his wife? Like I'm Dee's wife. Like, we need to get up there.

Don't have to, sorry, you don't have the credential ever. So finally Cody goes up there by himself, cause a thing up there. And then it goes back down, gives me and his mom both are backstage passes and I went backstage. And so much success was just in the air. So many successful people were back there.

Some people are already knew for performing with before some people, I was brand new to just meeting. Now, there was DJ Ash buff from guns and roses back there. There was busy hell. She was back there. Um, you know, Jennifer from anthrax, a singer from anthrax. I mean, there's so many musicians that I could even name.

They was all there to support di they're all there to support twisted sister in Vegas. And there was little me there, you know, meeting all these people, connecting with them for the first time, some of them. And that's when I met Dee for the first time I have, you know, that picture that you saw was the first time I met him, it was backstage at a high rock hotel.

And I spoke with them for a little bit. I mean, just, it's all great energy. I mean, you could feel people's energy, just how successful they are, the positive energy that you give off. And that, that gives something to you. I mean, depending on how you see it, some people, but you know, just from there, I mean, I still speak with Cody and everything.

His family's doing great things. Even his dad supports my business end divorce. I mean, one time when I was 16 or 15, It started an energy drink, beverage company of Lutz and Dee was the first one that wanted to support. I mean, I sent out some energy drinks to his family and he started posting pictures with my energy drink on his social media.

So that started making my androgen grow. And then I had the promo as well, that ended, I ended up selling that business around six, 17 years old, 18 years old, but the network, you know, just meeting people, it grew into something much, much bigger, just like how we met today for the first time, who knows what this is getting up five years, you know, and be in Vegas someday.

Like, Hey, we have that on time yet. And the same thing happened with Dino. It started with me knowing his son. They wanted to meet getting spiritually, very spiritual, getting Reiki, you know, being able to heal people now all the way to, you know, meaning his family, his dad, and seeing their end of Wars to them supporting me back.

And there's so many other people in the industry that do the same thing and it's all just support. It's all, you know, the respect. It's all the networking with people, meeting people, talking to people and doing stuff that you wouldn't normally do. And the only reason that all of this started is because I had the courage, not the courage, I guess, but I had the courage to send a message to Cody Snider back in no one else, 14 years old.

So that one message turned into a whole, you know, friendship that goes around success and that, um, ideology that he gave me a Reiki and everything about it grew mean to where I'm sitting right now. And spirituality takes a big hand and not just everything I've done, but everyone that I've met that is also successful.

They all have the same story. They all manifest. They all create the reality. They all, you know, meditate and any spiritual person he meets does the same exact thing just in a different way. And a lot of people won't speak about it at all, but if you go down the rabbit hole on Google, I mean, YouTube.

You'll find poly, any celebrity speaking about manifestation and maybe sometimes Reiki or making reality, you know, I think it was a, I forgot what celebrity it was, but a lot of people will remember this story. It's a big YouTube video where he would basically write checks and he was on the Conan O'Brien show.

And this celebrity, I forgot his name, but he would constantly write checks to him. Oh, it was Jim Carrey. I think it was Jim Carey said he would constantly write checks to himself for, I think it was like 10,000 or 50,000, $80,000, whatever. It was constantly writing checks out to himself. You'll collect those checks.

And he got his very first movie role. And what he got paid was exactly what he manifested on those checks that he wrote to himself. That was exactly what they offered to pay him. So he basically wrote those checks, manifested physically, and now look reset. Now it all started with that one check you wrote it all started with not even that check he wrote, but the idea that he woke up that morning, thinking that I'm going to try today.

Even though, I don't know what's going to happen. I might look stupid writing these checks for nothing, but I'm going to try to do it. And that's what any successful person starts off with is that one try. And then it grows into something bigger and then bigger, bigger, and bigger and bigger to where you're basically watching a movie of your own life happened in front of you because you've done so much successful things in your life that now it's basically given to you in a golden platter and success works that way.

It might look to a lot of people that successful people don't work at all. That's because they worked so hard during their life that now they don't have to. And that's when people will judge as well. Like, Oh, they don't deserve that. They don't deserve that gram. You'll see some artists when Grammys and their face is shut.

Oh, thank you. This is my 12th Grammy. And I was like, Oh, they don't that Grammy, just like Tom Brady in the super bowl. He already has like eight super bowls. And he got like a knife one or an eight, whatever another one. And people are like, well, he doesn't deserve it. Why not? He's good. And now he he's. Yeah, he's the best.

There's a video of him tossing the Superbowl trophy to his friend to another ship. They went to celebrate after they got all wasted and they're both on their yachts. And he was so wasted. He passed a super bowl trophy to his teammates across the ocean. Like there's at least six, seven feet in between them.

People are freaking out and they're like, Oh, that's even the actual maker of the trophy, the daughter of the Sterling trophy, which that one said, we deserve an apology. This trophy should not have been treated that way. It's like, whatever, like he's enjoying his time. He earned it. Like it is what it is.

But at the same time, you know, he's so good. Now he worked his butt off all the way up to now that he can do that. I mean, he could easily now just like piece of cake to where he could go and win a super bowl, like nothing. And people were like, he doesn't deserve it. Cause he didn't work hard. Like he just, he's just always winning or it's rigged.

It's like, that's not the point that you didn't see his whole story behind that. And what's going to happen for Tom Brady. He's just going to keep getting better and better and more successful. He doesn't, he doesn't even have to lift a finger anymore and the success is going to fall in his hands. And he's basically watching his own movie right in front of his eyes.

Of course, you always work towards meaning, you know, doing bigger things, but once you reach a level of success that you have everything behind you, it starts working on its own. You know, for instance, just, uh, speaking today, you know, us working together, worked up, you know, I told you I I've used Debutify since the beginning of I, when I started doing my product store.

Joseph: [00:19:24] That long, I didn't even realize it was that long.

Arturo Knight: [00:19:27] Yeah. I've been using it for a long time and I'd be using it for my students. I use it because one thing I specialize in is one product scores. That's my strategy because it works amazing. And I teach that to my students. And that only works with your theme. So I use this thing for a long time. I used it for my students, for my clients stores, different ways.

Of course, I played within the different apps that it has on there and stuff, but that's the, one of the main things that I use. So it was crazy that, well, it wasn't crazy actually, when they beautified reached out to me, asking to work with me, you know, to make videos. Now we're working together on this podcast and all of that was manifested.

I mean, it's, there's no easier way to say it. I mean, I didn't even have to look for a contact. No, for this, I didn't, I just knew one day. Okay. But I just, you know, and even from the beginning working with Debutify, I will never even think, well, maybe one day we'll be in a podcast with these guys. It's just that I worked my butt off to where now I manifested it just by using Debutify, by talking about it, making videos about it.

I finally was seeing, by Debutify. And that's one big thing, which is success. I mean, eventually you'll get your time. Everyone gets through time, but everyone has a different realization of what that is, but everyone's going to have their, like, they call it 15 minutes. Some people have much, much longer, but everyone's going to have that time.

It's just what you do with that time and how you utilize that opportunity to make it into something else. You know, if I was a very hard-headed person. And a lot of people are hard-headed. And like for instance, people say, well, I'm just way too busy. I'm way too busy. When the fact I could see you sitting on a couch, like for three hours a day is like, you're not busy.

You just want people to think you're busy. And I could have easily said that, Oh, I don't have time for this podcast. Or I don't, I don't know, just negative about it, but the fact that, you know, I'm positive about it. I want to speak with you guys. I want to work with you guys. You know, this just grows into more and more things, and it's not just with this, but any business end of war.

I mean, now I'm working with the same theme I always was, but now I'm doing it on a more legit level. I'm working with you guys rather than, you know, I guess I won't say for you guys cause I was doing it, but now it's kind of with you guys and that's one great thing with just building myself, I guess, as an entrepreneur.

