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01 Aug 2022

10 Benefits Of TikTok For eCommerce Businesses In 2023 (And 3 Easy Tips To Smash It)

10 Benefits Of TikTok For eCommerce Businesses In 2023 (And 3 Easy Tips To Smash It)

Last week, I was searching for a new lipstick to buy.

I was shopping at an eCommerce store and wanted to buy one.

But then, before hitting the checkout button, I thought... "Why not see it in action first?"

So, I hopped onto a social media platform and searched for the product I was planning to buy.

Lo and behold, I found so many short-form videos detailing how good the product is.

Of course, I bought it.

Do you want to guess the social media platform I used?


And I'm a regular consumer... just like your target customers.

We use TikTok to discover new eCommerce brands, see customer reviews and experiences, keep up with the online trends, etc.

So, if your business is still not on TikTok... why?

TikTok is THE social media platform you need to get into right now.

And this blog will show you why with a little bit of how. 😉

If you're still not yet really familiar with this platform, let's start with...


What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a short-form video platform for social media marketing.

TikTok is reported to have 1 billion monthly users all over the world.

That's a huge user base, right?

It's also no surprise that TikTok is now one of the major social media platforms you can use.

So just imagine how many of your target customers are using TikTok! 🤯

But aside from that huge number, here are...


10 Reasons Why You Should Be On TikTok

10 Reasons Why You Should Be On TikTok


1. Reach More Target Customers

Due to a large number of TikTok users, it's easier to put your brand out there for more people to see.

There are different demographics on TikTok, like Gen Z, Millennials to Gen X, and Gan Y.

And that increases your chances of reaching your target customers on the platform because of its diverse users.

That's also your chance to convert them into followers, who might soon be your buyers.

Consider this as your chance to introduce your brand and business.

Because reaching more target customers also means you can...


2. Increase Brand Awareness

Boosting brand awareness is one of the benefits of TikTok for businesses.

Remember, before you convert your target customers into paying ones, they need to be aware of your brand first.

And because of how the algorithm works on TikTok, you can appear on your target audience's 'For You' page if you do it the right way... which we will get to later.

But the point is, TikTok can help you boost awareness because more users can view your videos.

So, it also gives you a chance to...


3. Engage With Your Audience

Once they find your videos or brand interesting, more audiences will leave comments on your videos.

If they ask questions about your products, it's your chance to address their concerns.

If they leave comments about how they love your products, you can thank them genuinely!

Or, you can also ask for their permission and repurpose that comment.

That will also strengthen your social proof.

See? Engaging with your audience will help you build connections with them.

That's why engagement should be a part of your TikTok marketing strategy.

Another benefit is...


4. Maximize Organic Reach

Organic reach is still outstanding on TikTok. In fact, the average organic reach on TikTok for brands is about 118%.

As compared to other social media platforms, like Facebook, which is 5.20%.

Such a huge difference, right?

That's definitely one of the reasons why you should be on TikTok marketing.

The algorithm will be your best friend. 😉

But that doesn't mean spending on TikTok ads is a bad idea. It just means that organic reach will not disappoint you even if you have no budget yet for video ads.

And here's another benefit why you should be on TikTok...


5. Keep Up With The Trends

As an eCommerce brand, you need to be on top of trends.

Why? Because social media is fast-paced.

One day, there's a challenge; the next, there's another, and the previous challenge is now buried underground.

There are different types of trends in TikTok.

They can be social issues, music, dance choreographies, and challenges.

Since TikTok is the home for short videos, many content creators are participating in challenges.

There are hashtag challenges that your brand can join, too.

But you can also be the trendsetter through branded challenges.

Which is good to...


6. Promote Your Products

Whatever it is that is trending, you can totally take advantage of it to promote your products.

Of course, promoting is still part of your content marketing strategies. Your target audience wants to know about your products.

But TikTok can help you do it in a fun, creative way. 🤩

And this is achievable with...


7. Creator Tools

This is one of the most valuable benefits of TikTok for business.

TikTok marketing is made more accessible with creator tools.

If you click on the three lines on your TikTok account or profile, you'll see this:

Creator Tools

Let's start with the Analytics tool.

You can see how many people are viewing, engaging, and sharing your TikTok videos here. This will give you an insight into how your videos are performing.

While Creator Portal is a place to learn how to use TikTok for business. It's a great marketing tool because you can learn much from it... like how to grow and engage with your audience.

The other one is Promote. It's a tool for TikTok advertising. You can use this to promote your videos and gain more views, website visits, or followers.

And the last one is Q&A. If you click on it, there are three different categories.

Suggested, which consists of questions from random users. Answers, which are your videos. And Questions, which are your questions. Yep, you can ask questions, too.

Q&A is a great way to engage with other users.

The next is a handy marketing tool...


8. Film And Edit Videos In-App

A social media app where you can film and edit in one?

That's TikTok.

You can film videos ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes.

You can edit the videos by trimming, combining them with other videos or photos, using filters and effects, adding music and voiceover, adding texts, and allowing subtitles.

You can also duet and stitch videos from other creators and reply to comments with videos.

It's such a convenience, isn't it?

Since social media channels are now leaning on videos, it's great to have an app that allows you to do all these in-app.

You can also use TikTok to...


9. Encourage User Generated Content

With the booming numbers of TikTok users, many creators also post about products they love.

And if your brand is on TikTok, you can encourage more creators to post about your brand.

But wait, what is user-generated content?

It's any form of content creators make on social media marketing channels.

For example, a customer bought a product from you. If they post about your product or brand on TikTok, that's UGC.

So, how can you encourage UGC?

You can create your own hashtag challenges or branded hashtags! But usually, if your products are excellent, creators can do it for you without asking them.

The more UGC, the stronger the social proof.

Speaking of creators, you can also...


10. Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers are always a part of social media marketing.

In fact, 45% of marketers use influencers for their marketing strategies.

But that's one of the benefits of TikTok for your business.

This will help you attract customers if you collaborate with the right influencer.

So, you need to create an influencer marketing strategy to succeed.

Now that you already know why you need TikTok as a marketing channel... you probably want to know HOW.


3 Quick Tips On How To Use TikTok The Right Way


1. Optimize Your Profile

Your target audience should know what your page is about at first glance.

And you can do this by optimizing your profile.

You need a display name, username, and bio that clearly present your brand.

You also need to include your website and other social media channels where they can reach you.

The next tip is...


2. Use Trending Music

Using trending music is no surprise.

The algorithm knows the trending music on the platform.

So, if you use them, the algorithm might push you to the "For You" page of other TikTok users.

But of course, when you use trending music... you need to make sure it aligns with your content strategy and products.

Don't just dance or lip sync to the music. Use the music to showcase your products or services.


3. Leverage TikTok Advertising

While organic reach is good on TikTok, you can still take advantage of TikTok advertising.

You can use TikTok's ads manager platform to manage your in-feed ads.

Or you can simply promote or boost your current videos if you go to Creator Tools.

So, are you now considering using TikTok?


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