And it's not just Debutify, I mean, even say Shopify, I mean, I've spoken with Shopify themselves and none of this stuff I ever thought was possible, you know, and you never think it's possible because you're, in my mindset is I'm going to do whatever I have to do what I want to do, what my goal is.

And as long as I fulfill my goals, everything falls between. Note that Debutify fall into my hand meeting with you and all this, it just happens. So it's super amazing. Um, but yeah, I think I went a little off track. I forgotten where it started at this point, but it it's a hundred.

Joseph: [00:22:13] When I said go nuts.

And, uh, well, in the last 10 minutes, we've just given you a chance to just like, you know, really share your cause. Even you've been building up, um, this for, for quite a while now you've been a fan of, I you known about and working with Debutify longer than I've known about it by far, probably it's an honor to, uh, uh, to be present for, uh, and to be a part of that manifest for you because I honestly, I had no idea you were such a fan and it had at a yielded, so many positive returns for you.

Arturo Knight: [00:22:40] Well, yeah. And you know, some people might be listening to like, Oh, that's that's manifestation. I thought you manifest millions of dollars, you know, but no manifestation is just that it's the small things. It's the small things that even just, you all right today, I want to see the color blue, because I love the color blue.

Don't make me feel good today. And then you'll start seeing blue over and over and over and over because you made it happen. But if you see like, Oh, why would I waste time trying to manifest a color? That's when it starts turning into this, even saying that is a negative thought, which leads down a rabbit hole of way more darker things that you don't even know what could happen.

But I think it all stems from just whatever's in your mind, you know, thinking. And I'm really glad that I'm able to speak about spirituality because it's something that has to be spoken about, you know, in, in the e-commerce field that I'm in. Now I could, I could always share a few tips every now and then it'll want to see, you know, spirituality coming from someone who wants to learn how to make a Shopify store.

So I'm very, you know, there's a time and place. There's a time and place, but every listener that's listening right now, I will tell them, you know, happened to your spiritual side, whether it looks weird, whether other people think you look weird, whether you think that wherever you read on Google, Tap into your own spiritual side, whether it's just talking to your God or anyone that you think above you, the universe mainly, and you'll start seeing small changes.

These small changes lead into larger changes. You can't get those larger changes until you realize these smaller changes are happening. You know, for instance, just this podcast today is a small manifestation of mine, but who knows? I have many other big manifestations that eventually they're going to happen, but all within time, patience is the key to success.

And that's what everyone says. It's, you know, everyone says that, but that's one of the main things that I've worked on is being patient, because everything's going to happen the way you want it. It's just not how you want it. And that's one thing, people, your life's already written out our lives are already written out and they're going to be happy.

And, you know, things are going to be given to us the way they're expected to be. But people don't realize that. And I was on another podcast and they asked me what was one thing you would tell your younger self? And I said, I'll tell my younger self, just. Stay calm, be patient with yourself. Don't don't chip out because I've learned myself.

I've learned from myself, you know, I'm I used to be a very stressful person. I used to always worry about what I was going to do tomorrow. Am I going to be successful? Am I going to be an entrepreneur? Are people going to respect me everywhere that I went, I was being turned down because my, the way I look being a musician, I mean, I have crazy long hair.

That's the thing. People, people don't like this a lot. People don't like this craziness. So, you know, but as a musician I get on stage and my beanie comes off. My hair is even bigger than this, like eighties volume, whatever. And that's me that's me. So when I would go to even get hired somewhere, they'll say, Oh, well take the beanie off.

Um, can you at least actually have one boss? I'm not going to say him by name, but it's just these bosses that gave me a bad taste. And then the fives that he hired me paid me and everything. And he would say, Oh, well, Can you please not wear your beanies. Can you try wearing a collar shirt? And can he call me your hair to the side, something like that.

We're meeting with doctors and stuff, which I understand. But at the same time, I was like, I feel like a puppet. Like this is how I look like. The reason I'm good at my art is because I, not because my name is art, but because people who are artistic, people are creative. People want to wear suit and ties.

No, we don't want to, we don't need to impress people. I mean, that's one thing about art. I mean, we let our art speak for itself. I mean, of course you want people to be liking your stuff, but I don't care to impress anyone. I mean, people are going to hate me. People are going to like me and I grew up thinking that my look was bad.

I grew up with the mindset that I can't get a job unless I cut my hair off. And one thing I hate with musicians and people with long hair, especially the dudes out there long hair, they think, well not, they think they actually have to cut their hair for a job, which is BS. Anal, you shouldn't have I get it the way the industry is, but that's one reason why I stepped far away from it.

I was tired of being told no, or being told, well, you definitely are who we want. You have the knowledge expertise in the portfolio and the talent, but on the outside, you just don't look the way we want you to look. We want you to look this way. One of you do this and that.

Joseph: [00:27:08] Yeah. I got a lot of pushback when I had gotten my first tattoo and I'm pretty sure this is actually our first official video podcast.

So by the way, congratulations for that. Uh, it's, it's an honor to share that with you. Um, but for listeners, you'll see this for the first time. This is a tattoo of the yes. Triforce. Yeah. I usually people like is I triforce in my bed and, uh, and I remember when I got this, uh, it was, uh, commemorate the release of Skyward sword.

Uh, and I suddenly were like really sick tattoo. Uh, but then, you know, other people were like, so. You know what it's going to cost you some jobs. Right. And it would, and I was very panicked. I actually ended up seeing a, uh, a tattoo removal specialist to find out if it was even possible. Uh, he said, yes, it's going to cost money.

It's going to be painful. I said, finally, as long as it's possible, I mean, and you know what, that was 10 years ago, more or less. And not only has it not gone on my way, it's done nothing but provide positive outcomes for me because it was something that I've, it was something that I manifested. And this is, I've never said about tattoos, but when it comes to getting a tattoo, my philosophy on it is that a tattoo is something that you had, something that you've had all along even before it's been a it's it's been inked.

So going to a tattoo artist is just paying somebody to reveal it at long last. So for me, my life was, I was not gonna live my life without the tri force, um, on my left hand. And that's just one example of how, uh, I, I believe in like, you know, we manifest and we direct ourselves, uh, in the future, and then you need to be made another great point too, but you know, our, our lives are, are pre-written.

And, and I think there's a great debate there between free will and predestination. And I found a middle ground between the two that I think most people should, uh, find agreeable, which is say we're all getting together to play Dungeons and dragons. And the dungeon master has a campaign laid out. It's got the story, laid out, has our story written.

And we, as the players choose to divert from that. And eventually master, he is a huge sigh. And as I start improvising and laying out whatever the alternative path is. So that's kind of like how I view it is that I think we do have our paths laid out for us in advance, but we still have our free will.

And if we want to do things a little bit differently, the universe is flexible enough to render the new version of it for us, because maybe we all look back on it and say, well, maybe that was actually the path all along. But, uh, yeah, that's kinda like it's been, it's been a hard thing finding a balance between those two, but I think I got it.

Thank you D and D.

Arturo Knight: [00:29:38] I think you're, you're exactly right there. And that's one thing, you know, that is very true because even speaking from my existence myself, you know, we're not perfect. And I could easily know, I did say it, you know, five minutes ago. That's exactly what I said. You know, we do have it pre-written but at the same time, that's the good stuff.

The pre-written is kind of already where you, what you want. You know, it's there, but I've been in situations where I wasn't the person I wanted to be at some times that we've all been there. And I had to get into myself to change that journey for myself and give myself a new road to follow this new role that I'm following is where I'm at now.

And I could have been on another road, which would have been a whole different life, which is what you're speaking about. I mean, that could have been a whole different thing, but because I chose change that street route and go somewhere else. Now, the universe is catering towards that road Amman, because that's what I want.

That's what I'm manifesting. That's what I'm making happen. And you're exactly right. It is free will a hundred percent, a hundred percent free will. And it's you on the inside? That is definitely changing that. And you're triforce. It looks so awesome, bro. I only have, um, one, two, three, four, five tattoos.

But yeah, I'm coming up. I'm trying to forget. I haven't gotten tattoos in a long time, especially with COVID thing. I mean, I haven't, I will never let anyone touch me right now, but these tattoos I got as a musician. And like you said, there were, they were already there. They have meaning behind them. I mean, what some of these tattoos can do for us is not just, you know, the way it looks like you said, there's a whole meaning behind a lot of tattoos people get. And a lot of people don't understand that, especially about older people, but there's meaning behind these tattoos that, you know, when you're in a situation and you already see this, when you're getting the tattoo, when you want it, when you are in a specific situation, you know, you can look at that tattoo and the exact message that you carry on that tattoo is going to go right to your head.

And it's going to put you right back where you need to be or wherever you want to be. That's the reason I get my tattoos is for that reason for one, some of my tattoos is because I don't ever want to forget where I came from. I want to remember, Hey, I remember when I got that and remember why he got that.

And who was four and the meaning behind it, this whole thing, you know, behind it. And anyone else, of course, just like I saw your tri force. Oh, that's the Zelda tri force. We were like, no,there's much more behind it. You know, same thing. I have a tattoo right here, which I don't know. I might want to get it removed.

I don't know. But it says the black, the black parade. Yeah. Yeah. The black parade. And there's a band called my chemical romance. And when people see this tattoo, they're like, Oh, so you're just a little emo boy, you like my chemical romance. Cause that's what they're, they're kind of labeled as no, just a fan.

You know, this is an album. I got that with the All-American rejects. I like their music. Yeah. I love all American rejects. They have, um, dude, they have amazing music, amazing music. Actually. I have a story with all American rejects and this actually a lot of people, just a picture that you could find on my Instagram, which is there.

And my Facebook, I actually had barbecue. In the South side of Texas in a backyard of some random person's home with All-American rejects. Wow. I'm trying to put together kind of, it's not really manifested because I never saw that happening, but it was something that was given by the universe that has stayed with me till now I'm a big All-American rejects fan.

And the way it happened was, um, our manager owned a very old school car. Um, my bathroom, our old band manager, old, a very old school car, just so happened. This old school car looked very similar to the original car that's in the All-American rejects first album when they were teenagers, when they first came out with, I think, swing swinging or whatever song it was that made it a hit.

Well, they wanted to recreate that album cover now as adults with a car that looks similar to it. So they went on, they were on tour in Texas and they went on crates this, and they said, they didn't say who they were. They just said, we're looking for a car that's similar to this. We'll be willing to pay.

So whatever. So our manager reaches out, says I have that car. Let's do it. Everything was worked out. They had a schedule, they went to his house, which he lived in the South side of San Antonio at the time and very, you know, homey and, you know, whatever. We're big about barbecue too. So we're having a barbecue there.

Um, he tells the band, Hey, come over, let's get some barbecue and we'll do a photo shoot, um, with Mexican Elvis as well. Cause we have a Mexican Elvis here in Texas or San Antonio. And this guy's very well-known. So they had him show up to the photo shoot as well, but some silly photos. Well, he said, well, I said, who's coming.

This guy is older. He has no idea who the All-American rejects are. So he said, this is who's coming. And show me a picture of them. And it was the freaking All-American rejects. That was like, what? I couldn't put my mind around. Why, why is this happening? How am I going to see my, uh, All-American rejects to die?

And how has this, this doesn't make no sense. So it actually happened. They came through the, they had a photo shoot in the garage there with Mexican Elvis and they did their original photo shoot doll, American rejects photo shoot. And then we took the photo and that photo is now published, but I was hanging out with all American rejects back there, you know, talking about music.

And the one thing I remember, uh, Tyson, he specifically was eating, you know, reading chicken there and he's sitting down and he's telling me, he was like, man, there's just something about nobody knowing where we are right now being in the backyard in barbecue. And I was like, that's exactly why, because you know, back then, I wasn't really as much well known with my music as I am now, but he had no idea who it was locals did.

But at the same time, I know I related to where he was saying, you know, just me being in this backyard, eating barbecue with no one, knowing we're here with people who are giving us the respect as friends and not fans. And he was just saying how amazing it is. So that stuck with me since then, you know, our managers, well, our ex managers still was in contact with all American rejects.

It's just another contact in the book, but it's crazy how you brought them all American rejects because I did. No. And just a lot of stories. I have not specific for every artist. You're going to throw out there, but I did have a backyard. Barbecue.

Joseph: [00:35:57] I'm going to try one more just for the heck of it. Uh, have you ever had any interactions with the interrupters?

Arturo Knight: [00:36:02] I have heard of them, but I have not. But when I do, and I probably will, when I do give you a call, I'm going to send you an email and say, you get this guy call and he sent him a video email and he say, what's up.

It's a great thing. It's easy to meet these bad people once you're a musician, because you're always at the same. I mean, I've opened up for some legendary Grammys winners. I've played with Grammy winners. I've opened up for some people you won't even believe and went backstage. It's not what people think.

It's just people hanging out talking and you network with these people. But the great thing with me is I'm able to network in a different way from other musicians because other musicians, all great set, bro. Oh, what's on the next track and what's the next album coming up, bro. I guess the usual conversations, people have backstage musician to musician and know a lot of musicians up here.

Tired of that. I mean, it's talk about it every day. It's great. We love it. But at the same time, you know, it could get there, but I have a little difference when I speak to people, you know, it's so what, what are you doing with your business? How are you making money? How's your t-shirt collection going? How are your sales going?

How's this going? I noticed a lot of entrepreneurs that are doing stuff like that for, I have a friend of mine and DJ Ashleigh is out of Vegas is the guitars for guns and roses. 6:00 AM great guy. And he also has a clothing shop in Las Vegas. Well, I went out to Vegas. Uh, one time. This is, I'd also seen guns and roses about two months previous, but I went to Vegas to a partying, this and that.

I ended up going to the stratosphere and I saw this really cool shop. It's an Asheville is a Asheville. That sounds very familiar. And I went in, they have beanies. They had no cross shirts. And really awesome t-shirts. Actually one t-shirt as one of my profile pictures, one of his t-shirt has said no today, Satan, and all it said not today saying, so I bought it, whatever, just share around some positivity, whatever.

Well, I ended up seeing Ashleigh there in the back. I was like, what's up bro? And he didn't know who I was and, but he took the time to speak with me. And just us speaking there, I told him, you know, I didn't speak about his music, anything like that. I told him this store is amazing. How are your online sales?

Like, how's it going? And he said, well, I'm not doing too well to online sales, but I have the store here in Vegas. And I'm also starting a water company where I'm going to be selling water, branded water, basically. And I'll ask about water. So I was like, awesome. So I gave him some of my tips. I said, well, if we can do online stuff or no, don't try to market your products, market yourself.

You're the selling point? Like your brand Ashleigh. I mean, of course you're gonna get every now and then people just liking the design. But you being out there as a brand is most important. And I gave him the good old Gary V Ted talk and he listened. That was the last time we talked. Well, technically not.

Well, I left Vegas, you know, bought his stuff about his backpack a month later, I get a phone call from Vegas and it's a girl. And she says, uh, art or Touro's is Arturo as a yes. It's like, uh, I have DJ Ash ball on the line and he wants to talk with you. So you open. I was like, let's go. So she puts Asheville on the line and DJ's like, yo, are you doing this?

And that? And he's a member we met, you know, like two months ago, Vegas snails. And I was still trying to comprehend for one who I'm speaking to. I mean, the freaking guy, Porter, guns, and roses, he replaced slash I mean, he also has 6:00 AM with Nikki six, a Motley crew. Yes. Very successful, you know, clothing line in Vegas.

Super awesome guy. So I'm like, okay, get your stuff together. Who cares? Let's talk business. Is that I'm calling you because I need help with my website. I've just launched my Asheville water company, which I told you about two months ago. And I remember what he told me, but I'm coming into some problems with my WordPress.

So we were on the phone for three and a half hours trying to figure out what was wrong with his WordPress site. And it all came down to just some options that was off. And I was able to help him. I was able to speak with them and everything I have yet to speak to Ash, but ever since, and it's been around four years, three years maybe, but you know, just goes into, you know, I probably manifested it when I saw him live.

Like I don't want to meet that guy one day and I probably did do that. But when I met him, you know, it became now, uh, someone in my network that I could give a call to at any time that I could send an email, if I need something or connect with someone else that needs to speak with them. And that's where my network grew, you know, it's growing and growing and growing just from simply just speaking with people.

And just being nice with people and not being a fanboy, basically, because we're all the same, you know, everyone, even to be onsite to you to meet all of us, we're all the same. The only difference is we're seen more than other people. No, that's what celebrities are. We're all the same people, you know, same thing.

So with people in the field and here's one tip I would give to listeners is if you're ever approaching anyone that is successful, even mildly successful, the last thing they want to hear is stuff that sounds like Fanny, you know, like, Oh, you're, I'm your biggest fan. You're my biggest inspiration. And of course it's great in the industry to give people the seats ups and anywhere you go, it's great to give people these compliments, but I'm straight up speaking from the, from the behind the backstage.

You really want to speak with someone. You just gotta be normal with them. You got to talk with them, just like, you're their friend, just like how we're speaking right now. I mean, we've never met before, but I feel comfortable speaking with you just like normal. That's exactly what it is. And a lot of people don't.

Yeah. It's the soothing voice. Yeah. It's the gravel, but I mean, that's just how it is. I mean, the more you'll see that you're just nice with people. It works to where you, even if I didn't have no intentions to work with Asheville, my intentions was to just help them like straight up. Just help them give them some great advice because I have experience in e-commerce.

He doesn't, this guy's a freaking rock star with guns and roses. I don't have that experience yet, but I have some experience, but I'm a prone e-comm I could give you what I know there. And that's where the knowledge sharing. You know, a lot of people that are successful love, knowledge, knowledge makes the world go round and the cycle, Debutify sharing knowledge from other entrepreneurs.

It makes the world go round and that became a network contact to where now it makes it makes success. And that goes back to what I said previously. Your success will form itself. He's got to do your thing every day. Not every day. I'm a, I'm a very lazy entrepreneur. Um, I'm not the type of guy that wakes up at 5:00 AM.

I'm the guy that goes to sleep at 5:00 AM and that's just, I live my life comfortably and that's why I'm successful because I'm able to be calm, live life the way I want it. And if I want to take just like this last week, I took a whole week off. Well, of course this cause a storm I could have easily worked, but I just didn't.

I don't want to. And my students understand everyone understands. Of course my scheduling is made before that. But if I wanted to, I could take a whole month off right now because that's what I want to do. And I'll be exactly successful the next month they start back up because that's what I say happened.

And I just built it up to where I'm comfortable now as an entrepreneur and knowing anything that I do is going to be successful. That's one big thing. 

Joseph: [00:43:32] Are you still managing yourself entirely or do, do you have, at this point, do you have people assisting you with managing your time? 

Arturo Knight: [00:43:38] Uh, I do have people assist me, but not for myself.

Um, I have lots of virtual assistants, a lot of, but it's for my work mainly. Um, at this point right now I'm really, I mean, even if it is at the point where I will, I do need someone to help me, but I'm also at the point where I don't want that. I love speaking to people, myself. I don't trust any middleman between me and anyone, especially when it's my face being shared places.

You know, that's one thing about me. You're never going to get an assistant speaking to you. You never going to get, you know, like Ty, if you call him, you're going to get his assistant, you're going to get, not even an assistant. You're going to get one of his workers that work there at his mansion, you know, to sign you up.

You'll never speak to Thai, but at the same time, he's so busy. You know, eventually I'll be there eventually. I don't plan on being there very soon, but I'm in a very sweet spot now where I don't have to do that. You know, I could speak with anyone. Any message that comes on Instagram, any DM on Tik TOK, and I'm getting hundreds and thousands of them.

I literally spend time to speak with all these people. And I respond myself and ask because I with e-commerce everything's automated. So I'm actually able to have lots of time now with Corona virus, every single was, I have a whole like 30 date tour this year or so crazy. I don't mean this year. Last year, it still feels like 2020.

I was supposed to have a whole entire 30 day tour in 2020 and you know, big festivals. I was going to play with big bands. You know, I had a whole, you know, the Rocklahoma those big things, you know, every single day got canceled every single one. So what I did was I had nothing to do. So I started making tiktok videos and that's what leads up to me, you know, even teaching where I'm at now.

So staying busy is one thing, but I'm a very lazy entrepreneur. So I'm, I'm one of those guys that I'll be there. And I'll be there commonly. I like to do things and I feel that I'm comfortable that it's going to happen. Cause if I forced like a nine to five, they forced work out of you. If you could be the most, you could be falling asleep at your desk and give the most crappiest work.

And the one whose pain is the bus all because it's a nine to five. I mean, people can't control them being sleepy, but me being the boss of myself, I already know, especially being in the arts in a creative, I will never put my finger on something. If I don't feel it's going to be a hundred percent, you know what I do to my, I value that I give.

Joseph: [00:46:03] One view that I'd like to share with you, I'm sorry to jump in, but one of you I'd like to share with you is I I've been thinking a lot about the, the concept, like a, be our own bosses. I've I've had multiple experiences I freelance for a while was, was my own boss. I have a boss right now. Um, the way I see it really in the most fundamental sense is that the boss is basically anybody who pays you.

So when we do e-commerce and we have, uh, tens, if not hundreds of thousands of customers that, that same, um, boss priority is now a disseminated across that many people. And what you'll find is that the more people that are, uh, are having that responsibility, the easier it is, I think at the end of the day, no matter what we do have a boss and when way shape or form.

And I think customers, we work for them. Really. We, we serve them. We make sure they're happy. We, we solve their problems. 

Arturo Knight: [00:46:53] Yeah. You're a hundred percent right there. And you know, that is right. You know, in e-commerce a hundred percent, our boss is our customer because we are here. Not just with our brand, our product, everything we do is for the customer.

I mean, a hundred percent, they're the ones who put the bread on the table. Um, and not just the customers, but also now with me students. So you're a hundred percent right on that. And now, you know, I do see it that way. You know, even though we are the boss of ourselves, we still have to answer to somebody and that would be the customer.

And that is a hundred percent how to stay successful in e-commerce is by having happy customers. And, but at the same time, the great thing with that is you could keep customers happy by hiring someone else to do that. So I, so I have my VAs, you know, I have them answer every single email that comes in for every product I sell daily, as people will ask questions, whether they're dumb questions or the most intelligent questions ever, they're going to have them.

So I do have my VA responding to those for my stores, specifically my products, if you're speaking with me, it's going to be just straight up me. Well, you're a hundred percent, right? I mean, I do have people to answer to, and those are my students and my clients and my customers. And they are the ones that basically will worry.

But at the same time, you do have freedom and that free will to run things the way you want to run it. And that's more behind the scenes though, because what's in front of the scenes is whatever's going to make money in the industry. I mean, a hundred percent, you know, I'm in a lot of the stuff I sell is no industry that you would believe that I'm in.

I mean, I'm a musician, you know, I grew up in bars and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you look at my appearance, you know, but if I tell you that all my products are basically women products, female products. That's what I do. I mean, one of my products is beeswax food wraps and that's for the kitchen. My number one customer is women based in Italy actually.

And I only market towards women. My customers are women. My content is women. And everything. Even my design of my store, which is de beautified is based towards women with the colors, you know, the fonts, the branding, um, the wording, everything comes down to my customer, which is basically a woman I've learned that women buy a lot online.

So I've catered towards that. They're my boss. They're the ones that I have to act through when something happens wrong with the product, when something goes wrong, I do have to answer to them. And, but at the same time being, being in control of my own business, I'm able to offer something to people that differs from someone else.

No, I have my beeswax wraps. I'm the first premium rep. Not that also have, um, a fitness store, you know, with leggings and fitness apparel. Everyone does it, but at the same time, people are choosing to buy my product. So I have that responsibility to make sure that they are happy to make sure they're getting what I promise to make sure that they're not going to go and spread negative information to anyone else.

Even if it's your next door neighbor. Does that spreads and it spreads like wildfire and I snipped done many, many times in e-commerce where people try to scam, you know, they'll create a store, they'll drop ship the product, they'll get all these sales. And then they'll just never ship the products out and keep all the money.

They shut the store down and they disappear like this. And that's one of the big scams in the e-commerce industry, which is why a lot of people will think that's a scam because they're going to scan before. So it's my job by the way. 

Yeah. It's happened to me too. I mean, it's only every single person in the world.

That's bottom line. It has to happen on these ones. And that's what puts a dirty, you know, feeling for e-commerce in some people's brains. So I'm here to. Basically tell everyone like it's okay. I thought that as well as first we'll tell people, this is why people think to scam. This is how it can be a scam, but he ecommerce is not a scam.

One another big thing that I teach is which a lot of people have, you know, set it up that way is e-commerce is not a get rich, quick scheme. You know, I see videos everywhere. You know, I'll make a hundred thousand dollars how to make $10,000 in a day. And one thing that these e-commerce gurus, aren't telling the students or the people watching that is that there's actually a 1% chance of you making $10,000 in one day and you have to be the most perfect person at it to make it happen.

And I make it happen. Yes that's because I have tricks behind my sleep. For instance, a lookalike audience. That's one thing that they never mentioned. It's like, okay. Yes, you made 10,000 in one day. Well, you're not speaking about the lookalike audience you use to get those sales, which would take an average user months and months, and months and sometimes years to build.

So that's the stuff that I'm coming in the game and I'm expecting to get a lot of hate. I'm used to it being in the music industry. I grew up with hate. I grew up a lot of people, especially I'm in the heavy metal industry, heavy metal industry. I'm in that heavy metal, John WRA. And there's a lot of hate in that genre.

A lot of people will call you a poser if you don't sound exactly what they think sounds great, which is the, if you don't sound like that, you're a poser apparently where I live here. So I literally have band clubs that are hate clubs that specifically hit on my bed. And there was even, you know, memes that went viral at times where people just make fun of my band because when someone's doing something successful, people will just want to talk down it immediately.

What I'm doing with e-commerce is a little different though. I could see why people won't like me is because I'm giving away the secrets. The dirty secrets that a lot of people aren't giving, but at the same time, they're kind of tricking and manipulating these viewers into thinking that e-commerce is a get rich, quick scheme.

And that kind of affects me in a way, you know, as students that have it, you know, they'll, they'll come all the time saying, Hey, I saw this one video and you know, don't get me wrong. They work. I mean, you kind of make 10 K in this way, but they'll never tell you exactly how they'll tell you how to build a store.

They'll tell you how to do this and that maybe even a Facebook ad, but there's always going to be that hidden thing behind, which is most likely look like audience and that's, what's not given. So I'm, I'm here basically to make those videos, teaching people how to make that happen. And I even have a Tik TOK video specifically where I say, no, this is how I made this much in one day, but this is how I actually did it.

I used to look like audience. I didn't make 10 cane one day from a fresh, no fresh Facebook audience is going to perform that well. Unless you are a genius at making the perfect ads. Perfect, um, targeting and all that, which means you would have to need some prior experience for that product that you're selling and the ad you're making.

So that means you have to be really, really, really good, which is possible to make them a day fresh very possible. But you have to be a genius, which is not the average YouTube viewer, which is not the people that I speak with. A lot of people that get us dressed to beginners. A lot of people who know about e-commerce will not spend time to learn from someone else because they really know what all sometimes.

So I'm coming in the industry and I'm changing the game up. I am expecting to get a lot of hate, but also a lot of love because at times, times, you know, things need to change. You know, e-commerce, isn't something, it should be, it is accessible for free, but from the wrong people sometimes. And it, the main goal of course, with everyone is to make a penny, you know, make money, but I'm in the point where people just need to know how it works.

People are stuck right now with no jobs. Well, I mean, I have friends and family that lost their jobs due to coronavirus. That literally believe that there's no light at the end of the tunnel because they lost their, you know, their corner store job or they get fired at McDonald's. And the only thing that's holding them back is themselves.

And a lot of people will say, well e-commerce how do I do that? And I'll have some of my musician friends that I know they're struggling. I know they're not in a perfect place to do e-commerce and they'll come to me saying, how do I do e-commerce I saw your article in Forbes, or I saw your article here and I want to do this.

I want to do that. And I'm always straight up with every single one of them. I could, I could easily say, well, this is how you do it. Buy my course, get my mentorship, or do this, subscribe, this and that. I just tell him straight up. You're not ready for e-commerce for one, I know you're struggling, but e-commerce just even start.

You need that $30 Shopify fee or that $40 Amazon fee. And if that fee is going to affect you, even starting. Don't even jump into it. You're going to lose money fast. And I have even 15 year olds that reach out to me and I had a 15 year old reach out to me the other day. He said, I'm not ready to get an e-commerce, but I want to know how to get ready for that.

I watched your videos, I'm learning everything. I'm watching YouTube videos, everything I'm want to get into it when I turned 18, but I want to know how do I prepare for that? And that's exactly the mindset that he knows he's done in the place right now to jump into e-com. But he also knows I need to start learning before, jump in so that I go in knowing what I'm doing.

And I'm very straight up with the people that I feel. And by me saying not ready, that's basically not having startup capital. I mean, that's basically what it comes down to. I mean, you never want to jump into e-commerce with not without some capital. I mean, even a hundred bucks is fine, but there's, there is absolutely no way which there probably is with loopholes.

If you have ways to make it happen, but there's absolutely no way to make. A successful store. That's selling without having to invest some money into it. First, you need to invest in the score, need to invest in even the theme Newton invest in the upsells that you have human on that, the little small widgets you need to invest in advertising your marketing money.

I mean, this is stuff that needs investment to happen. So that's another thing I'm very straight up about. I mean, if you do want to get into, e-commerce amazing, but be prepared that there's going to be some sort of, you know, capital expected, not a, not a thousand, not 10,000. Like some of these people say a hundred bucks, 50 bucks.

If you could get that store set up with 30 bucks and pay somebody 20 bucks to make a tick tock video for you, that's $50. You could literally go viral overnight and become a millionaire. If you're drop shipping, it's just how you do it. And I'm very big as well. And teaching people how to make money through e-commerce without having to spend a penny on advertising.

And I'll be probably one of the only people to say this on this podcast, but Facebook ads, Google ads and all that stuff is amazing, but they are slowly being outdated slowly, slowly. And I'm precise on that slowly because a lot of people are like, no, they're not, no, I make a hundred million dollars on Facebook that is bogus.

Yes, you will make money on it. But looking in the general, I watched trends and the trends are right now, these advertising platforms where you have to spend money on are slowly being hated by people, slowly being disagreed with Facebook is, I mean, Instagram specifically has a whole hate campaign right now going on how they should be shut down because they suck now, their algorithm sucks.

They don't cater towards their users. It's hard to even get any views on there. And this is going into tiktok, and eventually Instagram is going to be done because they don't want to change. And that's where you have to do with e-commerce. In any industry, you have to change, you have to follow the trends because you can't be stuck in the nineties.

You can't be stuck. And even 2020, you have to follow the trends. I mean, which even I see them in debut, beautifying making updates to their stuff too, as well. If you learned it, you know, five years ago, or however long ago, it's going to be different. You have to change. And with Facebook ads, Google ads, I mean, I'm constantly seeing more and more now people say my account was deactivated. My account was suspended. Facebook did this to me. Facebook did that to me. My ad was deleted. My ad was declined. I hear so much more negative things about ad more than positive nowadays.

Joseph: [00:58:52] Um, I was deactivated too, by the way. Uh, me and Connor, that YouTube guy, we were just like doing some practice together.

And, uh, I told the story a couple of times already, but we had put a link to the product page and not the main landing page. And that turned out to be a no-no with Facebook. At least that's what we think was the problem that was like the closest summation to it. 

Arturo Knight: [00:59:10] Exactly. He probably has something on that product page they didn't like.

Joseph: [00:59:13] Yeah. I can see that now. I don't even put the ad out myself, but because I was part of the management, uh, my, my account got axed too. So I'm still waiting for a review. I'm sure any minute now.

Arturo Knight: [00:59:23] When you did that review, when you get it back, here's the thing, people don't know, Facebook will still keep your, they will still withhold your ad from being seen, even though you got through that review and approved and everything's fine.

Now what they do is they'll hold it back just to say, all right, let's see what they do. Let's see what they do. And that's one thing I hate. If I'm spending money on a platform, I'll be damned if you hold back my ad on spending money, just because. You feel that it's not to you and I get it, we're using your platform, but at the same time, you're spending money on something and little, do you know, it's secretly been withheld from, you know, surpassing the stars.

Do you make an a million dollars or a hundred thousand dollars that can happen on Facebook unless you spend half of that. And this is one thing I'm learning slowly. And that's why I say I come into this as a very straightforward guy. I do expect lots of hay opinions. I get it. And my opinion is that's what Facebook is headed towards.

They're making it very hard for the average seller to use their platform. And they're changing constantly, constantly in constantly changing and taking things off the leading people. I've studied Facebook for so long. I've learned what they like, and they don't like I've learned the goods and the bads, you know, the little options they have or just little things to charge people.

Sometimes the beginners that don't know, like the detailed get more detailed viewers. And so that that's bogus. And, you know, with Facebook specifically know, I learned the number one word, Facebook doesn't like is the word change. And it was my beeswax wraps. That was a big thing. I was asking people to switch from plastic to eco-friendly products, which is in general something good, but because all the politics involved with Facebook now, they, I was deactivated.

My account was deactivated and not just your calc is deactivated, but they also put a hit on your business page. And any ad that you run after that it's going to be weak. And that's just how Facebook ads does it. It's great. But at the same time, it is it's bittersweet. Um, Google ads, same thing. I mean, you have people now targeting ads specifically so they could run your ad dollars.

And the thing with Google is they dealt that it keep running. As long as it's getting clicks, they won't say, Hey, stop it. This is a hacker, just clicking the links to get you charged. That's another thing that I've seen competitors tried to do to me all the time. And you could sell the, just trying to click it and get people to click it, or they do favorite fiber campaigns where they get people to.

Last these links so I can pay for it. And that's just how the game is. But what I'm learning is I think the industry with online, you know, anything online, that's represented sales. E-commerce, it's headed a hundred percent. I want to say towards organic influencers, influencers, and people connecting with other people.

I've learned from beginning with Facebook ads that, that the ads that were working the best were the ones that were emotional and connected with people. People will stop liking to see product videos. I mean, I can easily show you a product and show it with a white background. Everything. When people stop liking that stuff, I notice people started loving reel, basically ticked off videos.

People's faces using a product, something they could relate to. So that just shows even the Facebook platform is now catering more towards influencer tiktok videos. So a tiktok video, you can put it on Facebook. And make thousands off of it. You can make the same amount on tiktok for free, with the same video.

And that's one thing I'm learning. No organic reach is getting more and more popular because people are listening more to other people. People are following more. The social media age is big. People are doing things now because they saw someone else doing it. So, um, you know, perfect example I had, you know, and I'll go back to my beeswax wraps.

Um, when I started in June on tiktok, I said, all right, I'm going to start a page also for my beeswax wraps. So I hit up this girl in there and her name is sustainably Sabrina or Sarah. One of those, I know she has a sustainable page. She had around 16,000 followers around the time and I reached down and I said, Hey, I want to send you my product, share it on your tiktok and I'll pay you $50 for it.

So she's never did influencer videos before. So she was like, let's do it. I'm happy. Thank you. This is the first brand I'm working with. And that's another great thing I love doing with e-commerce, you know, It does help other people in some ways. So I sent her my product and she loved it. She made it, her tick-tock video, she posted it.

And again, she only had 16,000 followers. The most views, one of her videos got, I think it was like 30,000, 40,000 views. And I sent it to her to pay the 50 bucks. She made the video that video got over 3 million views on her page and it got her hundreds of thousands of followers. And I gotten paid out like crazy on that product.

And that campaign is still running. It's not even a campaign, I'm not paying for it. That video still exists and it's still being seen and I'm still getting orders till this day. And that video was posted last year and I'm still getting sell from that video. I only spend $50 if I were to put that $50 on a Facebook ad or Google ad, I might've gotten, maybe I could have probably stretched it and made like 200 bucks off of it, but that would be it.

Facebook or Google would say, Hey, you can't be making that much money from you. Only spending 50 bucks. That's what these platforms do. They go based off your budget. So if you have a budget of a hundred bucks, it's going to take you a long time to become millionaire. But if you think outside the box, if you put that a hundred bucks towards a store and 50 of it towards an influencer, you have the opportunity and the 1% chance to become viral overnight and make a million dollars.

So in some sense, e-commerce is a get rich type of, it's not a scheme, but a get rich type of ideal, but it has to be done perfectly. It has to be done the perfect way for that to happen, which is going to be that 1%, which is why I do not share these guarantees to people. I do not share, you know, millions of dollars shown to people because it does not matter at all.

What matters is what you're doing, the brand, the store, the ads. I mean, there's so many influencers right now, there's sharing, Oh, I made a hundred thousand dollars on this product. This is why you should learn from me. Well, that's cool. You could have faked it. I don't care how you did. I, I don't care in what you have, but I care and learning how you did it.

And that's where I'm coming in to change the game. I feel that I'm just here to sh and going back to the spirituality, I'm here to heal. I'm here to give people something that they didn't have before. And me sharing these videos on tiktok and YouTube and social media. It's given me that opportunity. And all I have to do is just share what I know to people.

You know, same thing on this podcast. It's amazing what the digital age has become. No knowing even my opinions on Facebook ads, Google ads and influencers, and these are all strategies I teach. But at the same time, I'm willing to speak on these opinions and be one of the first to say that and get the hate from people because that's what, how I see things.

That's the truth. And this is what I mean. You could even go get data probably. And someone might find data and oppose me with it, but I'm just speaking from what I see. And that's what I'm teaching to my students and the people that follow me, I'm teaching the straight up facts. You might not like it all, but this is how it's running.

This is how the industry is. And for instance, you'll never see me telling anyone by a magazine ad, by a billboard, get a radio ad. Nobody needs to be doing that anymore. That is so nineties and outdated. I mean, you could spend a thousand dollars on a billboard and maybe only 10 people who saw it or in your niche or your target market, or you could spend a thousand dollars on an influencer, which could be very famous.

Cause that's a pretty penny right there and be seen by millions. Exactly. In your target market, exactly. In your niche. Um, I'm working with a friend of mine, his name's Brian Dubose. He played with the New York Mets in his basement, not a big baseball fan, but he's a very well-known athlete. He has baseball cards.

He's on baseball cards. You want me to tiktok? And we ended up working with each other from there. Um, it started with a mentorship and I taught him and his wife how to do e-commerce and then we started making stores with each other. The reason we started working with each other, I didn't know this guy.

I mean, of course you could know from some success, this guy has a very big friend base in movies. You know, actors, actresses, like he has a very, he knows a lot of it has a big network. So we work together with my wraps actually. And he had some celebrity friends make videos for free, you know, influencing my product.

But he was also tied into yet a franchise basically of my product. And he's getting celebrities to share these videos and we're also doing it. He also has another store, which is a legging store where he sells women's leggings and he has famous, um, Instagram athletes share a picture using his leggings and he's getting tons of sales to this stuff.

And he'd never even looks at a store. He never even, he doesn't even process his orders. He doesn't even look at us. I built his stores for him. His wife is, you know, handling the orders and all that. But this guy basically said, and I told him, don't get no ads. Don't get that. She's going to just get influencers.

You have a big network already, as it is for me. Literally, I built the stores from overnight. He started making money just from having his friends, post pictures and videos of his products. And that's where he, that's what I think e-commerce is to me. I mean, e-commerce is something that you can make happen, whether you're 15 years old or 55 or 60 or 78 years old, it doesn't matter.

You honestly don't need more than a hundred bucks to get started.

Joseph: [01:09:04] And the thing that's coming to my mind too, just with influencers is that it also speaks to the importance and the legitimacy of what you're selling and the difference between working with another individual. Another human being ties into everything that we've been talking about today is meeting with these a high profile musicians who, you know, might make it blush, but they're still human beings.

And it's just a matter of connecting with them and having a message that you know is really important and something that you mean.

Arturo Knight: [01:09:28] Exactly. And I'm learning this, this is all new to me as well, because, you know, I've, I wasn't, I barely become an e-commerce mentor last year in June. And the reason it started was because I was doing very great with my own e-commerce, but then I enjoyed teaching people.

It felt amazing. It was amazing. So I slowly just started posting more tick talks, and now I'm here today as what you see. Um, and not only that, I mean, I give a big ups to just tiktok itself. I mean, the app is amazing. I mean, so many people do there. I mean, you guys saw me through there. I mean, there's so much power in that algorithm right now.

And that's what I studied. That's what I watched. No, not just, you know, the Instagram algorithms, death, Facebook algorithms, dead, the tick-tock algorithm right now, jump on that. I mean, you could become famous overnight. You could go viral overnight, easily. And that's the great thing about the platform. It gives everyone an opportunity.

I tell every student I have, when you have a product, I don't care what you look like. I don't care what you sound like. Uh, just make a video. Just do it, just post it. Who knows it's not going to be perfect, but it's going to let you slowly structure something into something. Perfect. If you go all the way down to my first video was crap.

And then now if you look at my recent videos, how this whole setup now, because it just built into that, I let it happen, but I wanted to share this info. You know, if I would've waited to be what I am now to be perfect, then I would have never gotten through speaking with you right now. I would've just wasted a whole year.

So that's another thing I'll say, just get in it, whatever you want to do, just start it. Whether it's going to be cheap at first or not just started some way, just start somehow. If you have a brand in mind for store or any product, you know, research at first, it a fluent with, they know, learn the people that are working with them on the industry.

See the competitors, you know, you don't have to have all this money immediately to start with something you could start just by researching research as a hundred percent, the first thing you want to do even before jumping in e-com and then once you go from there, it's just the, sky's the limit. I mean, the sky literally is the limit.

Everything's going to keep getting bigger and bigger, no matter what industry you're in your industry, my industry, as long as you just do it, you're gonna end up in the right place. I mean, and meeting people, networking. I mean, now I know, you know, now, you know, me, every person you talk to, you're the guy.

Now you could literally at a party say, Oh, I have at least 50 e-commerce some of the top sellers in the world right now on my phone list. You're the guy that can say that because you now network and you do this and you do that and find out just e-commerce other people as well. I mean, Debutify themselves.

So, you know, even with e-commerce, I mean, I had the, this is my sound crazy. I was actually speaking with them speaking with now the CEO of fashion, Nova, I mean the actual founder, CEO of fashion, Nova huge brand, very famous, but all because tiktok, he's still  one of my tiktok videos that I made for fashion Nova and he liked it.

And now we're speaking on business terms, so that's just showing you straight up the opportunity you can get by just doing and being. Just being and doing in right now, where you are sitting, listening to this podcast right now, wherever you are, you are doing, you are being and whatever it is that you want to be, or do you are doing that right now?

So do it good. And that's one thing I could say, no matter what, you're going to just do it, do it good. And even if you fail, the only reason I had so many stories today about all the best stuff with, you know, say Facebook ads and all that, because I failed, I failed and I learned, okay, this is how you get your Amazon account deactivated.

This is how you get your Facebook account deactivated. I could literally make a whole course on how to get deactivated and suspended from anybody because I've done it. I've tested the, you know, for instance, when I learned that Facebook case stored change, I had to keep pushing the limits to actually get blocked, to find out that was the word that they didn't like.

So I know in the future I could tell my students and viewers don't use the word change in any of your Facebook ads, because it's going to cause your account. Facebook doesn't like people trying to influence other people. They want them to be at the freewill, wanting to purchase something or do something that's where it comes into.

I was using the word change, basically telling people, and that's where it is. Once the politics got into it, you know, the whole Trump thing and all that. Now they black politics on Facebook. They got very strict and that comes into, it's a big game out there. So I play. Yeah. 

Joseph: [01:13:45] And they blocked certain politics.

Then they all do. They're using their influence to not, not, not a fan of that, but that's a whole other can of worms to crack open that. Yeah. 

Arturo Knight: [01:13:53] So that's why I say directly to anyone I say, you know, watch the trends, you know, just don't just learn something and then think that's gonna be the same, you know, for the rest of your life.

If you watch the trends of what's going on with ads, stores, themes, products, you'll always be at the top. You'll always be at the top. Um, one of the methods methods that I teach as well as, you know, I call it drop surfing, and that's basically your surfing, surfing all the trends. You know, you don't just want to find one thing and stick with it.

Because like I said, billboards, whoever thought of that way back then never thought, well, this is going to come to an end magazines, newspapers. It's all going to come to an end. We don't know when something for the U S dollar. And this is my cryptocurrency thing right here. I'm saying all of this is going to end and people need to get with it.

And if you don't, you're going to be watching us do it. And then you're going to be saying, I wish I would have started way back then when everyone said to do it. And that's, that's where we are right now with e-commerce and not just e-commerce, you know, the digital age, anything digital, including currencies, including, um, anything online is changing videos, teaching education, university health, everything's going online, whether you like it or not.

And I tell this to all of my clients as well, both locally, nationwide, worldwide, same exact thing for everybody, whether you like it or not, the world is changing and going online. So you can either jump on the train. And let me help you. Or you can watch from the side as slowly and slowly, you start saying, well, what is going on?

I should have. And that's the thing. A lot of people won't see that, especially the retails, small businesses, it can see everything's going online. So we're here with this podcast and the stuff we teach to give these people, Hey, get on this, let's make money together. It's all become successful and here are the ways to do it.

You know, that's why I'm really glad to be speaking with Dave beautify because specifically, you know, even without me knowing you, I know you're reputable company, you're there for the community. This podcast shows you're there for the community, which is huge in e-commerce. And it's a great way to work with other people like you and me to work together, to help other people basically achieve their dreams.

And that's what we're in this for helping other people achieve their dreams period. 

Joseph: [01:16:14] Fantastic. I'm just like taking a second to just kind of let all of this a, a stew in my mind. And at one point that I want to make about, you know, the way things are changing is that I remember the last time we had something really pivotal, uh, it was, uh, September 11th, 2002, I think it was 2001 and nuts to diminish the effects of it.

But it all happened in one day basically. And the results of it unfolded, uh, the, in the days after, in the weeks after, and the months after the years after. And what we just have gone through so far is an entire year of the sh of shock where we haven't even really had a chance to fully collect ourselves and understand what is life going to look like down the line?

And this is the longest 14 days to flatten this bread that I've ever had that I've ever imagined or fathom. And so now as we record this, we're in almost. It's like two thirds through February, 2021, and it's still going. So the changes that are coming are so insurmountable, we ha we really do have to try to keep track of it as best we can, uh, because I don't think anyone's going to see the full, the full big picture, but I think some people do, but, you know, I, I don't know if I, if I've got it down, down, path.

Arturo Knight: [01:17:31] You are right there, because the e-commerce industry is affected a lot by the economy.

Um, so it is good to keep up with everything that happens around you, because it does affect our industry. I mean, just last year, there's countless things, but one of the most specific things I remember that affected our industry was Trump. I mean, he can make an, these executive orders that was affecting the e-commerce industry over and over and over and over and over again.

And it even went to the part where he was. He wasn't allowing any shipments from China at, at a time. The United States. That's e-commerce, I mean, almost says 90% of e-commerce right there. And then he even went to saying, okay, now we're going to put a tax is on anything that comes in from China. And then he said, okay, now, um, any shipments to China will be so and so, or this and that, China's a big, big partner in e-commerce with any e-commerce seller.

What was happening in politics and in our world was affecting our industry as a whole. I mean, we had the Chinese suppliers, I mean, losing jobs, losing money, stopping to make their stuff. I mean, I was really getting charged, double what I was paying before during that time. And it was literally only a time period.

Like this stuff was only pure politics, cause it's not there no more. It's done this just for show, just to prove a point. So these points that our politics are trying to prove are affecting us, our industry. So this whole thing with China did affect our industry hard. We even at a point, I mean, straight up, a lot of us have commerce people were saying, is e-commerce dead? Is drop shipping dead now? Because I know I see videos every week drop shipping dead is drop shipping dead. And they're all clickbait. Well, this time I actually thought is dropshipping dead? Because America just blocked Chinese shipments and that's all drop shipping is from China.

There's no us suppliers here that are going to charge you anything affordable. No, they're going to always give there. They're always going to get their piece of the pie and that's just how it is. So I literally thought we all thought e-commerce was dead for awhile. I mean, we were getting charged more, um, even going to the taxes part.

I mean, going back in time to where they said, what e-commerce tax is, it used to be that you didn't have to pay taxes on any online sales and stuff like that. And then now I think it was with Wayfair, uh, that because of Wayfair or something, or as a Wayfair versus I forgot who was versus. But basically that made it to where now we have to pay taxes on anything we sell online.

And there's, nexuses now that thresholds that we have to, where I wouldn't even have to pay taxes in Vancouver. If I sold enough products there, even though we live in different countries, but that's a new tax law that I'm responsible for paying these taxes only because I made a certain amount of sales in your area.

So that's a new thing that affected the e-commerce industry as a whole, because now the people, you know, were making a hundred K in say Spain or making a hundred K in Italy or a hundred K in, I live in Texas right now. So say I was making a, you know, a hundred K in DC. Well, now I'm responsible for pain, Washington, DC, Texas, even though I don't live there, I never stepped foot selling these products there, even if it's drop ship only because, and it's like a hundred or 200 K nexus, but only because for the fact I made sales there.

So these executive orders. These laws, the economy, corona virus, everything affects our industry. And e-commerce because it's all online. And, you know, coronavirus specifically made e-commerce greater as, as horrible as it sounds, it made e-commerce greater because online sales are, we were already seen, you know, an uptrend for e-commerce, but once it's sort of, the virus came through, it went from here to, because the fact that everyone's stuck at home now, so everyone basically wired themselves for now.

I'm going to order from Amazon. I'm going to order from this store. Everyone's buying online now because of that virus before now, more where it's even go shop at any store, people are willing to say, I don't care. I'm going to stay at home and shop black Friday. This most recent black Friday was the biggest ever because not only was that one stuck at home black Friday is always huge.

No matter what e-commerce we all know that. But during this timeless  bigger than ever, because everyone was stuck inside. All the black Friday retail stores shut down. So because that shut down, it brought all the sales to us online, which made it go. We had out of crazy fourth quarter and a lot of people need commerce, have crazy fourth quarters as well.

So the economy, all this does affect our industry. So it is very smart to keep updated with everything that's happening, because if you don't pay attention and a lot of people don't like to pay attention to politics, because it is annoying, especially American politics. It's the most annoying thing ever.

I hate it. You have to because it's affecting your industry. And it's just the way it is. I mean, we're not in an industry that isn't, and it's weird, you know, say, um, the teaching industry, I could have said the same thing. Like, but even them they're affected by that. I mean, every industry has been affected by e-commerce is one of the bigger ones, mainly because of how many people it affects.

I mean, everyone buys everyone, purchases, everyone shops. So it's not a very small niche, you know, not everyone teaches, so it's more of a smaller niche, but everyone buys online. So it does affect us a lot. Sorry. 

Joseph: [01:23:10] Yeah. It's more, it's a more proportional, right? Like you have one teacher for every 30 or so students, so there's a proportionality to the, to that profession.

Arturo Knight: [01:23:19] Exactly. 

Joseph: [01:23:20] Yeah. So we are a one hour and 22 minutes and I got to say, this has been a, a, an, a, an amazing experience, just, you know, hearing what you had to say and just letting you go by the way you managed to like, answer a lot of the questions that I had prepared anyways. Uh, like I, I did want to ask you about the, the lookalike audiences, just, just to give you an example of, uh, it's great to just enjoy your stream of consciousness.

Um, but I do get to put a plug on this. 

Arturo Knight: [01:23:44] Oh yeah, definitely. I really appreciate speaking with you, bro.

Joseph: [01:23:46] It's, it's great to have you, and, uh, I'm confident that we'll, uh, we'll be able to have another conversation, uh, in, in due time. Uh, usually like the, the wrap-up question is like, if you have any words of wisdom you want to share, which I have.

But you've done plenty of, um, but if you want to summarize anything, you're more than welcome to the one. The other thing that I do want to know, uh, before we, uh, we let you go, is that when, uh, potential students, they want to reach out to you, what do you want to see in them to be ready? Like budget wise, mindset wise, uh, when is a student ready to actually become a student of yours?

Arturo Knight: [01:24:20] I mean, I take all students big and small. I have some students where I actually do have to teach them how to open up an internet browser. Um, so experience doesn't matter. I mean, I work with everyone. I'm very patient and I work with people that are even faster, that work faster than I do. So it's not really, um, knowing something before what I would say to have some sort of starting capital, you know, going all the way back to earlier.

You know, some starting capital is going to be required. Not a lot though. I mean, if you want to do Shopify and you could easily start with that $30 fee and get your store built and going, and then some advertising money. Uh, Amazon's a $40 monthly fee, you know, get those fees taken care of, but still have some sort of savings or something to get started with.

You can start from nothing. 

Joseph: [01:25:05] Okay, excellent. 

Arturo Knight: [01:25:06] Uh, and on top of that, uh, I do, you know, the students I do take in no, not just mentorship, but also, you know, courses because not everyone wants to learn with me. Not everyone wants to learn what someone, so a lot of people, even if they're very experienced or not experienced at all, they do want to work on their own pace.

So, which is why I do have my courses. I do have different ways of teaching. And then I do have my free content, which is all over online for any single student or viewer that wants to go as hardcore and aggressive or as easy and calm as they want to go. 

Joseph: [01:25:38] Excellent. And so, uh, how do people find that content to just give us the rundown of your social media tags and your, and your website?

Arturo Knight: [01:25:45] Yeah. So if you want to work with me, you can visit arturoknight.com. If you Google it it'll be the first one to pop up or just find me on social media. Every single one is the same at our doodle night, AR T U R O knight. I'm on tiktok. Now on YouTube. Brand-new on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, you name it. 

Joseph: [01:26:03] Awesome.

Well, once again, I can't thank you enough for sharing your time and knowledge with us today. This has been fantastic. This has been an amazing experience for me.

Arturo Knight: [01:26:11] Really great meeting you. 

Joseph: [01:26:12] Same here. All right, listeners, you all know to do so take care and we will check in soon. 

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